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Cable provider - I really don't see anything special about this if you're unable to utilize the premium channels. If your cable provider is not listed you Have To Pay The Subscribe fee. It's not worth the money..

Your instructions are pathetic. I am technically advanced. You give 3 pictures of diagrams which may work. Really? Try this or this? The most important thing you left out. Both my smart phone and tablet say what's the device's ip address? Well where is it? You designed the software. I paid 50 bucks to use your product and enjoy my experience. You know what I meant to do? Take out my 12 gauge and show your device who's boss. Absolutely pathetic product.

The USB cable that plugs into the Roku stick had become damaged, so I decided to contact Roku for a replacement. I assumed, since it was such a minor thing, there would be no problem in getting a free one. So, after over an hour of searching their support pages for the right information, I defaulted and just called their support line. The support line was just as worthless, with no option for warranty replacement or hardware issues. I eventually just went for "account issues." After waiting for several more minutes, I was finally connected to some chick in India who barely understood English. I tried to explain the issue in simplest terms... "Hey, I need a replacement USB cable for my streaming stick." "Oh, you need a new HDMI cable?" "No, I need a USB cable." "Oh."

It took her a couple of minutes to google what a USB cable was. "So you are saying you need a new power adapter yes?" "No, I'm saying I need a USB cable. You know, the only one with the stick?" Eventually, she figured out what I was talking about. And despite being within the warranty period, she tried to sell me a retarded extended warranty, and then told me if I didn't buy it, and called them again, they'd charge me. I told them, "Hey, that's ridiculous, I just need a 40 cent USB cable!" She then continued to repeat the sales pitch about the warranty repeatedly, until I lost all patience and hung up. I couldn't believe my ears. Finally I gave in and just bought an aftermarket USB cable on eBay for $4. I really do like their hardware, because it is genuinely quite good. But if anything, anything at all goes wrong, Roku will try its absolute best to bleed you dry.

I have Roku 1 and if I'm watching tv it will load the page after watching a show for a short time. Sometimes the page freezes and I have to go back and put it on another channel, then go back to what I was watching. Some commercials are so quiet you cant hear them, then you turn the tv up and eventually the volume will blast. But most of the time it just stops working and I have to turn the tv off and start over. I dont have trouble watching netflix, just tv. I dont bother calling and complaining, and by the looks of the complaints, I dont need to bother. I set it up myself and didnt have to call anyone, so I didnt get ripped off by a set up fee. I would not recommend buying Roku.

Just bought a ROKU TV from Walmart. In order watch it, you have to get it activated. In order to get it activated, you have to pay a "one time activation fee" of $100.00! This is supposed to provide you with a "life time of premium channels: NETFLIX, Amazon, HBO, etc." According to the ROKU representative, it is a deal of a lifetime. Yeah, I'll just bet! What a scam! Needless to say this is going back to the store ASAP!

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Ordered a replacement remote for my Roku from the Roku site on August 27, 2016. Roku did not confirm the order or send any information but immediately billed my bank account and sat on the money. After over a month, I contacted their customer support department which is offshore in a city in India (although they used American names and denied this). First service person denied that my email address was in their system. She was a useless waste of skin. Her supervisor (Dan, probably Rahul) immediately found my order and told me the item had been shipped but returned as an undeliverable address. The address was correct and I receive packages there all of the time.

When I asked why they didn't contact me when the item was returned as undeliverable and why they steadfastly retained my money with nothing but aggravation in exchange audibly shrugged and apologized but offered no legitimate reason. The below the order no. faux "Dan" gave me but given the lack of veracity from this offshore office who knows whether it is correct. IF YOU ARE READING THIS, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO WITH APPLE TV.

I bought a new Roku 4 a few months ago which comes with a wireless remote. The Roku wireless remote is defective hardware and should be recalled. It works sometimes but hangs up constantly and has to be "re-paired". Do yourself a favor and read online the problems people have with this remote. It is a continuous source of aggravation. There are lots of instructions online from Roku about how to fix things if your remote stops working. These instructions are garbage and do not fix the fundamental problem. In the end Roku will lead you down the path of reconfiguring your wireless router and home network and calling your ISP to try to get your defective Roku remote to work, even though none of your other wireless devices have a problem. DO NOT BUY hardware from Roku that relies on this defective remote.

I bought a Roku tv a couple of days ago after having a Roku streaming stick that I was happy with. I don't really have a problem with the tv itself, but with the technical support crew in India who are scam artists. When it was time to activate my tv, I called the number on the screen and was told that it would cost me $50. I was skeptical but gave the guy my credit card info. Then I called Roku back a couple of hours later to link my Netflix accounts and related to the agent that I was charged for activating the tv. She said activation was free and I needed to call my bank and have my credit card account closed. Then she sent me back to India for the link up, where I was told I needed to pay more money to ask a question. Now I cannot hook the cable up to the tv, and the cable company wants $150 to come out and do it for me. I may just have to return the tv and start again with another brand. Please beware.

I have been trying to initiate a return for a faulty Roku 4 that freezes for almost a month. Little did I know, the 30 day return window starts the day you buy the Roku player, not when you receive it, so I missed the 30 day free return window as I didn't use the player until near the end of what I thought was the 30 days. I contacted customer service using the chat function and was told I would be sent a prepaid return label, since the unit was faulty, but I would have to pay 15% as a return fee. I said fine. I have contacted Roku customer service many, many times in the weeks since using the phone, chat, and email. Only one person on chat even tried to help me, and I had to stay on that chat for almost two hours. However, I have yet to even receive the address to make the return myself, nevermind a prepaid label. This is totally unacceptable.

The call center is in India or something and Roku obviously cares nothing for customers' experience. I will never order a Roku again, which is unfortunate as it seems to be the only current player that works with my cable company Charter. I have also escalated this outside of Roku, which I recommend others do as well if they receive this poor of customer service.

I have been working with Roku service for several weeks to resolve wifi connection issues with my unit. They finally gave up and suggested I contact my ISP Provider to change the DNS settings on my router. My provider Bend Broadband will not do this so I have wasted a lot of time and money as it is worthless. I have several other devices connected via wifi that all work very well. My laptop shows a wifi connection speed of 50 Mbps when located next to the Roku unit. Do not buy this unit!!!

Bought a Sharp 43" Roku TV, got it home. Tried to set it up, received activation code, went to start it, the code would not accept it. I called customer service. Wanted me to pay activation fee $69.00 - says software was outdated. They would not help activate tv without $69.00 fee so I returned TV.

My Roku broke after 4 months of use, they would not replace it as it is only covered for 90 days. That is bad business.

We recently purchased a TCL Roku TV and was not satisfied with the product at all. We had owned the TV for less than two weeks and already noticed major problems. One of the problems was that the TV would constantly turn off during anything we were doing. Whether it was playing the Wii, watching cable, or watching Netflix, the TV would stop, turn black and then go to the power on screen. Sometimes the resetting was short but often we would wait for 15-30 mins of resetting. This is something that no TV owner should have to deal with so I recommend that you do your research before purchasing any TV. We are currently on our way to return it and have no interest in purchasing from this brand again.

I've owned several Rokus for many years and loved them. Unfortunately, when it was time to buy new, I ordered directly from the company and have spent HOURS trying to get the promised 20% discount applied to my order. They've sent me 2 units that don't work. They have no problem finding the internet from my network but can't find the Roku servers for software. Retrieval codes don't work, and reps haven't sent ANY chat transcripts as promised. As it is, I've tried phone AND chat support and can't get anywhere. Why should it take HOURS to buy and install this product and STILL get nowhere? Apparently, Roku has hired the same tech support that has plagued DELL customers for years. If I knew someone at Roku, I'd try to help-them-help-me.

This product is horrible! I really can't think of any redeeming qualities whatsoever. First of all there's no valid reason they should ask for registration payment information unless someone purchases something from Roku. The stock barely fit into the slot on the back of my TV set. They do offer a cable to get around that but are too cheap to spend a few cents to include it in the package and make the customer request one online.

Now for the worst... Freezes are common and often for minutes at a time, making the user interface completely unresponsive to any button presses on the remote. Rather than just playing like other media players, the Roku seems to have to stop and buffer everything with a long delay before playing. When it does finally play it's prone to just randomly stopping in the middle, and sometimes stopping completely. I'd rather go back to VHS than suffer through any more of this. I'm going to send it back for a refund. This product is unfit to be marketed.

Roku will not activate device without you paying a large fee. The first time I needed assistance with my device I had to pay $20.00 for a year of tech advice. I paid it reluctantly. Now over a year later I had to reactivate the same device because I installed a different Wi-Fi. They want $100 to allow me to enter my activation code that appeared on my TV screen. I am 80 and told them I might not live another week and that was a ridiculous fee to pay just to re-activate something I only paid less than $60 for. I got nowhere with that foreign speaking rip-off artist and finally told him to stick it. I cancelled my Netflix account because of this. I told him I could buy a new one for less and start over and was informed that with a new device I would still have to pay to activate it. Something needs to be done about this.

Since December 2015 we've had problems with the remotes freezing up on all of our ROKU boxes (3). This never happened until this year. We even bought one of the new stick ROKU's and it did the same thing. I've spent HOURS on the phone waiting for customer service only to be greeted with a person I could hardly understand. They also told me I would have to pay a one time fee of $19.99 for life-time ROKU support or each time I'd have to pay $57 for technical support. Shocked and surprised that I would have to pay for something that is evidently a software issue, given it's happening on all of my ROKU devices, including the new one. There's an update process they take through but that only helps for a short time and then the problem comes back. This company needs to be held accountable. Is ANYTHING being done to make them accountable or not allow them to business in this country?

I was privy to a conversation which my boyfriend had with customer service (India) when he was having trouble setting up his Roku account. I backed away and let him do his thing. When I heard they were asking for his credit card number and were going to charge $99 to set up his account he thankfully declined. We were both under the impression that there was no set up charge after purchasing the Roku. I was VERY skeptical of why they were asking for his cc #. We were both frustrated that night and ended the Roku setup. The next day he asked me to give the set up a try and lo and behold... I was able to set up his account and give him exactly what he had asked customer service to give him.

PEOPLE BE AWARE... DO NOT GIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE YOUR CREDIT INFO FOR INITIAL SET UP OVER THE PHONE. You will be asked to give your credit card info for future purchases as part of the set up online (like Apple Store) and if you select the free services you will see that your account will have a zero balance. Maybe it was a language miscommunication or maybe it was a way to get credit card information to people in another country. Don't know. Just be careful. Bought Roku from Amazon.

Roku don't care. They treat you like they could care less. Call centers not in the US, cannot understand anyone. I tried to call but they wouldn't help. This sad and not a good company. ALL about the money. People come last.

I switched my Roku2 player from one tv to another after having it for over 3 years. I hooked it up correctly, but it wouldn't play Netflix. I called customer service and was told in order to proceed I needed to pay for support. India. I refuse. I got tired of asking you to repeat what you said. And when you said I need to pay for Roku support I politely said, "No thanks" and hung up. ROKU...YOU SUCK.

Let's start with it is nearly impossible to understand what they are saying. If Roku is going to provide customer service from out of this country you would think they would be able to speak reasonable English. I understand offshoring of your customer service. It is another way of saying go away. We're not interested in you. We don't want additional business.

I could not get the guy to understand the box and myself are in my office at work. I cannot plug it into another outlet next to the TV that is at home. That even if I could be at home there is not another receptacle near enough and he did not want me to use an extension cord. That the TV is mounted on the wall. But no he could not understand any of that. He was a machine rereading his script over and over again just like the box is rebooting over and over again. Oh well I will call tonight and go through this again. Once it is replaced I will eBay the four I have and move to my Fire sticks. Not perfect but they work and customer service is pretty good if I need them.

In doing the live chat... talk about complete failures. They ask questions you already answered. My, as Roku put it, NEW MOST POWERFUL STREAMING STICK EVER. Could not even find my WIRELESS NETWORK, 20 FEET AWAY!! They kept asking if I chose my network yet. What... it doesn't find it. Then they'd ask "Well is your Wi-Fi working?" What??? I'm on my Wi-Fi computer with you and you ask me such stupid things. As a matter of fact I'm outside on my Wi-Fi computer and your stick is inside the house. So what's the problem? She says I need to go to their ‘secret screen’ by doing blah blah blah and retrieve the internet address it is showing... WHAT??? If your stick can't find my Wi-Fi network, how in the world would there be an internet address. "Just do it," she says and tells me what it shows... okay. It says

Back and forth we went for God only knows how long, getting nowhere so then I ask to process a refund. She says she cannot give me that info, that customer service will either call me or email me in 24 hrs. Good grief you'd think I was dealing with a highly secretive business. ROKU ONLY SAID THEY WERE SORRY I WASN'T HAPPY WITH THEIR STICK... Never said anything about their worthless piece 9F crap!! K I feel better! :-)

I've been using our Roku3 for a couple of years. It's been great until we changed internet service to Comcast. We were unable to connect via ethernet and per the Roku customer service, our Roku unit was bad and they offered to do a courtesy replacement even though it was out of warranty. Problem is they never followed through. In the interim, I bought a new Roku unit and same exact problem - it wouldn't connect via ethernet so I knew it wasn't the Roku unit. After a service call from Comcast, it turns out it was my modem, it was no longer sufficient for streaming at the high-speed internet service we had upgraded to even though it was rated as compatible and had worked fine previously. The fix - we upgraded our modem and now our old Roku 3 works great both via ethernet and wifi.

After reading some complaints blaming Roku, I think: Some users think they're going to the Roku activation website but are actually going to a bogus site where they're being sold a scam service - TYPE THE ADDRESS IN THE BROWSER, DON'T DO A SEARCH OR SELECT A LINK. Some user's hardware becomes insufficient for the streaming technology as services are constantly being upgraded while the user's hardware hasn't been for awhile so it starts having problems. For instance my Roku worked but stopped, was my modem not the Roku. When you have problem, go first to your ISP service as the technical problems often start there with simple things such as IP address or hardware problems and you won't get pushed off to a customer service rep that isn't qualified to help.

I bought a ROKU2 player for a friend of mine. I couldn't set it up because the website didn't take the information I put in. I tried it numerous times but it still didn't work. Their phone service sucks, so does their internet service. When my players die, I will switch to Apple TV.

I have spent 2 hours on "chat support" with someone who doesn't even know how to plug in the Roku Stick and now I'm on hold with a human who can't support this product either. HORRIBLE SUPPORT!

Received this item as a Christmas gift. After owning for 3 1/2 months, TV has vertical and horizontal lines on 3/4 of screen!!! We contacted Roku who, after being on hold for 45 minutes with, were unable to assist us due to "high call volume", took my phone number and said I'd receive a return within 24 hours, which never happened! I called Roku US Support, the next day, and to my surprise, my call was answered by a human being, who stated that there were some software issues with my TV. He then asked me to reset the TV, and directed me to TCL Support. After contacting COSTCO Concierge service, the matter was escalated to TCL Support for warranty support, who requested proof of purchase, picture of problem, and serial number be submitted via email.

Within 24 hours we received a reply that the 1 year warranty is void due to the physical damage to the panel of the TV. WHAT!! We caused no damage to the TV, there are no visible breaks, scratches, etc. We were told that we probably applied too much pressure to the screen while moving it or cleaning it. REALLY?! :( We've only had 4 LED flat screen televisions, and a computer monitor within the past 10 years, none of which, I might add, have had any technical, or, repair issues. Why now? Why this TV? Well, after researching the product reviews, I learned that this has occurred to other TCL customers who received televisions, damaged during shipment, due to IMPROPER MANUFACTURER PACKING, one of which had vertical and horizontal lines.

What amuses me is that TCL Support was all too happy to replace these customers televisions, with observable physical damage, yet, they refuse to replace our television, which has no observable physical damage. Of course, we didn't purchase our television from the same retailer as they had; could this be the reason?Both COSTCO Concierge and TCL Support indicated that if we had purchased an extended warranty, we would be able to repair our TV. I researched this, and found that no warranty, extended, or other, supports physical damage, which our TV has been conveniently deemed, as such. We will never know. What we do know is that both Roku and TCL customer support, is a big, black hole; BUYERS BEWARE. LEAP (and FALL) AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

It appears that ROKU has inserted a virus on our smart TV. The first day, we setup ROKU and downloaded a few extra apps. We watched it for a couple of hours. Then gradually the screen started going blurry and dark. Then the streaming became slow. We've never had this before. Now it appears whatever was on this stick is now on the TV. I am not going to put try this in another device and screw that up too. Not happy.

Recently signed as user and experienced initial set up problems. Contacted their tech service for connection problems. Spent well over hour with seemingly helpful team (offshore) on phone and then my MAC computer and he used Citrix for being able to see my computer. He finally said he would have to get online the senior tech to assist with my problem as he thought my MAC has a problem. The senior tech came online and immediately told me there was only one thing which would correct my problem with ROKU connection and that was to pay CITRIX $149.50 for their virus removal problem which would "clean my computer" and allow the connection to ROKU. I said "Thanks but no thanks." After obtaining another ROKU receiver, I was able to connect to ROKU without any problem and I have yet to experience ANY problems with my MAC.

All of this to me smells like SCAM and some possible scam connection between Roku and Citrix. BTW; I was not asked specifically if it was OK for them to link to my computer for tech assistance but at this time all seemed normal except the language problems with an offshore tech. Both ROKU units were purchased from AMAZON and they quickly assisted in return of the defective unit. A receipt can be supplied if needed.

I purchased a Roku Streaming Stick 5 days ago. After the first 24 hours of placing my order, I still had not received any order details, invoices or anything from them so I contacted their support. I didn't receive any feedback from them. I then sent another email to both their Indian support as well as help emails and finally after 3 days they replied telling me that the order never completed. However, the money was taken. They asked me if I wanted a refund or if they should ship the device. Obviously, since I paid for something, I want it so I asked them to ship it. A further 24 hours go by without reply so I contact them via Twitter. They eventually asked me for a Case ID which I sent them. Couple minutes later, I receive a refund from them. No explanation. No apologies. Nothing. This is a snippet of the kind of service you can expect (if you can even call it service) from this pathetic company. Beware guys!

Purchased Roku Streaming Stick 3/6/16 from Best Buy. On Activation - Roku TV screen provides Access Code & directs consumer to go to to activate. On computer (or phone alternative) at - they charge $69+ for "support" and to activate, update the software and allow the consumer (you) access to the product. This additional charge, of course, is in addition to the cost of the Roku streaming stick. This additional "activation, update & support" charge is not disclosed at purchase, on box or otherwise in materials provided in box. Nor is the fact that Infotech System (the site where the takes you) is not Roku. This appears to be an attempted ripoff.

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