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Primestar was bought by DirectTV, and we recently moved, and neither primestar or DirectTV will move our satellite dish because they say that they no longer can help us, contrary to their earlierstaements. We have been a customer of Primstar since 1995, and now no one will provide service for us. They also said that DirectTV would trade out primstar equipment for DirectTV epquipment if we own our dish and receiver, which we do. Now they are renigging on that deal, and we have called both companies since the first on the month trying to find someone to help us, and we still are without help or sateklite service.

Our current dish still is at our former residence, and soon the new owners will not allow us to keep it there. We need to have it moved and hooked up at our new residence. It has been at total disaster trying to just get our dish moved!

In March of 1998, I contacted Primestar and had my service disconnected. I offered to deliver the receiver to the Primestar office in Greenwood, Ms., but the representative stated that the office was in the process of relocating and she would have someone come to my home the following Saturday and pick up the receiver. No one came.

The following week I again called Primestar and requested that they pick up the receiver. They again stated that they would be there the following Saturday and again no one came.
Several months later I called again..same story.
In April of 1999, I purchased a new automobile and the loan officer at my bank informed me of a negative report from Primestar on my credit report. I called Primestar that day explaining the situation and was told the receiver would be picked up the following Saturday and that the negative reports would be removed from my credit report. The receiver was picked up as scheduled.
On 1/4/00, I purchased another new automobile and was surprised to discover not one, but 2 negative entries on my credit report. As a result of these false negative entries, I was denied credit at two banks. I have called again tonight and like many others was directed to the Customer Advocate Team. I am angry and frustrated that my credit has now been marred due to their poor bookkeeping.

Sharon needs to write to the credit agency and set the record straight.

On January 4th 1999, I had Primestar installed at my home. The cost for installation was $99. I paid the technician $100 cash.

To this day, the payment has not been posted on my account. I was issued a receipt but it has been lost since.

A few months ago I called the 800 number and asked that an investigation be instigated to find the technician who installed the service. I was told that an investigation would be performed and that I could expect no interruption of service while this was ongoing and that I would be informed of the results.

Today my service was turned off for non-payment of this $99.

I cannot get anything except a scripted response from the customer service representatives concerning this matter. I have been told that the investigation is over and they have concluded that, as I do not have a receipt that I must repay this fee.

I was never informed that the investigation was concluded or the results of such.

I am at wits end trying to find out who are the contractors in my area that Primestar uses. No one seems to have that information. If I could find out who the contractor was, I would file a criminal complaint with the local police. I have faxed the 'Customer advocate team' with this information and requested that they contact me. 5 days later and still no reply.

It seems that Primestar really do not care about thier customers as much as they say they do and I wonder how they profess to be number one in customer care.

Had PrimeStar service installed at my house on 10/17/98, and paid $198 for two receivers for two televisions. At the time of installation, the technician only had one receiver, and instructed me to call to arrange time for delivery & installation of second receiver.

Between 10/17/98 and 11/18/98, I made arrangements 3 times for someone to deliver and install my second receiver, and each time the technician never arrived. I had to take off work to be at home for this installation, needless to say I took off 3 days of work for nothing.

On 11/18/98, I called to cancel my service, and was told I would receive a box to ship my first receiver back to Primestar in. I rec'd the box within a week, but my service had not yet actually been turned off by Primestar, so I continued to use the service until it was actually turned off, at which point I would send the receiver back. I rec'd a call within a few days by a local technician who said they would come to my house to retrieve the equipment, and that I did not have to send the receiver directly back to PrimeStar in the box they are sending.

An appointment was made for the technician to come out, but the technician NEVER arrived. Throughout the ordeal of missed appointments, NO ONE ever called to say they would be late, much less would not be arriving at all.

Not until approx. 12/17/98 did PrimeStar actually stop sending me a signal over the satellite. I boxed up the receiver and shipped it to the address I was instructed. On 12/24/98 I rec'd a letter from a collection agency stating they were attempting to collect over $300 for the receiver I had not returned. I called UPS to track my shipment, and was informed the receiver had been delivered to Primestar and signed for, on 12/24/98.

I could not contact anyone at the collection agency, but did write a letter requesting more information (verification) on the debt owed. I then contacted PrimeStar and was informed that the collection agency automatically sends the letter when PrimeStar has not rec'd it's equipment when it's supposed to. PrimeStar told me that my service had been terminated on 11/18/98 and therefore my receiver was due by 12/15/98. I argued that my service was not actually turned off until around 12/17/98, and I had 20 days (according to their guidelines) from that point to ship my receiver back.

They finally acknowledged receiving the receiver I shipped, but they now owe

me $238 (which they acknowledge) for service I did not receive (2nd receiver, plus refund of payment made for service subscription, along with some misc. credits for the technician missing scheduled appointments).

I have made approx. 5 telephone calls since 1/1/99 inquiring into my refund, and have been told every time that I should receive my money with "7-10 business days", but have yet to see anything.

When asked for a telephone number for PrimeStar corporate offices, the number I was given was invalid.

I have no way to speak to anyone directly from PrimeStar, as the 1-800-PRIMESTAR number is directed to any one of several PrimeStar service centers around the country. My last phone call inquiring into my refund was Monday Feb. 8, 1999, and was told I should have a check in 7-10 business days. I am getting tired of hearing the same story, with apparently no one at PrimeStar even concerned that it has taken this long and this many phone calls to get my refund.

I have missed several days of work as a result of needing to be at home for the technician to do his work, but the technician has never shown. I have lost many hours on the telephone >pursuing this matter with PrimeStar, but the results have been less than promising.

In October of 1998, I moved from Nashville, AR, to Lockesburg, AR. On October 27, 1998. I transferred my Primestar service to my new address. On November 6, 1998, my new equipment was installed and service was activated following a $19.00 fee.

In February of 1999, my service was disconnected. I contacted Primestar to find out why. I was told that they hadn't received payment since November 1998. I had all cancelled checks to show proof of payment. Primestar requested that I send them my cancelled checks. I opted to cancel my service with them and go with a different company. I had been experiencing problems with Primestar since the transfer was made.

As of this date, August 9, 1999, I am still receiving statements from Primestar. Upon several phone calls and letters, I have yet to get response from Primestar personnel. Every phone conversation I have is with a representative, who tells me that they are going to "pass it on to the back office," and no one ever gets back with me.

I believe that this outstanding balance is from my old address that Primestar failed to disconnect when the transfer was made. Therefore, I believe that I am not responsible for their error.

The balance on the account at my present address is $0. The balance on my account at my old residence is $130.07. However, I didn't ever receive any notification of any outstanding balance until I disconnected service in February of 1999.

I have been threatened by Primestar to be turned over to a collection agency if payment is not remitted. This outstanding balance has remained for almost a year now and I am concerned for my credit status.

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