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Yes, the DirecTv went on to my credit card and stole 600.00 dollars. I have never seen a company steal like that. WOW I got my money back. Dish rips you off by charging for programming you never get. Yes you get stars the channel but no programming. So who the bigger thief? Thanks congress, cheap to buy senators, local small gov. for allowing this mass fraud.


i received a call from visa fraud dept of tcf bank...i checked my bank statement on line and discovered that there was a charge of 384.74 from direct tv taken out of my account leaving me 6.06. i dont have direct tv, and never had....i have the dish for over 5 yrs and am happy with it....the guy who answered the phone for direct tv said i dont show your name and unless you have an account with direct tv we cant help you....i then told him i received a call from tcf visa fraud dept and then he gave me a ph nbr for direct tv fraud...1-800-860-8542 and they told me the same thing....more or less too bad....

i then called tcf explained the problem and they connected me to tcf fraud dispute 1-866-823-2265 and talked to shirley...who was very helpful and apologetic but said this would take 10-30 days to the meantime i had to fax a letter explaing what happened an file a police report within 10 days otherwise this will take 90 days....the problem i am a senior citizen living on a fixed budget of 1000.00 a month....this leaves me with only 6.00 for the rest of the i just mailed bills and there is not enough money to cover them...tcf is closing my account and my visa this is double the troule.....maybe i should call the tv stations and air the problem...i pulled up direct tv complaints and there were at least 87 of them...3 of which had the same can they just take money out of people who dont have direct tv...and then tell them too bad....this is my money....


My complaint is about DirecTV satellite service. I signed up for their service in Feb 2007 and was told my contract included 185 channels at $29.99 per month, which is normally $39.99 per month, but that I was signing up with a special promotion and would get a $10 dollar discount per month. My first bill was approximately $40.00. I paid it thinking it was just some kind of service charge. Next bill, $51 dollars.

After numerous calls and talking with supervisors and employees alike, and even being hung up on, and threatened that I had a contract and there was nothing I could do about it, they are still giving me the run around and my bill will be around $47 dollars a month. I was supposed to get a free portable DVD player. I sent off the forms exactly like the DirecTV supervisor told me to, promising I would receive it in 2 months.

A couple weeks later, I receive a notice I wasn’t eligible for the DVD player because I didn’t sign up through DirecTV direct sales.


In the first quarter of 2005, I had Direct TV installed at my home. Part of the promotional package offered a free surround sound system with installation. I only had to send a form in with $29.99 for shipping costs to their vendor Direct Satellite Network Solutions (DSNS) out of California.

I sent in the paperwork, excluding the shipping costs, which I swear I paid upon my initial order.... I cannot be sure. After a few months of waiting, I contacted DSNS and was told that my paperwork was "lost" and that I should re-submit my information.

I resubmitted my paperwork with a money order for the $29.99 for shipping costs on July 19, 2005. This time I sent it Return Receipt.

It is now February of 2006.... over one year now and I have not received the surround sound system! I am fuming and feel taken advantage of. I have called Direct TV and was told that I need to take it up with DSNS. I feel that if Direct TV has some kind of joint venture with DSNS, then Direct TV should back up their customers. This reflects badly on Direct TV.

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