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We are a small company and recently learned our 888 number was not working. I contacted Windstream to have the line repaired. They told me they no longer have that number, that it was ported over to Verizon in December. This port over was never requested of us and we don't have an account with Verizon. I assumed Windstream made a mistake, no surprise there, and contacted Verizon.

After several conversations with Verizon I was told they do not service our 888 number nor do they even service small business in NC. I tried to communicate this to Windstream but they would not listen and did not offer any assistance, again, no surprise. I put in the port over request back to WS in hopes they would figure this out. Now they are asking for a bill from Verizon. I explained, yet again, We don't have a bill since we don't have a Verizon account and suggested they call Verizon to find out what is going on. They said they cannot call Verizon directly. I have asked them for any suggestions in how I can get this corrected but they offer none. If anyone has any suggestions on where I go from here I would appreciate it.

My advice is NEVER sign a contract with WS. They have horrible service and will put you through the wringer every time you call. I asked for a supervisor to speak with and was told they could not give me an address or email but put me through to Reginald's voice mail. Naturally, we never heard back from Reginald. I don't know how to resolve this issue.

Satisfaction Rating

We called Windstream to port our number in September 2015 so that we could switch companies after 3 years of service with them. They didn't get the correct information and we were then without phone service for a FULL WEEK. We are a small but extremely busy shop. People could not get in touch with us. Translation: lost loads of sales. We made NUMEROUS phone calls to the company.

Finally after 3 months of dealing with the absolute poorest customer service I have ever experienced we chose to just pay them the $700+ they requested to get rid of them. Guess what? Yesterday, January 19, 2016, we received a phone call from their attorneys saying there were suing us for nonpayment. Our final check has already cleared the bank. We owe them NOTHING!! This is clearly a case of intimidation and harassment to a small business. We recommend that you stay away from this company and find an alternative.

Satisfaction Rating

I work as a network operations control agent for a VoIP company. My job revolves around calling carriers and monitoring dedicated circuits so people have reliable phone service. If I have to call anyone, it's because stuff broke. Many of the carriers I call are CenturyLink, Comcast, Verizon, Mammoth Networks, Time Warner Cable, Level 3, XO, Cox Communications, and etc. Windstreams equipment goes down A LOT!!!

Not to mention, the only carrier I have issues with and not just isolated events but every single time I call them, is Windstream. Their technicians do not take good notes, always give me the run around, always place me on hold for things no other carrier places me on hold for, have very little knowledge of how networks actually function, slowest repair time, more than 50% of the time rude, cannot find tickets in their system, and the list goes on and on. If you have a choice to choose any other ISP carrier for your network, PLEASE, go somewhere else. These people do not deserve your business until some major changes happen.

Satisfaction Rating

Windstream put one obstacle after another to prevent porting of my telephone number. They even went so far as disconnecting my phone. It took me hours on the phone to get it reconnected the next day. Then they rejected the porting stating it wasn't an active number. Then they assigned a new account # and PIN # (I never had a PIN # before) that they suddenly required, but they didn't have the new numbers available for a week. Then Windstream rejected porting because they needed the Pass CAPP code.

In a conference call with Windstream and Charter, they were told that 4 years ago the FCC had told them to stop requiring the Pass Capp code, so they decided they didn't need it, but needed a PON code. After everything was supposedly straightened out, a week later they rejected porting my number again saying the telephone number was not found. Both Charter & Windstream performed a test call on the number to prove to themselves that the number is indeed active. I'm paying Windstream for it. Then they said they had no request from Charter to port the number. I asked how they could come up with rejection excuses if they had no record of porting requests.

I still don't have this solved and don't know if I will. I've filed complaints with the FCC and the BBB and will file with Attorney General and the State Utilities Commission. I've been a customer of Windstream for almost 30 years and am really disgusted with this level of service.

Satisfaction Rating

I pay for a bundle. It is $59.99 per month and includes local calling, unlimited long distance, all calling features, as well as 3mbps DSL. Well, first of all, it's not $59.99. It comes out to $87.99 a month after FCC charges, local taxes, this that and the other, blah blah. I have had Windstream for 12 years but we moved to this home about 4 years ago and since moving to this one, it has been constant static on the line, especially after it rains. They said they could give me up to 6mbps DSL but I never could get that so they dropped me back down to the 3mbps speed but I can't get that either. I get maybe one on a great day and most times, it's like 0.27mbps. Internet drops constantly and then comes back up a few minutes later. They send technicians but nothing gets fixed.

The technicians told me the lines here are total crap and need to be replaced badly but there are no plans to replace them as that costs them money. He said that any tiny crack in the line lets water in, dirt, etc. and that degrades the signal. When we first moved from our old place to this one, the switch was to happen the day we moved. But they made some sort of mistake, admitted it was their fault, but said they couldn't help me for two weeks because I fell to the bottom of the work order list. I told them they made the mistake and I was already in the system but they said because of the mistake, a new order had to be put in. A few months ago, we looked at another place to rent, put in a work order to move the phones to that place but something happened and we decided not to move. I called that same day and cancelled the move order. I had a confirmation number and everything.

Two weeks later, my phone quits working and they don't have any idea why. For a week, people could call my number and it would ring and ring on their end but nothing in my house and I couldn't call out. It turns out they went ahead and moved the phone anyway so it was ringing in a house I didn't even live in! The tech on the phone who fixed it told me Windstream hires people who don't have a clue what they are doing and for me to complain about it. I did, to a manager, but he didn't even apologize. And, today, I suddenly can't make long distance phone calls but none of their customer service numbers work (using my cell and had friends try as well) and neither is their website. I hate that I have no other options for landline phone here! Windstream is horrible.

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Satisfaction Rating

In January, I switched my LD carrier to a Windstream bundle of landline, unlimited anytime LD and DSL. The first bill was correct and I assumed all was good. The next bill arrived and all seemed well until I received a bill from Sprint for 2 LD calls totaling $97.00. Sprint claims Windstream routed the calls to them but of course Windstream denies any problems and can't explain why it happened. So at this point, I am afraid to use my landline for LD. To compound problems, because I am not a Sprint customer, they charged me over $5 for the 1 minute call and over $1.18 a minute for the other call. I would appreciate any suggestions to help resolve this matter.

Satisfaction Rating

I created a request to port a telephone number from one of our locations to another. Windstream is our voice provider at both locations so this should have been very simple. The ticket was created on 12/10/2012. Today is 1/3/2012 and the port still has not happened. They promise each day that today will be the day that they will get the port completed and each day, it is not done and no one calls to say why. If I call for status on the ticket, they place me on lengthy holds and tell me that there is no information available that they can see for why this is not done.

They promise to escalate the ticket and call me back but never return calls. And each day, the person who answers the phone has no idea that yesterday the ticket was supposedly escalated. There is never a supervisor available to talk with and my account rep has been re-assigned twice in the last 24 days. None of my account reps ever answers their phones or return calls or emails. During this time, I needed another number which was on AT&T service ported from one location to another. They were able to port the number in 1 business day! According to FCC regulations, four business days is the max. I'm going to file a formal complaint with the FCC now!

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Windstream VoIP offers services to Fortune 500 companies as well as emerging and established businesses.

  • Customized services: Windstream representatives assess each new business to determine what services will best meet that business' needs prior to setting up VoIP services.
  • Additional services: Hosted Voice is only one of the many managed services provided by Windstream. See also MPLS and wireless networking, managed security, storage and network access to third-party clouds, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.
  • Available across North America: VoIP has over 115,000 fiber route miles, meaning businesses can get service anywhere in America and Canada.
  • Communication features: Windstream provides unified communications/collaboration features, web, voice and video conferencing and call center functionality.
  • 24/7 service monitoring: Businesses can troubleshoot problems and order repair services at any time of the day or night.
  • Best for Small businesses to large corporations.

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