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My complaints are very similar to the others listed. This company takes advantage of people in poor financial conditions. I got on board after speaking with two different people asking about lines of credit and how much I was willing to spend. My total expense was $5,500. I started online training which was informative and helpful, but I later learned I could have done it all without their training. After my first week, the calls began. Frequent calls from supposed separate companies wanting thousands more dollars to set up an incorporation.

I continued with the training, made some money and kept receiving calls asking for money, and not just a little money either; they wanted thousands more. After many calls, Tyler slipped up. I realized there were no separate companies and what they were charging thousands for individuals could do on their own for far, far cheaper. This was several years ago and I'm still paying off the debt. Vensure International deceives people via pep talks about spending money to make money and having people under one umbrella claim to be from separate companies.

After paying Online Profit Masters money for information on how to make money working from home (online), I received a phone call from what I thought was Online Profit Masters. They asked a lot of questions and their pitch was they were looking for people who would become their success story. After talking with a female, I was told her manager would call me if I met all their requirements and to interview me. If I was a good fit, I would be invited to their program (meets all the requirements of web scam from FTC's website). The manager called and I was invited to their program. The education I would receive would cost about $3500.00, but if I put down $399.00 they could finance the rest at about $130.00 a month. I fell for it. I did e-sign a contract, but not a finance contract. An appointment was set up for me with a coach a few days later. He wanted me to buy and sell on eBay. I was not comfortable with this and I did set up a PayPal account and spent 10 dollars on some recipes.

The next week he called, but we didn't speak since I hadn't done much. The next phone call I received was from another person from their company wanting me to start an LLC business, but the catch here is they wanted me to use their legal team and pay $2275.00 for it. If I could put a down payment of $775.00, they could finance the rest. After this, I called the company to cancel and I was told no due to the contract I signed. The clause only has a 3-day refund period after I signed the contract. A certified letter was to be sent by me to them within the 3 days for the refund. I told them I was not going to use their product and now I have a $3000.00 bill. I was told if I didn't pay them, I would be sent to collection. They, however, said that if I send them $500.00 in the next 30 days, they would null the contract as a settlement payment. I signed the deceptive contract on March 23, 2012 and called them April 9th, 2012 to cancel. I can't believe (like many others) I fell for this scam.

This company claims I owe over 4 thousand dollars to them. They did nothing and I got nothing. I originally cancelled and they refunded the 70 something dollars; however, this company refuses to stop harassing me. They call all hrs, are nasty. It's a scam, a bad scam. They continue to call, send letters of collection. They have a so-called company, CRB, trying to collect money. This company needs to be stopped. It is not a true company, a scam, plain and simple. get them stopped.

I, like many others, fell for this scam. I was told if I worked hard, I would make enough money to make my payments and to live on, if not more. To find out after all the money I would only learn how to use eBay. Something you can learn for free! I also had to pay an additional fee to E Library to access lessons and to have team support. I spoke with Tiffany at E Library to cancel at ** after I found out that I was actually paying for this service.

Dain finagled a loan with Duvera ** after taking $499.00 from my credit card. I now have a $2,500.00 loan that I have no idea what it is for. Then Dain "did me a favor" by having DOBA contact me, and for another fee of $700.00 I could have a great list of good drop-shippers. I have bad credit and do not understand how I could have even received credit unless this is all a scam. I explained I was on SSI and only receive $760.00 a month and I was guaranteed I would make a lot of money. This all started from an ad that made you believe this was supported from various news stations (Clicks to Cash, **).

I now have a loan I cannot afford. Dain only spoke to me two times for approximately $124.00 a month for two years! Then found out I was being charged an extra fee per month besides that. I am in worse shape now than I have been in a long time. I have to go to food banks for food and electric payments.

Vensure International is a total scam! They took $5,000 for training. After 3 calls, they suggested we put our account on stop while they setup our US Companies. That cost another $2,500.

8 weeks later, after chasing and chasing, I found out that they could not setup our companies as we did not have a US bank account. We could not get a US bank account as we did not have a "presence" in the US. After much argument, we got a refund of the $2,500.

We then wanted to cancel everything as the business model is seriously flawed. After many conversations with the spineless **, we were told that we could not cancel as we were outside the 3-day period – even though they cannot deliver on their promise.

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Watch out for this company. On May 27, while searching the TV guide listing online, I saw an ad in the middle of the page that stated a Pittsburgh mother had earned thousands of dollars posting links on a website. Curious, I clicked on it, then was sent to a 2nd page that offered an upgrade, from there to a 3rd page that said call for consultation and interview to begin your course.

This was Dane **. They ask what you want out of the program, then how many credit cards you have and how much the limits are. I told them I was unemployed and had no money coming in, I had only so much money to get me by. Then I was passed on to Tyler **, here comes the fast talk. "You look like a good candidate for the program and would you like to join?" I ask how much, in which there are no details except they will get your initial money back in 3 to 6 months. No mention of what I would have to do except be able to work hard, which is no problem if it’s something you enjoy doing.

After I signed enrollment and gave them credit card numbers, $10,654.00 and hung up, I started checking on Vensure International. This was not even the company that I started out talking to. This company had 19 BBB claims just since January 2011. Other information I found was to the same.

In the agreement, I had 3 days to reject the enrollment. So on May 29, I created a letter and sent it to the 2 addresses, I had certified/return receipt. I placed phone calls to Dane ** and Tyler ** on May 29 that I was canceling and emailed a copy of the signed letter to the support email address, all on the 2nd day.

On June 1, after a 3-day weekend which slowed the mail, I received a call from Tyler ** wanting to know why I was canceling. I told him I wanted out that they were poorly listed in the BBB and other information I read was not good. Tyler kept insisting that I was an idiot and would be stupid if I did not follow through. He ask me to try it. I did for 2 weeks and through 1 coaching class. Nothing was explained, I was just told to go to their website and start with this class. It made me a nervous wreck, I did not want to be in this kind of business. I don’t like calling people.

It was not explained that I would be starting a corporation having to find things to sell and call on shippers to dropship items. Then came the part, now you have to purchase this program to save you time -- dropship program for $799.99. I did not have this kind of money, I am not working. I did not want to be in a corporation or make phone calls looking for drop shippers that was not the program I found on the TV Guide site when I signed up. I was looking for posting links like the Pittsburgh girl advertised. So I ask to get my money back They get you in with promises, then won’t let you out. After they get you in, they refuse to refund the large amount of money that you have invested. This is how they get you to continue on and finish the classes even if it’s not what you want.

I wrote to them again on June 13 requesting my money back and notified my credit card company to contest the charges. I was told by Vensure they did not have to refund anything. I signed the agreement and that was that. They even offered to hold the class indefinitely if I signed an agreement that would be emailed to me which I never received.

All I want is the money back. I did what the original agreement asked, I notified them of the cancellation in 3 days. Also notifying them in 3 days especially over a 3-day weekend is impossible to be done from anywhere in the United States. It is an unreasonable amount of time. I have also found a site where several other people have had this same issue taken for $7000 and $3595 -- **.

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