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This company took my business under and never gave me anything I was promised. I had went on a walk thru at a high rise hotel downtown and the guy hired me on the spot. Of course you have to send your emailed audio to them and fax paperwork over. Why didn't I hear from them as schedule to even discuss my contract. They ignored my calls and in the middle of the following week offer me a job working in Detroit cleaning buildings for "one of their friends" in the Detroit area. They had by then received over $6,000 of my money and I got certification but they never got me a job. Also fyi: They financed my lasting amount to them so I had to pay them $350 a month but if I was late they made me pay $500. They are working a pyramid scheme and I want to class act and get some or all my money back.

This company took me for $9,000. I partnered with The Janitorial Agency to build a commercial janitorial company in NW, Indiana and they promised me that they could get me clients near my home. All the potential clients that they wanted me to meet with were either an hour away from my home or were in the wrong industry that I did not want to service. The training videos that they recommended for me to watch were unavailable on from time to time. I never got the opportunity to finish watching the training videos. My company website that they built was removed without my permission. I tried to speak with the office in Michigan on several occasions and either they never returned my calls or the line was disconnected. I put my hard-earned money and faith in their hands, and I was ripped off.

I started with the company back in June of 2012. My buddy and I signed a contract for the premier package at the cost of $15,000 with the idea of receiving contracts and gross opportunity of over $200,000. I was currently working as a head manager at a restaurant and really didn't have a lot of extra time. They recommended I quit my job to focus on my company. So I did... Mind you, I worked for this company for 20 yrs. Well, with the next 7 days, I started seeing red flags - training videos not work, lack of communication and getting a contract and having to pay 20% finder's fee to them. We took on the contract cleaning a church and started to realize that they actually got paid more than I am cleaning this church - was paying $125 month for 2 days a week, 5 hours each day. Plus cleaning supplies and mileage. Just not worth it. Luckily, I lived a mile from their office and I continued to go in and bug them about what was going on. Then they tried to have me do some phone marketing for them in out of states facilities. They said grab a phone list off Really, with that month figured out what mistake we had made. After all is said and done, they got us for $24,000. If anyone is trying to get together, I'm very interested. I want my money back... There is so much more than I have written. Please contact me.

I paid TJA aka The Janitorial Agency almost 5,000 and they made guaranteed promises of me getting business in like 6 months. They took my money and I called several different numbers nonstop and sent dozens of emails and they never answered any. As a result of all this I had to sell my home. I was a single father with 3 small girls, now I am struggling. Could anyone help produce that contract they have in writing on this supposedly guarantee. I no longer have it and I do want to try and prosecute them for what they have done to my family.

I have paid $1,000 to start with janitorial agency. They did send me video on training, but I have not hear from them. I finish all test training video plus I can't make no contact with them by phone.

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The Janitorial Agency is a company who is preying on people who are seeking to start off a company in the cleaning. I paid the company well over $1,500.00 to market my company as well as find potential clients for my business. The money I put down was a down payment for service The Janitorial was supposed to supply my company with. The JTA assured that there were plenty of clients in the area in which I was seeking to work in. After the company took my money, they stopped answering my phone calls.

So I called from a different number and they answered the call. I asked was there any work for me they stated on that they were still trying to obtain contract in my area. The Janitorial Agency is a company that’s scamming people out of their money and advising anyone who is seeking an opportunity with the company please don't. The company is a fraud. And if there is anyone who is seeking to bring a lawsuit against The Janitorial Company, please give me a call.

I signed a contract with TJA back in 2011 as they promised me that I can make easy $56,000 in six months (the agreement says that). But guess what, they talk very nice and professional at first. I did three walk-throughs in six months without success, and then they are gone. I called them so many times and left messages but got no response. Also, they took extra $1,500 for my first contract which was cancelled due to TJA's lazy service and communication. So I was scammed by TJA. Beware of this TJA company. I am thinking of hiring an attorney to deal with this.

I signed up with The Janitorial Agency and paid over $9,000 for the promise of training, marketing, business plan and a guarantee of $120,000 worth of commercial cleaning contracts within 6 months of completing the so-called training. I have not received one single contract and my calls have been completely ignored. I now have to take legal action against them. Anyone thinking of associating with this company, please forget it! I have subsequently seen several victims like myself.

I invested over $8,000 in The Janitorial Agency for my independent company. They promised to train, a five-page website, consulting for a business plan, and a vision and mission statement. I'm very upset about my website. All the contact information is routed to their company and I also had no input in designing it. I was promised $80,000 in business volume in the first 6 months, in which I've been sent to different businesses on what they call test run. They call those volume opportunities. I'm extremely dissatisfied with this company. I don't trust them and I've been overcharged for the services I've received. I still don't have an account! I want a refund.

This company offers $80,000 to $240,000 in guaranteed business volume, unlimited marketing for life, easy financing and much more. I have been going back and forth with the janitorial agency to provide the things they promised only to be taken for a ride. There are several others that I've met over the net with the same issue. This company needs to be reviewed. Their name has changed at least once. Their website is Please help us get our money back. They took $2,000 from Ismail. They took $20,000 from Stacey. They took $8,100 from me and my associate. Please help! Thanks.

This company claims to assist in business development, but have more communication issues than anything else. Their staff has lack of knowledge.

I have checked out some of these posts that are positive about this business. What I have found out is that it is the business itself who are making these posts, pretending to be satisfied customers. The truth is that for the huge amount of money this business charges, the amount of negative feedback out there, the rating with the BBB, the amount of times they have had to go to court with customers, it is not worth the money. Read the contract they have. The business will tell you that it is so one-sided because they are taking all the risk. But don't you think that if you are giving someone $8,000 after only speaking with them over the phone (they only have one office and it's located in Michigan) you are taking a huge risk? Read their contract, ask for references, get an attorney involved and research your options. There are better ways to spend your eight grand.

Entrepreneurship isn't for everybody. More than half the workforce is more than happy to continue working for somebody for the rest of their lives. But entrepreneurs know that they can make more money without working for somebody else. Entrepreneurs are always looking for bigger and better ways of acquiring wealth. But there's risk involved. You have to be okay with that. If you stick to The Janitorial Agency's formula, you'll get what you're searching for. Nor Cal Commercial Cleaning is making some serious headway with the help of TJA.

So far, I have done things my way and according to the experience I had, I was able to pick up on, on the road. But here with The Janitorial Agency have the professional staff to take care of the many things for Danubia, LLC. I did some way or another way but is now on the level that satisfies me.

The knowledge The Janitorial Agency provided me with helped give me a better understanding of the commercial cleaning industry, and it also helped my employees do their jobs with greater efficiency. I sent all of The Janitorial Agency's training courses to my employees so that everything I learned, they too learned. Now I don't need to worry if I forgot some element of the training. I know they're trained because of my relationship with The Janitorial Agency. Today, my commercial cleaning company, Cleaning Doctor Inc. based in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. is in very good condition and I have The Janitorial Agency to thank for that.

The Janitorial Agency's training courses are great! They're visual and relatively entertaining, definitely not boring. I've been in cleaning for several years, so a lot of the information I learned through my experience with TJA's training videos was a refresher course, but here's why the review was good, it was a good thing because it assured me that I was already a knowledgeable professional, and it told me that I would experience success because of what I already knew is coming into this business. All the promises that The Janitorial Agency made to me have been fulfilled and surpassed. I'm a very happy man thanks to TJA.

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