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I signed up for their basic fax service which is all I need as I do not receive or send many faxes. At some point they changed my service to another plan that was more than twice the cost and because you must get set up with automatic withdrawals, I was not aware of the change as I do not handle the billing for my company. When I discovered the discrepancy they only offered to refund a small portion of the difference. Their excuse was that they sent an e-mail stating the plan I had was discontinued and the new plan offered more services and because I supposedly opened that e-mail I was somehow obligated. This would seem to be an illegal act in my opinion as I never signed any agreement to these new terms. No one likes being taken advantage of and I feel these bait & switch tactics are deplorable. Had my credit card not expired, I would not have discovered the scam.

Satisfaction Rating

RingCentral service has been unreliable and I do not recommend using their service if you need to reliably make and receive telephone calls. Also, when we went to cancel this service after having "used" it for 3 years, we were told that while the original contract was for one year, the contract has a provision that automatically renews for 12 months every year. If you forget to cancel the contract 30 days prior to the end of the contract they automatically have you hooked for an extra 12 months. The only way they will let you cancel is to buy out all the additional months of the contract. We recommend avoiding RingCentral and their awful contract terms.

Satisfaction Rating

I have been with RingCentral for years and I wanted to cancel or downgrade so many time but it seems to be impossible. Here is the reason, the contract automatically renew for another year after it's expired but the problem is they would not send me a notice and I need to cancel my contract within 30 before it's expired, NOT before, NOT after so I had not been able to cancel or downgrade.

Satisfaction Rating

They were very nice and helpful. They addressed me by my first name which I thought was really nice and they spoken to me like I mattered and they cared to have my business. They seemed to know what they were talking about, could answer my questions without delay and spoke to me very kindly and didn't get rude or anything which I liked. They had great response. They didn't make me wait at all which I really thought was nice. They seemed to care about my time and realized it was very important to me and them. They provide great hours. I work all day and they were available to me after I got out of work which I really liked because most places you deal with aren't like that and you get stressed out cause you need to talk with them about something and you can't cause they're closed so I really liked that.

Satisfaction Rating

I am so blown away by their communications platform and service that prompt me to write the review. As a mid-size company, we were looking to move to the cloud from a older PBX solution (which has gone down a few times in 3 months) and decided to evaluate a few UCaaS solutions that we came on Gartner (8x8, RingCentral, Mitel and Vonage). After testing and reviewing all the solutions including pricing, feature sets and capabilities, RingCentral truly came across as the leader in the space. From the sales rep (Jeff) to the SE (Ray), they were definitely assisting us from end to end. Any questions and concerns from the team was definitely addressed in a thoughtful manner.

After the implementation, I have got nothing but praises about then solution from different teams within the company. I might have to say that aside from the phone solution, web and video conferencing and Glip have been a great addition not to mention that we no longer need to manage multiple vendors for these. I would definitely recommend any companies looking to move their communications to the cloud to take a look at RingCentral as a solution.

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Satisfaction Rating

There is no difference between this service and regular phone service. The voice quality is clear with no distortion or call interruption. Reps were easy to work with and responsive to any question regardless of how long or short. Actually I never spoke with a rep but no news is good news. I'm sure that if I ever did have a question for a rep that they would be delighted to respond to me in a responsive period of time and would answer all of my questions. They seem to keep regular business hours which satisfies the needs of regular businesses.

Satisfaction Rating

Clear enough to hear well with talking to others. Did not have any issues at all ever and would be willing to try them again sometime in the future. Happy with what they have to offer me. Good service for me and others as well. Well worth it in the long run. Service is great and quick. Nothing beats having a great responsive service. That is the best you can get ever and ever. Their hours and customer care is perfect. Extended hours when I need them. Never any issues with this which is important.

Satisfaction Rating

No dropped calls, very clear for the price, and has great value to the service. Couldn't ask for more for the price. They are experts on VoIP calls and their services they provide. Would recommend to anyone. They are one of the best and very courteous. They answer any questions and concerns you may have in a timely manner to make sure you are fully satisfied with them and their service. They have extensive hours that are very convenient and workable for any customer regardless of their schedule. Amazing company.

Satisfaction Rating

The call was of the best quality I have ever had. I would recommend this service to anyone that is in need of this service. It has helped me and my family very much. Would use again if I have to in the future. The reps seemed to very knowledgeable in what they know and what has to be done. I would say that they are highly recommend by me. Their responsiveness was the same day I called their office. They said they would get things started the very same day. They also called back to let me know how things were coming along. Their hours are great. You can get them anytime of the day or night. They are also available on weekends too. They are there when you need them.

Satisfaction Rating

I've been with Ring Central for 5 years. I'd always had problems with their fax service, both sending and receiving, but never realized how bad it really was until I accidentally opened a call log showing only faxes and saw almost all the faxes, particularly incoming had errors and hadn't gone through. Tech support calculated that for the prior month, only about 11% of the faxes had been received! I'd reported prior problems over the years and they'd sent test faxes that had worked but now I realize that they were on their own system sending to me and another Internet service they were compatible with.

When I first called tech support this time they said they'd elevate it and get back to me the next day. I never got that call. I'd waited 16 minutes to get through to them this time. I called a week later, holding for over 12 minutes, and reported the problem again. It was escalated but still took them days to get back to me. They would call, leave a message but no number to get back to them. When I finally was able to talk to someone, about 2 weeks after the first call, they said the problem was fixed but still wanted to change my fax number. First, why would I want to change my number if the fax was now supposed to be working. Second, I'd been giving out that number for years and would have to contact everyone I'd given that number over the years to give them a new number. It is also a hard area code to get a number in, 212 in New York City.

The tech support also said they have trouble with regular fax machines. Most of the faxing done today is over these regular fax machines, especially with the advent of all in one machines. Why get another fax service if they have an internet fax along with their printer/copier/scanner that they have to buy anyway and also has fax? Some do but it's still most just use their all in one.

So I'd had their service for 5 years, been getting terrible fax service, though never realizing how bad it really was, and paying for it. I have no idea of how much business was lost because I never received almost 90% of the faxes. They offered me 2 months of free service to compensate for 5 years! They did up it to 3 months. I should have been given a refund for the service plus taxes paid for the entire 5 years.

This virtually non existent service is supported by the fact that I was able to go back in my logs a year and see the problem was consistent over the entire year. I've downloaded this log for the past year to my own computer to save as evidence. Again, many of the faxes that did come through came from RC tech support so those can't really be counted as successful faxes since it was either over their own system or an outside system they know they're compatible with. It's just lies to put us off and make us think they've fixed the problem with they haven't.

Everyone reading this, if they have RC service, should go into their call logs and see what faxes they've been missing. If you know of anybody else using RC, ask them to go into their logs and check the success ratio of their own incoming and outgoing faxes. Perhaps we should all get together and bring a class action for being taken for services claimed to be provided but never received.

There are also several other well-rated services that cost less. The only reason I'm still with RC are two. First, I'm at a critical point in my work where I can't risk lost service during a change over. Second, I'm in the midst of another legal problem where I need the evidence in the call logs on ring central and can't change until this legal problem is resolve. More problems with RC. Part of the reason for faxes is to have evidence of communication should you have a business dispute or legal problems. You have no way of keeping or accessing a copy of sent faxes with RC.

Online tech support is a joke too. Only twice in five years have I been able to find the answer to a problem by going to online tech support. I have no choice but to call tech support to resolve what often should be simple problems. They've also made changes to their back office so that the answers on tech support don't even match the screens they're describing.

Also, if you're a single line user, you do not have access to tech support nights and weekends. They used to offer these customers 24/7 support but cut back on it to save money. If they had good online support then they wouldn't have so many people needing live tech support. Most other services still offer small single user businesses 24/7 support and again most other services cost less than Ring Central. I've checked the online support on two other services and on both of them I got answers to my several questions on the first page of each search.

Part of the reason for the higher cost of RC is they offer rewards for you to bring in other subscribers to RC, as much as $1,000. You're paying for this marketing ploy. If you need fax in your business, need evidence of your outgoing faxes, need tech support nights and/or weekends when you're having any kind of problem or know of anybody else using RC and having such problems with RC and wish to explore a class action, please see if there’s a way to contact me through Ripoff Report. And for God's Sake, don't subscribe to Ring Central.


Upon reading through bills and comparing found that company has been billing us since August 07 for $29.99 and we never subscribed! We never, ever signed up for this service!

Expert Review

Ellen MuraskinVoIP Contributing Editor

Ellen Muraskin has been writing about telecom and IT since 1993 when she joined the marketing department of Dialogic. In 1996 she joined the editorial staff of CMP’s Computer Telephony Magazine, rising to Executive Editor before joining Ziff Davis Media to launch the VoIP topic center of their eweek.com site. She served as senior copywriter for IT infrastructure company Raritan and has written and edited for several publications.    More about Ellen→

RingCentral has over a decade of experience in the VoIP industry and has served more than 300,000 customers.​

  • All-inclusive phone system: Their all-inclusive system includes conferencing, mobile app, user-friendly interface for adds, changes and multimedia communication.
  • Accent on collaboration: RingCentral embraces the less-email trend with an app/interface, called Glip, which integrates task and calendar management, instant messaging and file sharing à la Slack.
  • Accent on integration: Built as an open platform from the ground up, RingCentral's industry-standard APIs and SDK let your developers easily integrate your communications into key business processes and applications. Out-of-the-box integrations include Outlook, Salesforce.com, Box, ZenDesk, Google and Oracle.
  • Reasonable rates: Plans start as low as $24.99 per month per user.
  • Offers toll free to customers: Using RingCentral services, businesses can quickly and easily set up toll-free numbers for customer use.
  • Best for Small businesses and large corporations.

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