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I was contacted by Claudia with Yellow Pages Online. She immediately took a very aggressive, accusatory attitude with me regarding payment of a past due invoice. I was completely taken aback. I had no idea what she was talking about and needed to get a copy of the invoice from her. Her refusal to just give me the information I needed was bizarre. Instead, she made me listen to a recording of an order being taken by one of our employees. It was so strange! After listening (which was a complete waste of my time), I again asked for a copy of the invoice. She then, very rudely, stated that they had mailed it to us several times. Again, I told her I need to see an invoice. Did she really expect me to just authorize a payment over the phone without even seeing what I was paying for?? She finally gave in and sent me a copy. I have absolutely no problem paying the invoice. We always pay our bills promptly. I have never been approached in such a rude manner about payment. And now I see, from reviews online, that I was not alone in this experience. We will never do business with this company again.

In the summer of 2008, I was contacted by someone from Regional Yellow Pages Online selling what I was told was a yellow page listing and an online listing. I agreed to purchase an advertisement for my small business in a recorded conversation. However, when our local yellow pages were distributed, there was no listing for my business. I called Yellow Pages Online to find out what happened and was told that they did not deal in print listings, only online. I told them that what they offered me had been misrepresented to me and that I needed to cancel the online listing immediately.

I considered the matter resolved, however, some time later, I got a call from a Linda **, a representative of a debt collection agency, ACA Recovery. When I explained what had happened, she told me that I was lying to them. I contacted a lawyer and told them to direct all their further communication to my lawyer. ACA ignored this and even called me at home. In consultation with my lawyer, we made them an offer which they did not reply to. I told them they could take me to court and let a judge decide. I did not hear from them again until this past fall, when another representative from Regional Yellow Pages online, Sabrina **, called asking if I wanted to renew my listing. I told them I had attempted to cancel it years ago and that it had never generated a single customer call. I was told that the ad could not be cancelled until payment was made. I told her we had talked about it enough and she said she would send the account to collections.

Six months or so later (this week), I received another phone call from Linda **, with ACA Recovery again. I have contacted my phone provider to have their calls blocked. I appreciate that other people have registered their experience with this company. ACA tries to wear one down through intimidation. I do not believe that its representatives care whether or not the debt they are attempting to collect for Regional Online Yellow Pages is valid.

If your experience with Regional Yellow Pages is anything like this, you can contact your phone company and have their calls blocked. One can have up to 30 numbers blocked free of charge for a month with some services. I also called to register my complaint with the FTC in the hope that Regional Yellow Pages and ACA Recovery will be investigated and exposed. To some extent they have been, although their debt collectors are still at it. I am amazed that Regional Yellow Pages is still in business, their sales practices are so deliberately misleading and their advertisements are, in my experience, fraudulent.

Last year, we received an invoice from Yellow Pages. We called and they told us that our receptionist, Tim, has agreed to this contract with them. I asked Tim and he said yes and he asked for more information. I told Tim that we are willing to pay for this invoice due to the misunderstanding between two parties but I informed them that we will not pay for any more services. We received another invoice from Yellow Pages this year with all the interests plus administrative fees. We called them again. Mr. Wilson informed us that we have a two-year contract with them. I asked for a copy and he told me that it was a verbal contract.

The person who agreed was my receptionist Tim. I informed Mr. Wilson that the receptionist has no authority to sign any contract especially a two-year contract. They need to provide a better form of agreement besides I don't see their service at all. We will not agree to pay for this invoice and we feel that this was a misleading phone call. He tried to get consumers agree to pay for something that we have no use of and cheat the consumers. I hope your agency will do something about this business to protect the consumers.

Jim ** from ACA Recovery gives me a call informing me that my account with Regional Yellow Pages Online was in collections. He plays back some edited recording in which I allegedly authorized them to place the ad. The recording was nothing more than an edited pile of nonsense. I then asked my book keeper if we had received any such invoices, which of course we had not. I told Mr. ** to fax me the invoice, which he did. In the meantime, I did a little background search on these businesses, and lo and behold, I find pages upon pages of complaints about fraud, scams, and their feeble attempts into harassing business owners into paying these fake invoices.

I printed about 40 pages of these complaints, and faxed them all back to Mr. ** including a cover letter in which I told him I had no intention of paying anything to either Regional Yellow Pages Online or ACA Recovery. I am also forwarding the invoices with all the pertinent information to the Better Business Bureau and the Massachusetts Attorney General's office. Do not fall prey to these scam artists.

Richard called me and did the same as other postings here. He played back a voice recording of me that obviously had been edited and manipulated with me agreeing to pay something that I did not authorize. When he played it back, I remember that this call was information they called to "confirm and cancel" subscription but they obviously manipulated the recording and replaced that with a lady saying "confirm and invoice." What a scam. For future reference, give yourself the peace of mind by just hanging up the phone. Don't let them ruin your day and make you think they actually have something valid. He sent me this document that says "Notice before legal action" and has called back twice since. I've done my courtesy of asking him to not call here anymore, next will not be so kind and just hang up.

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Regional Yellow Pages Online called me and told me that I owed for an online website/ad that I had contracted for two years ago. The reason I now owe for it is because I had recently cancelled it. I told the person this was a sweet deal, give something free and when you cancel you owe. They asked if they could record me to verify that I had authority to take care of this type of account. On the recording, I specifically told them I was not paying for this unless they sent me proof of the original transaction. In three months, they sent me an invoice stating that I owed them money. Ms. Kelly ** of their collections department called me and told me I owed this money. When I denied it, she played the edited recording for me. When I continued to deny owing them money, she shouted at me and would not let me speak. She has since called three more times each time harassing me and threatening me. This is a scam that is documented all over the internet if you search for Regional Yellow Pages Online.

On or about January 27, 2010, Regional Yellow Pages Online contacted our restaurant to "verify our billing address" and to request a contact name. A few hours later, a letter was sent to demand payment for an invoice in the amount of $479.95 for services we never requested nor authorized. They have been calling the restaurant on a daily basis, multiple times a day, harassing all employees who answer the phone, using abusive and profane language. We have verbally and have sent written notices to them to stop harassing us, multiple times, but it has not ceased. They record the conversation and play back manipulated portions of it.

The internet has hundreds of complaints about them as a scam. They are recording every phone conversation, none of which is authorized. We only know about the recordings because they play it back to us every once in a while. They are threatening us with collection agencies and credit report damages if we dispute the charge or decline to pay. At times, they threaten us with physical damage. However, the service was not something which was ever requested, authorized, nor received by us.

The company uses the popular "walking fingers" logo and the name "Yellow Pages". However, they are not associated with the major company -- this is truly a scam. Please help us to stop them from harassing us on a daily basis. This is very bad for a small family-run business. This has affected the business dramatically, as we receive many take-out orders, and this ties up the phone line. Further, it affects the mental state of the employees, and hence, service to our customers. We are a small family-run restaurant, and cannot afford to have the scam artist constantly call to harass and threaten us.

Yellow Pages Online has unscrupulous & deceptive business pitch. I got a call from a YPO representative wishing to confirm that my service listing was being cancelled. I said I was not aware of the listing & did not want their service. The rep then said they would transfer me to their supervisor. The supervisor said he would cancel the listing but would like to update my company information for a complimentary listing. They asked me numerous questions confirming my address & phone number & basic business services offered. Most of these questions I answered yes They recorded my yes answers & months later, tried to use it as proof that I authorized charges.

The second & third call I got from this company, several months later, the YPO representative (Mr. **) said he was from the "pre-legal" dept. & if I paid my delinquent account now, they would not send me to collections or sue me. When I told him I did not authorize any charges for a listing with them, he quickly replayed the recording where I answered yes to confirming my phone, mailing address & business address. I told them the recording doesn't have me agreeing to subscribe to their service listing, the rep (Mr. **) said the recording is proof & is considered a legal contract & that I am legally obligated to pay them - if I refused to pay, they would sue me - which would double the amount of debt owed them. The rep (Mr. **) was intimidating & threatening legal action, I felt bullied, pressured by their tactics, harassed by their calls to my business, their insinuation that I was the criminal trying to get out of an obligation.

The last call I received from YPO, the rep (Mr. **) said he would give me a break if I agreed to pay in full today, by reducing the $600 debt to $430, but only if I paid today. I asked if they could send an invoice, they said they had been sending invoices for months, which I never received & their delinquent account process was beyond giving me any more time to review charges and if I didn't, pay legal action would begin immediately. I reluctantly agreed to pay them, which they recorded, I gave them my credit card information & they gave me a confirmation number & I hung up. Thirty minutes later, they called back & said the charge was denied & I needed to contact the card company & authorize the charges. I was so relieved my credit card denied the charges but unsure what action to take at this point. I researched this company on internet after this last incident, I found countless complaints against YPO - detailing almost my exact "extortion" experience with YPO.

This company is very tricky. I found hidden in their Terms & Conditions on their website a California address which is supposed to be the address used for official correspondence to this company & specifically says the only correspondence that will be considered legitimate will be if mailed by: 1) certified mail

or 2) overnight Courier to the following address:, Westwood Service Center, 1414 Westwood Blvd. # 200, Los Angeles, CA 90024.

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