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Rainbow International

Rainbow International
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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 4, 2019

    Andrew and Crystal ** were amazing to work with and very hardworking. They worked with me and my schedule to get the job done in a timely fashion. They were both very knowledgeable and friendly to deal with. Any restoration projects needed done that I would hire out would go to them and would recommend them to anyone who needed something done.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 22, 2019

    We used Rainbow Restoration after we had a septic system failure and our entire basement flooded with septic water. First they tore everything out, then never came back. After multiple times calling and actually going to their office, they came back and half finished removing the septic filled sheetrock. We ended up privately hiring our own contractor, paying to finish the job after they told us they didn't have a contractor available to complete the job due to the fact that the contractor assigned to our job was in drug rehab!!!

    They had a company come out and take all our furniture to storage and our piano to a storage place. They also had a company come out and clean our air duct system. I refused to pay Rainbow our insurance money until everything was completed (sans us having to hire our own contractor to comnplete the job.) Months later I get a notice from the air duct system people--Rainbow never paid them. A few months later I get another notice: Rainbow never paid the storage bill. A few weeks after that: another notice that Rainbow didnt pay the piano movers.

    I had to go to each of these business, provide a receipts, evidence of check written and an itemized bill that I had paid Rainbow for each of those services. And it was in the agreement with Rainbow that they would use my check to them to pay the services they contracted with. To my knowledge, now 2 yrs later, none of those business got reimbursed. RIDICULOUS and a fraud. All I could do was recommend that those contracted business sue Rainbow and take them to court.

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    5 people found this review helpful

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      Rated with 1 star
      profile pic of the author
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: June 22, 2019

      Rainbow International Restoration of Greenville SC packed out our entire house in February of this year. At the time we thought that they did a good job because they did it really fast. Unfortunately, fast doesn’t equal a quality job. One of the first issues that we had was that the manager that was over the pack out up and quit. You would think that any professional company would have someone contact you if your house was still in the middle of being packed when this happened. Nope, not Rainbow!! My husband had to call several times to finally get a hold of some new guy who had no idea who we were. They ended up leaving some of our stuff at the house.

      When work started on the house the workers had to move items to our garage including our big screen tv that a painter ended up getting paint on! When it came time to pack back in I told them that the spare bedroom could stay packed and I would unpack that myself. They ended up not unpacking other things that I asked them to. Before even unpacking things we noticed that a floor lamp and small side table were missing. These items were way too big to be in any of the boxes. So we asked about them. They said at first they didn’t have them. A few days later when we asked again they said that they had the table and broke the lamp. So basically if we didn’t keep asking about those items they were just not going to say anything about them. Shortly after that we saw where they had ripped a leg off of a tv stand and then they boxed up the broken leg. We also never found the curtain rod that was in our daughter’s room.

      At that point I also noticed that my Fitbit and charger were missing along with other random items and that they had broken our desk that has a hutch and since we moved back in our washing machine wasn’t working right. They sent someone out to “fix” the desk. The guy made it look good but when my husband got home and we tried to move it back in place it started bowing out and one spot that the guy made look better with glue, came back out. They are now trying to say that the desk had previous damage. I told our project manager and the guy that came out to fix it where it did have previous scratches on it and I told them that I’m not even saying anything about that because that was there but we have moved this desk several times and NEVER had it bow out like that. If you look at it, it’s because they messed the back of it up and now it’s not as sturdy as it was before.

      They sent a company out to look at the washer. This company came out 4 times… The first time the guy said that it was one of the legs and that it looked like it had been dropped. The second time they came out they couldn’t get the leg off and told me that they didn’t have the right tool for the job. The third time and after multiple attempts to get the leg off and failing to do so they said that it was something internal and decided that it wasn’t worth replacing. If it was replaced it may or may not fix the issue. These fine “professionals” had to come out a fourth time because the guy that came out the third time forgot to plug back in some wires. So now Rainbow is saying that it isn’t their fault that the washer isn’t working right. Sorry but I don’t trust these “professionals” that had to come out 4 times and didn’t really seem to know what was wrong at all.

      If the washer was the only problem that we had I might would believe that it was just an age thing of the washer. But they have broken so many other things and lost stuff to where I believe that they dropped the washer and caused it to start having problems. Before they moved it we never had an issue. Throughout this whole thing we have been patient and nice. I started getting upset with them when the pack out manager was ignoring us. When he finally called me back and I asked about the almost $90 they owed us for the floor lamp, broken tv stand and the missing curtain rod he told me that the person to sign the check wasn’t there! I have a hard time believing that someone wasn’t there to sign a check for over 6 weeks! When I asked about all the other broken and missing items he told me to make a paper trail and email him and our project manager a list of items. We did that along with prices of everything. Didn’t hear anything.

      That’s when I decided to call corporate. The lady I spoke to told me to email her the list of things. She also told me that she would be back in touch with us about the items. Pretty much everyone that I have spoken to on the matter makes the excuse that the pack out manager is new. So just because he is new it’s okay that we have over $1000 in missing and damaged items?! After not hearing anything for 3 weeks I called corporate again and tried to talk to the same lady. I was told she was out of the office and this other woman took my call. I told her what was going on and asked if the other lady had any notes about the issues going on. She said no and that she knew nothing about it. Later into the conversation she begins to change her story and says that the owner told the managers not to call us back because they are saying that they don’t have our missing items.

      I then ask to talk to the owner or someone above her and make sure that she understands that if she is saying that they didn’t lose the items then we need to file a police report because that means they stole them. She puts me on hold and comes back to say that the owner declined to speak to me and that if I want to file a police report about the missing stuff that I could go right ahead! I have NEVER in my life had a manager or owner not talk to me over an issue this big! I also tried to tell her that I had the entire conversation recorded but she hung up on me. My husband did a short review shortly after I got off the phone and of course the owner jumped on there to defend himself. Why couldn’t he just take my call like a professional person and see what he could do to help resolve the issues?! People like this are truly scum of the earth! The only reason people use their service is because something like water or fire damage has happened.

      So we not only had to deal with our home being destroyed by a pipe burst but now we are out over $1000 in items that weren’t even damaged by the water! We are planning on filing a police report soon and I will post this review everywhere that I can in hopes that it will save other people from all these issues. I hope that no one ever has the need to use a company like this but if you do, do yourself a huge favor and don’t go with Rainbow International Restoration!

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      8 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: May 16, 2019

      Hot water damage in my kitchen and dining room. The Hartford assigned the job of restoration to Rainbow International of Tacoma. The flooring had to be redone because it was lumpy. The drawer pulls had to be redone as some were on crooked. I had to stop the painting because the young guy doing it did not even know the painting basics and was spattering paint over every inch of the kitchen. The workers could not figure out how to build a box around the vent pipe over the stove so they stuck a board up in front of it. Today I found out from the insurance adjuster that they either forged my signature to the check The Hartford sent them in January or they deposited it without my endorsement or that of the mortgage holder. I think that is called fraud.

      14 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      profile pic of the author
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: May 7, 2019

      I have water damage in my home in one room. Somehow when I arrived home I had 5 rooms floors tore up and my house covered in dust. The insurance company hired them. The people there are rude and blame everything on the subcontractors. My house is still not repaired after 30k in repairs and things are molded and falling apart. They blaming the house structure but my house is in worse shape than when we started. After completion of the work and rude text and calls by subcontractors I felt threatened and just paid them and went on. In the end 18 months later I have tons of damage from faulty work and can't afford to get repaired for the second time.

      8 people found this review helpful
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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: April 3, 2019

      Liberty Mutual recommended them to me for water removal and the drying out of my home due to burst pipes in Long Lond, PA. Worse mistake ever. First off they don’t provide you with a estimate beforehand so they can take advantage of your insurance, they threw away receipts for items, took appliances and personal property and were very unprofessional when I questioned what they were doing. They worked very slow at best and took their breaks on time. They called other companies to come to my home for work and or services I did not request who were their friends and when I refused to use their services they got upset and walked off the job without notice. If you want to get robbed, and ripped off they are the way to go however, if you want good services I suggest you look elsewhere!!! The vendor is Stroudsburg PA are Horrible!!!

      11 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      profile pic of the author
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: Feb. 13, 2019

      Calling this company was the worse thing I could have done. They lied to me about talking with my adjuster about walls to assure they would do more than drying floors. Overkill. They are now going through RSG company to request more money from me that my insurance did not give. Charged for work and items that were not done such as bring onsite dumpster. Workers stole old coins and tip money from my home. Damaged my heating unit, etc. I address these issues and they never said a word. I have pictures that are horrible resulting in using their services.

      6 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Feb. 9, 2019

      I used "rainbow restoration" after having water pipes freeze & bust in 2018. Big mistake. Sheetrock work on walls & ceiling is very subpar! As a matter of fact it's horrible! The company in Paducah Ky was so worried about my bill which was well under $2000 after collecting $20,0000 from my insurance already. Wouldnt send anyone to fix their screw ups till it was paid. Still having plumbing & electrical issues on top of horrible visual repairs. If you need water damage repairs i would never ever recommend them to anyone. They blame everything on their sub contractors.

      11 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Dec. 28, 2018

      We paid 180 pounds over a month ago for the curtains in our rental property to be cleaned before we ceased our tenancy. You see, the tenancy agreement asked for all carpets and curtains to be commercially cleaned. We have to produce receipts in order to get our deposit monies back after we leave. We booked Rainbow International in Morecambe to do the curtains. They said they could steam clean them in situ. They suggested 28 December which was a couple of weeks earlier than we had wanted. We had wanted to was until we moved our furniture and animals out but they said they had this date free and they didn't need the furniture moving. A man came and did an estimate. He said the wool curtains would be no problem and, if I didn't want chemicals used because I have four cats, that was no problem. They could steam clean them, he said. We paid and booked the date.

      No one turned up at 9am. I phoned them at 9.20am to see if they needed directions or what. The bloke on the phone said they didn't have the correct cleaning product to hand and were looking into the matter. I asked them to phone me back when they could tell me what was happening. I also phoned their HQ, who said they'd spoken to Morecambe and it was being sorted. They did phone at 10.30am and said someone was on the way.

      When three cleaners arrived at 11am, they said they could not steam clean the wool as it would shrink with the steam. They said they'd have to used neat dry cleaning fluid. I was besides myself with worry and opened all doors that I could so that there was lots of ventilation. No windows open here in this rental property - there are only skylights that are too high up to reach to open. It is widely known that cleaning products and their fumes kill domestic pets. I know it only too well, but then, I've done lots of voluntary work for a cat charity. I was horrified.

      This company misrepresented what they could do. They turned up late. They gave lame excuses - what is the product used with a steam cleaner is so hard to get hold of? I had to accept the clean done by hand with mucky old rags by hand by three operatives. It's a joke. Then they reminded us that they do carpet cleaning too. I was going to recommend them to our landlord because they do curtain cleaning in situ. I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole now. I just hope my animals survive. We have all doors still open three hours later so that air can circulate. It stinks of chemical.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Nov. 15, 2018

      I have had ongoing problems with rainwater flooding my condo. When it first happened I immediately called my insurance company and HOA and was given a claim number by the insurance company who called Rainbow. They came out, extracted the water, took my rugs to be cleaned and dried and left dehumidifier fans... Insurance subsequently turned down the claim due to it being caused by exterior groundwater. Rainbow decided to give me a discount which was gracious on their part. Since that time, my home has flooded 5 more times... More heartbreaking than I can imagine and I am at the mercy of the Condo HOA to fix the exterior drainage prob. Rainbow did continue to give me discounts, which they offered.

      I did ask them to adjust one bill as they had charged for mildicide that they did not provide. My home flooded again last night and I called them and they said they could no longer provide me with service - due to payment issues. So I have now engaged Service Pro. I am beyond disgusted and believe me I've paid them hundreds of dollars but because they can't jack up their costs and get reimbursed via insurance they can't be bothered to provide me service. My advice use someone else.

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      4 people found this review helpful
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      With 35 years of service in this field, this group of experts has built hundreds of recovery offices in 10 countries. They handle fire, water and mold restoration services.

      • Active training: The company stays in practice with technologically advanced training facilities to simulate any disaster.

      • Well-informed resources: Beyond their physical services, they maintain an online resource center for recovery information.

      • Preparatory advantage: Rainbow International provides plans that property owners can put in place for immediate actions to take before, during and after a disaster.

      • Additional protection: Without extra on-site protection, damaged property becomes exposed to further loss from vandals and the elements. They make sure the property remains secure during restoration.

      • Advanced drying meters: The company uses the most advanced equipment to gauge the moisture content of structural materials and determine how to maximize drying efficiency.

      • Best for: Those who want to be especially proactive about protection, businesses and homeowners.

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