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19 Propay Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 11, 2018

For several months I tried to transfer my Propay funds to my bank account. I never received an email notification from Propay nor was there an indication on my transaction history that my attempt failed or the bank account was invalid. It finally occurred to me to check the bank account in file. Due to fraud, my account had been closed. I forgot to update the account on file with Propay. I’m requesting a refund of $40 in fees because I was never notified that my transfer attempts had failed or was there any way for me to know there was an issue with my bank. I tried to resolve this with Propay, but their customer service emails are beyond frustrating. They’re simply giving me instructions on how to set up and validate bank accounts, how to view transaction reports, and every other instruction without resolving the issue. I have been a customer since 2011, I know how to use Propay. The issue is their system fails to sends notifications.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 5, 2018

Propay is absolutely the worst merchant processor on the face of the planet. If you call, you are usually disconnected, if you ask a question you wind up in the resolution department holding up your processing, but if you actually challenge what they state you find yourself in the fraud department on every transaction. You will be answering ridiculous questions about your customer that is public information after you have submitted all possible transaction data to them.

They will tell you processing is 1-3 days, but really takes 7-14 days. They will want a reserve amount because they do not understand your small business. Oh and they will consider returning it to you after 6 months of holding your money. I have been in business for nearly 3 decades, and simple wanted to have a mobile option. My suggestion pick a different company.

If you need the details to support all of this, they are on several sites, social media, and I will be happy to email it you directly of their corrupt (money laundering ways). Email me at ** and not to just post it here, I contacted their parent company and posted information with regulatory agencies to make sure it got to the investors of the parent company. Propay sitting fat, holding and manipulating the money they float from the merchants.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 18, 2017

I literally have hours upon hours of being on hold and emailing and trying to get OpenEdge to update our depository account. I could not be more frustrated than I am. If I ran my business like this I'd be out of business as I would deserve to be.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 24, 2017

Propay says I owe them money and I had to hire an attorney in order for them to give me an account. They won't and obviously can't provide of the alleged amount I owe them (in excess of 5k). I have emails from their legal department saying, "We don't intend on collecting on it, pulling it from archives isn't worth our time." So I hired an attorney to get this taken care of. Took over a month and now I'm out legal fees which would triple if I went against them for that money back. Completely disorganized, lying (I have proof) company and I hope the owner(s) of TSYS go bankrupt just for letting this go on.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 21, 2016

This company told me I had a month to cancel before my 1 year contract went into effect, however the woman who signed me up wouldn't take my calls. And the company says she's an independent contractor so calling her wouldn't have done any good anyway. The reason I was canceling? I never used the service, not one time, they have taken $246 out of my bank. It was supposed to be a $10-$15 a month fee plus a percentage of the charge. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

8 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Oct. 9, 2015

To pay $5 on Propay to my Condo Association generates a "convenience fee" of $132.97. Outrageous rip-off. How do they get away with that?

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 17, 2015

I have approximately $40 sitting in this account but no longer want it. I called to cancel but they required that I provide an account number; however, I don't have one because this is all the information I get each month: "Account Renewal Date: 4/12/2015; Available ProPay Balance: $31.45; If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service department by calling 866.573.0951, Monday through Friday from 6:30 AM to 7:00 PM MST, or by e-mailing"

I sent an email to customer service but got no response, so I went to their website and they asked me to provide my email and social security number; reluctantly I provided this valuable information, hoping to finally get this account cancelled. But instead, I got kicked out of the login page, telling me that my account cannot be verified! I emailed them again asking how this is possible, but still have not received a response, only ANOTHER BILLING NOTICE!

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 10, 2015

I too, was locked out of my account and treated like a criminal because ONE person made a chargeback who was A THIEF in China!!! I had my account for 7 years!!! All it took was one fraudulent person who used someone else's credit card to steal my services and BAM, Propay punished ME!!! These people will throw you under a bus and penalize you. You actually become the perpetrator in their eyes. Do not trust this company, Im now using SQUARE where I get treated like a human being.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 28, 2015

We are a non-profit fundraising team. We opened an account on 12/2/14. That same day we sent in a request for a non-profit rate. We were finally approved on 12/29/14. We then asked for a limit increase as the minimum of $3,000 is not sufficient for a fundraiser. We were denied on 01/17/15. They refuse to provide a refund to our non-profit group because it's over 30 days. Well, when it takes them 6 weeks to do their jobs, of course we're going to be over 30 days. Sad. Really sad.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 26, 2015

I signed up for Propay to accept payments on my websites and sent all the required documents they've asked for. After they've received my information they were digging even deeper and asked if I could provide FDA compliance as safe of the product I was selling which I did, the next day it's a totally different story.

I sell dietary supplements by the way, they then seized my account and said my information is fake and I quote "NEED" FDA approval in order to sell dietary products.. The same things you can buy over the counter at your pharmacy, what they don't understand which I explained repeatedly is there is no need for FDA approval as long as they comply with FDA regulations and it's an OTC. They said no and immediately closed my account and said because I'm making a claim that my product can help elevate mood and "DEPRESSIONS" which I never did, their interpretation is; therefore it's a drug and I need an FDA approval since I could not provide it they closed my account.

1. Violation of the first amendment plus lying about my marketing claims.

2. If that is the case, they are contradicting themselves and saying they support the sales of drugs.

I have read their TOS and obviously it's against the law to sell drugs and FDA only approved drugs to treat disorders and not dietary products. My product is labeled in writing that it's not evaluated by FDA, and all my ingredients are stated as a natural herbal product.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Dec. 17, 2014

I have extensive experience selling online - many ecommerce websites, many brands, many channels... After getting our ebay account limited and paypal funds frozen for 6+ months of 15,000 and switching to a few different processor, we tried both ProPay and Square. Since this is a review of Propay, I will keep it to them. Recently I have been through the mill with Amazon also after reviews. They can shut you down for getting 2 mediocre reviews in a row, hold your money, shut down your channel and income!

Back to ProPay, we processed with them fairly flawlessly for over 6 months and had a few chargebacks that put us over the 1% threshold. And with no notice, no mediation, they froze our account and all funds for a while. After emailing, I am not kidding, over 20x and calling several times a week to get an answer of why it was frozen, for how long, what I could do about it... calling day after day week after week with NO CALL BACK. I called and emailed like this for 3 months. 3 LONG months of having to yet again make an emergency change to another processor. Finally I was told our account had been indefinitely restricted and after 6 months had passed we could log in and retrieve the funds... or what was left of them.

Now I will say this is the crappiest of the gateways/processors I have tried... but there are others that equally suck. I have had a terrible experience with Square where they did just about the same thing, first limiting and then restricting the account with no notice and a full funds hold for 3 months. I would never ever ever ever recommend Propay - they are ridiculously disrespectful to their customers. There is NO way to get any help on your account, reason with anyone... you get chargebacks for any reason and bye bye account and all your money is held by them.

I really don't understand why a processor can't just come out with packages they can slide customers into if they have no chargebacks and all swipes, they get a different package than an ecommerce business or higher risk accounts like collections. So many of these services have ONE way of doing business - they want no risk and to only make money off you. You have no protection, no one to go to the mat for you or hear your story if there is a problem. In my case, I have a return policy customers don't like and a restocking fee for returning items which is spelled out black and white everywhere on our website but customers don't like it - they don't want to pay it so they just charge back.

The system itself needs to be revamped to offer more protection to vendors and suppliers/sellers where the customer has the goods or product in hand and still files and wins a chargeback. It's a real kick in the teeth to both lose the product, lose 100% of the money from the sale through the chargeback and then jeopardize your entire merchant account... just terrible. I know I'm not in this alone - I can read forum after forum of other business owners in the same boat as me and I would love to hear some REAL TIME REAL LIFE solutions we all have tried and had success with.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Dec. 15, 2014

Not only is their website and phone app extremely dated and hard to navigate, but they have built-in non-refundable fees so that no matter what, you lose money. I had renewed my account on a weekend, needing the ability to process credit cards for a very important event on a Sunday night. Because I already owned the card reader, I figured I shouldn't have to pay for the slightly higher account that comes with a reader. But when I opened my app, there was no option to process a credit card. Their customer service line is only open on weekdays so I was unable to use the service for my event at all. When I called the next day to cancel my renewal and get a refund, after waiting 20+ minutes online, I was told that there is a non-refundable fee of $13 that I would have to pay no matter what. They explained that because I didn't pick the higher account option, that's why I wasn't able to use the app.

I am a tech savvy individual and it really surprises me that I somehow missed that, especially after search all over for a FAQ or instruction that could help me when I first realized the app wasn't working. It also really infuriates me that I am forced to pay a fee because of my inability to catch the fine print. But the joke's on me I guess and now I know better and will not be using this company again. They seem to be more interested in tricking their customers out of every penny they can, than satisfying them.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2014

Stopped Selling on Ebay after they bought payPAL & made selling W/ payPAL Mandatory (abt. 5 yrs ago), because we knew: 1. That couldn't be legal & 2. We had already enjoyed (NOT) a horrifying experience w/ pP (where they held over $12,000.00 for > 11 months as an atty. intervened & fed. suit was moving forward) so we just STOPPED selling on Ebay; YES, for 5+ years. Still continued to occasionally shop & purchase there.

Recently we attended a few antiques fairs, & set up at a flea market...did phenomenally well. Decided perhaps it's time to stick a toe back in selling waters...Had learned about, went there, checked out their site, lurked for about a month & signed up...only 7 sales so far however also rec'd 7 5***** reviews on those 7 sales to date (apparently exceptional by other sellers' standards, as reviews there are optional & the very few who receive perfect reviews on ALL transactions, are, well, pretty close to 'perfect') & 'to date' is about 5 wks so far.

Heard about Propay as a viable option to payPAL; now that payPAL & Ebay were supposed to be soon parting company, after spending an extended time reviewing policies, procedures & terms of ProPay, signed up there. Everything went smooth as sink, for an eCommerce acct. for selling on Ebay (where we've been a registered seller and buyer since 2004, as in yes, 10+ years w/ a 100% FB Rating).

All went well, of course until after listing about 40 items, selling 3 of them, & then....gulp, Email comes (after of course the buyers have PAID, THROUGH PROPAY) stating that "Since we sell ''antiques" (which isn't true at ebay AT ALL; we only sell our antiques on Etsy, which has their own direct checkout program, which has operated flawlessly for us so far!) they (PROPAY) need to place a $1000.00 hold on ALL Ebay Transactions, for a minimum of 180 Days, after which time "it will be reviewed," ALL Further communications via email w/ account resolutions have taken 2-3 days EACH to get a response. This notice of course came AFTER 3 sales on ebay, 3 PAYMENTS on ebay processed through ProPay, & NONE appearing in our account there, NONE of which were/are antiques, total of all 3 transactions is <$100?

Additionally we have items listed that have a starting bid of $900, although ProPay will only authorize a $500.00 Maximum payment, & $2000 for month (meanwhile Ebay says we're good to list up to $10,000 worth of items w/ a total of 250 of those listings per month....see problems brewing? Especially since C/cds are the ONLY way payments are now processed on Ebay?

We're still waiting for a reply from last Communication w/ Propay CS ('resolutions' dept. agent) to find out why the reserve they require, since what we sell, that they would/will/should already be processing payments for, DOESN'T qualify as a 'higher risk' category of items, for which they claimed 'antiques' were/are in their opinion, regardless of our history as sellers, track record for feedback, and information supplied, because frankly, we gave them TOO MUCH information.

Funny thing is that reading here, (like &, I see a similar pattern w/ ProPay; Our sitrep isn't unusual at all...seems they're taking lessons on Customer (NO) Service from payPAL? Are they next up for class actions? Lord I hope not, just want to find a RELIABLE (like us) Processor that isn't all about funding their .org/bank with OUR MONEY, kwim? Thanks for enduring this novella, will update as this dilemma proceeds.

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Rated with 1 star
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2012

I sell online currency on eBay. Because PayPal was starting to put 21-day holds on my funds, I decided to use ProPay. I signed up with them and encountered no problems initially. PropPay set my processing limits at $500 per transaction and a monthly limit of $2000. So after selling an item on eBay for $310, the buyer checked out using ProPay. I received an email from them stating that the transaction went through. I promptly shipped the item out right away and left positive feedback for the buyer. Then about 4 hours later, I received an email from ProPay stating that they needed a reserve in my account of $400 because currency and coins were high risk items to sell on eBay.

ProPay was essentially trying to "trap" my funds, because they knew that I could not issue the buyer a refund because the item had already shipped. I opened up the ProPay account 2 weeks before this happened and they had numerous chances to tell me about the $400 reserve requirement. I would not advise that you use them.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Nov. 10, 2011

I have Propay for almost 2 years. When I want to transfer my fund to my business checking, I just found out they froze my fund for over 3 months already, yet they keep on approving my payment. Now, they are holding the total of $2,800. They said it takes 1 year for the charge back period, yet these products are all shipped and mostly to a same royal customer. I would sue them, if didn't negotiate to 3 months holding period. Be careful, if you are a small business like me you certainly do not want to get trapped into this kind of hold up. Never again, will I use Propay again.

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Original review: July 11, 2010

I had an account with them that I used as part of my credit card processing needs. One day, I went to transfer funds to checking account and the account was frozen. This was in June of 2009. I talked to this clown named Johnathan in the resolutions department and he told me that some of my transactions were high risk and could result in future charge-backs. I explained to this ** that these charges were prearranged with the customer and I offered to give him the customers phone number and he could speak to her himself.

There was no reasoning with him and he said a $1,500.00 reserve deposit would be required if I wanted to continue to use their services. He also said after 120 days the reserve would be returned as the customer would not be able to do a charge-back after that period of time had passed. I told him none of this was acceptable to me and they were just looking for an excuse to force me to loan them $1,500.00 interest free for as long as they wished. I closed my account as I have other ways to accept credit cards.

There are a lot of complaints similar to mine out on the internet about these people. I do not trust them as far as I can throw them and would advise any other small business to stay away from them.

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Original review: June 10, 2010

I had a Propay account for my online business paid annually. In June 2009, I attempted to access my Propay account and discovered I was locked out. The phone numbers and e-mail addresses I had for Propay were disconnected. My attempts to find out why I was locked out was futile. I lost two orders totaling $280 because I could not process the credit cards. I have attempted for the past year to get my money but have not been able to. I have contacted every agency in the State of Utah, the State of Washington and the Feds. All have responded with I must work with the State of Utah. It does appear the State of Utah is protecting these security **. Propay is holding $489 in my account that I cannot get.

The SLC BB has proven to be worthless and has actually given Propay an A+1 rating. How disheartening it is that a crocked company is sheltered. I contacted a collection agency and they said this is not something any collection agency can handle that it needs to go through the courts. I live in Washington state and can't sue a company unless I go to Utah. These thieves are really protected by their fellow thieves. It is very sad. Anyone reading this, please add Propay to your list of online businesses to stay away from.

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Original review: July 10, 2009

I am a small business owner with a merchant account through Propay. I may a yearly free from August to August. In June I received an order and attempted to access my Propay account. I found the fanatical security of Propay had locked me right out of my account, my prepaid account. Security is one thing but these scary fanatical idiots have taken security to a whole new level to the level of my account being inaccessible. They have no phone to contact. I have almost $500 setting in my account and another $100 in credit card charges to process. Propay has turned a deaf ear and is refusing to allow me into my account. I can only assume they have stolen the funds in my account. This is a very scary operation and one that will cost me my business. Propay is a company any and all small businesses should stay away from. It appears they are running they company on fees collected for a purpose that is denied the account holder and monies stolen from such accounts as mine. This behavior will wipe my little company out as attorneys are not cheap.

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Original review: March 30, 2008

I own a very small garage in Roanoke, VA. I do not receive credit cards very much so I decided to use Propay to accept cards as I would only be paying a fee once a year and a small transaction fee. This would work out great for me. Well my first transaction just happened to be a $2500 warranty claim. I was sent an e-mail that I needed to confirm that this was a legitimate transaction which I faxed and e-mailed 2 times. They said they did not receive it, they could not verify information.

I called the warranty company and ProPay never tried. I have copies of all the e-mail correspondence, they wanted to hold my funds for 4 months, or they would refund my funds. Also they would refund my account fees. I have e-mails confirming all this. Well today I have noticed that they have taken an additional $84.75 from my account for transactions fees. They never processed the transactions and agreed to close the account and refund my yearly fee. I have reported the transaction to my bank as fraudulent because they keeping putting me off about refunding the money. This company has the worst customer service I have never seen, If I treated my customer this way I would be out of business. I want my money refunded and an apology from ProPay for all the inconvenience.

My customer had to pay cash ($1,500.00) out of his pocket for the motor, and I had to pay ($650.00) for the parts out of my pocket. My customer was understanding but now he has to wait for his money and I have to wait for mine. Propay has not refunded as they have stated in their e-mails and also have charged my wife's credit card with $84.75 in commisssion fees. According to ProPay this account was cancelled prior to debiting my wifes credit card for the commission fees.

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