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They are good tools the software program that helped me a lot with my work and everything. It was a good software that they put together. The support experience it's really good for this group of software. They help me a bunch with everything. I like it a lot. I can call the people and get a good amount of support. This software is very easy to use and I like it a lot more than any other ones. It gets the job done and so much more than expected and I get a guarantee warranty. They are good for a lot of uses and it helps me get my work done faster than normal. I think this is a really good thing to have on the market.

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I loved the product and it simplified everything so it was easy to use and it was easy to manage everything. I would definitely recommend it to anybody that was interested in using it. Customer support is always easy to reach and always willing to help with any questions I have had. I have contacted more than once and they are always helpful and courteous. It is very easy to use and I had no problems. There were a few questions I had in the beginning but calling customer support solved those problems rather quickly. The product integrated very well. It works great with other services and makes everything work seamlessly and effortlessly. I would definitely recommend it.

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Worth getting. Takes a while to learn but after you get it, it will be easy and simple to use. One of the best software I used and plan to continue to use for a very long time. Customer support was okay. Took them a while to respond and usually got a automatic respond. But when I did manage to get to talk to a actual pro. Very hard learning curve but after you learn to use it things become much much more simple. There are videos online teaching you how to use the software. It took me around 1 week before I got the hang of it. Was simple to transport images in and out. Like most programs its straightforward and easy to use unlike some other features of the software. Was one of the first things I learn.

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All tools were helpful in creating what I needed. The program was very well put together and priced well. Although it could be slightly/more user friendly. Customer support was not available at times convenient to me. I have weird hours due to working during the night. Other than that it was fine. Very easy to use and well put together. The color scheme is good, and tools are readily navigated through. I would use again. Service integration for this program was good, although it could be improved slightly. I would still recommend to coworkers and fellow friends.

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Founded in 2009, Podio has rapidly created a reputation for success working with more than 500,000 organizations to improve workflow.

  • Transparent communication: Where other project management software focuses on offering the right information to the right team member, Podio puts transparency front and center. All project communications go through a single tool, keeping everyone up to date.
  • Open API: Make the changes you need to customize Podio for your business processes.
  • Multi-platform access: Podio is available through a web portal, Android and iOS devices, so there is no need to provide in-house hardware.
  • GPS integration: See where team members are with an integrated Google Maps tool, so you can keep up with a mobile force.
  • Team management tools: Set individual responsibilities and monitor results as people receive notifications pertaining to their specific action items.
  • Best for Contractors, outsourcers and enterprise businesses.

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650 Townsend Street, Ste 325
San Francisco
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United States