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Founded in 2009, Podio has rapidly created a reputation for success working with more than 500,000 organizations to improve workflow.

  • Transparent communication: Where other project management software focuses on offering the right information to the right team member, Podio puts transparency front and center. All project communications go through a single tool, keeping everyone up to date.
  • Open API: Make the changes you need to customize Podio for your business processes.
  • Multi-platform access: Podio is available through a web portal, Android and iOS devices, so there is no need to provide in-house hardware.
  • GPS integration: See where team members are with an integrated Google Maps tool, so you can keep up with a mobile force.
  • Team management tools: Set individual responsibilities and monitor results as people receive notifications pertaining to their specific action items.
  • Best for Contractors, outsourcers and enterprise businesses.

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650 Townsend Street, Ste 325
San Francisco
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United States