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Online survey software is a popular tool used by healthcare providers, government agencies and companies across multiple industries to collect valuable data from their customers, employees, students or citizens. Results from online surveys can gauge employee satisfaction, school course satisfaction and company performance based on up-to-date market research.   

Online survey software lets organizations conduct their own research; get quick, real-time results; and transfer and use data within multiple applications to answer important questions. Before selecting a software package, it’s important to look at what each company has to offer.

Top 10 Best Rated Online Survey Software Companies

MySurvey Read 28 Reviews

MySurvey has been collecting consumers opinions in the United States since 1946. Their website was created in 2001 to allow consumers to take surveys online and today it is a global consumer survey panel that is owned by WPP.

Voxco Read Expert Review Be the first one to rate this company

Voxco is located in Montreal, Canada and has been offering survey solutions to companies across multiple industries for over 25 years. Their solutions include web surveys, phone surveys and face-to-face interviews.

SoGoSurvey Read Expert Review Be the first one to rate this company

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, SoGoSurvey is a SaaS company that offers clients multiple, customizable survey solutions. It has clients in several industries including education, healthcare and government.

Key Survey Read Expert Review Be the first one to rate this company

Headquartered in Braintree, Massachusetts, Key Survey was started in 2002 to offer companies end-to-end business platform tools. It includes survey design software that can be used across multiple industries across the globe.

Checkbox Survey Read Expert Review Be the first one to rate this company

Located in Watertown, Massachusetts, Checkbox Survey creates survey software with a variety of features for companies across multiple industries. Clients can subscribe to online survey plans or create customized surveys on-site.

Qualtrics Read Expert Review Be the first one to rate this company

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Provo, Utah, Qualtrics is a privately held research software company that provides companies with online data collection solutions. It is ranked 12th on the Forbes Cloud 100 list.

Snap Surveys Read Expert Review Be the first one to rate this company

Founded in 1981 and headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Snap Surveys is a software company that provides survey and research solutions to businesses worldwide. It has offices in London and Bristol, United Kingdom.

QuestionPro Read Expert Review Be the first one to rate this company

QuestionPro was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in San Francisco. It provides over 2.5 million users across 100 countries online survey and research software, as well as mobile research and data visualization tools.

Zoho Survey Read Expert Review Be the first one to rate this company

Founded in 1996, Zoho Survey is a technology company that provides SaaS software solutions to companies across the globe. Its survey software is used by some of the biggest companies in the market to collect and analyze data.

SurveyGizmo Read Expert Review Be the first one to rate this company

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, SurveyGizmo develops and supports intuitive survey software that is affordable and easy to use. Its software is used in multiple industries around the globe.

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What features matter most in online survey software?

How can users customize online surveys?

Survey customization is one of the most important features companies look for in survey software. It is important to have the ability to tailor a survey based on specific needs such as demographics and/or various advanced logic to get the correct, desired data. Additionally, having the ability to customize the look and feel of a survey to match the aesthetic of a company's website can help keep response rates high.

  • Advanced survey logic: Using advanced survey logic features like branching and skip logic lets clients tailor their surveys to be relevant to participants and improve response quality. Branching and skip logic send respondents to pre-written questions in the survey based on a given response. In other words, depending on how a respondent answers a question they will take different routes through a survey.
  • Styling control: It is important to blend a survey’s look and feel to match a company’s overall theme. Most online survey software companies allow clients to change branding and logos, themes, fonts and colors to match the aesthetic of their own website.
  • Languages: With so many companies having a global customer base, the ability to choose from multiple languages during survey creation is important. The majority of survey software companies have templates that offer between 15 and 40 language options.

How can survey software be used to report and analyze data?

Choosing an online survey software with user-friendly, powerful reporting tools makes analyzing results and other data quick and simple. Almost all survey software companies offer multiple reporting tools from real-time data reporting to custom charts and presentation creators.

  • Real-time reporting: Having the ability to see a respondent’s progress and answers in real time can help companies track survey abandonment and customer behavior. It also gives companies instant feedback so they can analyze data and quickly address issues exposed by the survey results.
  • Written reports: Survey software can automatically create in-depth written reports based on survey data. The reports can be fully branded with the company's logo and include executive summaries, charts, tables and key findings.
  • Smart reports: Smart report features allow a user to quickly produce multiple variations of a report on a regular basis. Smart reports can tailor each report for different people or teams, making it a great feature for companies with multiple departments.

What kind of mobile capabilities do online survey companies provide?

Application capabilities are important features for a client to consider when looking at survey software. Many companies have employees who use survey software in the field and away from the office for extended periods of time. Offline capabilities allow users to create and issue surveys and interview people in the field when there is no Internet connection. Mobile applications should also let users communicate and share data with each other.

  • Offline capabilities: Offline capabilities allow field agents to design, issue and conduct interviews with respondents without an Internet connection. All data is stored on the mobile device and will automatically sync once an Internet connection is established.
  • Reply monitoring: Using a mobile reply monitoring feature lets companies monitor and reply to a respondent's question, should one arise, during a survey. Having the ability to respond quickly to an issue will help prevent survey abandonment.
  • Mobile sharing: Mobile sharing allows users to quickly create and share data via charts, graphs and reports from the mobile application. This feature saves time by allowing users to create and send reports from the field rather than having to do it in the office.

How can survey software be integrated with other tools?

Integration is quickly becoming a key feature for most software, especially software that uses real-time reporting. The ability to integrate survey software with other regularly used software and applications reduces the redundancy of inputting the same information into multiple platforms. Almost all online survey software can be integrated with commonly used business software and applications.

  • Sales integration: Many online survey software companies design their software with the ability to integrate with popular sales tools like Salesforce. Sales integration automatically updates sales data and reports in real time when a survey's results are in.
  • Email integration: Email integration is a popular feature for survey software users because it lets them easily upload surveys into mailing lists. It also lets users customize a survey email campaign and A/B test it to see which campaign is more successful.
  • Social media integration: It is important for most businesses to have a social media presence. Social media integration allows users to post surveys to a social media site and get quick results.

How do online survey software companies secure data?

Securing survey data should be a top priority for all clients because sensitive data is being asked for and collected each time a survey is sent out. Online survey software companies should protect client and respondent data with at least three main security features: encryption, passwords and access rules. Many companies use supplemental security programs to ensure sensitive data stays protected.

  • Encryption: It is important to look for survey software companies that use encryption to protect respondent data. Common types of encryption are 128-, 192- and 256-bit key as well as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
  • Password protection: Password protecting a survey lets only a selected group of people answer questions. It also prevents surveys from being shared with the public or any unwanted viewers.
  • User access: Most survey software has access rules that can be set by an administrator. Controlling who has access to survey data within a company can greatly reduce the event of a data leak.

How do online survey companies price their software?

Online survey companies typically price their software using multiple plans that cater to individuals all the way up to enterprise businesses. Plans are billed monthly or annually, and each one comes with a predetermined list of features. Some companies have customizable plans for larger corporations that let them pick features that will best fit their needs. Potential clients who are interested in a particular plan can request a demo online to help determine exactly what they would be getting.

  • Free plans/trials: Almost every survey software company has a free plan available for startups that includes a very limited number of basic features. It is a good idea for companies to look for free trials on all plans so they can test out all features before making a commitment.
  • Billing cycle: Online survey companies offer two billing options for their plans: monthly or annually. Annual billing is usually the cheaper option in the long run, and most plans are billed on a per-user basis.
  • Custom plans: Some companies offer large corporations the ability to customize a plan by only paying for features they choose. Companies that are interested in customizing a plan can call for details on how to take advantage of this option and get a quote.

What are the different types of online survey software?


Businesses that use a Software as a Service (SaaS) company for their online survey software needs pay for a license to use the software on a subscription basis. SaaS is a popular option because businesses are using the SaaS company’s cloud-based server instead of their own.

Enterprise software

Enterprise software is a software an organization buys and installs on their own servers. With enterprise software, companies pay a lump sum for the software license, software maintenance and customization services.

Who uses online survey software?

The market research industry

Companies in the market research industry use survey software to design surveys. They administer these surveys to people with demographic backgrounds relevant to their research.

The healthcare industry

Companies in the healthcare industry, particularly hospitals, use online survey software to conduct Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) surveys. This option is popular for hospitals because it prevents them from having to hire a research firm to conduct this survey, and it also allows them to design employee engagement surveys.

Human resources departments

Online survey software is popular for HR departments because it lets them design and customize employee engagement and job satisfaction surveys. This allows companies to monitor gaps in employee satisfaction and discover best practices the company can implement.

Government agencies

Government agencies use online surveys as a fast and inexpensive way to engage citizens. Many online survey software companies make pre-built government survey templates that can be tailored to fit specific needs and can be made into a link and placed on a government website or social media page.


Universities use online surveys as a fast and simple way to gather information from alumni and for current students to evaluate their courses.

Small to large businesses

Businesses of any size can use online surveys to monitor employee satisfaction, customer service effectiveness, market research and overall company performance.

Online survey software company reviews


Voxco is an online survey software company that offers survey solutions to companies around the world. Their software caters to multiple industries including market research, government agencies, social and public opinion research and human resources. Clients can choose from a variety of data collection tools like phone survey software, web survey software, voice-response survey systems and interactive dashboards.

  • Voxco CATI: CATI is Voxco’s phone survey software. It offers clients the ability to use automated, manual or hybrid dialing modes and questionnaire design tools. With CATI, users can design their own survey question types including script logic, routing filters and multiple conditions, as well as design and manage calling rules.
  • Voxco Online: Voxco online lets clients create their own online survey using sophisticated skip logic, multi-language capabilities and multimedia files. Users can send invitations through email or text messages or post-survey links to social media websites. Clients have access to real-time reporting functions to monitor their web survey’s success, such as completions and dropout rates.
  • Voxco Mobile Offline: Voxco Mobile Offline is an Android application that lets clients conduct personal interviews with no network connection. With the mobile offline feature, users can create customizable surveys using multimedia capabilities, setting sophisticated logic and logo customization. The application is password-protected and securely stores information on a device until it can be synchronized online.
  • Dashboards: Voxco designed its dashboards to display survey results easily and efficiently through a drag-and-drop interface. Users can build dashboards once and data from new surveys will be automatically updated to all charts across the dashboard.
  • Pricing: Interested clients can go online and fill out their basic information to request a quote for each software package.
  • Best for: any company needing multiple survey solution options.

SoGoSurvey was founded in 2013 with the goal of making survey creation an easy-to-use, professional experience. Clients in the education, healthcare and government industries as well as students and nonprofits use SoGoSurvey. Clients can use SoGoSurvey solutions to track employee and customer satisfaction, performance appraisals, market research and resident satisfaction.

  • HR solutions: Clients can use SoGoSurvey’s online software to create anonymous surveys to boost participation and response rates. Job satisfaction surveys can auto populate demographic data to shorten the length of the survey, send alerts when a response is received and run real-time reports to help discover gaps in employee satisfaction. SoGoSurvey provides survey samples that can be customized and modified to meet specific needs.
  • Customer satisfaction solutions: Clients can design fully customizable surveys to monitor customer service using tools like piping and skip logic. Users can create rules and alerts to monitor customer concerns in real-time. For example, if a customer responds negatively to a survey question, a team member can receive an alert via email and address the customer complaint immediately.
  • Market research solutions: SoGoSurvey offers clients many survey tools to help collect data, make reports and track their brand in real-time. Clients can use pre-designed market research surveys or customize their own to help spot industry trends, track customer loyalty numbers, net promoter scores and post campaign results.
  • Platforms: SoGoSurvey provides clients with online platform tools like polls, forms and quizzes. It offers users pre-designed templates or the ability to create polls from scratch to match their website. Polls, forms and quizzes can be posted to social media, newsletters or emails.
  • Pricing: SoGoSurvey has four plans: Free, Plus, Pro and Enterprise. Each paid plan is billed annually and contains varying features. The Plus plan is $144 per year, Pro is $480 per year and Enterprise is $1,190 per year. Consumers can check online for a full list of features included in each plan. SoGoSurvey also offers a free student and a free nonprofit plan.
  • Best for: companies looking for an easy-to-use online survey software.
Key Survey

Key Survey has been providing companies across multiple industries with end-to-end business tools for over a decade. Clients can choose from an extensive list of survey software in the Survey Suite. The survey software is designed to provide company feedback like customer satisfaction, employee engagement, market research and data collection.

  • Survey Builder: Survey Builder is one of Key Survey's survey software platforms. It is a linear survey editor that allows clients to add questions, choose answer options, input page breaks and make other modifications to their surveys using a linear (top down) format. Users can choose from pre-built questions or customize their own for repeated use.
  • Survey Design: Survey Design is another survey software platform in Key Survey’s suite. Survey Design uses skip and branch logic features that allow clients to either use pre-designed survey templates or customize and upload their own. Survey Design also lets companies use their own branding, using private labeling and custom URLs. Survey Design allows for interdepartmental collaboration through automation so companies can work together seamlessly.
  • Mobile surveys: Key Surveys gives companies the ability to work remotely with no Internet connection using its mobile survey application. With mobile survey, clients can collect and manage survey data anywhere and at anytime. Using a mobile platform gives clients the opportunity to reduce response time, thereby improving customer service. For customers, the mobile application detects which mobile device is being used to take a survey and automatically adjusts its look and feel to fit the device.
  • Logic and branching: Key Survey offers multiple skip and branch logic options so clients can customize their surveys based on received responses. Users can design surveys using the common skip and branch logic, as well as more advanced and dynamic logic options. Interested customers can see a full list of logic options online.
  • Pricing: Interested clients can request demos and quotes for each of Key Survey’s software suites online. They can also request information on getting a free trial for any of the software.
  • Best for: enterprise companies looking for pre-designed or customizable survey software.
Checkbox Survey

Checkbox Survey offers clients a variety of survey software tools that include multiple features. Checkbox survey software is available two ways: subscription to an online survey plan or an on-premise (SaaS) survey software. Its survey software includes multiple features such as design customization, advanced survey logic, data security, automation and reporting and analysis.

  • On-premise survey software: Checkbox Survey offers on-premise (SaaS) survey software, meaning clients rent the license to use the Checkbox server for as long as they like, without recurring fees. The on-premise software is highly secure and is designed for scalability and high performance using Microsoft .NET architecture.
  • Design customization: One of the many features that comes with Checkbox Survey’s software is the ability to design and customize the look and feel of each survey. Companies can use their own branding and logos without the Checkbox branding. They can use their own domain names and utilize user-friendly mobile applications that automatically adjust to whatever mobile device is being used.
  • Response reporting and analysis: Checkbox survey software lets clients see real-time responses put together in a report. Users can customize reports using filters and collaboration rules and integrate them with Google Analytics or export them to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Data security: Checkbox uses SSL encryption and multiple permission layers to protect individual survey responses within its software and mobile applications. Each survey can be password-protected and access permissions can be customized for each team.
  • Pricing: Online subscription plans for Checkbox Survey’s software start at $45 per month for the Basic plan, $175 per month for the Professional plan and $345 per month for the Team plan. On-premise software pricing starts at $3,450 for the Server License, $7,950 for the Developer License and $13,950 for the Enterprise License. Interested clients can check out each plan's features online.
  • Best for: businesses looking for mid-level, easy-to-use survey software.

Qualtrics is an online data collection and survey company that offers businesses customer experience, market research and employee insight solutions. It services multiple industries around the world, including airlines, automotive, B2B, financial services, government, education and more.

  • Research Suite: Qualtrics Research Suite survey software allows clients to create customizable surveys that are shareable with co-workers inside or outside the company. The research suite comes with flexible features like multiple forms of logic, quotas, email triggers and offline compatibility. Users can choose from over 30 graph types to share and discuss real-time data.
  • Target audience: Qualtrics survey software helps companies understand, grow and maintain their target audience by tracking things like interaction, who is being contacted, how often they are contacted and how they are being reached. Qualtrics Target Audience automates respondent management using pre-set rules to help control things like contact frequency and relativity.
  • Employee engagement: Companies can use Qualtrics survey software to track employee engagement over time. The employee engagement software is very flexible, allowing employers to ask their employees different things in different ways with over 100 question types that can be translated into over 50 languages. Employers can view survey results in real-time.
  • Integration: All of the data collected from Qualtrics survey software can be collected and shared seamlessly throughout the Qualtrics Research Suite. It allows employees to easily collaborate and integrate among different departments.
  • Pricing: Interested clients can request demos and quotes online for each of the software packages in the Qualtrics software suite.
  • Best for: large companies who are looking to track customer and employee satisfaction and engagement.
Snap Surveys

Snap Surveys develops survey and research software for companies across multiple industries. In addition to survey software, it offers pre-made surveys, feedback solutions, research services and training services. Snap Surveys’ software can be used through a desktop or mobile application.

  • Snap desktop software: Snap Surveys' desktop software allows clients to create unique, brand-specific surveys with engaging visual and interactive questions. Clients can use the visual questions feature to make clickable images, use answer sliders, insert video and sound clips and use clocks and number pads for time and quantity responses. Interested clients can view a full list of survey software features online.
  • Snap mobile software: Snap Mobile Anywhere is Snap Surveys’ mobile software. It includes many valuable features for field work and on-the-go users. Features include 24/7 mobile interviewing that works offline and automatically syncs once a connection becomes available, real-time monitoring, encrypted data security and real-time reporting and sharing.
  • Ready-to-Run surveys: Snap Surveys creates Ready-to-Run surveys: professionally designed questionnaires designed in collaboration with industry experts. Ready-to-Run surveys do not require installed software. Clients can customize which questions they want to ask, collect replies and view reports from their computer.
  • Snap training: Snap training is a two-hour, online training course on how to use Snap Surveys software. Clients can receive training on multiple topics including Snap Professional, Snap Reporting, Snap Analysis and Snap WebHost. Training may also be customized based on individual needs. Training sessions are $395 per trainee for a two-hour private session.
  • Pricing: Interested clients can go online and request a free demo and get pricing for any software package.
  • Best for: businesses looking for a survey software that creates interactive surveys with good visuals.

Founded in 2005, QuestionPro develops and supports online software for survey creation, distribution, analysis and data visualization. Its clients include several Fortune 100 companies who use the software for workforce planning, customer experience feedback and online survey sampling.

  • Online survey software: QuestionPro’s online survey software gives clients multiple tools to create and distribute surveys. Companies can customize surveys by adding their brand’s logo, changing the format and choosing a language. Surveys can be sent via email, mobile devices and links on social network sites and other websites. Clients can choose from over 30 question types and use branch or skip logic, or choose questions from a pre-written question library.
  • Offline data collection: The QuestionPro mobile application allows clients to gather, collect and store data offline that can be synced at a later time. When the application is in Offline Survey Mode, it is automatically integrated with a user's QuestionPro account. The mobile application uses geolocation to collect location information that is stored along with survey data.
  • Security: QuestionPro’s top plans include advanced security options such as enabling/disabling surveys, password protection, survey timers, SSL encryption and more. Clients can check online for a full list of security features for each plan.
  • Data integration: QuestionPro’s Team Edition enterprise plan comes with multiple data integration features. Companies can export to DropBox and/or integrate with, Google Analytics and Microsoft Dynamics. Users can also collect data with Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
  • Pricing: QuestionPro offers five plans including their free, basic plan. Their paid plans include Professional, Premium, Corporate and Team Edition. The Professional plan is $19 per month, Premium is $299 per year and Corporate is $899 per year. Companies can speak with a representative via live chat about Team Edition pricing. Each plan includes different features that can be viewed online.
  • Best for: companies looking for an easy-to-use and learn survey software.
Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is a SaaS company that develops and supports online survey software for companies across the globe. Using its software, companies can customize their surveys, use different logic to ask the right questions, use real-time reporting to analyze data and use integration features to make collaboration easier.

  • Survey questions: Zoho Survey comes with over 15 question types to choose from based on the data a client wants to see. For users who can’t find the right questions to ask in a survey, Zoho has pre-built templates to get a survey started. These templates may be customized and edited to fit specific needs, including 30 different language options.
  • Reporting: Zoho Survey software updates its clients’ reports in real time, meaning they can see a survey taker’s responses as they happen. Clients can share reports with anyone as they come in or customize reports to be sent out periodically. Reports can be downloaded in four formats: Spreadsheet, CSV, PDF or SPSS.
  • Integrations: Zoho Survey software can be integrated with Zoho SalesIQ, MailChimp and Google Sheets. Using the Google Sheets integration, users can set every response to be sent to a spreadsheet in real time, making an organized spreadsheet for analysis or reporting at a later date.
  • Security: Zoho Surveys use SSL to ensure a secure connection between a survey taker and the server by encrypting all information that is being transmitted through the survey. Zoho also uses a feature called CAPTCHA, which, when enabled, provides an image to verify that every response is provided by a human.
  • Pricing: Zoho Survey offers a free package along with three paid plans: Standard, Premium and Enterprise. Each plan can be billed month-to-month or per month billed annually (cheaper option). The Standard plan is $19 per month billed annually. The Premium plan is $24 per month billed annually and the Enterprise plan is $41 per month billed annually. Interested clients can view each plan's features online.
  • Best for: companies looking for survey software that is easy to use and customizable.

SurveyGizmo is a privately held SaaS company that develops and supports survey software for companies across multiple industries, including market research, education, project management and more. It offers software packages for individuals who run their own company or large businesses with multiple teams. Each software package comes with multiple features that can be tailored to whichever industry the software is being used for.

  • Customizable surveys: Clients can tailor their surveys to get the data they want by using advanced survey skip logic and disqualifications. They can choose from over 40 built-in question types that can be customized for any type of research. Users also have complete brand control and can create their own URLs and customize themes.
  • Reporting: SurveyGizmo lets clients create customizable reports using built-in reporting tools. Users can create real-time reports using cross tabulation to compare data cell by cell, data visualizations to help with chart creation and Fall Off Reporting, which allows clients to track survey abandonment. Users can export data through multiple channels including SPSS, Excel and CSV.
  • Security: SurveyGizmo secures data provided in surveys with anti-hacking measures, firewalls and constant security scans. It uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide an infrastructure that is safe and highly available (HA), meaning it is likely to operate continuously without failure.
  • Integrations: SurveyGizmo survey software is designed to integrate with numerous third-party programs so clients can automate daily tasks and minimize redundancy. Users can integrate with Salesforce, Zapier, Google Analytics, Zendesk and more. Clients can also build an iOS or Android compatible application using SurveyGizmo’s infrastructure.
  • Pricing: SurveyGizmo offers its software in individual plans or team/enterprise plans. Enterprise plans start with a base price and are customizable. People interested in enterprise plans can contact SurveyGizmo for a quote. Three individual plans are available: Basic, Standard and Market Research. The Basic license is $300 annually, the Standard license is $1,000 annually and the Market Research license is $1,500 annually. Each license comes with different features and a seven-day trial.
  • Best for: small and large companies looking for a powerful, affordable and customizable survey software.

Survata is an investor-backed startup company that provides survey research solutions to companies ranging from Fortune 100 businesses to small startups. Its products include consumer surveys, B2B surveys, retargeted surveys and segment surveys. Each of its survey packages come with multiple capabilities like real-time dashboards, data add-ons, multiple question types and benchmark tracking.

  • Survey dashboard: Survata’s dashboard is mobile friendly and displays survey results in a real-time, easy-to-read format. From the dashboard, clients can see survey progress, survey previews, dynamic graphs with filtering options and the ability to chat with team members. Users can also share and collaborate results by allowing colleagues to view and comment on survey results.
  • Data add-ons: Survata offers multiple add-ons for its software at additional pricing. Add-ons include turnkey PowerPoint presentations from collected data, personalized insight sheets that summarize results in PDF format and crosstab tables that compare variables against results for individual questions. Clients who are interested in add-ons can contact Survata for pricing.
  • Question types: Survata’s survey platform includes 12 question types that are designed to cover any study. Questions can be closed- or open-ended depending on the type of data needed. Examples of question types include single select or multi select questions, rating questions, ranking questions, open-ended response, slider options and more. Survata provides a full list of question types and examples online.
  • Click map: Clients can test the usability of their companies application by using Click Map. Click Map will target a company's demographic and find the right people to test an application. Companies can upload screenshots or mockups of their application and ask respondents questions about how user-friendly it is or any other information they need to find out about how usable the application is.
  • Pricing: Survata breaks down pricing into plans for consumer surveys, B2B surveys, segment surveys and retargeted surveys. Each plan has three or more packages with varying prices that are based on a per respondent scale. All pricing is available online.
  • Best for: companies of any size that need multiple options in survey types.

SurveyMonkey is a SaaS company that develops and supports online survey solutions for businesses in all major industries. Companies of all sizes can take advantage of its platforms, including an enterprise survey platform for large companies. SurveyMonkey’s software includes over 15 question types, custom branding, page and question logic, mobile applications and integration features.

  • Custom surveys: Using SurveyMonkey’s software, clients can create customized surveys with over 15 question types and multiple survey templates that are made for specific industries. Companies can customize the look and feel of their surveys by using their own branding, logos and themes among other personalized features. SurveyMonkey’s software can be integrated with numerous companies including MailChimp, Salesforce and Google Sheets.
  • Mobile applications: SurveyMonkey’s mobile application is available for iOS and Android and lets users create, send and analyze surveys from anywhere. Users can create any type of survey using the mobile survey builder, collect responses through email, text or social media, analyze results in real time and collaborate with others on shared surveys. The application is free from any app store.
  • Enterprise-grade features: SurveyMonkey has a survey platform for enterprise companies that focuses on security, collaboration and advanced survey features to help companies get the specific customer data they need. Companies can access professionally written survey question banks and templates and increase completion rates by personalizing their surveys with advanced logic. All data from the enterprise platform can be shared through SurveyMonkey itself or exported to CSV, XLS and SPSS.
  • Security: SurveyMonkey offers multiple security features to protect respondent and company data. It uses multiple data centers with reliable power sources and backup systems to provide businesses with 99.9 percent uptime. Its data centers are SSAE-16 SOC II compliant meaning both the network and the physical data center meet government security standards. All sensitive survey data is TLS encrypted.
  • Pricing: SurveyMonkey offers three paid plans: Select, Gold and Platinum. Each plan is billed monthly or annually and contain varying features. The Select plan is $26 per user, billed monthly. The Gold plan is $25 per user, per month or $300 annually. The Platinum plan is $85 per user, per month or $1,200 annually. SurveyMonkey also offers a free plan option with limited features for individuals and startups.
  • Best for: large enterprise businesses that collaborate among multiple departments.

11 – 12 Best Rated Online Survey Software Companies

Survata Read Expert Review Be the first one to rate this company

Survata was started in 2012 and is located in San Francisco. It develops and supports survey research solutions for companies in multiple industries. Its clients include Fortune 100 companies to small companies.

SurveyMonkey Read Expert Review Be the first one to rate this company

SurveyMonkey was founded in 1999 and is located in San Mateo, California. It is a SaaS company that develops cloud-based online survey software. Their clients include various sized businesses and Fortune 100 companies.

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