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Did not even get the sites up and going. But, most of all, they had opened an account with Google Adsense, and I had, no clue. This was in 2008, I still have all papers. Jim ** was a rude person, once he received money. I even offered to help with the micro-sites. By the time I figured out what was going on, and they were trying to ignore me, it was to late. They were gone. In any rate, I would sure love to help my dad get all or even part of his money back. And see Jim behind bars!!! Thank you.

Don't get ripped off by Modern Marketing Systems or the companies and names it is now going by - Market Acceptance Company. 99.9% of all websites built do not make a single cent. The websites that do make money usually only make a few cents (.02-88 cents) with a few website packages making up to about 70 to 80 dollars - for a package costing several thousand dollars. You will be ripped off. If you have been ripped off, you should document everything, get all paperwork together you received from this company, print out all emails, make notes about each phone call and then make copies of all.

Next send separate packages of all the material to the Arizona Attorney General's Office, Phoenix Police Department, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, the FBI Internet Fraud Division and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Also call the non-emergency number for your local police, tell them what happened and ask to send a copy to them also, even if they say they don't want it - send it anyway. Your local police may also be able to do something for you. For U.S. citizens, any losses you experience may possibly be written off on your taxes as either a fraud/robbery/criminal loss or as an investment loss, but consult with your tax preparer and or attorney to be sure.

I have a complete write up (7 page single spaced description) that I submitted to the Arizona Attorney General's Office on June 17, 2010 regarding my payment to Modern Marketing Systems of $37,500.00 on January 9th, 2009. Yes I am embarrassed to say that I actually paid this "company" this inconceivable amount of money, I feel like an utter fool to put it mildly.

In April of 2009, I purchased 5 mocro-sites for $2,250.00. It took until June 1st to be completed. It weren't done properly, promised to be fixed by 10/1/09. It wasn't completed in time and I couldn't reach anyone so I filed a complaint with the BBB. MMS didn't respond so the case was closed. Then I got a call from Modern Acceptance Corp. (I agree it's them in disguise) on Jan. 19, 2010. I filed a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General for the State of Arizona, and they were unable to help because they cannot represent individuals. I'd love to participate in a class action against the principals' personal property. I haven't been able to get anyone on the phone since then and expect it's a lost cause.

I was hounded by Modern Marketing Systems. I said no to their offer many times. They had a written guarantee to refund any amount falling short of the code after one year. It cost me over 8,000 Australian dollars. In one year, it made about $10. Like other posts I have read, I could not contact the company after about 6 months. Emails were ignored and phone calls unanswered, and not returned. Not much I can do from Australia.

I am nearly retiring age and this is the last thing I need. Well, it is very depressing when you hope to get some return on your investment, and see $0 every time you check and this goes on for over a year. I try not to think about it too much.

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I purchased Microsites from Modern Marketing Systems with the promise of making 20% from my investment or I would receive a refund. I never made a cent. Then, the company told me that they were moving my account over to Market Acceptance company which called me once to let me know they were handling my account. I've not been able to contact anyone since I keep getting a voice mail and now the websites are suspended. Where do I go from here? This has created a large financial burden and almost ruined my marriage. I hope these people get jail time from scamming so many people out of their hard earned money.

I bought microsites to the tune of $6400.00 and have received nothing. I still have the guarantee that they will pay back all my money, if I have not received at least that much after a year. Well, a year has passed, and now that I try to contact them, I can't even get anything but an answering machine. I have left my name and number numerous times. Since hearing and reading other's stories, I realized what a fool I was. But these people really ought to be prosecuted as many bad reports as I have read.

I was called by a salesperson from Modern Marketing and told they had a sure-fire proven system of setting up websites and making money for the purchaser (me) through Google. They used the name Google as if they were part of, and endorsed by Google. I purchased and paid for a package of 40 sites that cost me $9,000.00. They said they guaranteed a return of 20% above the investment within one year, even sent me a written statement to that effect. It has been two years. After more than a year, I received a check for $76.00 and a notice that the sites had been temporarily pulled out of service.

During the entire relationship, I made numerous calls and sent numerous emails to various people on their staff. All told me nothing but lies and made excuses for the poor performance. By doing my own research, I found that they never actually "hosted" or advertised through search engines any of my sites. Now two years later, I can get no reply from any form of correspondence and have been contacted by a "Market Acceptance Company" also in Phoenix, which claims they have no connection with Modern Marketing and sent an email of 5 sites set up by them "to recover some of the loss from the former distressed sites". This contact was made 2 months ago and I have not been able to find any of these 5 sites on the internet.

Don’t get caught in this scam. It has cost me $9,000.00, countless hours and almost my marriage. Beware!

Like everyone else, I paid MMS 3990 for 15 micro sites in Aug 2008. After a year, I called them to find out when I would get my money back since the sites had only earned a total of $2.75. I got a call from Jim F. and he gave me that same speech about how I wasn't paying the "hosting" fee and that they weren't starting my "year" until June 09 because that is when someone called me about the hosting fee. Over the course of the last two years, they have said they didn't produce anything because of one reason or another and then they were adding Amazon affiliate to my "sites".

My last email from Melissa P., Quality Management, only had one site link and said I would be getting the rest a soon as they were built. I never got an email with any other links and the one she sent in her email has expired. So I just checked on 04/20/10 and when I logged into Google Ad Sense, my account was "disabled" due to invalid activity or something. I agree with everyone here, I think they are a fraud and need to be stopped.

I plan on contacting the Phoenix police department to shut them down. They are taking thousands of dollars from people and not delivering anything and not returning the money per their contract that states that if your sites don't earn back your initial investment, they will refund 120% of your money. Maybe everyone that has been ripped off by this company needs to file a class action suit. They need to go to jail for stealing a lot of money from a lot of people. I lost almost $4,000 of money I really didn't have to spend.

I paid Modern Marketing Systems in 2 payments of $1195.00 each, on 3/08 and 10/08, for 8 sites. Just like the other stories I have read, all I ever got was a bunch of untruths. They never even got my sites up. I was told hosting was free for the first 12 months, then, Jim blamed me because my sites weren't up. Said since I hadn't been paying hosting was the only reason I wasn't seeing profit. I started paying MMS hosting fees and still my sites never worked. I called several times and finally got a call back from Jim. That is when I got fed the line of "Revolution sites, an upgrade, they will do better." Still nothing!

Rich **, Brittany, and Jim's emails are all not working. All emails to them have bounced back since 2/2/10. That is when I got a call one night around 8:30 from a woman named Katherine 603-207-8788, said she was with and my hosting fees would be billed from them. She asked if my credit card information was correct and at that time I told her to call me back as that information was at my office and I was at home. I never got a call back. I called the number the next day and she said give her 5 days to check on my sites. I have never heard from her since. I still did not authorize her to bill my credit card. All the numbers I had to MMS are answered now by MAC.

I have left several messages, no response. I have saved emails from them as well as all of those that came back. I have been paying hosting fees to MMS since 8/09 and then 2/2/10 it changed to Marketing Acceptance Co. I called the number on my credit card and a man answered with a simple "Hello" but he did tell me I needed to call a different number if it concerned M.A.Company. I called it and it was the same answering message I had been getting for MAC and MMS. Basically, a lady reading a script. Loss of $2390.00 for micro sites and hosting fees since Aug. '09 through Feb.2, 2010 at $29.95 per month $209.65.

My story is exactly as the rest of the stories for this company I just read. They took $3990.00 for 12 microsites with 120% guarantee. The sites took almost six months to get developed/written. They made $0.10 which I’ve never seen and Google kicked most off for one reason or another. The same thing as the others, they first blamed me for not paying hosting fees which it clearly stated no fees for one year. Then offered me 12 new revolution sites and I started paying hosting fees. No sites were ever developed. And now I can't reach them. I would like to know if they are out of business and if there is anything we can do. We must have some rights. Some of you lost more than me. I'm willing to pull in with anyone that will help me get back some of my money. I’ve lost $3990.00, plus about 4 months of hosting fees of $29.00.

My complaint with Modern Marketing System is identical to everyone else. My purpose here is to warn everybody that they have created another company to come back and capitalize on fixing those lousy sites they made. It's called Marketing Acceptance Company and for $29.95 a month, they will take those "distressed sites" and get them to make money. I have checked with the Arizona corporate division and it is in fact James ** that has that trade name registered. I trust all of you who have been ** by MMS, must know that the name is almost as well as Jim **. Be aware that they may contact you. They will claim that they are a different company. Listen to the moron you talk to and it will sound just like MMS, because it is.

On February 13, 2009, I signed a contract to Modern Marketing Systems for their micro sites program after being contacted by them. I was assured that this program was guaranteed in that if the sites "failed to earn a minimum of 100% of the original price from Search Engine Analysis and Keyword Research completion, and for a period of twelve months, Modern Marketing Systems will pay the difference between the purchaser's price and any shortfall in earnings to a maximum of the original purchase price". I checked the Adsense account on Google and earned a grand total of $1.64 since then and today, February 4, 2010.

I have since closed my websites due to non-existent sales and I am in the process of closing out all the marketing contacts also. Last week, I emailed Modern Marketing and received no response. Then last night, I received a call from a rep from stating they had taken over from Modern Marketing and would begin charging the hosting fees on the micro sites. I told this young lady my sites were no longer online and she proceeded to tell me that her company would be able to make better progress on the micro sites.

I told her I didn't want anything done until I had a chance to check it out. A call to Modern Marketing today produced no results and likewise, a call to Market Acceptance Co. I realized that it was a ** thing to get involved in and that I'll probably never see the $3000.00 I invested but I would like to make others aware. I wouldn't have even considered it if they had not promised a guarantee. For all that was worth! Do I have any legal recourse? I'd appreciate any help.

In December 2008, I purchased the Gold Microsite Marketing Package (8 microsites) from Modern Marketing Systems (MMS). I paid $3,000 in full. They constructed the sites and notified me last Feb. 4, 2009. I was also given AdSense information. These microsites were not getting any hits and therefore I called MMS numerous times concerned. Nothing more happened! These microsites weren't optimized to receive any hits. No money was made from them.

Finally, in late July of 2009 ** talked with me over the phone. As a result of the first 8 microsites not doing anything, he offered me 8 Revolution Microsites at no extra charge. On July 28, they sent me an email with the paperwork to be signed and I did so and returned promptly, both by fax and regular mail.

Since this time I have called numerous times and only talked to ** twice. He said that I had to pay 9 monthly hostings first before a microsite. This is not true according to my paperwork, the MMS Microsite Guarantee, and other documentation during the telephone conversations from you folks. If the sites didn't makes back the initial investment within 1 year from date of inception, then a 120% performance guarantee would take affect.

As stated above, I paid for these 8 microsites in full and the monthly hosting fee of $29.95, plus a Foreign Transaction Fee of $0.89 on my credit card starting on May 31, 2009 and each month straight through January 2010. There are still no working microsites.

On Jan 12, 2010, two people from Market Acceptance Company called and informed me that they were representing a subcontractor for Modern Marketing Systems. They stated that in 10 days they and Modern Marketing Systems would be calling back. I have not heard a thing and have called numerous times. Only 2 or 3 phone calls have been returned within 1 year, since. I have all of my paper work and a brief journal of the phone conversations.

I have, to date, invented the inital $3,000 plus $30.84 a month hosting fee for the past 8 months. All for a total of $3,246.72. There was not a hosting fee for the first 3 months because it took 3 months to build and promote the sites.

I purchased 35 micro sites from this company in 2008 for $11250.00. Three months later, I asked for my refund. They said they were updating sites and were going to upgrade me to the new sites to make up for the delay. I still haven't gotten any money from my sites and every time I called them, it was just one excuse after another. Now I can't even get a return call. If anyone is going to sue, I would like to be in on it. They are also going by the name Market Acceptance Co. and. Success Money Group. I called 602-368-7053 and the person on the other line claimed that he got this number a month ago, and after checking the number out, it turned to be under James/Modern Marketing Systems with address: 8808 N Central Avenue, Ste 108, Phoenix, AZ 85020-2838. I have been ripped off by these guys! Please help!

I purchased 14 micro sites from this company in 2008 and have received nothing but lies from these guys and gals and now my sites are offline and I have been ripped off by these guys! Please help!

I purchased micro-sites from this company in 2007. My sites were never built. Then when I asked for my refund, they said they were updating sites and were going to upgrade me to the new sites to make up for the delay. I still haven't gotten my sites and every time I called them, it was just one excuse after another. Now I can't even get a return call. If anyone is going to sue, I would like to be in on it. They are also going by the name. I do not expect to get my money back from this company. I lost $4200.00.

Modern Marketing Systems is a scam. They will take your money and you will never see it again. They promise you will make from $3 to $5 a day for each site you buy from them, yet they will not provide you with any satisfied customers or any data to support that. An actual review indicated that only one site (not a client site, a production team member site) generated an average of $3 per day over a test period of 5 months. Actual figures reveal that all 10,000 plus sites (perhaps closer to 16,000 now) that had not been arbitraged, generated an average of about one cent per day or less. Arbitraged sites, i.e. sites that had been heavily promoted by MMS (Modern Marketing Systems) using purchased traffic, received between 3 cents and $1.00 a day over the test period. This incurred a loss for MMS because the cost of arbitrage was in excess of $1 a day per arbitraged site.

Under MMS' marketing agreement, this cost would be passed on to the customer, incurring a further loss to the purchaser in addition to their original outlay. The site production team member site that did receive an average of $3.00 per day (after about 4 months online, with income slowly increasing over that period) was based on a long tail keyword that averaged over 18,000 searches per day. Content to this site was added and updated daily by applications purchased from third parties. Amazon links were also added, but income from Amazon (if any) was not included with the final tally ($4,000). The cost to build a micro site to MMS using their original design (e.g. was about $2 per site while their new "revolution" sites cost between $8 to $30 per site to create.

Modern Marketing Systems has a customer list of over 600 customers (US and Canada), of whom zero are satisfied with their purchase. MMS has never promoted any sites, except for the arbitraged sites, and it is not expected to do so nor is there any operational plan or procedure in place to promote a site other than through arbitrage. Most (99%) MMS sites receive zero traffic. It is estimated that MMS has received a total of between $2.5 million to nearly $4 million dollars from customers. Sales people were encouraged to discount a package to nearly any degree with nearly any conditions in order to make a sale, so exact figures are impossible to estimate.

Operational expenses (gross expenses) have been estimated at between 10% to as high as 40%, which indicates that the two owners have pocketed at least $1.6 million in the several years they have been running this scam. Sales people could receive a commission of up to 30% on a sale of $50,000 or more. A handful of investors with $100,000+ to invest visited corporate offices at 8808 N Central Ave, Ste 108 in Phoenix, AZ over a period of time, but declined to invest after their due diligence.

I was approached over 1 1/2 years at the mid-part of December and was promised a 120% guarantee on the money they received from me. This was done on a Visa card. I was told after (3) months to call back to check on the progress of my account. They were in the process of moving the business location. I was told that there was no record of me in there system. I then talked to Jim F who handled my account. He told me that because of the mix-up and loss of three months he would give me an additional (2) sites making it a total of (4) sites. He also personally guaranteed me a 120% guarantee.

After following up a few months later the excuses started. First he said I didn't get the information to him in time which wasn't true because a represenitave did it for me months earlier. Then I was to call back a few months later to follow up. At that time I was told that I had to wait a few extra months because they had to start over because of that delay that I had nothing to do with. In the agreement, I was told that I would receive a check from Google every month which never happened. The excuse I was given at that time was Google was very slow in paying, but again don't worry, you have a great guarantee. You will get great returns or we wouldn't even be in business if we had to give everyone 120% money back guarantee.

The next time I called about six months later I was told that I had about $1.28 in account and not to be discouraged and that all would work out in my favor and again assured me that I couldn't loose because of the great guarantee that was given to me. After the end of the Year, I had called again to find out what the delay could possibly be at this time. The reason the receptionist gave me is because now that it was over a year I would have to pay another fee to find out any more information and if I didn't pay another $500.00 our conversation was through. I insisted on talking to Jim F and was told that he was not in the office at that time.

I then procedded to call every few days to get intouch with him because he was not returning my calls and many text messages. I have now made over (30) phone calls to the company with absolutely no responses. They returned every call I made and was able to talk to anyone there immediatedly untill they got my money. At that point they havent returned any of my call or e-mail messages. Is there any way that anyone may be able to help me in this matter?

I was contacted by a sales person from Modern Marketing Systems in reference to purchasing Micro Sites that were designed to produce a residual income and in my case drive additional traffic to my web site. I was hesitant to get involved but they offered a guarantee and I felt if I paid with my credit card I wouold have some protection. The sites NEVER produced. I called on numerous occasions to express my concerns. I was told to give it time. I gave it a year. I was contacted and told that they were developing NEW sites since the OLD sites had not produced. I was told the the previous sites had not produced because I had not paid the hosting. I have a contract that stated that the hosting for the first year was included in my package. When I told them I did not want to continue my relationship with the company and wanted my refund, I was told that the only way I would get anything from the company would be if I signed a new contract and paid the hosting fees. When I refused, Jim hung up the phone on me.

I contacted my bank to work on a refund from my credit card. I found out that Modern Marketing uses a third party to process their cards. I actually knew this as I was charged an additional $178 for a cash advance from Allied Wallet. I complained but was told that was how they processed their cards. Right then I should have asked for my money back.

Wells Fargo has advised me that since they used a third party to process the funds, my bank cannot file a dispute aganist the third party! This reaks of fraud!

I have now contacted an attoney and am looking at small calims as my recourse.

My advise to anyone who is contacted by this company is RUN! I will probably get my money back but it will not be easy.

These people are not acting with any integrity. The guarantee is worthless. Your bank will not be able to back you up due to the third party billing.

You have been warned!

In April of 2008, a salesperson from Modern Marketing Systems called me with the promise to set up 12 micro sites for a total of $3,990. These sites were guaranteed to make me at least 100% of the original purchase price back within one year or they would pay me 120% of the purchase price. I gave them my credit card info and they proceeded to create the sites. On June 2, 2008, I got an email from Celeste ** telling me the sites were set up and gave me the site names. They gave me the Adsense account info they set up for me in my name and said I should start making money within weeks. After 2 months and less than $1 in earnings, I contacted Celeste and was told to give it more time. So I waited.

About 6 weeks later, I again sent an email to Celeste telling here I was getting concerned because I had made less than $2. She said she would send the sites to promotions and not to worry. This went on for a few more months. In February, I had only earned $3 and again, expressed my concern and was told again not to worry and that I had the guarantee to fall back on. In May, I contacted them again since I had earned less than $5 and asked the procedure for getting my refund because it was obvious I wasn't going to make that up in the next month. I was told by Jim ** that I wasn't getting a refund because I didn't pay the hosting costs as stated at the bottom of the contract.

Now throughout the year, they never invoiced me for hosting. They never said anything about it until I asked for a refund. Since they didn't invoice me, I figured since they had my credit card, that anything due was on the contract and the card. I thought maybe they didn't charge the hosting because the sites made no money. Then Jim ** blames it on me that I did just decide to send them a check every month and I was out of luck. But he could forget about my obligation to pay hosting if I would sign up for a different, better program for thousands more. This company is deceitful and had no intention of refunding any money from the beginning. They lead people along and never said anything about hosting. In fact, they told me everything was fine and I shouldn't be concerned. They need to be stopped.

I represent Tim ** of Pioneer Gourmet Food Provisions in Provo, UT. I work as their Marketing Director. In March/April of 2008, I was contacted by phone from a salesperson at Modern Marketing Systems who was attempting to sell my client (Tim **) their company's product. The salesperson told me the following: Their company would build 50 micro sites. Each micro site would be equipped with Google AdSense ads. Each site would generate $1-$4 per day per site in AdSense Revenue (the salesman said that every client they have ever had has reached at least $2/day per site). We were told that If Modern Marketing Systems had not recouped 100% of our money ($10,000+) within 1 year, they would pay us 110% of what was invested with their company.

It has now been over 1 year since my client signed up with Modern Marketing Systems and they have made a total of $35.19 (a far cry from $10,000). Starting one and a half weeks ago, I attempted to contact their office to find out what was going on. I have since called in excess of 5 different times and left 4 different voicemails and have not received a call back (are they even still in business?). My client would love to have this service work for them because if it works as promised, Modern Marketing System would be generating between $1,500-$6,000 per month in income. However, Modern Marketing Systems has not followed through with their promise of generating an income or at least returning 110% of their investment.

I am very concerned about the ethics of this company as I have now attempted to contact them to no avail. I am writing you for several reasons: To see what you can do for my client to recoupe their money, to warn you of the unethical business practices of Modern Marketing Systems and to help prevent other innocent victims from falling prey to this unethical company. I do welcome contact from their company and would love to solve this matter amicably. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this matter.

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