Smartphone applications are downloaded by the billions across the globe, and this could mean big returns for companies looking to enhance their reputation and profits. As a result, there are many mobile app development companies offering their services to companies looking to reach their target audience in meaningful ways. To get the best from a mobile app development company, it is essential to do some research so you get the best returns.

Top 10 Most Reviewed Mobile App Development Companies

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What features matter most?


A mobile application is a serious investment for most companies and so it needs to be of the highest quality.

  • Portfolio: Ask to see examples of recent work. Most established and respected mobile app developers will be proud to show off their work and will usually have examples of previous projects on their website.
  • Testimonials: Ask the development company about their past clients and whether they have any testimonials or case studies they can show you.
  • Best Practices: Ask the development company if they follow any particular work flows or adhere to industry best practices to ensure customers get the best from their app.


Mobile app technology moves at breakneck speed and is constantly evolving. For this reason, choose a mobile app development company that keeps ahead of the curve and invests in the latest technology.

  • Mobile platforms: It is important to choose a development company that offers development across different mobile platforms. This will ensure your application is available to as many users as possible.
  • Future proof: It is essential that the technology your application is built on is not going to become obsolete in the near future. You'll want to get as much exposure of your application as possible for as long as possible.
  • Updates: If you want to monetize your app or ensure it gives your target audience the best experience, updates and new features are often essential to enhance the customer experience and ensure your app is current.


Even the most basic mobile apps can cost upwards of $5,000. More complicated apps can cost significantly more. It is important to agree on costs and get everything in writing before your application is taken into development.

  • Contracts: Some developers work on a flat fee, whereas others work on an hourly basis. Some may even ask for the entire fee upfront. It is essential to draft a written agreement stating these terms.
  • Ongoing costs: Some developers may offer services such as upgrade management and database maintenance. If you need these services, it is essential to agree on these upfront before your app starts development.
  • Discounts: Don't be afraid to ask for discounts, especially if you are commissioning an extensive project.


It is usual for the company or individual commissioning the mobile app to own the finished product. Most mobile app developers will have a process in place to give you peace of mind.

  • Contracts: To be sure you have total ownership of the app once it is complete, both parties should sign a "work made of hire" or "copyright assignment" contract. The contract should cover source code, design and all content.


So, you want your mobile phone app to generate revenue? Great! There are many ways you can do this, including in-app purchases and upgrades.

  • Revenue models: Pay-per-download is one of the most popular revenue models, and could mean big returns for you if your app takes off. You can either choose to charge for the app itself from the outset or make your app free, with in-app purchases creating a revenue stream.
  • SMS Marketing: Marketing through regular text messages is another way to generate revenue, and definitely something to explore with your developer.
  • Subscriptions: Magazine or education apps can be monetized effectively on a subscription basis. You can choose a one-off subscription or monthly or yearly charges.


The quality of your app and delivery by a deadline will largely depend on the level of communication between you and your developer.

  • Concept: The first talks to have with your developer are about your concept, or, if you don't have your own idea, to seek inspiration from an experienced app designer.
  • Agreements: Once you are ready to go ahead with your development project, it's time to draw up and agree to a contract.
  • Ongoing communication: Define preferred communication tools and methods from the start. For example, you may wish to connect regularly in person, or use Skype or email to keep up with status updates.

What are different types of mobile apps?

Native apps

Native apps are installed through an app store onto the mobile device. They are designed to work on the mobile platform itself and can use many of the device's features, including the camera, GPS or contact lists.

Web apps

These apps are not applications in the true sense but instead are accessed through the phone's browser. Links to the web app can be installed as a bookmark on the user's home screen.

Hybrid apps

As you've probably guessed, hybrid apps are a combination of native apps and web apps, and they rely on an Internet connection and a browser. These apps are installed through an app store and also take advantage of a device's features.

Who's it for?


Today, consumers expect your business to be available 24/7 and they want access to your products and services from their mobile devices. An app can bring you closer to your target audience and put you a click away from winning their interest and business. Mobile apps are also great for brand exposure and keep you in the forefront of consumers' minds.

Sales teams

If you have sales teams on the road, a branded mobile app in their pocket can be perfect for when they need to show a product demo or deliver elevator pitches on the fly.

Public organizations

A mobile app is a great way to keep people informed and involved with local events and happenings.

Company reviews

  • Kony

    Kony is a leading enterprise mobility provider offering multi-edge mobile apps around the world. The company has over 350 clients in 45 countries and offers mobile development services that ensure a fast time to market and reduced cost of ownership.

    • Best for Organizations or individuals looking to harness the selling power and brand exposure.

  • Intellectsoft

    Intellectsoft is a mobile development company with almost a decade of experience and a strong global presence. Their enterprise-focused, proven and versatile services have helped them complete over 300 projects to date.

    • Best for Organizations or individuals looking to leverage mobile applications and integrated services, such as cloud computing and big data.

  • Konrad Group

    Konrad offers a wealth of diverse experience under one roof including creators, designers, thinkers and planners. Able to solve a range of digital challenges from mobile development through to banner ad design, the company offers something for every business and individual.

    • Best for People looking to leverage mobile applications and work with a company with global experience.

  • Segue Technologies

    Since 1997, Segue Technologies has been offering application development and support to dozens of businesses and non-profit organizations.

    • Best for Organizations and individuals looking to capitalize on Segue's specialist app development.

  • Portland Webworks

    Portland Webworks offers customers stable, innovative and secure mobile app development that offers real value. They offer solutions that get brands noticed and improve the user experience at a competitive cost.

    • Best for Organizations and individuals seeking mobile app development that will get their brand noticed.

  • MobileFrame

    MobileFrame offers the only solution designed specifically for business applications. Helping companies to reduce and replace their paper-based processes, the company offers innovative and fast mobile app development and deployment.

    • Best for Individuals looking for mobile apps that can be deployed quickly to cope with changing needs.

  • Metova

    Metova was first founded in 2006 and has been developing Android apps since the first Android phone was released. The company, now with 150 employees, offers development and support in all aspects of mobile development.

    • Best for Individuals looking for fast, professional results or expertise in federal IT systems and support.

  • Coherent Solutions

    Coherent Solutions offers innovation, global expertise and world-class mobile app development to help customers solve their business problems and achieve their goals.

    • Best for Individuals looking for a company with experience of designing apps for a global market.

  • Atlantic BT

    Atlantic BT first opened its doors in 1998 and has now helped over 1,000 clients achieve their digital goals with award-winning software and solutions.

    • Best for Individuals looking for a company with years of experience in a wide range of Internet technologies.

  • Social Cubix

    Social Cubix offers global expertise in mobile development, design and strategy. Producing highly polished games and products for all types of business, the company is a leader in the mobile development industry today.

    • Best for Individuals looking for an experienced mobile app developer and insurance for their project.

  • DOOR3

    DOOR3 is a creative agency offering personalized service for customers looking to leverage the best from mobile app development. Offering digital strategy, innovative development and years of experience, DOOR3 is the perfect solution for any size organization.

    • Best for Individuals looking for the personal touch from an experienced company and a customizable solution.

  • Mobomo

    Mobomo is the digital agency that will design and develop a product you can be proud to call your own. Their ambitious coding "geeks" and problem-solvers will deliver on time, on budget and to your exact specification.

    • Best for Organizations and individuals looking for a mobile app developer offering excellent communication, federal experience and expertise in visual design.

  • [x]cube LABS

    [x]cube LABS is a digital agency with a vision to change the world. These "innovation-heavy lifting champions" work with individuals and organizations to turn ideas into reality.

    • Best for Organizations and individuals looking for a holistic approach to mobile app development.

  • AppIt Ventures

    AppIt Ventures offers mobile app development services for any business from local startups to large organizations. With their years of experience and 60 applications deployed, they offer proven solutions and a good return on your investment.

    • Best for Organizations and individuals seeking smart watch apps or looking for a good, robust solution that integrates perfectly with their back-end systems.

  • Clearbridge Mobile

    Clearbridge Mobile offers award-winning mobile app development services that create an engaging mobile experience your users will love. This forward-thinking and user-centric company offers some of the best engineering services for enterprise.

    • Best for Organizations and individuals looking for complete lifecycle management of their mobile app.

  • MentorMate

    MentorMate is a mobile development company with offices in the US and Bulgaria. Offering a strong team of 200+ developers, practice leads and quality assurance analysts, the company offers a broad range of development and project management services.

    • Best for Individuals looking for a company that understands their goals and provides great user experience.

  • WillowTree

    WillowTree first began building apps in 2007. Today, they have built over 300 for clients around the world and deliver high-quality software that gets results.

    • Best for Organizations and individuals looking for good data analysis, back end engineering and rapid development and deployment.

  • Y Media Labs

    Formed in 2009, Y Media Labs offers authentic and innovative ideas that ensure excellent results for their clients. They offer their services across the globe with a personalized approach to match your mobile app goals.

    • Best for Organizations and individuals looking for a mobile app that is both beautiful and functional, or for a company with experience working with a global audience.

  • ArcTouch

    ArcTouch was formed in 2009 and boasts Merck, Champs Sports and Honeywell as clients. Now, with a team of 100 talented designers, engineers and strategists, the company offers a broad selection of development and design services.

    • Best for Individuals seeking a company with blue chip experience who can manage the entire app lifecycle.

  • Appster

    Appster is a full-scale development company with offices in the US and Australia. With expertise in Android, iOS, web and back end technologies, they offer an all-around solution for any company looking for professional app development.

    • Best for Individuals just starting out with mobile app development and want a completely in-house experience.

  • Zco Corporation

    Zco Corporation was formed in 1989 and builds custom software solutions for business. They offer a wide range of services including mobile app development and animation services.

    • Best for Organizations and individuals looking for a mobile development company offering mobile, animation and back end services under one roof.

  • Fueled

    Building successful apps is what drives the team at Fueled. The apps they have built for the clients have helped to create over $500 million in revenue, and they offer a wide range of mobile app development services.

    • Best for Individuals looking for a mobile app development firm with big name experience.

  • Blue Rocket

    Blue Rocket blasted off in 2008 with the mission to create high quality apps and meaningful experiences for its customers. Today, the company has helped big name brands such as WebMD, Chipotle and Zinio.

    • Best for Individuals who need to get an app to market quickly without compromising on quality.

  • Savvy Apps

    Savvy Apps was founded back in 2009 and offers a wide selection of mobile and web app development services. Their customers have ranged from the NFL's Players Association to PBS.

    • Best for Individuals looking for peace of mind about expertise and intellectual property ownership.

  • ScienceSoft

    ScienceSoft was founded in 1989 and offers a range of custom application development and IT consulting services to customers. They have worked with many large companies including Walmart, Baxter, IBM and eBay.

    • Best for Individuals looking for a firm with experience with large companies and fixed deadlines.

  • The Nerdery

    The Nerdery offers a broad selection of experience and capabilities in mobile app development, quality assurance and project management. From app development to systems integration and website design, there is a Nerd to suit your exact requirements.

    • Best for Individuals looking to work with a fun and forward-thinking mobile app development company.

  • Surge LLC

    Surge LLC offers passionate, smart and creative mobile app development and years of experience. They have worked with a wide range of clients in Canada and the US and have over 150 development professionals working in-house.

    • Best for Organizations and individuals looking to release a beautifully designed app.

11 – 27 Most Reviewed Mobile App Development Companies