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Last updated: April 26, 2016

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 26, 2016

I was an 11 year customer of the Minuteman Press on Jefferson St in Temecula CA. A new owner took over the business about a year or so ago. Since that time I placed an order with them on two occasions. I waited two weeks after placing the first order and called as I had not heard from them. The man on the phone said he could not find the order and said he could have it done in a week. I would typically get orders in 2-3 days but I said "Ok" and waited a week for the order. A few months ago I placed another order and again waited two weeks and heard nothing. I called and was told again was told that they knew nothing about my order. I called and spoke to the new owner and told him of my experience. I also stated that since he took over the business the customer service has gone down hill. Evidently he did not take that well as he told me that "There are 17 other printing companies in this town that can help you."

Obviously that was not the answer I expected and I told him I would take my business elsewhere. I then called Minuteman Press corporate office and told the man I needed to talk was out of town until the end of the week. As of yet I have not heard back from them. It appears they want my business as much as the rude owner I spoke with. I would NOT recommend anyone to Minuteman Press. I do not know how they stay in business treating people the way they do.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 30, 2014

This is the first time that I have order from this store. This was the worst experience I have ever had in a store. The size of lettering on the business cards was so small you could hardly read the name and phone number on the card. When asking how come a store would print 1000 cards that were not legible, I was told that this was my fault and that I was an idiot by the owner of this Minuteman Press. She actually got up into my face so I took out my phone to record the situation. Because I needed documentation this person was coming at me. In the video I said that you are in my space and took a step back and she said that this was her space and got about 6 inches from me. I then stopped taping and called the police.

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Original review: Jan. 29, 2003

I purchased a Minuteman Press Franchise in 03/99 for a location in Houma Louisiana. The shop opened 04/99. Minuteman Press International pursued me for almost a year before I agreed on buying a franchise. I left a 19 1/2 yr job in the Retail Drug Store business. I had no prior experience in the printing business. Minuteman Press made exorbitant claims of profit.

In the franchise agreement I was told they would provide full marketing and training support. Jim R. would personally be in my shop for an entire month after opening, assuring a smooth opening and correcting any problems. Surprise! Jim R. never once visited my shop after I signed the franchise agreement. Minuteman sent a Marketing Rep and Tech. to my shop and they stayed one week!!

Training of a press operator consisted of 2 days running one color (black) runs. with no real support, the Marketing rep accompanied me on sales (cold calls) for 3 days. During this time he did not make any sales presentations, all he would do is drop off a flyer, and gave no assistance in marketing as far as businesses to target, all he would say was like a quote from Jim R. while driving around Houma, "that will be an "A" client " pointing at businesses as we drove past.

All of these "A" clients turned out to be no clients, all either were corporations that have all printing done by there corporate office or do it themselves in house on a desktop computer. We later found our equipment was not correct for our market. When we started to complain about the lack of marketing support after about 3 months, they decided to send a marketing team to Houma to help me.

This consisted of the original two associates, Mick the sales/marketing guy and Dale the tech. all they did was go business to business handing out flyers, at that time they picked up business cards laying out, or a brochure or pamphlet or they would ask for a letterhead and envelope from the receptionist, they then brought back over a three day period about 150 items they said we needed to make a quote on and return to the location; what we didn't know they never asked anyone if they wanted us to quote on any printing jobs, so when we began returning to the locations, we were told everything from, they don't do any printing locally, or they never spoke to either Mick or Dale.

I was so upset I called Minuteman Press International, and spoke to Roy Titus himself, only after being stalled for about 2 or 3 days. I then told Minuteman Press to find a buyer for my shop. I wanted to sell. Well after about a month or so, i got a call from Jim R. stating they had a buyer for my shop. I was told to hang in there, again pouring more money into the business, again I was in constant contact with Jim R. a couple times a week everything was on schedule, etc.

Two months go by, no buyer yet, come to find out there was no buyer, I was told that by Mick, he said I was told that so I would be encouragedd to work harder.

Needless to say the financial resources ran out. We closed the shop 01/2000. Newcourt Financial sold the equipment 03/2000 at auction, to a buyer that Minuteman Press International provided, equipment with a value of more than $100,000 was sold I believe for $15,000.

Damage: The loss of a 20 year job, about $75,000 in cash, our home was secured by the business loan, Newcourt refused to allow a mortgage to be take to pay off the loan. My home was sold at auction -- appraised value about $165,000, at auction went for $104,000. We filed for bankruptcy protection 09/2002. I believe the total economic loss is about $250,000. My wife suffers from depression and is on medication. I am certain I had a nervous breakdown without the benefit of medical intervention.

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