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I can't believe that a business would totally re-brand and force all users to create new accounts and then tell them they have to start paying a monthly fee despite having already paid a one off fee under the original brand name and just say 'ok, yeah sure'. It's completely ridiculous, without warning and consumers must have some right to claim their money back for being mis-sold or just lied to!

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BUYER BEWARE - READ THE FINE PRINT. I paid the $75 for the "premium" version of this program, thinking it would unlock all features, as the website seems to indicate. $75 to take their stupid logo off my invoices? That's garbage, and they know it. As soon as I realized you have to pay HUNDREDS of dollars to this scam site to unlock features à la carte, I immediately canceled my account. I then called, emailed, and attempted all avenues to get a refund on my unused account - to no avail. The email response cited the fine print ,and pretty much told me to bugger off. I'm out $75, for... nothing. Shame on you - Invoiceable.

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Shelley ElmbladFinancial Software Contributing Editor

Shelley Elmblad is a freelance writer with years of experience covering small business, personal finance and tax software and mobile apps. Shelley’s goal is to help others choose the best software to run a small business, track personal finances and save money.    More about Shelley→

Invoiceable is simple online billing and invoicing software developed by a team in London that offers all features for free. Each invoice created has a small “Powered by Invoiceable” link at the bottom, which can be for a one-time fee of 49 British Pounds (about $80 U.S.). Invoiceable creates estimates and invoices, can be used with a number of currencies and supports payments via PayPal.

  • No limits: Unlimited invoices that can be customized with a logo with free version.
  • Easy to use: Very clean and simple interface, easy to navigate.
  • Dashboard: View recent activity, outstanding invoice and amount collected for the year.
  • Mobile: No mobile apps, but there is a mobile-friendly site.
  • Payment: PayPal is the only payment option at this time.
  • Best for Self-employed and independent contractors.

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Suite 147, 155 Minories
London EC3N 1AD
United Kingdom