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Usually, I really don't know about integration. Indiegogo doesn't use that on there because they usually use their money to put funds in for fan projects and some stuff. Its ease of use was by the ones who start the campaign, but they really just want the money for spending on some stuff or I do not know. Some of the perks onto the campaigns are pretty much expensive, but they have a lower price on there. People usually save their money for that kind of stuff. The users for some of the campaigns on Indiegogo usually contacts one of the founders of the campaigns about whether a problems occurs.

Initially it is difficult to find customer contact information. Then when you find it, there is no response. If persistent and you try various contact methods, i.e. FB, email, phone calls you might get a response. A response like "sorry, not sorry". A shrug "we can't do anything to help". I have supported 5 upstarts on Indiegogo. Two of them I received my product within a reasonable time frame (3 months). One was cancelled a year later and I was given a refund. Currently I have two that have not come through. One is 3 years old without a project status update in nearly a year. The other one is more than 18 months since I donated. Rarely receive updates and the ones we have received tell us they are shipping. This has been going on for more than 6 months. Indiegogo won't respond to inquiries or just says it is out of their hands.

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Rose SpinelliCrowdfunding Contributing Editor

Rose Spinelli, founder of The CrowdFundamentals, is an internationally recognized crowdfunding specialist, mentor, trainer and writer. In 2014, she was voted one of the 100 Most Influential Thoughtful Leaders in Crowdfunding. Rose is the author of one of the first online crowdfunding courses called “Working the Crowd: Know the Fundamentals,” and she has served on a board of directors for the CrowdFunding Professional Association.    More about Rose→

Indiegogo, which started in 2008, was the first crowdfunding platform to hit the Internet. It has had a global reach from its onset, with people in at least 224 countries and territories now creating campaigns. Potential donors choose from categories that include writing, politics, small business, comic and animals, as well as an extensive list of subcategories.

  • Small businesses: This crowdfunding platform helps businesses get started or expand on existing project ideas. It uses rewards, sometimes tangible but not always, to motivate donors.
  • Specialized campaigns: Indiegogo’s Partner Page allows approved campaigns to raise tax-deductible funds and campaigns for beneficiaries, such as charity, with that charity’s approval. Indiegogo Life allows fundraising for personal causes, such as medical emergencies and paying for a wedding. Indiegogo Generosity is their no-fee platform for worthy causes. Indiegogo On Demand allows successful campaigns to continue to raise funds beyond the life of the original campaign.
  • Fees: Indiegogo takes 5 percent of each donation. Third-party processors such as PayPal and Stripe charge additional fees. Occasionally contributors may be charged additional international processing fees.
  • Fixed and flexible funding: Users choose whether they want their donors to get their money back if a campaign doesn't meet its fundraising goal or to keep it regardless of whether the goal is met or not.
  • Customer support: Indiegogo promises responses within 24 hours of filling out its online contact form.
  • Gogofactor: Indiegogo employs an algorithm that helps campaigns achieve greater visibility. The site offers a series of tips to help campaigners boost their Gogofactor, ensuring those who care about their project have a better chance of finding them.
  • Best for Indiegogo suits individuals with personal funding needs, social impact campaigners funding causes, businesses looking to launch or grow and creative types working on an artistic project.

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