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The Verizon telephone directory gives the webpage, support, as the site for getting customer service. I tried it several times to order a directory, but each time I got an error message that the site does not exist.

Why is the directory not up to date and how do I order a directory?

Situation: I am being sent to collections for the following reasons:

1. I was charged for an account I never had.
2. The bills were sent to a P.O. Box that was not ours and has never been ours.
3. I identified myself as owner of other company on the recording, not even Connick & Amato. I still have no verification that the recording was for the Connick & Amato corporation.

4. Idearc company could not forward me any documentation proving I committed to a service for Connick and Amato.

When I talked to the representative two weeks ago, I asked for the sales person to call me, so we could solve this problem. I did not receive a call from the sales person or the manager. I also advised her that I do not want her to place my address on a bill where there was no verification it was mine. Yet by talking to the representative today, the official records in Idearc’s files were changed to mine. No research was done to see if that address and bill belong to another customer.

I called Idearc Media. I spoke with Tanisha at ext **. She advised that it does not matter if no bills were received. We are still obligated to pay the fee for advertising. How can I pay for anything without verification and bill. Yet, Idearc could send us to collections when it was totally their screw up. When I asked for a manager, she went away for a long time and returned indicating that she would still require me to pay. I am not sure if she even talked to a manager. If the manager of the company would have been concerned about saving accounts, someone would have had the professional curiosity of speaking with me. I am surprised that business customers are not a concern to them.

They just keep ripping people off. I signed up with them and got nothing but bills! They lied (guarantee leads). Reviews are bogus created by them! Told me I signed up for clicks (really not sure what a click is) if there is enough people to start a class action suit against this company, I would sign up!

Entered a 12 months contract with Idearc and at the end of the one year I told the representative/salesman that I did not want to renew or continue my ad. Idearc continued it for 3 to 4 months anyways and billed me for it and then sent me to collections. I called and talked to them and to the salesman and still nothing has changed. I get harassed on the phone and in mail to pay for something I did not originally want and verbally stated that I did not want.

I verbally told them to cancel contract at end of current year in 2009. Company "claims" to have mailed letter stating contract would renew unless I responded to letter and now I'm getting billed, at a higher rate, for services not authorized. I would be interested in participating in a class action lawsuit.

How do I know I can trust these reviews about Idearc Media/Verizon Yellow Pages?

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Dave ** offered us a free trial for some glorious Super Pages online directory that was used by the most popular cellular service Verizon. He said it was used by more callers than AT&T. Then we got a call from another guy who said it will be $80 per month for the listing. I had cancelled the order as we knew it was a scam. Then I guess they changed the name of the company and hooked me in again. Don't know what I signed up for this time. Jose ** called and said we had to pay $158.36 by 02/28/2010 or we would be turned over to a collections agency and cancelled. I replied, "Cancel what? There was never any advertising that we could find on the internet so we do not owe you anything as you delivered nothing!"

My company was called by David offering advertising in October 2009. We went ahead with it but it has been a complete nightmare. My business partner did a verbal agreement over the phone. It was for mailings and a website. Idearc and went on their own and made up information about our company which we received a proof and went right in to make changes but they mailed out 27,000 or 54,000 (they cannot tell us how many went out) flyers without our approval and without our changes.

They could not even tell us what was on the flyers and we had no idea what coupons we were honoring. There are more mailings to go and we have yet to see a proof to approve. also put an ad in and there were tons of words spelled wrong and a lot more misrepresentation. Our website just got completed and is still misrepresenting our company and completely not what we asked for. Now, David is not returning my phone calls and they say we are stuck in a contract with them.

I had advertising with Idearc Yellow Pages for Verizon that started in 2006. I tried to cancel in 2007 and 2008. Finally, in 2009, my bill jumps from $55 to $125 per month for no reason. I called them, but they would hang up and threaten me, etc. My business only made $9,000 last year. I could barely afford the $55 per month advertising. Now, they hike it to $125 without even asking me. They will not cancel my subscription even though I have tried on several occasions.

We were interested in advertising in the Verizon yellow pages. They called the owner of the company and did high-pressure sales by telling him if he did not lock in the price they were giving him, that it would be much higher if we delayed. They recorded only the part where they stipulated the cost of the advertising. He told them they had to call me so I could tell them what we wanted. We never heard from them and never got anything in the mail. The new books came out, and I saw we had an ad. We did not agree to this ad or the website they put up. Now, they are charging us 400 dollars a month, and we will not pay because the ad does not reflect our business nor did we authorize any of it. I have contacted a law firm out of NYC and filled out their Fraud alert form to see if they would take it on a class action suit. It has tarnished our business image, and we hardly get any calls from the ad due to the fact that it does not stand out from the crowd. We have not even made 400 dollars from it.

In August, I received a phone call from a representative from IDEARC named Keith. After his spiel about IDEARC advertising, I told him that I wanted to discuss advertising with IDEARC with my wife and business partner. I called IDEARC a few hours later and had to leave a message for Keith. I told him that I was not interested in advertising with IDEARC at this time. A few weeks later I received a bill in the mail for $450.00 for internet and advertising services.

Firstly, I did not sign up for any service with IDEARC, secondly the name of my company was incorrect, and lastly I do not have a website. My wife called IDEARC to question the bill. She informed them that we never verbally or in writing agreed to any service with IDEARC. She also told them that the bill that we received incorrectly listed our company as Firefighter For Higher.

I called Keith several times to cancel and had to leave messages I called at least 2 times a week and stated that I wanted to cancel my account immediately. I clearly left my name, account number, and return phone number. I have yet to receive a return phone call. I did leave messages with anyone I could by dialing extensions. I did speak with Keith about a month ago. He advised me that he was taking care of the account and that it would be closed. The account is STILL open and I have received 4 bills from IDEARC and now this bill has gone into collections. The total bill is now $1482.91.

I have not received any correspondence in writing, via mail or online that explained to me what IDEARC does and what exactly the bill was for. I do not want, use, or need IDEARC's services and have stated this several times in voicemails to IDEARC employees.

It was almost comical to see the first bill that we received from IDEARC with the name of my company INCORRECT! As an ADVERTISING company, how could you charge someone for an advertising service if the NAME of the company is incorrect? The name of my company is what identifies me.

What is equally as comical is that when I review the actual bill, I see charges for things that I have never received or even have. I do not even have a website but am charged for a "Premium Website Package"--which the spelling of my company is STILL incorrect! I am charged for leads in which I have yet to even receive a single onewhich the spelling of my company is STILL Incorrect! I am charged for "Superpage Bundle" in which yes you got itthe company name is INCORRECT. Mind you this is AFTER we called to notify them of the incorrect spelling as well as our intent to cancel the account.

I am extremely irate that I have left several messages with Keith, your IDEARC representative and SEVERAL other supervisors and managers and have yet to receive ONE phone call. The bills keep coming, I can't get a representative from IDEARC to return my phone calls, emails, or handwritten letters. The bill has gone into collections and it is on my credit report.

I advertised with Idearc Media in 2007.
Sept of 2007 I paid for a full year upfront. January of 2008 I closed my business. I called my sales rep who was not there, left a msg on his machine that I closed my business.
I am now, in Nov 2009 getting phone calls from a collection agency telling me I owe for 2008 and 2009 advertising. I called Idearc and was transferred to 3 different departments.
What does it take to cancel with Idearc? They just ignore your cancellation, print, and bill you. What a scam!!!!!!!! There is no way to cancel with these people> How is it, a company can do things without autorization from you and then bill you for it?????? Incredible. I still don't know who a person needs to speak to to get this stopped.

This should be unlawful.

After several years of extending my yellow page subscription via personal phone call from co rep and recording conversation as confirmation, this year co sends out letter saying that if they do not hear from me, subscription will automatically renew. Of course I missed this letter amongst their bankruptcy letters and while I did not want to extend, I am guessing that there will be some sort of obligation to pay. Based on other complaints I'm reading, this new co version of the old yellow pages won't be lasting long.

Jeff talked to me about advertising in the verzion yellow pages. I told him I would think about it but did not think I would. He forged what he thought was my name on the agreement.When I got a bill I call him but was told he no longer worked there.Antonietta faxed me a copy of the signire and I told her That was not me.Then a woman call from there and we went over all that happend,She asked me if that was the ad I was offered an I said yes. Then I get the bill again so I called her an was told that I agreed to the ad when she went over it with me.I said no I did not agree to the ad I agreed that was the ad Jeff set up,and that I did not sign anything. She said I agreed to the ad and she did not need a signure on anything.

I hurt in a car accident in sept of 2008 and being self employed was not working witch I told to Jeff in Oct of 2008.I did not know how bad I was hurt yet and when I would be able to work. It turns out that I had disc damage in my neck and lost the use of my right arm being right handed I was done working for now.After two operatsions on my neck I am starting to use my arm after a year.I had to close my business for alittle time til my son told it over. Iam now on social security disability.Some times I have to give my son money to help him meet the bills.Can they do this to people an get away with it yep because who can affoed an lawyer to fight them.

First of all, I was not hooked up to the internet within the first two years of my contract which I paid for. Secondly, I had informed my representative at the time that all of the information that was posted was incorrect and this was never corrected. The third year I was promised that everything would be different. I was told I would be hooked up to Google and Yahoo search engines but that never happened.

I wrote e-mails to my rep. that this needed to be done or I was going to cancel. She told me I should cancel. I have a signed contract and e-mails to support that fact that they had no plans to complete what we had agreed to in the contract. I now have a bill of $837.52 which I do not want to pay because they have done nothing for me. My company went two and a half years without advertising because Idearc Media did not do anything.

Have been trying to get this ad canceled with no resolve. I have contacted them via e mail and on the phone with same results saying they will have someone to contact me but no one dose. a great stall tactic. they have consistently got my ad wrong . and last year they did not contact to up date when I contacted them . The supervisor told me to bad was to late suck it up they are not required to contact me about up dating my ad. it was my responsibility not theirs so I paid the year I want this ad shut down . I dont want it renewed. am done paying for inferior service

I was contacted through phone by Jason ** out of Bellevue, Washington representing, Idearc Media. He told me that he could guarantee me 15-17 "leads" per month at a cost of about $220-300/month. I said that I couldn't afford any kind of false advertising and he said that he guaranteed the "leads". I agreed by phone. My first bill was $79 which I paid. My next bill was for $235 and said that I had gotten 45 "leads". I called customer service right away and discovered that a "lead" was a "hit" in cyberspace. If Mr. ** had said that I would be paying for "hits", I would never had agreed to anything.

Now I am behind $435 and still getting bills for other services attached to this contract. The actual monthly cost is $400/month which I discovered, when I finally made them send me a copy of the contract which is unsigned. I have written their legal department and explained that I would not pay for "hits" in cyberspace. They signed for the receipt of my letter on August 9,2009 and have not responded. I am sending their invoices back with a copy of the letter and no payments. Now I am afraid that all of these will have an impact on my good credit rating. I have now written to the AG office in Oregon and Texas, as well as the BBB in Texas. I only wanted them to cancel the contract that I never signed. Thanks.

In mid-2008 (within a month of July), I was contacted by a high pressure salesman who offered to setup a webpage for my business. I confirmed via a recorded spoken contract that I authorized him to setup an account, and he stated that he would mail me information and that this was "no obligation". It seemed fair enough and I figured I'd ignore the mailing if I didn't want it. Well, I never even received any mail and figured that it had been a scam to steal my identity. This is why I refused to pay over the phone.

Months later, I start getting calls stating I owe an increasing amount of money to this company. They don't seem to have my last name 100% correct, nor my address (the apartment number was missing), so I figured, screw them, they can't find me and are too incompetent to risk providing correct info to settle the problem. Googling my business name shows the incorrect address, correct phone, number, and incorrect data (they make all sorts of promises to my potential customers that I would not promise anyone). No one has ever called me referencing this ad.

My mistake, apparently, was that I didn't provide the correct address and, therefore, I did not receive their contact, which somehow implied my consent to start billing me. Now, a debt collection agency is calling dozens of times a day and I am afraid to answer. Will admitting my name (as they know it) make me liable for the debt? I am definitely never giving them an address that can be traced to my actual identity because I don't want my credit score impacted, but need to be sure they won't obtain my identity some other way. At the moment, my only excuse is that it wasn't me on the phone, but I know that won't fly if they do track me down. I don't recall the exact verbal contract I accepted, nor whether I told them my correct address or not. If I didn't, I would think they'd use that to their advantage.

Months ago, they called and asked me questions about advertising with them, which I answered yes to, with the stipulation of getting a contract that I would sign and give them payment information. When the contract came, I put a big cross through it and wrote on it that I was no longer interested. Somehow they say they lost this contract and I am liable to pay them.

Since then, I have sent back every statement received by me saying I was not interested, did not want to advertise with them, and for them to send me a copy - if they had one - of any contract they say I signed but did not sign! They refuse to listen and keep harassing me with phone calls to my place of business and statements by mail that I keep sending back and keep telling the people on the phone that I did not agree to this.

Finally, I typed in "complaint Idearc" into the web and came up with many, many sites with complaints from consumers about Idearc Media LLC! Is there a class action lawsuit against them? I want to complain about Iderc Media LLC and their fraudulent way of doing business! It feels like extortion. Thank you.

I strongly agree with these business owners because I just resigned from Idearc this month and I know first hand what they do to customers. They use negative keywords that don't apply to the customer. I had a customer who was a mobile day spa and the gave them keywords like babysitter ****, bald etc.

I had a plethora of customer who they did this to. I even helped my coworkers understand why their customers weren't getting the traffic and conversions they were told they'd have.

They treat their employees the same way. I went out on disability and they haven't paid me all my money even after coming back to work. They are horrible and it would do the industry good if a more reputable company would buy them because the management is the worst I have seen in my entire working experience.

They should be brought up on charges by their customers because they take their money and lie about what is happening. All customers who had or have there PPC product should ask to see their traffic report of every keyword they have ever used and if they don't start a class action suit against them to make them disclose that information. I'll support this however I can.

New Life signed a contract in May 2009 for 1 year. It was signed by the owner of company. EP ** contacted New Life to inquire if we wanted to renew a contract. I was not contacted. She spoke to LaSondria **. I only heard the receiving part of the conversation. I advised LaSondria to cancel the renewal, which is what she did. We were doing countdown until contract ends. She called Ms. ** to confirm and was advised that it was cancelled.

We received a bill and I called several persons with the company to ask about the bill. They stated that Lasondria renewed the contract via phone. This is not a true statement. I heard her advise the rep to make sure it is cancelled. She pulled up the records and said it is cancelled. Also, I am the person who can authorize anything where a contract is concerned. If they had looked at the records, they can see who signed the first contract. I did not tell them that anyone else can be added to the account. I hope that they don't put anything on New Life credit, because it is not written that anyone else can authorize contracts.

Idearc wants New Life to honor a false agreement that I did not authorize.This is very expensive advertising and I managed to get through the year. I don't know how they managed to get a recording like that because I witnessed her telling them to cancel. But more than that, she is not the person who can authorize.

On July 10, 2008 I was contacted by phone to advertise my business online with I was told paperwork would come by mail for me to review and if necessary I could cancel. On July 23, 2008 I received the paperwork. On August 8 I called to cancel, but was told it has to be done in writing within 14 days from the date of application. The date of application was July 10 and I received the approval paperwork on July 23.

I cancelled in writing by fax as requested on August 8, 2008 within 14 days of receipt of the paperwork. On August 20, 2008 I received a phone message from an employee named Norman at 800-555-4833 ext **. He stated he was in receipt of my cancellation and needed my account number to close the account. I returned his call and provided the number. I assumed the account had been closed. On October 9, 2008 I received a letter from ER Solutions, a collections company stating my account was past due $527.58. I called and told them what happened they said they would mark the file under dispute.

Then on November 14 I received another letter from the same agency saying I now owed $707.42 and it was still under dispute. On January 31, 2009 I received a letter from a different collections company Pinnacle Financial Group stating the amount is $1261.46. I cancelled in writing. I received acknowledgment by phone that the account would be closed.

My credit score is excellent. I pay all of my bills on time. But this company is trying to make me pay for something I cancelled 4 months ago. I can't get anyone to resolve the matter at SuperPages/IdeaArc. I do not have the money to pay for an attorney. What can I do?

Idearc sent our business a letter, showing in big word with "This is not a bill", and asked if our business information were still correct. At the very-end, asking me to sign, date, and send back to them so they can update their yellow page. However, on another page, they use very tiny word and say by signing the form our business agree to be advertised by them and pay them the fee, which I was totally not aware of because these terms were hidden by using tiny font size. When we received the bill, We tried to contact them but they did not provide correct phone number for the correct department, and using more than half hours to transfer from department to department and still provide no answer but asking us to pay. They also call us a few time asking us to pay, but when we told them the situation they just said another department is dealing with this, and nothing they can do. The funny thing is that if we call their department that deal with the paying, they answer it right the way without much wait, and transfer to another department, it took forever to a point I can't keep waiting because it took up our business line.

My son placed an ad in the Verizon Yellow Pages for Dec, '07 by telephone. He never signed a contract. When we were contacted in July, '08 about continuing and/or changing it, we told the IDEARC rep that he had not one inquiry as a result of the advertisement, so he did not wish to continue. He paid for the balance of the year on July 30. IDEARC automatically re-printed the ad in the Dec, '08 phone book. He is now being billed. He received no prior notification regarding this matter. IDEARC denies any knowledge of the phone call during which I spoke with the rep.

This is unconscionable conduct. Personnel are dismissive and respond with that is our policy. This is an unfair business practice and contrary to public policy. It is not the standard business practice in the industry, and IDEARC knows this and is intentionally defrauding the public. Stop them, please!

My son is a full-time student and part-time tutor. He is being billed $65/mo for another year. He's already paid a full year without any benefit. He has already received 2 new clients from a different phone book in 1 month.

I've singed for service with Idearc pay per click advertising on May 05, 2008.I was told by anderson that I would receive tremendous amount of customer and will be reinbust for the service within the first mothn.I called within a week. I receive unethical, rude , and unprofessional phone answer. I was very disapointed with the service. I've called and e-mail the company over 20 times to find what my log in and password was , and was never provided either one.

I wanted to check if the company was actually scamming me because they never give me any info how to log in and see my trafic, also I had the suspicious that their coworked were clicking on my ads so I could get billed. I did not had a single sell, so I decided to cancel on :Monday, June 2, 2008 1:08 PM. I called and e-mail the company and the team specialiest many times to confirm my decision and at first they said that they will pause my service but the service was not pause until september 2008, and also the pay per click was not stopped on the day I e-mail them Monday, June 2, 2008 1:08 PM . Please help me .

$94.00. I refuse paing a dime. This company should be shut done for it's illagel action. Why is the governemt sleeping?

This company proceeded to place a very costly add in the Verizon Yellow pages without any authorization, neither written or spoken from me, the business owner. This in spite of the fact that I tried to communicate my objection to the sales manager assigned to my account. On November 3, 2008 my practice administrator, spoke with Charlie, one of IDEARCs customer service representatives, who indicated that typically a certified, return receipt letter is sent out which states that the advertisement will be placed unless otherwise requested by the business owner.

At this time he was unable to find a signed receipt and he opened up a claim with number. I never saw this letter. Charlie also confirmed that had never opened up a claim on my behalf at the time that I complained to him about having placed this ad without my expressed permission. At this point IDEARC has placed this account in collection with Allied Interstate.

On November 5, 2008 I received a call from another of their customer service representatives who proceeded to say that because their contract states that they will continue with the advertisement unless they receive a written notice to the contrary they have a right to do this. Needless to say this is an abusive business practice that should not be allowed.

At some point IDEARC had placed this account in collection with Allied Interstate. I have not received any further communications from this collection company. However, IDEARC continues to submit invoices to my business which now amount to $1300.00

It has recently come to our attention that although our contract with IDEARC Media Corp. ended in 2007, we are still being billed for services we did not receive.

We signed up for Verizon yellow page advertising for the year of 10-07 through 10-08. They went out of business and so they have decided to extend the current publication another 6 months which according to a section in the 4-page small print terms they can do but is due to them going out of business.

We have been Advertising in the Yellow Pages for several years. Every year up to 2005/2006, we have gotten a phone call from Verizon to verify/make changes to our order. Since then, the Ad has appeared in the yellow pages, which we have paid reluctantly. I believe we spoke to them last year, told them this was the last year and that I did not want and did not sign up for the automatic renewal. And this year I called them on 6/17/08 at 1:35PM and told them we did not want to pay for the advertising. The person I spoke to said they would take care of it, because no one authorized the order, it was an automatic renewal. This account has now gone into collections. I called today, spoke to Rosemary and was told it was too late and would have to pay the invoice (I guess the cutoff this year is in April). When I told her I did not authorize the order, she just laughed and said, "We automatically renewed last year." The bottom line is they should be calling each year, like they have in the past to verify renewal and to see if there are any changes that need to be made (Example: My address changed).

Idearc took over the advertising for Verizon last year. We did not sign a new agreement with Idearc. The ad was the same. Last fall we were contacted by their sales rep twice, and each time we made it clear we did not want to advertise in the Yellow Pages in the new directory. The last payment billing I paid, I wrote 'final' on the check and voucher. I wrote a letter in May 21, 2008 to Idearc because we continued to receive billings on a new contract. At that time the new phone book was not in our possession.

They told me I did not notify them in time and the new contract stands as is. I asked Idearc for a copy of their policy on cancellations and to date have not received a copy. I did not sign any papers authorizing the new ad. In the past Verizon would always send out a new contact for authorization and would never publish an ad without that authorization. Idearc apparently has no policy in force and does what it wants to just to keep the ad in the book.

IDEARC MEDIA is billing me for unauthorized advertising. I had one year, 2007, of which I paid. The next year they renewed my advertising and started billing for 2008 even though I had cancelled the contract in NOV.2007 to no longer use their services. They ignored my cancellation and continued to bill me. They claim to have no record of my cancellation. I immediately brought it to their attention that it was in error and I had cancelled.

They will not let me speak to a supervisor and I have had to attempt to work with non effective customer service personelle. I have sent two letters, as they instructed, and they still will not cease billing me. This is a blatant attempt to get money they have no legal claim to. This company has proved to be fraudulent and deceitful in their unethical business practices. They now claim to forward $321.60 to the credit bureaus to negatively affect my credit. This company needs immediate attention to investigate the improper tactics they use. Thank you.

They are threatening to ruin my credit.

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