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This worked flawlessly with our email provider and we also used their CRM which helped increased customer loyalty and proficiency without adding another team member. Variety really does not matter with this product. We used it for inbound sales and it helped increase our marketing efficiency which is all we were looking for. It was free for us (not sure if it is for everyone) because of the vendor relationship we had. It was easy to implement and much of it was automated. We never had to experience customer support so I have no opinion. Based upon what I've heard they are great to deal with and their reviews reflect that.

The software integration was very good. I enjoyed using the system on a daily basis in my routine. Would recommend to others as frequently as possible. The variety is very good. I enjoyed the selection they had to offer and would highly recommend that others use the selection as a role model for their own company. The value is very good. It has better value than some other ones I have used. Would recommend to a friend and all my relatives. I would use it as frequently as possible and would enjoy, however, if there were actually more of a variety. The customer support is absolutely amazing. I would recommend this to everyone I know and would thoroughly use this again and again and again. I would like to say that this customer support is better than others.

It works really well with other applications and fast. The design and graphics are amazing. Great price for amazing brand. Great customer support. Always there.

The software integration allows me to read my emails from several sites with no problem. It makes my life a whole lot easier since I have several emails to check everyday. The features are very user friendly. You are able to do so much which is the main reason why I downloaded the app. It keeps me organized. The service is worth it because you are able to do quite a lot with the app. I am able to stay on top of all of my emails without letting any one slip through the cracks. I have never used customer support. But as far as I see if I needed to indeed contact them they seem like they are very helpful.

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Considered the pioneer in inbound marketing, Hubspot was founded in 2006 by two MIT graduates. Hubspot Sales is an all-in-one marketing and sales solution for businesses that can be accessed by businesses for free.

  • Price: Get the basic features of Hubspot Sales for as little as $0 a month, which is ideal for startups, individual sales representatives and small businesses.
  • Real time analytics: Hubspot Sales tracks your email and links, giving you analytics in real time so you can stay updated on engagement by keeping track of who is opening your emails and clicking on your links.
  • Customizable emails: Hubspot Sales keeps track of personal information of all of your prospects through personalization tokens, which you can use to customize the emails you send them.
  • Gather leads automatically: Hubspot Sales automatically captures email addresses and create a record from new leads who send messages to their lead owner on your website.
  • Book meetings: The “meetings” feature sends your availability to your prospects so they can quickly and easily set up a meeting time that works for both of you.
  • Best for Hubspot Sales is best for startups, small businesses, sales teams and individual sales representatives.

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