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I received a call from Higher Impact and decided to go with their home-business website. I received the packet in the mail and have tried to get a hold of someone since the packet arrived to no avail. I have been calling every two weeks and the only place I got was to hear a message that the box was full and to try again later. After trying for 6 months, I finally was told by a friend to close my account so the company could no longer take money from my account. I have filed a complaint with the BBB in hopes of getting all my money back. I am still going to call every now and then to see if I can resolve this matter and receive a refund!

I was called on the phone to sign up for a business at home. Being on disability and getting $670 a month to live on, it sounded like something I could do. So I gave them my refundable $130 and received a packet of junk. It really had very little information and I checked into advertising their businesses, which was supposed to make me money. Well, to advertise would cost me more money so I sent the packet back via FedEx, which cost me more money and have not received a refund. They are charging my account $4.50 a month for what I don't know. I have put in complaints with my bank, consumer reporting agency, the FCC and the attorney general. It may not seem like a lot of money to them, but it is to me.

I have been cheated out of $5000.00 by Higher Impact workers (managers) of my hard earned money. I’m a retired man living on my retirement income. It is sinful of Higher Impact officers to sell me a website for $5,000.00 which does not work. I have not earned a single dollar and I am not ashamed to say that it is totally fraudulent business based on false promises.

President of this business should be ashamed to cheat the struggling old people like me. They responded to phone calls when they wanted my money but do not communicate after that. They have accounts in major banks in the Country. Do they have costumer relations officer or some top CEO who can communicate to small people like me? They must have High Ranking CEOs to have the corporation registered in MESA, state of Arizona.

I have been working with John ** for several months, and he has been helping me to advertise my website. I had computer trouble and could not work. I ordered my business cards that he told me to. And when I got them to call him, he would tell me how to get my business cards out. I have been calling him and the customer service and have been leaving messages for someone to call me but to no avail.

My computer is working now. I have not made any money with them at all. I want to get my money back and for them to stop billing me for my hosting. I told them when I went to work for them that I did not know anything about advertising, and they said that they would help me.

I paid Higher Impact $215.00 for the use of five business opportunities and a web site, was told that I would make between $200 & $800 per month, without my having to do any advertising, however that amount would be higher if I did some advertising, IE fliers, posters in supermarkets etc.. Thus far 4 months later I still have not seen a penny. I'm suppose to get a % of what ever people spend when using my website. I have confirmed proof that friends have bought through my website, but have never seen a penny.in return. When I call Mr. John George tells me He'll have to look in to it with the auditors, still no results. All I get is "I'll get back to you" "I'll send you an email with the results. No answer yet, been 2 months. I want my original $215.00 Back!

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Albert called many times saying I could work from home and many dollars for $130.Then it was if you would send them $5000. they promised I would make this all back in a month and I would get a check in the mail every Fri. So far, I have not heard from them or gotten a check since 7-13-11. Now I can't even call them to answer the phone. The man called John ** said to keep him informed as to how the business was going but I have never seen any money. They always called themselves Christians and Christians don't lie.

But these kind take your money and it is never returned in checks nor is business done. They really are not Christians. I asked to have my money returned after 3months, which I thought was a good time for them to show some business transactions but nothing show up. Now they have probably left the country as most people do when they get money. They also gave me a web site and address that never worked. It would never work here or anywhere I guess. I never heard from it or could get on it myself. This company is an awful scam and I wanted to help myself as I am retired and could not afford to do this but I figured if they were Christians it would work. That was wrong! I can't afford a lawyer but would like my money back and put on my savings so I can live the rest of my life. Thank you.

They call and call, but never speak a a word. They would call 7-10 times a day. It is nerve racking!

The initial sales pitch to me was about them being a government accredited/approved (or whatever) company, and that they'd hook me up with a professional sales website that I would basically monitor and/or modify to suit what items/services of theirs I'd want to sell and all that "good **". The products/services the guy mentioned were general crap like Walmart-type-stuff (but I don't recall him saying "Walmart" directly), real estate or something along that line, some other things I can't remember and cell phones. He said they have their own cell phone company and that they compete with all the big dogs on a daily basis (such as AT&T, Verizon, etc. He did name names on that pitch), but he never mentioned what their supposed cell phone company was called. It sounded like ** to me from the start, but I figured since I wasn't doing anything important at the moment, I'd go ahead and hear him out.

Getting a professional website built by someone else could cost me between $1500 and $3000, he says and that they'd build me their big all website deal for an amazingly low price of merely $100. But seeing as how it's Holiday season, they're offering an even better deal for just $69. Huh, cool! I can get something worth between $1500-$3000 for only $69! That's amazing! All I'll have to do to make money off of this thing is simply monitor the website after it's up and running, do a bit of promotion here and there (through blogs or what, I'm not sure) and then just kick back and watch my bank vault overflow! That is an incredible deal! Anyway, excuse the sarcasm, I'm pretty bored at the moment (why did I listened to the pitch to start with?).

After all of that, he had more ** for me to listen to about the whole thing on an automated voice recording with some guy on it sounding like those late night TV commercials that tell you you'll make a billion dollars selling ** to Amish people. While listening to that recording, I got on the internet and looked up "Higher Impact Complaints" and found this jewel of a thread, and read the posts here as I let the recording's words go in one ear and out the other. I didn't get screwed by this place like some of you have, thanks to intuition and also your posts. Who knows? I'm not exactly "comfortable" financially at the moment either, far from it, and I might have decided to take the leap with the initial $69-$100 and dove headfirst into the empty swimming pool with the rest of you.

I can't believe some of you dumped another $3000 or whatever into it though, especially after seeing no results and all the bad (or non-existent) customer service they gave. That's the American Way nowadays though. Hunt down the guy who needs to catch a break somewhere and get something figured out, then break it off in his ** as hard and as deep as they can. Good luck, we're all going to need it.

I do not know who these people are but they are calling 10 times everyday. I have requested that they stop calling and they argued with me then they'll call back an hour later.

I gave them $399 to set up a website to sell from but I couldn't get access to it. Then they asked for more money, $5000. I checked out the company and decided not to go with them. I asked how to get my money back ($399.). They gave me a phone number to call for customer service and told me to send everything back and I would receive a refund in 5-6 business days.

I sent everything back and received confirmation that they received it two days later. The number they gave me for customer service was 866-955-6485. After several calls and left messages, weeks went by. I finally got someone on the phone who said it was a wrong number. He said this happens frequently. He gave me the correct number. It was one number off.

The correct number is 1-866-955-6465. They did this on purpose. My 30 days is up, however I am contacting an attorney. They continue to take money from my account for a website that does not exist. ($4.50 a month). This is definitely a scam and I can't believe I fell for it. Thank God I didn't send them $5000. Please read this before you get involved with Higher Impact. The guy I dealt with was Bob **, if that was his real name. :(His number is **)

I got a phone call about online business opportunity. I was told that they will set up a website with different company to promote their products and the more companies I have, the more money I will make monthly. I paid $280.00 for the website with five companies and $600.00 for marketing. I was told that my monthly income will be about $400 to $500.00 but if I want to earn over thousands every month, I need to pay more money for advertisement.

After one week, the website they promised was not up working, and every time I call, they said someone named John ** will call back. I got no call. After several contacts, I talked with John and demanded for my money but he convinced me to wait and the website will be up and running and I can start making money. I later demanded for my money back and I was told I cannot get the money for the marketing back because it was nonrefundable and I should wait few more days for the website. They scammed me of $880.00 that was meant for me and my family for food and bills for that month.

I got suckered by these people. At my age, I should know that anything that sounds too good to be true, really is. I let them sucker me for $200 to set up an internet site to do business and the site was never set up. I requested a refund well in advance of the guaranteed refund period and they called and requested that I return the information they sent me. I did so but I still have not received my refund.

As of today, it showed that they are still charging me money every month for their supposed web hosting services for a site that doesn't exist. I have complained to my bank and I have cancelled the card which they charged my fees to.

I hope that someone reads this and is wise enough not to make the same mistake I did.

Albert ** called my home and lied about me requesting information. Then he asked me if I was able to put $100 on my credit card to start a new business but did not tell me what this business was. Then he rudely hung up on me saying, "Don't waste time on my phone" after I asked him who the founders of his company were. Well, I have all that information:

Higher Impact, Inc.
550 W BASELINE RD #102-168

MESA,AZ 85210

Agent Name: JENNIFER

They called again, for the umpteenth time, trying to sell me a website. When I backed this dude into a corner about the legitimacy of their operation, he did his best to convince me that they were indeed a bona fide legitimate business. I told him I could care less, what I wanted to know was to check with some customers, to find out if they were happy with their decision to do business with them and if they were making any money with their website. When this dude told me the only way I was going to find out was for me to actually do business with them. I told him no way in hell without verifiable testimonials FIRST. He said that that wasn't going to happen. I told him that there was NO way I was going to stick my neck into a guillotine without some substantial evidence that their system works FIRST. End of conversation.

I've since looked them up on the Internet. These scammers are not ideal. No way to post anything on their website. I also noticed that their Facebook page is conveniently set up so that only their company and ** employees know how to post favorable items. No way for the general public to tell it like it is in plain view. Might soil their immaculate image. Lord help us!

I was told that if I sent them $500.00, my return would be $500 to $800 a month until I could send in more. I have not seen a dime. They told me that they would put up a website that I didn't have to do anything but call John and he will make them do more to get my money. I have notified the BBB. I want my money back and shut these people down. I am on disability so not only am I unable to make money outside my home, this $500 is almost half a month's income which I cannot afford to lose.

They would call numerous times during the day and will not leave any message. They will hang up when I do answer and will not answer when I call back. They refused to remove my number even after I requested for it. Apparently, they just have way too much time on their hands to cause problems. I am praying for these lost souls. They will ask for money for a website starting with $200.00 and will go into thousands according to pages of complaints against this company.

I received a call from a woman who stated her name as Kimberly ** and her direct line **, calling from a company named Higher Impact. She asked me to go to the website: **. She also wanted me to call her back and get to start a business for $99.00.

I keep getting annoying phone calls. I asked them to take me off the do not call list and they continue to call me.

I keep getting annoying phone calls. I asked them to take me off the do not call list and they continue to call me.

Signed on with Higher Impact four months ago and never had any traffic to web site as they had promised. Called and emailed Veronica explaining I was under a hardship and needed this money to support family as there was no traffic on my web site thus no money. We went back and forth and she agreed to pay me $4000 - two payments of $2000 I gave them my credit card and three weeks later they still have not credited my account. I have called, the VP of my bank has called as well as an attorney and she refuses to return calls. Her staff consist of Brad, Steve and very rude and not very intelligent boy named Ted they all are in the scam with her and will make up any story they can so you will go away. They would not track the funds just their standard well it looks like we did credit your account. Dub but we can't track it.

Person called, asked for someone who was not here, so I asked who they were and why they were calling. When I asked, "Who the ** is Higher Impact", the guy got all huffy, asked why I had such an "attitude." I told him, he had interrupted my work, and he said, "Obviously with that attitude there's no reason to continue this call" Aha, a way to get rid of unwanted calls!

I sent an email yesterday concerning Higher Impact calling my cell phone with annoying calls. They said they would stop calling, but I received another call today out of Phoenix. Please put a stop to these jerks.

Reverse phone # look up comes up as Phoenix. I have been receiving multiple calls daily. Upon trying to return calls, most times line is busy. Did get through once and asked who they were. The person told me Higher Impact. I asked why they were calling me. They asked who I was and what was my phone number?

I told them they called me and should have the number and do not call again. They asked again for info and once again, I told the man they have and do not call. The person said he would get the number from his phone log and not call again. He than hung up on me without letting me speak again. We'll see. Each time this call comes through, it freezes my Blackberry. It is also very difficult to delete the call therefore blocking other calls coming through.

These people call my cell phone constantly. I keep telling them, they have the wrong number but they won't stop. I am tired of the harassment. I don't even know who they are! I sure wish the Attorney General's Office would get rid of these types of fraudulent businesses. They are violated my privacy. I don't give my cell phone number to anyone! They are looking for someone else. Maybe they need to pay for the cost of my phone since they seem to be using all of my time.

I too have been scammed by this Higher Impact, although they seemed to have moved. I did call the old number. I got a recording claiming to be H.I. advertising dept. Of course, I have gotten no response.

At any rate, I was contacted by this company on March 15th 2010 with the same tactics others have spoken of except they got me for $200 to set me up in my own business selling goods from such stores as Wal-Mart and the likes. They also said I would be selling some sort of health insurance plan, CD's and audio books. Wow, sounds great, right. That's just the beginning.

The very next day after I gave them the $200, I get another call that they would need another $5,000 to make all this happen. Well it seems I did not have that much money left on a credit card. They then asked me how many credit cards I had and like a fool, I told them six and would you believe they scraped $5,000 from the six cards altogether. What a fool I was.

At any rate after many phone calls, they put up some generic website they must use for all us suckers. It also had a generic domain name. Check it out. ** Everything is generic except what comes after the /.Well, anyway, I went to the website tonight and what do you know, I couldn't get into the back office.

It seems the topping on the cake was that two of the four product sites were gone. All of this after I had called them earlier and asked them if there wasn't something I could or should do to make this endeavor work. I was told "no" that they would take care of everything.

Well that's my story and I stand by it. I still have all the paper work also. If anyone from "Higher Impact" would have the nerve to challenge all this bring it on.

Higher Impact contacted me about a home internet business. They offered to create a website that would have a web mall and market it for me. They make you pay for the website and then hit you up for marketing. $3,500.00 later, they won't answer calls. Promised coaching is not available because they won't answer phone or email. They didn't make a single cent for me after promising $2,000 or more a month in income. Higher Impact is a scam and thieves operating out of Arizona legally. Do not talk to them. They will only take your money and leave you a victim.

I do not know why they picked us for this scam. I received a call saying that I had requested information on a home based business which I did not. I am over 80 and have no desire to start something now. I have been getting repeated phone calls every day without answering them. They are using about 6 different numbers thinking they can catch us in answering the phone. We have looked them up on the web and the complaints against them are so numerous we cannot understand why something has not been done to make them cease and desist. Where is the Government on this great no call list that is not working?

What a huge scam. Please be wary of these people. They call me at least 10 times a day with there BS. Even though I tell them to take me off the list, someone new calls me every 5 seconds. So, finally I confronted one of the callers and said, "wow you guys are nothing but a scam," and he freaked out, swears, and said, "You have no life! But don't worry I'll put you back on the calling list so you can get multiple phone calls a day," and I hung up. It's funny when you call someone out, and they get mad about it because they know it's true. Please do not send your money to these people! Scam alert! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I bought a website from Higher Impact for several options on a website for mortgage, retail (including Wal-mart), books, video, training. I was then sold on advertising a few weeks later. When signing up, they indicated they would be helping me get started and someone would be contacting me. No one contacted me so I contacted them and got pressured to buy expensive advertising so I did.

I tried to get my money back within the 30 days and they would not allow it during credit card dispute processing. They indicated they had bought advertising for me and my money was gone. The contract states no refund unless advertising is not delivered within 1 year. They hung up on the phone several times when called, would not answer sometimes either. Several were also very rude. I submitted information to BBB as well as to the attorney general's office as I now know this organization is a scam - big scammers.

It is now a year later and I bought 67,000 hits that are not represented on my site as being filled. When called, they said that I added another website of my own and that there was 10,000 hits to that site. There is no way that is the case. First they won't return my call to prove to me that this was the case, and second they (Higher Impact) did not even get the website included correctly, so the user had to have information the web searcher would not know in order to get to my site. These people need to be put out of business and return monies to those they are taking from.

Upon getting this phone number last October, I have received at least 1 call per week, some times two or three, asking for Brian. I have told them repeatedly that there is no Brian here, and to remove me from their phone list, to no apparent avail.

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