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Hibu provides integrated, custom digital marketing solutions for small to medium-sized businesses across the United States. Hibu creates interconnected digital marketing solutions that maximize your visibility on search engines, like Google, in voice search and on social media, like Facebook, to generate more clicks, call and leads. Hibu offers a complete line of digital products, so you can get everything you need to advertise your business online from a single partner.

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  • Custom marketing solutions
  • Synchronized for better results
  • Everything from a single provider


  • Must request quote for pricing
  • Multi-step process (not DIY)

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Hibu’s digital marketing solutions work as a single interconnected campaign to generate more clicks, call and leads. Hibu makes it easy for business owners to get everything they need to advertise their business online.

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Original review: Nov. 9, 2008

My sales representative from Yellow Book USA lied to me about Yellow page advertising. I have had a small ad with Yellow Book for a few years with no problems. I called my salesman in 12/07 when I received a postcard in the mail about Yellow Book's new internet advertising. My salesman recommended I advertise in my adjacent county's directory, which he said that business was great in, for under $200 a month for 12 months and my home county's directory, which included 1st page listing in YellowBook.com. He emphatically said the two bills would never overlap. Even though I asked repeatedly how the 2 bills would not overlap, he said,"Trust me, they won't overlap."

I paid the first billing for the adjacent county's directory in 3/08. It just kept bugging me how the 2 billings would not overlap. After many unanswered attempts to reach my salesman, I called his supervisor about the matter. He told me that of course the 2 billings would not overlap. This supervisor could have cared less that I was lied to and told me that he has had trouble with this salesman before. His only solution to the matter was to try and sell me additional advertising. I was able to cancel my home county's directory advertising. I even talked to Lisa ** who talked to **, Asst. V. Pres. of advertising and public relations. They said that there was nothing they could do; I owed the money for the entire year.

I stopped paying the bills because I was lied to and Yellow Book breached their contract. If I had known the 2 bills would overlap, I would never have advertised in my adjacent county; I would have stuck to my home county's directory. By the way, I have had only 3 calls in 10 months from the adjacent county's directory. Now I am being hounded by collection attorneys. I just received a letter from a local attorney giving me 10 days or else.

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Original review: Oct. 30, 2008

In 2004, I purchased the dollar bill size ad for $3848.00 pay by check. I was promised lots of exposure, should get 4-5 calls a week plus I get an internet webpage free. Okay I am ready after the year was up, the salesman called me in May and stated that I had to hurry to get the new ad in print or it would be too late for 2005. I explained that I was not happy with this service and that the ad had not produced if lucky 1 call every two months and what happened to the internet. I told the salesman that I needed time and was thinking of going to a smaller ad maybe, plus my business was to change location and I wanted to wait and see the proofs. I signed the proofs all the way through July of 2005 but then decided that I would not be able to go ahead with their advertising program and verbally cancelled.

Wow, then I found out that they had run the ad anyway not only in one county but three. I never signed a contract so I figured it was their mistake and after they sent a bill I explained the situation to the new sales rep who only called to sell me more of what I didn't want, that their office or sales rep made a mistake and to stop billing me. It did I thought it was now over. This was in PA.

I now reside in Illinois since May of 2007. Just now in Oct 3rd 2008, I received a summons for court from Chicago Yellow Book wanting a grand total of $8500.00. What? I never signed a contract or met with a salesman but there it was my name signed on a contract dated May 23rd, 2005. They even spelled my name wrong and the signature is no way mine. Now I have to go to court on Nov. 13th and spent $3000.00 for a lawyer for a fake contract. I plan to counter sue for an undisclosed amount. Also it seems that they had run the ad in 2006 and 2007 without even contacting me or even calling to see if the number was still good. I think I have a great lawsuit against this scamming organization they call YellowBook. Please help sent me story.

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Original review: Oct. 17, 2008

Woman posing as Yellow Book (her phone number was **) employee said that she was only updating my information and that I was not buying anything or signing up for anything. She then put on a recording and talked over it so I couldn't hear it and said it was just to verify that I was who I said and that my information would be updated and I wouldn't be called again. Then, I find out I'm signed up for Flashwebinc.com which I don't want or didn't ask for. These people should be fined and put out of business!!! I also reported her on the Do Not Call Registry because the number she called me at is registered there.

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Original review: Oct. 16, 2008

Three year ago I received a post card that I thought was a Yellow Book renewal notice. I signed it and mailed it in. Shortly after I received a bill. I called the Yellow Pages that I advertise with and told him that I paid my account in full each year, so why am I being billed. I faxed it to him and he said it was not from his company and that the walking fingers are not a registered trade mark. He told me not to pay it and that he would report the incident to his company. Every month the bill came in the mail with a photocopy of the card that I signed. Every year the amount owed increases and is now $800. I received a call yesterday on my answering service (call wave) for Hwang Law Firm, King Of Prussia, PA. The call states that this is problem is urgent and I need to call within 24 hours. The account number is ** and to call Theresa at 1-800-242-5774 extension **.

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Original review: Oct. 15, 2008

Salesperson led me to believe the charges were a one time fee, not every month. When I tried to read over the contract, she said we were up against a deadline and had to move right away to get to print. She did not allow me enough time to read the contact. The charges are monthly, which I did not know.

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Original review: Oct. 1, 2008

During our sales presentation the two sales reps told us that our ad on Yellowbook.com would appear at the top of their search for each city in California. We asked multiple times if this is what we were getting and they assured us that is what we were purchasing. When our ad finally came out, we were not on the top but over to the far right. They even admitted to us on the phone that they were wrong in saying we would be on the top.

Also during our presentation, we were told that what we were purchasing would be for 4 months and if we were not satisfied at the end of the 4 months we could cancel. We have not received any business (zero) from our ad and I tried to contact them to cancel and now they say it is a 12-month contract. I have tried contacting them to no avail and have left a message with who I think is the senior manager and have not received a call.

During our sales presentation we were told we would be contacted to view our ad before it was posted, but never were. I only happened to notice when I got curious one day and went searching. We were never contacted to preview our ad or to accept it. The phone number was incorrect. As you can see, there is a pattern with their sales presentation, tell you what you want to hear then say they were mistaken after you have discovered what they promised was not true. I strongly recommend you avoid using Yellowbook.com to advertise your business as they have not been truthful in anything they have said.

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Original review: Sept. 10, 2008

I continue to receive calls asking me to renew my ad with yellow book. I try to explain that do not want to renew and in fact never authorized an ad in the first place. The people on the phone are very pushy, to the point of being rude. I was told that if I didn't want to renew, I had to obtain a 'discontinuation number' and that I would get an invoice for $695. These people are very persistent and I have become very frustrated with them, since they won't stop calling. If I put them on hold so I can get something to make notes with, they hang up before I can get back to them.

The last one was yesterday, and it's interesting to note that the caller ID said Bank of America which obviously isn't accurate. I'm sure BOA would not be happy to know their name is being used this way. The problem is they are so pushy and keep switching the call between departments that they effectively evade providing any concrete information (names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.). If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks...

Being called repeatedly, tying up phone lines and our time, tons of frustration with these people!!

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Original review: Aug. 21, 2008

I own and operate a small insurance agency. We have advertised in the yellow pages for over 30 yrs. Lat yr we contracted @ $283 per month for 12 months an incolumn 3 inch ad under the word insurance. The ad was printed behind large insulation ads and ours was squeezed into the middle of insulation ads. They say they are not responsible for layout errors and they can't do anything about it. Meanwhile my phone no longer rings but but I have to keep paying $283.00 per month.

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Original review: Aug. 6, 2008

I was sold an yellow book ad- all aspects of the program were lies - regarding schedules, changes etc. Despite documented cancellation, via certified mail and concurrent fax - Yellow book denied receiving cancellation and is sueing me in court

serous financial and mental anquish issues ongoing

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Original review: July 28, 2008

Was contacted about a web listing. I do not remember being informed of a charge for this service. I am not, nor have ever been, able to commit to a bill for services. I just do not have that authority.

Was contacted today by Yellow Book wanting letting me know that my account was overdue. When she explained what the charge was for I told her that I do not remember authorizing the listing. She immediately contact the legal department to replay the telephone conversation. I listened and true enough it was my voice, but in this recording the supervisor had me acknowledge that I was authorizing the listing and proceeded to tell me how much it was going to cost a month.

If I had honestly had that particular conversation I would have hung up on him at that moment. I would have never told him I have the authority to make such decisions. I am thinking that they tampered with the audio recording to suit their business.

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Original review: June 28, 2008

I contacted my sales rep (whom I believe was Teresa Sullivan) numerous times last late summer to cancel an ad in the Phone Book I had paid for last summer. She had told me when she sold it to me I could cancel anytime (I had advised her I was hoping to move out of NJ and if that occured, I wanted to cancel).

She also told me I was under no obligation to pay anything further without my approval. I have since called her manager, left several messages, written several letters to their main office and they refuse to acknowledge that I cancelled this last yr.

They continue billing me and now have me in collections. I not only want them to bring my balance due to zero, I want my initial $150.00 back. I intended to move out of NJ fall of 2007 but didn't until March 1st 2008, delayed because of legal issues with my mom passing in 2007 and getting her house sold and my bankruptcy paid off.

It is very upsetting to contact a company so many times yet continue to be ignored. They are unethical and fraudulent. They conveniently ignored me so they could continue billing me despite that I cancelled this service last year well before the ad was even ready to go to print.

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Original review: April 29, 2008

I recently was horrified to get a bill from Yellow Book for $540 per month for additional on line advertising. I had signed a contract for a banner for $75 and was told I should cover other areas. At no time was the cost explained to me and I was told I have signed for 6 banners, I see no contract that I have signed for 6 banners, just the one for $75. I was panicked to receive a bill for $540 for february (but was told the banner ads became live in April). I then received another bill for just under $964 (I think) with a late payment fee. again I was panicked and this time got through to Yellow Books accounting. I asked for a summary of these charges and was sent a breakdown amounting to $540 for just on line advertising each month.

I contacted my sales Rep Carlie Beaks and she assured me that she would take a look and take off the banners that would not get me good results! I wrote to her telling her that I did not want any of the banners except for the one I thought I had paid for for $75. As yet she has not returned my e-mails. I would like to get back the $964 that I paid with my credit card (to keep my credit safe), and since I obviously cannot trust them to do the right thing would like to Cancel my account with Yellow Book (for all the on-line Banners). I also have prepaid for advertising in the Yellow Book which comes out twice a year, of course I need to keep this and have no problem with this.

A friend just e-mailed me www,consumeraffairs.com in which similar stories like mine are told about Yellow Book. I also received a check for $110 from Yellow Book stating that through their discrepency they made an error. A reference is made in this report to an activation check scam. When a business receives this small check and it is deposited it triggers a monthly payment for advertising. The warning is DONT CASH THIS CHECK! unfortunately I was unsuspecting.

I have a small tutoring in-home business and simply cannot afford these extra enormous costs.I feel this is a scam and I have been taken advantage of.

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