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You can share the campaign on social media. Others who are interested will click. Some may even donate. Social media helps spread the word faster. This can help others through a campaign quicker. It's easy to use. You just enter a few bits of information to sign up for a account. After, you can see if there is a campaign you are interested to support. If you decide to monetarily support a cause you can just enter your payment in a quick, fast manner. There is no fees to the consumer. There is fees to the campaigner but very few. The fees are to keep the website running for future users. Without fees, the website would not be able to help others and their causes. If you need customer support there is many ways to contact GoFundMe. You can contact by email, social media. I'm not sure but I think they might have a phone number too.

I wasn't satisfied with the amount of money they keep out of the funds. Regardless I never did share on facebook as I do not want my friends to know how bad things were. I did activate. Nothing happened. It was pretty easy to use. The uploading of photos and the ease of the filling out the information and setting it up to share. Setting up the fund was easy and I had no trouble activating, editing the information, amount of goal. I didn't know when setting the funds up that such an amount would be taken from the funds. While I appreciate the opportunity to raise funds. I just felt that they shouldn't charge a fee.

The only way these sites truly work is if the cause is a tear jerker. The sharing and emails are simple and generic. As I recall there wasn't a campaign option for how often to share or how often to email blast. It's all fairly straightforward. Filling out the information, pleading your case and then pushing the information out there. It wasn't overwhelming. There's no negotiation on fees for tax stated nonprofit organizations. Understanding that the site needs to make money too, I wish there was a scale or a way to plea for a lower rate.

YOU CAN link it to all social media networks to allow others to donate and spread the cause. It also shows how much you have raised towards your goal and allows you to update the current situation of the benefit. They make it too easy for anyone to create new accounts and spam social media to get others to pay for everything. It makes people ignore all posts from the app. Extremely overpriced. It makes you have to post your goal substantially higher than the actual amount needed. At least they do not make you buy a monthly membership to use the site.

The program is very used into integrating the Facebook so that way more people would be able to see it and shared among the many friends. It is so easy to use it. Anyone can use it. Setting the countertop was easy, quick, and painless, and anyone would be able to do this even a child. The fees and/or additional fees are very minimum which makes it easier that you will actually end up with more of the money to use for your GoFundMe account. I have never had to use their customer support. From what I hear it is very top rate and they respond to your concerns and questions very quickly and efficiently.

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After creating a campaign, GoFundMe allows you to post your campaign directly to your Facebook page to be shared with your friends, which is great for exposure. Honestly, it only took me about 15 minutes to create my campaign, and there were tutorial notes for each step. First, you start by "telling your story," and elaborating on why you need help. Next, you add pictures to help others connect to the campaign. Finally, you create a title for the campaign and preview the whole piece.

After you complete everything, you can either post your campaign instantly, or wait, and the funds you raise, once cleared are yours to keep whether you reach your goal or not. There really are no fee for creating a Gofundme campaign, but there is a small fee for donating to the campaign, which the website does warn you about upfront. I've never had to write any complaints to Gofundme customer service, but they have been helpful in emailing me with news about my campaign.

The integration of this site is very good. It can be easily used and there is nothing better than that. I would recommend this site to everyone! This site was very easy to use. I was able to use it with no problems at all. It was fast and quick to navigate through the site and I found it a very good quality site overall. The fees were low and a one time fee. I thought the fees were worth the quality of site you are using and receiving. I would recommend it. The customer support for this site was wonderful! As soon as I had a need or a question I was able to get the answer or help I need easily and efficiently.

It helps get the word out when people set up the GoFundMe page to help people in needs with money or food or donations in any kinds ways. It can be very easy to use. Just one click of the button and it very secure and safe and can be anonymous. You can donation any amount of money and you can put your name or leave it blank. The fees are very cheap because this is to help people in need of money or whatever in need in any way. The are free and cheap, awesome and trustworthy. They have friendly staff that are there to help with anything need or just to ask a question whenever need. If there a problem they are quick to fix it.

I cannot feedback on this aspect of the process. I do not use so-called social media. I have heard the integration is good and that people love it. I take this at face value. I will not go against my own beliefs to find out. GoFundMe is extremely easy to use! I did not have the need or opportunity to access customer service. I have heard it is satisfactory.

The site appeared to integrate well with a large audience of like minded people nationally and internationally who were supportive and provided donations. I posted the link on Facebook and it was easy for people to use and easy for me to update. GoFundMe directions were very easy to understand then I was led through the process of setting up the fundraiser with no problems. People who wanted to donate provided donations directly to my PayPal account.

Considering the convenience, the fees were very modest. They did not charge very much. I did not pay upfront for anything. GoFundMe took about 5% out of each donation. Particularly when compared to other fund raising sites, that is quite reasonable. The site worked so well, I never had to seek customer support. Direction and answers to common questions were readily available. Some of my issues included how to distribute the GoFundMe fundraiser to a wide audience, how to get the donations, how to provide updates and goal setting. All this information was already very clear on the site.

Social media sites are an excellent way of getting the word out about your charity or whatever you need to raise money for. When you share your content it can be shared by others as well. I found filling out the information was easy, yes you do have to give your social security number. You can also update others on how things are going. Fees are minimal. You do pay a fee to have them send you a check. Depending on how much you received from fundraising decides how much in taxes you will pay. I really didn't need to deal with customer support. I had no problems with my fundraising event. If you are having trouble with the site or others, please let them know.

It was very helpful to raise fund for an unfortunate cause to help pay for medical bills. Great for being able to post on Facebook to get the word out there to friends to raise the most funds. Very easy to use and set up the entire process. The fees are very reasonable for what you're getting out of it. It was well worth the process and with the help of the site funds were able to be raised.

It was easy to set up and I really didn't deal with anyone from the company! You set up what you are needing help with. It is good but, the amount they take from the donors is too expensive! We got help from some of the people we know, not anyone who we didn't know!

Never had an interaction with customer service. Go on the website and open the cause you are donating to. Pick an amount and enter your details. Donated to various causes on the website. It has been easy to donate and received periodic updates on the causes. Love the interface, only wish they could help the cause more and charge less.

I have never had to use customer service for this site. You set up an account and click on a button basically. I decided to review Go Fund Me because they have some people/situations that seem to need some very immediate attention. I feel like I am helping in a direct way.

Paid thru PayPal, which made it simple for me. There is a lot of "talk" about money being collected with a specific purpose, and then being able to be withdrawn without proof that it is going to the originally specified place.

There were no customer service issues with my donation. The site is easily accessible with a clear route to making donations. This site has all of the recipients listed in categories, related to the causes that they are requesting funds for. I also found it helpful and delightful that donors can leave comments for the recipients.

My online friend who is a stroke victim had wanted to go to a writing conference for many years. It was nice to see how many chipped in to make that happen. Easy to pledge a few bucks to a real need. Nice way to support someone who is special and you can show that in a useful way.

My donation was quickly posted and acknowledged. They sent a receipt and notified the party concerned immediately. This site is user-friendly and operates smoothly and securely. One just enters their c.c. information and it is processed. This is one of the few sites that I trust and use frequently. They offer secure, prompt and professional service. Their reputation is stellar.

TroopsDirect followed up with a thank you letter telling me what supplies purchased for deployed troops. 2 different GoFundMe acquaintances. Several times for TroopsDirect. Once to sponsor a friend. Cancer walk. That group emailed me a thank you. But later emailed again hinting for another donation. I did not donate again. I will donate to groups helping military troops, wounded warriors and specific friends if GoFundMe Page is established. Usually payment is made thru PayPal, for my protection. If a group hounds me, I will ask to be deleted or unsubscribe myself.

Good customer service. Create account. Share with friends and family. Accept donations. Get funds. GofundMe is a good platform for crowdfunding. It helps people with financial problems to achieve their dreams. If one is unable to get fees for education this platform can really help in raising funds.

This is a very good website for getting money raised for someone in need. I highly recommend for anyone needing help. It's great and has helped many people. The ease of use is easy and explainable. You can use your Twitter or Facebook account to make a GoFundMe account and add bio and money to raise for whatever issues it is. They take out fees yes but you still get most of your money you raised so it's really not that bad at all. It's a helpful website to use. They don't always help that much but customer service is there when needed. They will answer questions about anything you have questions about.

Social media friendly and easy to look with friends, other websites, provide frequent updates to your friends, easy to moderate comments and add photos. Keeping track of running amount totals and funds needed to meet goals, ability to modify goal amounts, keep friends updated, link to social media. Not a problem getting gouged or abused, easy to track fee amounts, not necessarily too high even depending on goal amounts and people can chip in to help. Great options, chat, phone, email support, Google search forums to find most common answers to most common questions, accurate help on the go.

The integration was good. Everything worked smoothly. Easily integrated with my Facebook. It was a great way to let my friends know what I wanted. I have a tough time with new sites but this was a breeze. Very easy to use with my Facebook. I would highly recommend GoFundMe to friends and family. The site is fun. The 5 percent fee is very nominal. I like how the donors are never charged a fee. Please keep the fees so low. The donors told me how excited they were to use the site. Customer support was very easy to follow and use. Everyone was very kind. I will tell everyone about the great customer service. Very unusual to find a company so caring.

I've come to the conclusion the website gofundme.com is a complete scam. I believe it's designed to get your personal info (such as social security number), email address and social site info. I went through the steps to sign up in which I had to give all this info. I took time to set my goal and write my story. Then GoFundMe tells me that unless I connect all my social sites they won't allow anyone to see my story. That terrible. I hope someone shuts you people down. Also I emailed the site manager and they never replied.

Expert Review

Rose SpinelliCrowdfunding Contributing Editor

Rose Spinelli, founder of The CrowdFundamentals, is an internationally recognized crowdfunding specialist, mentor, trainer and writer. In 2014, she was voted one of the 100 Most Influential Thoughtful Leaders in Crowdfunding. Rose is the author of one of the first online crowdfunding courses called “Working the Crowd: Know the Fundamentals,” and she has served on a board of directors for the CrowdFunding Professional Association.    More about Rose→

GoFundMe, based in San Diego, launched in May 2010. Its users collectively raise about $4 million every day in varied categories such as education, medical, volunteer and emergencies. To date it has raised in excess of $2 billion. Some say it is the third most successful crowdfunding platform after Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

  • Flexible requirements: GoFundMe doesn't require projects to have deadlines or to meet monetary fundraising goals. If a project does not achieve its goal, no penalty is imposed for missing it.
  • Management tools: Users have easy access to tools such as page-view tracking and other campaign performance metrics.
  • Mobility: The GoFundMe app makes the platform mobile-friendly. It also provides easy sharing on social networks, though users must have a Facebook account in order to show up in the site’s search.
  • Five-minute support guarantee: The Customer Happiness team replies to emailed customer queries within five minutes.
  • Fees: GoFundMe allows project creators to keep all money raised. It collects a relatively low 5 percent from each donation, with a third-party processor charging nearly 3 percent per donation plus a flat rate of 30 cents.
  • Campaign types: GoFundMe has three campaign types: Personal Donation Campaigns are the most common and people can raise money for almost anything. Certified Charity Campaigns are for 501c3 nonprofits seeking this new revenue stream to further support their cause as part of their overall fundraising strategy. The third type is All or Nothing Campaigns. Supporters are only charged if campaigner reaches the funding goal.
  • Best for GoFundMe is best for individuals, non-profits and entrepreneurs who want choices between campaign types and responsive customer support.

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