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I have also been scammed by this company. They scammed me for $2000.00. I called my credit card company the same day and tried to cancel the payment, but I was told it was already in process. I tried to get my money back from the credit card company, but to no avail. I tried to cancel because I read complaints about them the day they processed my card. I would like to file a complaint on them and get my money back. The company I spoke to was also in Arizona but processed my credit card through Conveys, Georgia. They sent me advertising for pop-up ads.

Jeff ** called me on 9/21/2010 and said that he had a Business Referral Program which would pay me $200 for each referral that signed up for a home-based business. He said that he got my name from DOBA, a drop shipper that supplies products to online home-based businesses. I had signed up for a home-based business. I have since learned that Mr. ** got my information about my business because it was new and it is public. He has no affiliation with DOBA. He never said he would use my website which was ** to target individuals.

My website had nothing to do with his program. (I no longer have the website). He said he had a team of workers who tracked people who were looking for home-based businesses and he had thousands of people making a "ton" of money each month because of his program. On September 22, the next day, I called Mr. ** and told him that changed my mind and that I wanted him to refund my $3,000 charged to my M/C. He refused and said I had made $200 already in one day which I would receive in two weeks. I was shocked and asked him how I could have made that in one day. He said the business referral program worked just that fast. Since he refused to cancel, I was stuck with it. I did not receive any money.

My 90-day campaign was to end on December 20, at which time I could get my money back if I did not see any results within that time period. I called my credit card company after December 20 to get my money back, but Mr. ** sent my M/C bank card pages and pages of search engine submissions for my website to prove that Global Web Exchange had kept its part of the contract. On December 28, I received a check for $200 which was dated December 23, 2010, after the 90-day campaign expired. I did not cash it right away because I was hoping my M/C would be credited and I might have to return the $200. At first, I was given temporary credit.

Then, Mr. ** called and said I had $400 but he could not send it. I would need to cancel my dispute. He said that I would not win anyway because he had gone through disputes before and he always won. He could make me money if I stayed with his program. I was hoping he was telling the truth about having $400 for me and that he would make money for me. I was needing money to help my grandson who has cerebral palsy. I canceled the dispute so my M/C reversed the credit. I cashed the check. I have not received anything since then. The total fee for the business referral program was $4,700. I charged $1,700 on another credit card and after I explained what happened, it gave me permanent credit for the $1,700 charge.

Mr. ** never talked to me about my website being used to make money. He said that his program was a business referral program that targeted people who were looking for home-based businesses. To prove he did not breach his contract, he sent pages and pages of search engine submissions for my website. My website had nothing to do with the Business Referral Program. How could my website help others who are looking for a home-based business? Is there anything you can do to help me get my money back?

When the secretary Michelle send me my authorization agreement, she mistakenly sent me one that had been used by another "client" whose family name was **. I called her and she said she had signed up in on June 24, 2010 and had received one check for $100 in August and she had not heard from Global Web Exchange anymore.

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