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They don't even deserve one star. Do not do business with this company. They say they offer a money back guarantee. I sent the software back and still do not have my $480. This is high pressure sales.


I purchased Dancesoft for my dance studio from Get Physical Software in August 2009. I got everything set up and was ready to go for my new semester in Sept. It was October that the software began to freeze up. I could not get into any account. I tried to call both customer service and technical support. I left several messages over a 4-day period and never received a return call.

I finally had to call the sales department because they always answered the phone ready to sell their software. I was finally told that I had to reinstall the program and recover our files. I was told that this could happen if we had a power surge (we did not), but I accepted this explanation in the beginning. However, this has happened now at least 6 more times.

Without any reason, the program will not open. We will have to spend time reinstalling the program. Even when we get it back working, it has glitches and will occasionally bill some accounts twice. No one returns my phone calls! I am very sorry I wasted so much money and I hope others will not make the same mistake I did!


I purchased software for our gym in Nov 2009. We have been calling, looking for technical support since we received the product. All we ever get is the chance to leave a message. There is never anyone available to talk to personally. We have left many messages only to never have them returned. We received an email instructing us to print off the software guide book. That is not a help. This was quite an expensive purchase and better customer service is needed. Also, we ordered and paid for the key tag system. We have not received this yet and any calls we make to find out about it aren't returned or even acknowledged.

We purchased this software 3/25/09 for $3,348.00. Sales rep: T. Landen There are basically 4 issues I would like to address. The first issue is with the software system itself. We purchased FitnessSoft Unlimited from Get Physical! Software, LLC, which included Networking for 4 PC's and FMP Server Software. We have the software loaded on the server and 4 PC's. However, we are only able to use 2 PC's with the software. All the PC's can run the software independently or in any combination of 2.

When we try to open a third or fourth PC we keep getting the error message "you have exceeded the allowed number of users." It will continue to try and load and continue to give the error messages. When the software finally loads on a 3rd computer we are unable to use it because we get the same error messages again. We should be able to have all 4 PC's running at the same time.

The product does not work as promised. We can't generate reports appropriately as needed and as we were told was possible. Preparing statements and invoices for individuals is difficult. Downloading payments from APS (Automated Payment Systems), the company that collects money for us automatically, has to be hand entered because promises of a single click for the download of payments has not been followed up on.

The second issue is with customer service. I still have not received a solution to the issues I am having with the company Get Physical! Software, LLC. I e-mailed and phoned on numerous occasions and had limited response from tech support or from the production team. I even tried to call the sales rep to see if I could get some assistance from him. However, he was on the phone, and one of his peers said there was nothing they could do their end. He said that I should continue working with tech support, even after I told him I had tried on a number of occasions already without any response.

So, then I called and left a message on the phone for tech support instead of going through e-mail and filled out a support request online. Finally, I started to get some help, but only through limited e-mail and no phone response. Only after informing the company that I would be filing a complaint with BBB did I receive an e-mail response from the Tech Support from Get Physical in regard to using the software on 5 computers. Their response was very direct with no intention of following up on the results. I paid extra for customer/technical support and am not being helped.

My third issue is with the paid phone customer/technical support. The e-mail support may be free, but it is not helpful. I intentionally purchased the phone customer/technical support an extra $399 for purposes such as this. I purchased this package on March 25, 2009. This is good for one year and it is now September 25, 2009. They will not return phone calls.

Our IT guy called Monday, Aug. 10, to consult with them after following the steps they provided to no avail. We have had no return phone calls. They make the phone support impossible to use; they never pick up the phone. You can only leave messages and then they never return the phone calls. The phone support we paid extra for is not being honored.

The fourth issue is with the accessories ordered: key tags and scanner. The key tags and scanner were ordered the same day we ordered the software. I received a proof for approval and returned it with approval on April 3, 2009. I have had no key tags or scanner delivered to me.

When I contacted the division, on July 2, for the key tags and scanner, I received a response - they couldn't find anything, would check and be back in touch with me on the same day. I didn't get any response. Finally, I e-mailed them again on July 20 questioning the whereabouts of the key tags and scanner and have had no response still. Even after informing them I would be filing a complaint with the BBB, there has been no response.

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