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Fonality provides unified phone systems and applications for growing businesses. More than 25,000 businesses in 99 countries rely on Fonality to help them remove the friction that slows business momentum. Our customers select the deployment, voice connectivity and payment options that best meet their needs.

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Consumer Reviews and Complaints

Fonality offers good service and everything is great except they don't tell you they are unable to provide caller ID apparently from Canada. My caller ID says ** - our system number and it leads to a lot of unanswered calls. They won't call me back to discuss and were quite rude about it. So disappointing - we have had other providers with no issues with the caller id - we chose Fonality because we liked many of the features. Not sure what to do as they insist a correct caller id is not available - even though it was working correctly when the system first installed and then when we called to make a change all of this happened and now they won't talk to us about it. Terrible customer service. So disappointed.

Stay far, far away from this company's hosted phone service! We frequently experience dropped calls, ghost calls, slow connections and poor call quality. Each call to technical support results either in a different answer about the source of the problem or no answer at all. The Total Recorder does not record phone numbers if you work remotely. We have escalated this issue at least twice since March, and it still has not been fixed. We were over-billed for months for 2 licenses we never had, and we have had major issues trying to get credits to our account. Our salesperson was wonderful and responsive before the sale but rude and condescending afterwards. You have been warned!

Our officemate was researching on the internet and found some good reviews on Fonality. We had a different system before and Fonality is a step above. We have enjoyed the service. The fax part is amazing and has allowed us to be more efficient in tracking and receiving our faxes. We use the phones every day for general office use, but we haven't used the system to its full potential yet because we haven't had time. We struggled with the training for it because there was a communication gap with the person who was giving us our training on the phone. He wasn't very fluent in English. The troubleshooting part was very difficult as well. We weren't able to get our questions answered and had to figure out on our own the last time we called.

I have my Fonality for general office use. The caller i.d. is what's used the most around here. However right now we're having a whole lot of phone troubles. We have calls come in that we can't answer and calls that come in and go to certain extensions but not all of the extensions. Also Fonality lacks the feature so it can be used as a speaker system in the warehouse.

A business colleague referred Fonality to me. I use most of its features in monitoring my agents. I use the system for Customer assistance and outbound too. So far, I have their team's support when I ask and then they call in a nice way.

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Somebody my boss knew referred Fonality to him and that's how they got involved with our law firm in the first place. We were using Verizon and Comcast before and have just switched over to Fonality not that long ago. There have often been some issues like lost/interference with connectivity but we have more options on what we can do with Fonality such as recording calls - this could be used for training purposes.

Right now, we are still in the process of porting our numbers with Fonality. The phone system has a lot of different function, but we mostly use its HUD feature which enables us to send a quick note to somebody in the office. We could move our icons so people know that we're away and could also see if somebody's on the phone. Fonality also has a web-based HUF to keep us connected to the office even after office hours.

The process was a little dicey in the beginning - it was a little hands-on for us. Fonality sent us the equipment and we had to do the connection as well as learn all the features. There wasn't anyone local that was there to help so we interacted with their people through the phone. We had to schedule appointments for them to walk us through on the next steps and how to get things going. I think we'll give Fonality a year and see how it goes.

I was having issues with 8x8 phone system so I decided to contact Fonality. I liked them better because of their HUD that really stood out to me as it was something that 8x8 wasn't offering at that time. The features of Fonality enhances the business. I use their HUD feature a lot and it does half of the calling process. It has the click to dial features so we don't need an outside dialing system. They have a whole lot of different avenues to use and have everything that we need for our employees in different states. My interactions with their team have been nothing but a pleasure. They're quick with assisting us anytime we go down and they always have a quick fix to most of my problems and so I love them.

We’ve been with Fonality for a year and a half, but we haven't really been happy with it. It has a lot of issues at any given week such as connectivity. Also, the administrative side where calls can be directed is very convoluted and sometimes the setting that we have don’t necessarily work. We’ve made calls to customer service to have them help us with certain things that were never resolved. The HUD goes down. There are dropped calls. It’s really frustrating.

There’s a lot to be desired. If the whole thing worked well, it would be a great system, but there seem to be so many technical issues all the time. If anything goes wrong, I’m the one who has to deal with it. We sell boats here. We’re in Michigan so we only have a certain amount of warm season and there are parts of the year where we’re super slammed, like right now. Issues always seem to happen at the worst time. I have to take time away from what I’m doing to call customer service. I don’t have time to do my actual work because I’m dealing with the problems with the phone.

We're a really busy Chiropractor's office and we have a lot of people calling. We've been a long-time user of CenturyLink/Qwest and we found the price was a lot more economical with the Fonality products and it was easier to install because it was an IP-based system. The feature that we like the best about the system is the panel where we can set up the ACD. So it's easy for us to make changes to the way the phones ring, etc. However, some calls drop or something odd happens and their customer support was a bit hard to understand. But generally, we're satisfied with it.

I was looking for an IP voice system and found Fonality. I used two or three other other systems before but they weren't as good. Our Fonality system isn't in full use yet since we're still getting it set up right now. But so far, their customer service has been good.

We went through extreme distress with the system that we had before. One of my bosses went looking in the internet and came up with Fonality. We've been with them for nine years ever since. In terms of customer service, what happens is that they get a bunch of people trained so I know which ones are new when I get them on the phone, and so I bear through it. Then they get all trained up and everything's cool. The company has grown so much that they have to hire a new flock of people. So the cycle happens. However if I've got a real problem, I get back with my salesman and he gets an engineer on the phone and we get the thing fixed lickety-split.

The best part about Fonality is that, as the IT guy, I don't have to drive to each office to work on the server and take care of issues because I have access through the internet. We changed ISP for the last two years and Fonality is rock solid now. I've got a hosted server and we're transitioning to that, and there are all kinds of problems. Most of that is based on the fact that I can't focus on normal usage because my bosses want me to have users in both systems. Since that's not physically possible because I can't provision one phone to be in two phone systems at the same time, I'm busy trying to convince these two systems that they can talk to each other pleasantly without breaking either one. We're mildly successful but it's causing us to transition over to the hosted side quicker, but we're staying with Fonality.

So far, Fonality has been fine. I've been happy with their service.

Fonality has the price and features we needed and wanted. We use it for general business use and our users report that the HUD is the part they like best.

We’ve had Fonality here since I’ve been working. We use the web-based admin a lot. We use the system mostly for in-house, inbound, and outbound calling. Our Fonality rep is very good and on-point, and he communicates with us. We talk to their support three to four times in a year and they're great. Overall, we had good experience.

We previously used Avaya which is an IP-based system but we're unable to do our call center with it. Then Fonality was recommended to me. We're using it for a call center and I use the HUD web. I like the visibility of the system better than what it used to be.

So far, Fonality has been wonderful. We've had a good experience. The migration was very good as far as how prompt they were on getting back to us, what extensions were available, and which one seemed out of use allowing us to audit on our side. Support has been awesome. We use the inbound/outbound calls for the general office use and also the HUD for internal messaging for our HQ members. I've had zero issues with being able to communicate with people inside of the office. Working with other systems, Fonality has been very smooth. It was very intuitive walking in and being able to use all of the systems that were put in place.

I’ve been with Fonality for six years and they've been helpful. I’ve referred a lot of my clients to them because it’s one of the best packages available for small businesses.

We have used several phone systems before Fonality. Customer service is about the same but Fonality's reliability is better. The system works well and does what we needed to do. We could find the same features elsewhere, but Fonality does a good job. I'm a satisfied customer.

I use the Fonality system for inbound/outbound customer service calls. Their salesperson and the installers have been great. Every time I email or ask them a question, they respond in a timely manner. They were very helpful and customer friendly. The Fonality system was recommended by a friend and compared with my previous provider, the previous one was a piece of crap.

I did some research online of a few different companies, had a conference call with all of them and ended up choosing Fonality. We had an in-house VoIP system before, which we provided and maintained ourselves. We just had the main line coming in from the phone company. Now with Fonality, I use the web-based admin most frequently. We majorly use its inbound and outbound Call Center feature for ourselves. Fonality has been pretty good about their uptime and 80-90% of their customer service and tech support staff have been pretty helpful. Overall, we’ve had a good experience with them even though it was rocky in the beginning.

So far our experience with Fonality has been good. We haven't had any issues. We use the system for inbound and interoffice calling, and we frequently use the HUD. We just ordered a phone recently, but we haven't connected it because we don't have a computer with that station yet.

I needed a phone system. I had another one but it was an in-house PBX. We got the Fonality and we use it mostly as a phone.

We had several different phone systems, with some being more business-oriented and some being just regular telephone lines coming into something as basic as cordless phones. I got in contact with Fonality because I was looking for a Voice over IP phone system. Their inter-office calling is what we use the most since our offices are spread across four time zones and users can just three-digit-dial one another. I also talk with Fonality's customer service on a regular basis to make sure that we have everything we need, everything is working and any issues we have are being addressed. And sometimes they call me just to make sure that I'm happy and everything's working as it should.

Fonality is the system that we started using here in my work to get inbound calls. We frequently use the drag-and-drop transferring and conference room utilization. Fonality has improved our business overall.

We have multiple different businesses and we use Fonality for our inbound calls. With their phone system, we can create call flow, greetings and logic, and customize call menu options for incoming calls. Their tech support is 24/7 which we love and they are very good. We work with their sales team on quotes and proposals and they’re responsive, easy to get ahold of, and seem to know what they’re doing. So it’s all been pleasant experiences with their team.

We use our Fonality system mainly for receiving and sending calls but I don't like the dropped calls. We’ve messed with these dropped calls ever since we got their phone system. I’ve already spent hundreds of dollars on trying to get this one up and running smoothly and it’s still not working right, and now they want me to put in a new router for $200, which will cost me more money. We constantly talk to the people at Fonality and they’re professional, helpful and very friendly, but they never really resolve a lot of things. We used CenturyLink before using Fonality, and it is much better.

The services Fonality provided was what I was looking for, so I went with them. Other than some minor issues, their system has worked great for eight years. I mostly use the queues in remote phones. I deal with the sales team whenever I need to add any new phones and/or any other parts of the system, and they're always great to deal with. The tech support is always there so I deal with them also on an ongoing basis. Fonality is a great company to work with. I'm very happy with them overall.

I used Vonage before but switched, and quality is a little better with Fonality. They also are affordable, have pretty competitive pricing. Whenever I have a problem, the technical team is really quite helpful. I can always reach somebody pretty quickly. But my original sales agent actually didn't honor the promotions that they have on their website. They have great customer service but slightly deceptive sales marketing tactics.

I use my Fonality system for local calls. Their team has been pretty good and the only problem is they've been asking me "Did you do too much of the work?"

Due to the features of their system and good reviews, I switched to Fonality and have had a great experience. I had Vonage before which was more expensive, the service didn't work as good and had multiple interruptions. It hasn't been perfect with Fonality but the quality of service, the phones we're using with them and the tech support is better than with Vonage. However, the reporting from Fonality needs some better graphical work. I use the HUD Web feature of the phone the most and also use it mostly for domestic calls, as well as international, and we do receive many inbound calls everyday. The Fonality team have been able to fix our issues to the best of their abilities.

Fonality is one of the better telephone providers that I’ve ever used. I’m using them across the whole United States from Alaska, Florida and California. I have three offices and they’ve managed to maintain the network and call quality. I recently received 20 new phones. They replaced all my phones with new Polycom phones for no cost and that’s gonna improve the quality even this year. I see that they’re making investments every year and that translates into investing in us and we like that.

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