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Last updated: Aug. 10, 2017

7 Fleetmatics Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Aug. 10, 2017

After much consideration, R-Mech Heating Cooling and Plumbing LLC (hereinafter “R-Mech or the “Company”) signed up for a one-year subscription to FleetMatics WORK (hereinafter “FMW”) field technician dispatch and CRM software system in March 2017. R-Mech chose FMW because we were assured the software would provide everything we required (as detailed later in this complaint) plus more, at the price of $30/per user/employee. R-Mech is a growing company and we were looking for a new dispatch software system to better suit our needs as the Company continues to expand. The decision to switch dispatch systems was not taken lightly and we viewed multiple demonstrations and evaluations of different systems available on the market.

During the evaluation process, FMW salesperson, Jayson **, promised R-Mech the FMW system would provide a wide range of features and capabilities. Many of the features and capabilities R-Mech discussed with Jayson were ones essential to R-Mech’s operations that we could not operate without. Additionally, R-Mech was very upfront and forthright regarding the absolute need to maintain a cost level of no more than $30/per user/employee. In a recorded conversation, Jayson assured us the FMW cost of $30/per user/employee would not be increased during the subscription period, no additional hidden fees per user would be charged, stated that FMW not only had all the functionality and capabilities of our current dispatch software, but also would provide many new and better features.

R-Mech was assured the FMW system would provide the following benefits and capabilities: 1.) Better records of customer service visits with customer history viewable from the field; 2.) Upload photos of work sites to be viewed by installation crews in real time while at the job site; 3.) Upload photos of installed equipment; 4.) Upload maintenance logs (e.g. for or maintenance contract customers annual tune-ups); 5.) Switch the paper forms we still use over to digital format for purposes of tracking through FMW.

It should be noted that FMW’s assertions about its product were not mere “puffing” but were concrete statements regarding specific product features and specific functionality/capabilities. Most importantly, the cost of FMW was presented as $30 per user/employee with no hidden fees or charges. Additional users could be added at any time for $30 per user/employee. Users could be designated as either Administrators or General Users (general users are referred to as “fieldworkers” in the FMW system), the difference between the two designations being the ability to control overall settings within the software, add users, make changes within the settings, etc. Nothing was ever mentioned by FMW at any time prior to the contract being signed regarding any limitations to accessibility of the system from different devices (i.e. desktop PC or Mobile Device) for the different user types.

Unfortunately, from the moment R-Mech signed the contract, the tone and dedication level of the FMW staff changed completely as one by one, the promises made by FMW were broken. After the subscription agreement was signed, we proceeded with implementation and soon began to experience issues as capabilities we were promised were not present. Initially, we thought the issues were due to our inexperience with the new system, but we eventually learned after contacting FMW technical support on numerous occasions with unsolvable problems, that many of the tasks we were trying to accomplish in the FMW system simply could not be done due to the nonexistence of capabilities FMW staff promised us. In the weeks following the implementation of the FMW system, FMW informed R-Mech of the following:

Records entered into a customer profile by a fieldworker could not be viewed by other fieldworkers while in the field. FMW stores customer records as individual jobs which are only accessible by someone with administrative access from a desktop PC or other non-mobile device. The absence of the ability for other fieldworkers to view customer history from the field was absolutely crippling to our operations. It is imperative that our technicians and plumbers be able to see complete customer history in order to provide quality service, diagnosis and repair.

In order to enable this capability, FMW informed us that we would be required to purchase a second license for each user at the additional cost of $30 per user. Therefore, in order to come close to providing the functionality R-Mech was promised, FMW required that two separate fees be paid per employee, which resulted in the doubling of the original contract price. The true price per user/employee for full access to FMW is $60 per month.

Fieldworkers cannot view photos uploaded by other field users, using the FMW app on a mobile device, which was a significant hindrance to our installation teams as they were going into installation jobs blind. While photos could be uploaded from the field application, the photos did not save to the customers’ primary profile. The images would instead be uploaded attached to the invoice or job the technician performed and the viewing of those photos was not possible without intervention from an administrator in which the images would be downloaded and reloaded into the main customer profile.

A similar issue was encountered for job notes, maintenance logs and service information gathered while on site performing service. Any records uploaded would be done so to the specific job or invoice and would not be visible to other field users without them having an administrator level login or having an administrator follow the same process of re-uploading or re-creating these records. We were told by Ross **, our FMW Implementation Specialist, that many of our paper forms could not be translated into digital forms and could not be easily tracked in the FMW system. A majority of the forms submitted to Ross for conversation were never done and we were later informed that many of these forms were not good candidates for use in their system (including basic maintenance sheets, due to the varying types of information gathered (numerical, fractional, text, etc..)

A “demo” was provided of the service by means of a trial use of the system. This trial was only demonstrative of the administrative account capabilities. While we were shown the layout of the field user app and how it might appear to a technician, at no point were we advised these features would only be usable by particular levels of accounts.

To reiterate, the software was presented to us as having every function we were shown, across the board for every user, at the cost of $30 per month. The distinction between admin and field user account types was portrayed as a feature that would allow R-Mech more control over what level of access we would choose to give our field users. It was not presented as being inherently restrictive of any feature or access point (e.g. desktop pc v mobile device).

The timing of the FMW implementation in mid-March to early April was planned as it is typically a slower time of year for an HVAC company that occurs right before the extremely busy summer months. Unfortunately, the process of understanding the actual capabilities of the system (versus the capabilities we were sold) was slowed considerably in some cases by FMW technical support inaccurately indicating the issues we were experiencing were due to user errors.

Because FMW fraudulently induced R-Mech to enter into the subscription agreement and then continued to misrepresent its product in an attempt to cover its tracks, we were stuck with the deficient FMW product during a critical time of year for the HVAC industry as the weather begins to warm-up (May 1 through June 24). After weeks spent communicating with tech support attempting to resolve problems created by the lack of promised functionality with awkward, time-consuming “workarounds”, and refusal to pay the additional $30 per user, R-Mech discontinued use of FMW to move back to its previous software.

FMW was notified in writing on July 11, 2017, of R-Mech’s petition to cancel its FMW subscription on the basis the agreement is not, and never was, valid due to misstatement of the cost on the face of the agreement as well as the many misrepresentations made by FMW to fraudulently induce us to enter into the agreement. Our FMW account representative, Kim **, deflected the written cancelation notice we sent on July 11, by having a general customer service representative respond with a boiler plate email letting us know we would have to pay the remaining 9 months of subscription fees. After receiving no official response from Ms. ** herself, we sent a copy of the cancelation letter to our FMW salesperson, Jayson **, on July 13, 2017.

Finally, on August 2, 2017, Ross ** and his supervisor, Ashlee **, contacted R-Mech’s Office Manager, Greg **, via phone call. During the call, Ashley indicated the FMW finance department did not consider the subscription agreement void on the grounds the FMW system had the capabilities we were promised. Ashley then informed Greg that R-Mech would be required to “buyout” the remainder of its FMW subscription term for $6,000. During the August 2, 2017, phone call, the FMW representatives also made the offer to allow R-Mech to continue using the FMW system for the lowered price of $30/per employee/per user with full-access to both desktop and mobile interfaces.

The proposed “resolution” offered by FMW in the August 2, 2017, telephone conversation is absolutely unacceptable in every way. Not only did the FMW finance department ignore the inaccuracy of the pricing terms in their determination of the validity of the subscription agreement, they absolutely confirm the original expectation was for R-Mech to pay $60/per user/employee for full access by offering the concession of the “lower” $30/per employee/user fee for the remainder of the subscription period! The inaccuracy of the pricing terms is the reason the FMW subscription agreement is invalid/void, which is clearly stated in the written cancelation notice R-Mech provided to FMW on July 10, 2017.

By offering to lower the price to $30/per user/employee during the August 2, 2017, call, the FMW representatives have confirmed FMW’s original intent was to charge R-Mech $60/per user/employee which is in direct conflict with the $30/per user/employee shown on the face of the subscription agreement. R-Mech does not want to continue to use the FMW system at the “lowered” price of $30/per user/employee because we no longer trust FMW due to its deceptive business practices.

Additionally, we do not want to incur the expense of switching back to the FMW system for a few months only to have to switch back to our old system when FMW increases its prices to $60/per user/employee at the end of the subscription period. Finally, as previously stated, the FMW system does not meet the needs of our company and does not have the capabilities required to successfully operate our business. The FMW proposed “buyout” of the invalid subscription agreement for $6,000 is out of the question and is an insult, not a resolution.

Proposed Resolution: 100% refund of all fees paid to FMW. Provision of 100% of all R-Mech information entered into the FMW system since its implementation in March 2017 in appropriate electronic format (e.g. PDFs for invoices or Excel files for customer lists), including but not limited to, customer invoices, quotes, job notes, payment information, customer tags, reports, scheduling information, completed jobs, etc. Damages for lost employee hours/wages spent dealing with FMW issues, lost revenue due to FMW problems experienced by technicians, installers, salespersons, decreased level of customer service, etc.; not to mention stress and cost of switching back to our old system, stress and cost of now having to file this complaint and fight with FMW regarding a $6,000 charge on top of what we have already paid them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 14, 2017

Fleet management software keeps things operating smoothly will little effort. I like that it helps to stay well organized overall which makes for a much smoother day. It has been simple to use and I have enjoyed working with the software everyday I need it. It has helped the company greatly. Very simple and easy to use. I have had minimal issues but when I do I can easily get the help I need. It is pretty self-explanatory for those that know a little about software. Very accurate so far. No flaws in the software for me which means no issues so far. Fleet management has great software for what is included with it. It has been a great investment.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 11, 2017

The Fleet management software is very convenient. It walks you through the process, has tutorials to help you get through it, and it's easy to follow along. It's very helpful to manage your needs. The software is the best management software out there.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 9, 2017

Fleetmatics is very fast with their work. They do a wonderful job. I love this company. They provide excellent service for their customers. They are affordable and do not have any hidden fees. They work well with other companies to help provide excellent customer service to their loyal customers. They do fast and accurate work. They do a wonderful job handling any problems or concerns any customer has. They fix any issues one may have and do it a timely fashion and don't charge any labor fees to replace a product. They back their products with a lifetime guarantee and stay true to their word.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 8, 2017

Fleet management software is so easy to use. Log on and immediately see a map with all the vehicles from our organization. You can tell where they are, how quickly they are going. And you can reference driver history. So easy to see the vehicles at a quick glance! Makes tracking a dozen cars so simple! I also love the color code and the data it records. I was not in ogled in installation but know it's been hands off for our drivers and easy to explain and introduce to other staff. Quick learning curve allows for easy access across our organization. Accuracy is important and you can trust Fleetmatics to give you a reliable indication of where vehicles are parked or headed and how quickly they are going.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 6, 2017

The implementation process takes under 30 minutes, easy, useful interface, and reduce the amount of paperwork needed to run your business. Also, Fleetmatics keep your schedules, invoices, quotes, customer information and more, in one location. You can check availability and schedule open slots in a simple calendar format to better plan and schedule your fleet. Also, create recurring jobs for regular projects. Keep your office and field workers in sync by receiving job information and updates on your mobile device. A great amount of control and flexibility when analyzing activity within your business.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 4, 2017

The ease of the implementation was super simple. Fleetmatics is uber easy to use, training was minimal and retention was amazing. Plus, accuracy seems legit. It is very convenient for my company and coworkers to use. It makes our daily job simple and keeps us organized. We would recommend this fleet management software.

Fleetmatics expert review by ConsumerAffairs

Fleetmatics provides mobile workforce solutions to small, midsize and large businesses through a SaaS platform. Their fleet services include GPS, full driver visibility for fleet managers and more.

  • GPS vehicle tracking system: This system from Fleetmatics allows fleet managers to keep track of their drivers, even when drivers switch vehicles. It keeps track of their fuel economy, productivity and safety.

  • Fleetmatics REVEAL: Fleetmatics REVEAL is a time and money-saving cloud-based platform that gives fleet managers access to real-time alerts and updates, helping them manage scheduling and dispatch while also improving customer service.

  • Make and read reports easily: Manage your data and history easily by downloading an easy-to-read report from Fleetmatics REVEAL. These reports give you actionable information that can easily be shared with relevant members of your team to find ways to improve and determine more efficient and effective solutions.

  • Mobile app: Download the Fleetmatics app on any Android device or iPhone/iPad. This app allows fleet managers access to real-time updates, alerts and information about their drivers from anywhere, at any time.

  • Fleet savings calculator: Use Fleetmatics’ online calculator to determine how much GPS tracking using fleet management software, like Fleetmatics, can save your business. Use the calculation to determine whether or not you should consider fleet management software, and call Fleetmatics for a free demo if you want more information.

  • Best for: Fleetmatics is best for businesses of all sizes looking for web-based fleet management software.

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