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Justin walked me through my first card for Category views then helped me create another for companies that have pages on our site. I use it to look at analytics of page views on our site for categories and company pages. I like it so far! I think it will be a great resource for displaying analytics. I'm still learning a lot about it though. I'll have more to say after I use it more. :)

Requested a card... Had it complete within a week of the request. Phone app is slooowww. Some of the lines for different variables are really hard to distinguish from one another. I love it, I think it is very helpful in me doing my job and having data to back up why I am doing what I'm doing. I appreciate Domo for what it is and use it on a daily basis.

I want to be using it everyday, but I'm overwhelmed by logging in and figuring it out by myself. I think DOMO has been great for our organization so far. It helps bring clarity to how different departments are impacting the bottom line. I'd like to be using it more than I currently am, but would like help figuring out how I can utilize it for my various teams.

Constantly using Domo to check on reports. I use it to keep track of our website metrics. My favorite thing about Domo is that I get email alerts when metrics change on my most important cards. I'm pretty tech savvy, but I have a lot of trouble when trying to create/edit cards. For a business user, I don't have hours and hours of spare time (especially during work) to learn the tool. I've spent over 10 hours on it so far and haven't become confident in understanding how to use it. Another thing that makes editing cards hard is that sometimes they don't update correctly and I have to go out of the card and come back to it to see if it's setup how I wanted it.

Overall, Domo is a great tool that will become more beneficial over time as I learn how to use the tool like a pro. We've been using the tool for 3 months now, and have already received value from it. The greatest benefit we've had is the ability to understand our data at many levels, bringing to light opportunities to generate revenue that we didn't know existed.

I expect to use it much more once I get more comfortable with it. When I have logged in, it seems confusing to me how to get super granular. Domo is awesome from what I can tell so far. It's great being able to create a card to see how our clients are using our product. It's great being able to dig into data about categories or client profiles to really help them reach their goals or identify potential problems.

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As of now, I haven't experienced something Domo hasn't already offered. Looking forward to digging into the product more. I'm happy we have the service and I think it will be very beneficial. Justin pulled date for me regarding lead limits and it's been great.

More tutorials would be helpful & a way to undo broken cards would help a lot. It's pretty easy over all. Prefab formulas for cards would be great too. It's very useful & gives you lots of data at your fingertips & makes it easy to explain thing across departments. I like the clean graphic design & the ability to combine multiple data sets.

I have worked with the Domo team. Justin has fast answers and they did a great job in making some helpful cards. Easier than pulling out the data from where they're originally housed. The only way that it could get easier is if you had someone read your mind and get the data for you. I do think that the vast amount of things that it can do can get some folks feeling lost in it.

The only danger that I see with Domo is that it's TOO fast and easy to get data. Folks just really need to make sure to check how the Domo data matches up with what's on the site and where the data is originally stored (most egregious examples I've seen deal with reviews data but it looks like we had some problems with consumer leads not matching with what companies thought was the actual count). The Domo team is vigilant in trying to fix those things when they're brought up but I think it needs to be reiterated to folks to check out their data more fully because some of the pull and immediate reporting has made me cringe.

Initial ticket response takes about 24-36 hours. Total ticket completion typically 48 hours. Better documentation on certain features would help. A lot of "timeout" issues happen when creating dataflows like take longer than 15 mins to process. We are working with HUGE data that typically takes hours to process, so it's a bit of a hassle to contact support and wait 2 days just to get a timeout exception boosted so we can run our sets. It has an easy to use interface for building charts and graphs. I usually love just exploring the data to see what sort of visualization I can get out of it. The beast mode could use more string functions, actually more functions in general. Beast mode is very powerful but sort of limited right now. Since the core of a Domo card is just a SQL query I'm optimistic they will be adding new functions and features to make it even better.

Good people. They were happy to hear I'd set up an Oklahoma Users Group... It's a fine place to get a consolidated view of things. Still require arcane skills and proprietary knowledge of our data sources and fields to get maximum value. Not sure Domo can do anything to address that. Domo's fine. But, it's no substitute for ad hoc querying and use case specific tools like Google Analytics or Search Console or Buffer or any number of other tools (SERPs, MOZ, AHREFs).

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Founded by executives who were fed up with feeling locked out of their own company’s data, Domo is a cloud-based full-stacked BI software that offers businesses a self-service software platform. Businesses can share all of their analytics on one platform, keeping everyone in the loop on how each department is doing.

  • Full company analytics: Domo allows businesses to have the analytics for their whole company available to all employees. This can be useful for businesses that have a lot of overlap between departments and creates transparency.
  • Support: Domo’s support team works to quickly resolve problems and answer questions. Service representatives are available 24/7, so you can get your questions answered whenever you’re doing business, not just during standard business hours.
  • Collaboration focused: Domo’s Buzz app makes it easy for your entire team to collaborate. Features include channels for public topics, direct messaging, file sharing and business data. Connect meaningful pieces of your business’s data to engage in data-driven conversations and decisions. The Buzz app is free with your Domo package.
  • Interactive cards: Domo’s interactive cards make it easy to highlight the most important data points, optimize the cards for visualization and give the data that matters most to your team. In addition, Domo’s graphing options are vast and move fast.
  • Integrations: Domo has a number of built-in integrations that make it easy for anyone, even non-technically minded individuals, to pull in data from common sources such as Salesforce or Google sheets.
  • Best for Domo is best for businesses that want to share analytics with their whole company.

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