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We recently purchased a list of email addresses and were shocked to see all the duplicates. Okay, they weren't duplicates per Data Depot since they were for the same person but with multiple email addresses. It’s funny that I found a friend and the email address given was one that they do not have ever. So how do you explain that?

Our worst issue though, outside of horrible customer service, is that when we used the list, 61% were for invalid email addresses. Just shy of 2/3 of the list is worthless! That is not at all what any reasonable consumer should anticipate. We went in thinking as high as 25% would not work, but not two and a half times that amount.

Data Depot's response, after "fill out a ticket" (all we will probably never respond), is that their Terms and Conditions clearly states that they are not responsible for erroneous info. Live and learn.

We purchased 4.5 million telephone leads but could not open the file. They have absolutely no customer assistance and were told that they are not in the business in showing people how to download lists. However, they did send me their no return policy. Once our IT person sorted out the problem, so far we have only received more or less 26% of the list they have.

DataDepot should be shutdown and a case of blatant fraud should be filed and the owners sent to jail as an example. As of today, we are out-of-pocket of $499.00. Thomas put the phone down on me while I was asking for assistance in resolving the issues we were having.

I tried for 6 weeks to try and get an email campaign out. It never got off the ground, problems here and there. I could never get anyone to call me. All they have is email support. Frustration is the number one thing that I received from Data Depot. I don't even know how to turn off the pay meter. I'm good on computers and can figure things out. Data Depot is impossible.

This company is a fraud and is an "F"-rated organization by the BBB (which I unfortunately found out after dealing with them). While the Web site is deceiving in that it looks like a professional organization, I believe that it may actually be operated out of the one bedroom apartment of "Scott and Vanessa." Data Depot engages in false advertising in violation of FTC regulations, posting stock Internet photos of supposedly "satisfied customers" of their services all over their Web site. Actually, there appears to be more unsatisfied customers than satisfied customers. I found one of the images they used of a supposedly satisfied customer on several other websites all over the Internet.

If you do your research, you will see that there is a long list of completely dissatisfied customers that this company has robbed by their fraudulent business practices and failure to provide the services they were paid to provide. Their lists are full of bad email addresses and duplicates and their email software programs do not work as advertised. They have you sign a contract (which appears to be legally unenforceable) waiving your rights to a refund. They will claim that this is because many people try to get their email lists or software and then not pay for them. I wonder why that is. I believe that there are enough complaints on the Internet about them that maybe a class action suit for consumer fraud could be brought and all clients refunded their money.

Moreover, these people need to be taken off their high horse where they believe they can get away with robbing consumers--and placed out of business. Hopefully, they can be criminally prosecuted. They are a danger to the public. I would not be surprised if the FL address is a front for a Nigerian crime ring. I also am contacting the Justice Department as others have suggested. If enough of us complain, authorities will have to stop ignoring the consumer complaints and investigate these scum bags.

Several months ago, I purchased a mailing list from Data Depot - big mistake as it turned out - they just took my money and never provided the promised information.

Their website listed the data elements they promised and it appeared to be just what I needed. Once I received the mailing list, I found that they had not included the City - certainly an important element in a mailing list don't you think? I contacted them several times before finally receiving a response that there must be something wrong with my computer. Absurd - it was a data file downloaded from an FTP site. Didn't require any programs to run or anything. I contacted them several more times and they simply refused to respond and they refused to provide a refund.

I then filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau - what a waste of time. I've come to the conclusion after this and a previous encounter with the BBB that it is not worth the effort and time. Data Depot responded that they don't guarantee the accuracy of the data and I agreed to that when I purchased the mailing list. True, I do understand that they cannot possibly guarantee the accuracy of the data as addresses change fequently in some cases; however, I did not agree to purchase a mailing list totally missing a promissed data element (city).

I then filed a complaint with the State of Florida Division of Consumer Affairs. Data Depot simply refused to respond to them and they closed the file with no action. Loss of $178.00

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