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In March 2008, my business partner and I communicated with Business Direct Capital (will be called BDC moving forward) regarding an equipment lease for our company. We applied as the corporation, and we were told that financing could be arranged. But before we could move forward, we had to pay a deposit (which was written on a company check), and we had to sign what BDC called a Master Lease Agreement which is a proposal of what we could possibly get.

A week after we sent this over, BDC contacted us and stated that they could not get the deal done with my name on the application and that the final documents would be only in my partner's name. When the final documents came over, BDC had personal guarantees all over the contracts, so my business partner refused to move forward.

Our attorney at the time wrote a letter to BDC stating that they needed to fix the documents to reflect the corporation only or we couldn't move forward, to which in turn BDC stated that if we didn't move forward, they would keep the deposit and that we would be liable for an additional $18,000! To make a long story short, my business partner left the company so I was left with this mess to deal with. I assumed that the matter was cut and dry, and since my name was not on the final lease documents, this would get resolved. The court would see that this was a scam to entrap us into a contract, and without my name on the final lease documents, the court would dismiss me and return my deposit.

Within 3 weeks of applying for this lease, I now had an $18,000 lease default on my personal credit. So all of my credit card interest rates went out the roof, and I could no longer afford to keep the business going. So I was forced to close it down.

I could not afford an attorney to fight this for me either, so I went into court Pro Per, thinking again that there was no way the judge would rule in their favor. But I was wrong. He ruled in their favor, because I was not represented by a lawyer and BDC is still out there preying on consumers like my self. I promise that if you look at all of the documents relating to this case, you will rule in my favor and stop these guys from doing this to others. Please help me.

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