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BirdDogHR is a human resources company that helps its clients to better organize and manage its people. A company’s biggest asset are its people, which is why at BirdDogHR, we are devoted to helping you not only recruit the best people, but train them and keep them in your company for a long time. With several software and service solutions at hand, the experts at BirdDogHR are ready to prepare your people for success. Contact us today!

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Last updated: May 31, 2017

33 BirdDogHR Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 31, 2017

We wanted to automate our system. We were very archaic in the way that we handled hiring and recruiting. Everything was paper-based. Recruiting efforts were simply done by job postings on our website, which did not allow us to cast a broad net to pool candidates. For these reasons, we turned to BirdDog HR for help. Our HR team is actively using the Applicant Tracking System. We are very excited about the scheduling, tracking, emailing, and all of the other great tools that ATS offers. We have hired 12+ employees through the ATS. The program is user friendly and has made communication with hiring managers much easier. It's really streamlined our process and allowed our hiring managers to have a more active involvement and responsibility in the recruiting process.

We are still in the earlier stages of the Onboarding module. Once we are fully implemented and have the API up and running, we will be adding BirdDog HR modules to our Single Sign On Employee Portal. It’s going to save significant time for managers and applicants on all sides of the hiring and onboarding process.

Our VP of Talent is also in the process of implementing the BirdDogHR performance module and we look forward to the organizational tools that will come with that implementation.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 30, 2017

BirdDog offered a product that was useful to us and they had done something similar for AGC of Iowa so, they already knew our market. When we have a job we need to post, we create it on BirdDog and then we post it through all of the sites that they have partnerships with. Then when we hire someone, we move them through the system in the BirdDog software to help keep track of them. It helps us organize and makes it easy to make a job application. It's also made it easy for us to advertise for employees. They have a lot of partnerships with job boards so I don’t have to post on every single job board. The software also saves everything, so if I had to hire for the same position last year, I can bring that up and repost it.

Their team members have all been very professional. There were a couple of software glitches and they fixed them right away. I hadn’t used the BirdDog software in quite some time because we had someone who left so I had to do it again. I had to call and get a refresher and they were very helpful, walked me through it and have been very easy to talk to. They offer a good product and they back it up with great service.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 27, 2017

We use BirdDogHR for advertising purposes. More people are online and that worked well with us getting people and getting the information we need when we’re hiring. Brandon, a member of their team, is very helpful and he calls me back right away if I get his voicemail. He’s always been attentive to our account at work and always readily available to our needs. The software is good. When I had a problem, I contacted Brandon and he helped figure it out. The support is wonderful.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 26, 2017

We use BirdDogHR for job postings and recruiting for all of our positions. We went with them because they belong to the same organization that we do. Their team's friendly and helpful. They always follow up to make sure that everything is okay and see if we have any questions. What's most impressive about them is their ability to assist us in whatever we need. If something wasn't working, they always help to find a better way to do it. It has helped us a great deal with postings and hunting down sources for advertising for our postings. It's a time-saver for us. It handles disbursements to several advertising units so that we don't have to seek them out ourselves. It's like a one-step program for us and we really appreciate that. Only two of us use the software and we like it. It is easy to use and it's very well worth it.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 26, 2017

I use the BirdDogHR software a lot. However, the process could be simpler when I'm putting out jobs. When people are applying for jobs I wish I can get it emailed that they applied and it gives me a summary of what we find. When I get the app and then send in something and try for an interview, it would be nice if I could see all those steps on that one particular person. So where are they at in the process? Did I do a phone call? How did the person respond? Did I need to reschedule him? I wish I could see that profile for that particular person. The track-in is not that great.

Most of the time when applicants call me, I direct them to apply through Indeed which comes to BirdDogHR. It’s a big help for people who get on the computer and apply. I notice the trend. I can put a job out on Monday and by Thursday I’m not really getting any hit. People normally get on and apply on the weekends. After 30 days, I go back in and refresh the job. That part can be cumbersome especially when I have 10 jobs out there. If they could look at a better way of doing that, that would be great.

I worked with Brandon from BirdDogHR and he’s very good. I talked to him last week because we’re going to renew our contract for 1 year instead of three years. We get a great response using BirdDogHR. It is very good for the size of our company. We’ve grown. When I first started, it was 52 employees and now we have 106. It works pretty well.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 25, 2017

We went through a brief overview of the BirdDogHR system and how to navigate it. My company chose them and one of the reasons was because it was convenient as it's able to post to various job search engines all at once and so that was an ideal option. The software is also user-friendly. I go online, look at candidates who have applied and we reach out to them then I either close the job or put in new jobs as we have openings in our company. And the BirdDogHR team has been responsive every time I've had a question so it’s been good. They've been helpful and very knowledgeable too. Working with them has been positive and the experience has been very good.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 25, 2017

We use BirdDogHR as an applicant tracking system. They post jobs that are open on different sites and then have them go in and apply and then take them through the process until we hire them. It works well. We’re a union contractor so we don’t have a lot of positions that we post out there but the ones that we do, it was very user friendly and got the job done. We’ve been able to fill positions without having to go through a recruiter or anything like that which is prior to me coming here.

There were some features I didn’t know how to use when I first started in the company. I tried to work my way through it and BirdDogHR was very helpful. When I started working with the software, I scheduled a call with the rep and he went through all the features with me and talked to me about it. I’ve had some hard to fill positions and he's very helpful and friendly. I’ve used other ATS’ so it’s all with the same goal in mind. I’m sure there’s probably a side to that that I could utilize if I were a bigger company that did a lot of hiring that I don’t necessarily get to use because we don’t do have a lot of turn over but there was one company that called me here locally and asked me about it and I recommended BirdDogHR.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 24, 2017

We use BirdDogHR for job posting to our website and then to the other websites that it offers. So we’re kinda publicizing our positions. The company that I work with didn’t have any avenue of posting jobs on their website and they knew that there was gonna be an increase in hiring from then and in the future, so they decided to use BirdDogHR. We use it for job posting to our website and then to the other websites that it offers. So we’re publicizing our positions. I’ve had to call them for a couple of things and the answer would get right back to me and I usually have a resolution within 24 hours. Also, sometimes, they’ll notice things that I wasn’t aware of or there are mishaps and they'll call and let me know, too.

The only thing is, I'm comparing it to a system I used before which is a proprietary system to that company, with the notes section and being able to track candidates that way throughout the process and then if people don’t apply then, maybe a little bit easier to have them all pooled into it as opposed to having them manually upload. I have been asked by someone who was starting in a new position and I just kind of explained what the benefits were with BirdDogHR. It’s pretty user-friendly and there isn’t much difficulty with using it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 23, 2017

We were using another system and we were very, very unhappy with it. BirdDog came recommended through the AGC. Since we are a member and are general contractors, it seemed like a good fit. The reps were excellent. We wrapped up the implementation phase of our system about a month ago and we use all of their modules from applicant tracking through onboarding, through their LMS, through their evaluation systems. It’s improved our processes. It’s taken a while to get things up and running, but in the long run, it’s faster. It’s a lot more user-friendly and better from a customer service support standpoint.

I have given recommendations to other companies. Basically, from the standpoint of there’s a lot of products out there that you can purchase, especially if you’re looking for an ATS or an LMS, the differential for BirdDog is the level of customer service that they have compared to other companies. They’re very hands-on and one-on-one. You have a dedicated person. They’re very quick at getting back to you. If I shoot an e-mail, I have an answer usually within a couple of hours.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 22, 2017

We have a contact person at BirdDog. His name is Brandon. He’s very quick to respond and very helpful. I'm still kind of new in needing and using BirdDog. My position is adjusted. So, what I do is posting the jobs and then trying to make sure that everyone is following through with writing notes on things. Right now, our HR person, Andy, is the one who’s checking the applicants and filtering through. At the moment, that’s pretty much all we do with BirdDog. There are some aspects of it that I’m not using.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 21, 2017

Everything was good for us in BirdDogHR. We evaluated ease of use and implementation, the intuitive organization of the functions on the package, minimal training time for all the users, the clear and concise page setups for everybody that is a stakeholder and the software within the firm. The additional functionality that was built in that was available through additional fees was very appealing for us too.

If we have a problem, we go straight to our account manager. Sometimes the requirements will be forwarded to a technical expert and sometimes their responses will turn into three people on the telephone call. Frequently, they include a variety of people and emails so that they'd get the right feedback from the right people at the right time during the resolution. They would always come back to us and ask, “Is there anything else? How do we need to follow up or what else can we do for you?” That’s always the best practice in providing superior customer service. Plus, they make an effort to team with the client. They don’t see themselves just as a service provider. They want to make sure that the services they deliver are well-received and well-understood. They take great pride in doing what they do and they have good reason to be proud of the product they represent, sell, and support.

We handle our HR in an extraordinary way. The functionality that they delivered helps us with the advertising of open positions. The interaction which is automatic through various websites around the country has been virtually painless for us and has been successful. The timeliness of the returns of the applicants has been amazing compared to our previous provider. We have no problems at all. We are very capable of making the necessary changes to the software to get the information from it that we need without having to call in for help because it is intuitive, simply designed and we were trained so well.

They have an add-on package that benefits and helps us in learning management. I'm able to put in learning requirements for my entire workforce. I can also specially design learning plans for individual employees and track the accomplishments in learning across the board whether by employee or by topic. I can sort the data through a variety of techniques and that delivers actionable and decisive information that supports what we're doing in our company. With that, we've referred a lot of people to BirdDogHR.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 20, 2017

We use BirdDog for job postings, especially in getting the number of employees and the type of volume we wanted. The rep I was dealing with did a really good job. He was very informative and really knew the product. It was new to us as we hadn't done anything before with any type of service like that but I felt comfortable with the rep. Our interactions with their team revolved around how we can word our ads more effectively to draw in the kind of applicants we were looking for and on how to refresh the ads so that they stayed at the top of the list. And initially, we had done some integration so that the jobs are posted under our own website. They did that for me and got that all set up.

The most impressive about the service is the ease that it takes to post jobs and that they're connected to a lot of other job placement websites. So I can post in one place and then it gets distributed to a lot of other places. Also, we exclusively do it through BirdDog now so it's saved us a lot of time and expense. We used to put a lot of newspaper ads in but rarely do that now because BirdDog has been very effective in getting us the applicants.

The software is very user-friendly, too. I enjoy working with it, although I wish I had more time to deal with it because there's a lot of other things that BirdDog offers. I would recommend it because it's been great for us. I have a lot of people that call and try to solicit business from the other job placement websites but I tell them that I'm happy with what we're getting from BirdDog so I don’t have any reason to change.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 19, 2017

We post jobs and get resumes using BirdDogHR and we haven't had any bad experiences with them. A rep calls to check in on us and I have also called them at one point and I got an answer.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 18, 2017

BirdDogHR was something different and it allowed me to streamline the process and because the rep was persistent, we chose to go with them. Maggie was my onboarding person and she was awesome, knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. She was responsive which I appreciated. We only use it for the job requisitions. We don’t use it for the other capabilities that it has. They were just for applicants. People can apply and we filter their applications through BirdDog. Sometimes we have good responses to the job ads and sometimes we don’t, so it’s been average. I just wish they had better sites for the niche work that we do. We’re plumbers. There really aren’t websites geared towards plumbers that they’re posting the jobs on. It’s an okay system to use. It just depends on what you need it for. It does save you time versus having to go to multiple websites to look for people. But if they do what we do, I wouldn’t recommend it.

BirdDogHR response

Thanks for your feedback Jessica. Job distribution, job ads and employer branding can sometimes be a tricky combination to figure out. We’ve helped hundreds of Nexstar members throughout the years so I know we can help. Your account manager will be in touch with ideas to help you generate more qualified candidates.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 17, 2017

We were looking for new staff members and we had quite a few to fill. We talked to BirdDogHR and we used them. It is a service that you have to pay a yearly contract for and this is the second year now. Their system was simple to use. It was accessible to our website so it fit with what we wanted at that time. It's primarily how we reach out and recruit. It goes to the social media and it shows our open positions. They have several different kinds of ways of posting different applications on different social medias across the United States, Wyoming, Nebraska and the Front Range.

The software is very functional, versatile and interactive. If there's an application that I need and I don't know how the application works on the website, then I call and they explain it to me or they try and adapt a different profile for it. We can also post things in just a few minutes. We can change things and update information. When you're dealing with individuals, their e-mail addresses or addresses and their phone numbers change constantly so it's easy to make those changes online.

Their people were very receptive to bring to my attention different ways of using the software and the different applications. If I had a specific need, they tell me exactly what the application was. Periodically, someone will call me and ask me is there anything else they can do for us. So for the most part, were happy with them. I would definitely recommend BirdDogHR.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 16, 2017

We sought assistance from BirdDogHR to make the whole HR experience easier. The whole program was very easy to use. One of their services was job posting and the other service was applicant communication process. As far as the team members of BirdDogHR go, they're great. They're there to help if you needed them. The biggest drawback though was me getting it done. Their team and program were fabulous. If there's any issue, it was because I'm not implementing what I should be.

I've made my first hire through BirdDogHR here which has been good. We have 18 members so we're very small. The other thing is, it's now accumulating applicants for me without me having to do much of anything. It screens them in the background so as soon as I'm ready to start hiring, I can simply go in there and start contacting everybody. It’s a big time saver for small businesses on HR and hiring. It's a great program and it has saved me a lot of time. I would have to hire another team member to do everything that BirdDogHR can do for me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 15, 2017

I'm very pleased with BirdDogHR. Its price was the reason we went with them. It works very well for us. We use the software for applicant tracking and talent management as well as their learning management system. Also, it has made compliance a one-stop shop. It streamlined a lot of activities to the web that were formally handled by hand and through Excel spreadsheets. Now, we have one place for all the data.

Their team is exceptional. I have experts at hand to call if I need help. They're always available and very hands on. We call in periodically if there are user issues. Each user, they've been gracious enough to allow to call in if there are internet issues, trouble with how to find something in the system, or amend a program or process.

BirdDogHR is very user-friendly and straightforward. You don't need a manual to figure out how to do something. It doesn't require a whole lot of training to learn it, which is good because we have to train our managers to use it as well. So, from a technical aspect, I like that it's more basic than intermediate and it's pretty intuitive. All in all, BirdDogHR is fantastic and I’m always a good reference for them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 14, 2017

We wanted to have an organized place for online applications who enrolled online, so we use BirdDogHR. The program gets notices out to a wider variety of people and it's been good. We've got more applications than we would have otherwise because it goes out to more fields which they are a facilitator of. It keeps a record of who applied and what position they're applying for. It works well as far as what I've used for and if someone's looking for a facilitator to online applications for employment for a larger company, BirdDogHR would be worth using.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 13, 2017

I'm a bridge contractor, belong to the IOWA AGC which is our construction association and we started a partnership with BirdDogHR for them to create a career board for us and most members belong to the career board and put our ads and stuff on there. We run an ad for construction laborers and then we use their tracking system as applications come in. We use that to grade them and then to pick one. And then we’ve also signed up for their onboarding so once we have selected an applicant, then we use the onboarding process to have them fulfill our paperwork and to get them into our system.

They have a person assigned to our account and there were times at the beginning when the career board wasn’t gathering all the information that the DUT wanted for EEO reasons and so I talked to the developers at BirdDogHR and they were able to change the board and accommodate those things. So they’ve been really good both at the top levels as well as our account manager person. The software's functionality is really good. My cousin and I are partners and we’re the ones putting up the ad and sorting through the applicants and then we have one HR person who does the onboarding and he does seem pleased with that. He used to do it by hand.

I feel really good about BirdDogHR. They’re helping us get the applicants, comply with the EEO stuff, and they’ve been able to change things when needed, so we’ve been happy. Working with them saves some money in trying to do all those things on our own and it’s gotten us more applicants and helped us comply so it's been a positive effect. I would suggest my friends to give BirdDogHR a try.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 12, 2017

We use BirdDogHR for new applicants. We accept applications through them and then we recently have started using it as an onboarding tool for when we hire those applicants. I had an issue of not being able to log on and I called the customer service number. A gal by the name of Amanda walked me through it step by step, she got me in there and I was able to do my onboarding with that new hire. They have a very great customer service and speedy response. Also, BirdDog makes things very efficient and more organized so that we're not double-working documents with a new hire. It runs very smoothly and it's very user-friendly.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 11, 2017

We use BirdDogHR as a recruiting tool to track our applicants. I like the user interface, it's easy to use and I also like how it distributes jobs very quickly. I would like it to have better reporting capabilities but we're working on it.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 7, 2017

I've been using BirdDogHR for a couple of years now for recruiting and hiring. We do a job posting on BirdDog and sometimes we pay the additional postings and sometimes we use the free. BirdDogHR is primarily a tool to attract prospective applicants when we’re actively hiring and we've been able to hire a couple of individuals using the software. The functionality is slightly above average and a couple of things could be a little better streamlined. There are a couple extra clicks of the mouse to get to where I want to go. But overall, I would recommend BirdDogHR to my friends if they're looking for an online tool to help with recruiting.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 6, 2017

Everybody uses BirdDogHR differently and for us, it's just for applicants. Basically, we get an email letting us know when somebody has applied for a job. And because of the vast amount of networks that it's hooked up with, we get a lot of certain people that have done something through Indeed or somebody that's done something through Keloland. We jumped on and took a look at it. Brandon from BirdDog HR did a webinar with me and Patty, who's one of our owners, to go over the basics of how to set up a job listing, what we need to do when we receive an application, how we can kind of move information around so that we’re not looking at the same thing by accident multiple times since I was new to using it.

It’s impressive how particular BirdDogHR has gotten with it. I know that there’s been some changes even since I started using it. I feel like maybe someday we could go from just doing applications to using the other side of it, with keeping track of employees and HR situations and things of that nature. It has really helped me keep track the applications and who applied more than once. It's really easy to access and very user-friendly. I would absolutely suggest BirdDog. It can make the hiring process run a lot more smoothly.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 4, 2017

We wanted to consolidate our applicants online and be able to reach out to multiple job boards. Those were the HR concerns that led us to seek assistance from BirdDogHR. When we used their software, all of our applications come through the website and then go directly to the Hiring Manager. They then view all the applications and the ones they want to select for an interview, they take it to the next level. My main contact in BirdDogHR is Todd. I work with him and he's excellent. As far as I call or e-mail, he gets right back with me. What's most impressive is the way he expedites request. We had to revamp our application and we entered a few job-specific questions to our company. Then, when I called and told him this, he got right on it and a couple of times filled the requests quickly.

Working with BirdDogHR has helped us staying in compliance with the EOC and having everything solid and people off the streets walking in. Also, I believe we're getting better candidates. The software is user-friendly as well. But, I don't think our employees are utilizing it to its fullest. They don't really go to it unless they're looking for candidates. Now, whenever anyone calls or come in the door here, we refer them to our website and that saves so much time. You're not tied up with them wanting to sit down, wanting an interview right then, fill out the application, and talk to you. So, it's more time-efficient for me. I would recommend BirdDogHR and let people know how they can customize it to fit your company needs and help them with their process of looking for qualified candidates.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 3, 2017

Primarily, we're using BirdDog's recruitment option. They're state-of-the-art when it comes to what they've developed and how easy it is in automation, plus it helps with our entities that have federal contracting requirements. They also were nimble enough to help us work with our eight other entities, and six of those are not federal contractors. They helped set up a system that works for us and were very innovative. So, when we came to them with something different, they didn't say, "Oh, no. We can't do that." They worked with us. There were a few bumps every now and then but we're fine with that.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 28, 2017

We needed some help to centralize things and chose BirdDogHR due to the variety of features and price, and their customer service. We use the program to post jobs, receive resumes and then set up interviews and hire people. It has helped us to put more ads out there and gather more resumes and be able to hire more people. It's a good program. It centralizes everything into one response. I contact our client specialist every couple of months, who checks in to see how things are going. But things are self-sufficient at this point. We've set things up and the program runs on its own almost.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 27, 2017

I'd definitely recommend BirdDogHR. Three years ago, whenever we were looking, BirdDogHR was the frontrunner so we went with them. Their software is very user-friendly and draws in a lot of applicants. Through it, we post a job, collect resumes and reach out to potential candidates. It's allowed us to hire several people. It's where the future is, online job applications, so we've had good success with it even if we have never done anything like it before.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 26, 2017

We were way behind the times and we were collecting paper apps for open positions which weren't efficient. We weren't seeing very many apps that way and pushing it out to local newspapers was costly. We weren't really getting much more as far as the results went. I had plans to work with our HRIS system and use their ATS platform, initially. The best case scenario for us would have been to have an ATS that communicated directly with our HRIS and was in the same system. It would make life a lot easier but the more I looked at it, the functionality wasn't there. I was looking at different options and I was on a budget. And because BirdDogHR was offering a lot of the same stuff that some of the bigger companies were, but at a lot lower price, we decided to choose them.

One of the biggest selling points for me was their customer service. I read a lot of reviews on the customer service aspect and to me, that's huge. I want to be able to call and get an issue resolved immediately. It was more or less a recruiting tool to be able to reach more applicants and manage those applications a lot easier. Between our nine branches that we have spread out, it works to have everything all in one system. Currently, we are only using the Applicant Tracking System. I've looked into some of the other features of it, as far as the Onboarding, but right now, it's not a big pressing issue.

It's been a great tool as far as pushing the jobs out to all the job boards from one place. So, we've seen a very drastic increase in the number of applications that we're receiving per job and a lot higher quality applications. But it comes with its challenges. Having more applications isn't always a good thing. It's added work as far as managing those additional apps. But being able to do it from the system is 10 times easier than maintaining and retaining paper apps and the whole nine yards. So it's drastically improved our recruiting process. The time to hire has drastically reduced and it's helped with retention as well.

Typically, an ATS might not really help with retention but we are able to attract a little bit more quality applicants rather than those that are just looking for a job and finally applying to jobs that are out there with the Department of Labor. It's also made everything a lot more efficient. I do not have to review applications and then send them out to our managers. Everyone can review on real-time and I can see who's been in there and who's not managing their apps. To manage those apps internally and make sure that my managers are on top of the applicants and doing what they're supposed to be doing has been a huge tool.

Also, the functionality's great. I think that it works for what we need. But currently, they only contracted with one of their company, Wolfe, and they do the background check. I wish that there were more options as far as background checks go. So, we can add that feature and the background checks could be done a little bit more efficiently rather than the manual process we're going through now. I also wish that they communicated with our HRIS system which is our payroll and human resources platform. It would be ideal if the two of them communicated and I could get it higher and the information from the ATS went into the HRIS.

My biggest complaint with the software is that I'm bouncing back and forth between so many systems right now that it's becoming inefficient. If I was looking to leave BirdDogHR, it would be to go to a more rounded platform. One of those bigger companies that have an HRIS and a well-built out ATS system, all-in-one type of a deal. But I don't see that ever happening anytime in the near future. We're not with a major company with our HRIS system either.

I consider our organization to be pretty low-maintenance but when I need something done, I'm extremely impatient and want it done now. BirdDogHR has been fantastic with that. They managed very quickly any complaints that I've had. Sean has done a good job of following up, at least, annually to make sure that things are going great and what complaints I might have or anything that they can do differently. I think that they provided a great product and their selling point is in the construction, high skill and high trade industries. They really cater to those types of organizations but they've been a great job in our industry as well. I would refer a friend to use their platform.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 25, 2017

We were struggling to find people. We're a career college and we were looking for experienced instructors to train people to be instructors. We came across BirdDog. We were looking at the San Antonio market and saw plenty of BirdDogHR postings. So we knew they had a presence and the price was reasonable, so we figured we'd give it a try. We've been using them for several years since. We've had much more luck with them that's why we kept going back.

We use it for posting and cross-posting on other sites that it pushes to. We also use their templates. BirdDogHR is absolutely working for what we need it. The two things I like are, one, it's very easy to refresh jobs. We have some jobs that we keep indefinitely because we're always in need. After reposting from the beginning, the program puts them back at the top of the list, which is very convenient and saves me a lot of time.

Another one is that the price structure, at least for us, is more of a flat rate. So it's a very cost-effective model for us and we don't lose anything by posting jobs that we may not get much out of just to give it a try. For example, we struggle with any posting anywhere for culinary. But we don't lose anything by putting us on BirdDogHR because it's a very level situation. We also use BirdDogHR on harder markets. We struggle in Nursing especially in Oklahoma where we had demands. We also like the fact that they do post to at least one if not more military pipelines. We like our veterans and it's one more avenue into letting them know we existed.

We've been very pleased. But we haven't had the time or resources to utilize a lot of the other potentials the software has. They look promising but it takes somebody with a little bit more time. Maybe if we did grow a little bit and get to the point where we can hire more of a true recruiter. BirdDogHR is also good at staying in touch.

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Original review: April 23, 2017

We had been searching for applicant tracking systems. One of the selling points of BirdDogHR was that they had multiple other options in case we were to grow into them. When we first started, I was mostly in contact with more the sales rep. She was a gal who walked me through the sales process and what they have to offer. I enjoyed that interaction. Once we decided to purchase the applicant tracking portion, Brandon was the on-boarding gentleman who walked me through the details of how to use the program. There were a few people in the meantime as far as account managers and they would check in every so often if everything was going okay.

Brandon is my current account manager. I go to him with questions and we talk about once a month. The people are helpful and very easy to reach. I also feel that they take my suggestions seriously. If I do have a question or an issue, they're extremely responsive in order to get back with me. Whether it's a yes or a no or they can't do something. I like that they're very personal over the phone. Easy to talk and to work with.

Right now, we solely use it for posting advertisements for job openings and then we sort the applicants in the system. I forward applications on to managers and we email the applicants through BirdDogGHR if we're interested in pursuing them or not. If I were to reach out to the applicants, I can also select the option to use my email address. But if it's a "You're not qualified" email, then it is coming from the BirdDogHR email address. I can post to one program and it distributes my applications to a number of spots. I'm not having to manage eight different sites and it eases my job. Because it automatically goes to our website, we customize it and it's directly on our career page.

BirdDogHR has increased the number of applicants we are receiving and helps me organize the applicants once they come in. We are also able to ask the applicants some questions through the program, like if they have a driver's license. So it covers a little bit of the liability risk involved. BirdDogHR has a lot of other options. I know that they have an on-boarding functionality too and they specialize in a couple of industries. It would be definitely a time-saver.

Maybe it would be interesting if they can offer a trial-run of their other platforms for potential customers who may be interested in moving into one of their other offerings to see if it would work or how it works. But one of the reasons I like BirdDogHR is they're not selling me on their other things. I just know from talking to them that it is a really neat software program and very useful for particular customers. It's also an aesthetically pleasing software and user-friendly. I would definitely recommend it. It's just an added value to my day-to-day. I'm also kind of selling their services too. I've talked to a few potential customers on their behalf and I enjoy doing it.

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