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Adam called me and was very nice and complimentary. He asked why I thought I was good for this job after speaking for a bit. He told me how great I would be as a company representative as they do not have one in my area (NH). He then asked when I wanted to start and that all I needed was $400 for the training. This set up a red flag as I have worked in emergency services for over 15 years and have all my hazmat and blood borne pathogens certifications. He said I could think about it and call him in the morning. Thankfully, I was able to research this company and found many complaints like the ones here. I promptly emailed the link to these complaint pages and feel very grateful that people posted these things so I wouldn't get scammed.

Back in July ’08, I did a clean-up job of a semi that went off an overpass down 200' with both husband and wife was crushed. I was told by Adam that I would get $50 per hour for the job. The job lasted 3.5 hours in 116 degree weather. All the paperwork and photos were sent to the proper office and payment was still not received.

In February of 2009, I got called by a dispatcher from Bio-Tec at 4:30pm with a priority suicide clean-up in Scottsdale at a storage unit. I arrived on scene at 5:30pm and didn't leave until 11:45pm. I was told by Adam that the bill was paid in advance and I would be paid in 3-7 days at $100 per hour rate. 3.5 years later, still no payment and just keep getting the runaround by Adam and Mark. Adam keeps stating they never got paid for the jobs. I called the customers and got copies of the cashed checks payable to Bio-Tec. Adam keeps stating he will get me a check mailed out quick. I call Adam every week and he keeps saying to email him and he will take care of it.

This company needs to be dealt with but no attorney will assist. I'm out over $2,700 between $500 for the ** training that doesn't even train you! These are questions from a Bloodborne path class (I had the same questions I had when I went to paramedic school). $1,350 for the so called special equipment (paint sprayer used as a fogger) and chemicals, including the 2 clean ups. I called similar companies and they even explained the training process you have to go through to be certified as a tech and they also state how much of a scam Bio-Tec is.

I have retained the services of a law firm to file judgment against Bio-Tec Emergency Services for breach of oral agreement. Bio-Tec Emergency Services failed to fully compensate me for my services and also failed to provide me sufficient training. I feel that Bio-Tec Emergency Services has victimized many of its Reps and feel that they should get proper compensation for their work. I would like to file a Class Action Suit against Bio-Tec Emergency Services. If you are a victim please come forward and contact me.

I found a national Crime Scene Clean up company online that appeared to be legitimate last year. I paid over $1,200 dollars for supplies and Crime Scene Technical "Certification." Once this was done, I was called out to a home in Griffin, GA for a clean up a trailer. The job lasted about six hours. I made sure that all the required paperwork was completed and sent to Bio-Tec after the job.

I never met anyone in person and spoke to several people on the phone. After the job, I was told that it could take up to two months to be paid. The agreement was $50 dollars an hour. My phone calls were repeatedly ignored after the two month mark.

I decided to call from a different phone number and someone answered. A female answered and refused to give an explanation for lack of payment and extended time frame. She was rude and made it clear I would not get paid. I realized at that point what I was dealing with. I also took pictures of a home in Douglasville, GA that had water damage and sent the pictures on disc to Bio-Tec with my own money and received nothing for that as well.

Bio-Tec is parading around as a legitimate company that helps people in need and could be deceiving not only the customers but the employees as well and must be investigated. It is my responsibility to at least stop them from taking advantage of customers who are already dealing with traumatic situations.

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