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After speaking with a sales person, I never did agree to purchase what she was trying to sell. I bought into Who’s Who last Sept and nothing became of that and now they are charging me again for the same promo. Come on now. Then they never took off my account info. These people screwed me. I tried to get a refund but the quack keeps giving me the run around.

I was just charged twice for the same package that I paid for five months ago. Your company is a good rip off, using different sales personnel to order the same program over and over. I admit your operation is smooth and you trap a lot of people. But you never did produce what you said Biltmore was going to do. So I am totally dissatisfied and I know when I was scammed.

This company uses high pressure sales tactics and a no-cancellation policy to trap people into their network of professionals. They profess to have tools and a process to help executives connect with other leaders, find jobs and build their businesses. However the program is nothing more than a very expensive web site with very little personalized support. They do not stand behind their service, but rather did not allow me to cancel within 24 hours of the initial call - even though no work had been done at all on my behalf. Now I cannot get them to remove me from their data base.

I do not want to be associated with their list, but cannot get any remedy to have my name removed or get a refund for a service I never have used. They are a very shady organization and should be held accountable for unethical business practices.

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