After seeing inflated ads about this company, my son and I looked into going into business with them. We tried to research carefully, even calling some other distributors. We could not find dealers in the US; however, Suave provided us the names of two different ones.

One of them claimed that he was willing to sell due to such a huge amount of business. He was located in California and did not offer a great price. The other was impossible to contact. However, we found many recommendations online and nothing negative. We asked many questions and thought we had everything covered.

However, the product that we received did not work for the 75% of batteries like they claimed. Instead only five to ten per cent of the batteries would test out as recharged and many of them did not last. We refunded the cost of those batteries to our customers. We want to warn anyone that this is a real ripoff. We lost $6000 plus another $1000 for the "junked" batteries that we bought. There was also considerable cost for travel expense involved in picking up the batteries and making prospective sales contacts.