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In October 2010, I bought from them 2005 RAV4 for export overseas. From the beginning, Sergio sale person confirmed that they have a title in hands. It was very important for me because without a tile I can't ship it. If I knew this situation, I never bought this car. Since, I purchased the car, I asked them mail to me title. They promised one week then another week, then Jimmy says, do not call us any more used "F" words when we will have it we will mail to you.

Please help me with this situation. Jimmy not allowed also talking to anybody else, do not provide any information. He said, he is owner of this place. The dealerships like this say to customer F words, do not provide information and documents should never have dealer license and provide services to community.

Thank you.

I had a business in NY and I sined lease with Axis in 01/29/2007 The lease was for 4 years to pay each month $145.85 for use a machines:


I never used the machines for many circunstances and I spok with ANTONIO M. (Axis owner) about my inconvenency and ask if was posibol be out the lease. He say I can't do nathing because who is taking the many from the bank is NORTHEN LEASING INC.That was new for me, I dont know was other company betwin Axis and me. I try everithing to be out but was impossible mr Antonio never pay attention to my calls (dont answer, I call you latter Im bussy etc)I know his wife work in the office and I tried with her. was hard but she is helping each mont with $50.

I continiu try to be out the lease and mr Antonio tell me fined others business who can bay your lease and I did. I bring to him (4 business) he say send to me theses machines I did and dont do nathing. thoses machines are from NORTHEN LEASING and he has thes, NORTHEN LEASING continiu taking many from me, the others business who I bring to him, are in teh same situation than me.

I close the business mr Antonio know that and he continiu like he can do anithing. I don have many to pay that: I close the business and I don have job. I hope to fine the solution to be out the busness and some one stap Axis to continiu with this because is lot business goes in ANTONIOS and NORTHEN SCAM FRAUD.


I worked for a Co. call Axis Merchant Group for over a year. At first I felt comfortable and did not notice that right underneath laid a thick layer of lies, corruption, scams, and fraud. Innocent merchants that have been lied to and used by Axis Merchant Group in order to get ahead have been victims of a terrible crime that must not go unnoticed any further.

Axis Merchant Group is located at 500 Airport Blvd Suite 405 Burlingame, Ca 94010. Axis with the help of their sales representatives they go out into the community offering store merchants credit/debit terminals, check processing terminals. They are currently offering the VeriFone VX 570 terminal that offers credit/debit, bill payment, and prepaid services all within one terminal. The Orion 4access terminal is a check-processing terminal that merchants can cash consumer checks at their location and electronically the funds would be deposited into the merchants account within 5-6 business days or sometimes weeks, or months. They also provide merchants with I.D. services through a Co. called Liberty I.D.

After working awhile with Axis I started to notice the many calls that came in trying to cancel their services. Merchants complained that they never knew of a contract with Northern Leasing especially for four years. They continued on by saying that they never sign a lease and all they filled out was a questioner to see if they would be approved for the services in which the Co provided. I as a worker there had many responsibilities, one of them was to deal with all the complaints and find solutions, in other words negotiate with the merchant so that they would stop calling, or threaten to sue. This was when I started to notice the many things that were going on within the co. Sales representatives would lie about the prices of the products, signatures were cut out of the questioners and pasted on over contracts with Northern Leasing and then copied so that it would not become obvious of what was going on. Contracts were held at Axis for a period longer than thirty days and by then it would be too late for merchants to cancel. Most of the time contracts were never mailed off to the merchants. Axis did not want the merchant to know anything about the cancellation options so that they would not call and complain.

This is how it worked, merchants most of the time never saw their contracts at the time of sale, they were told to sign here, there, initial here, there and lied to. They were informed that it was only a proposal to see if they were eligible for the services. Nothing within the forms was filled out besides the name and date and basic information. Sales representatives were informed to ask for all the proper documentations from the merchant and the processing department and Axis would fill out the all the information in the application and contracts. When one of the forms was missing a signature the processing department would give it to Anthony Manzilla the President of Axis Merchant Solutions and supposedly he would get in contact with the merchant to acquire the signature require. Within a few minutes the forms that needed the signature were already sign.

Axis would summit their application and within a couple of days if everything was approved the merchant would get their equipment through UPS. Following this fiasco, calls starting coming in from merchants all over, claiming that they never sign a Northern Leasing. Continued on by stating that all they fill out was an Axis questioner form to see if they were eligible for the services. Also that there was no initial obligations and that they could cancel at anytime. The option of whether they wanted the equipment or not was never really left up to the merchants and prices were never settled on. Merchants wanted to know who was debiting their bank accounts and why they were never inform of the charges and all the different debtors. Merchants started closing their bank accounts and started becoming harassed by the leasing Companies demanding their money. When merchants would inform their debtors that they never sign a contract they were told otherwise not only their leasing company, but also by Axis that they did sign and they had proof. The proof that Axis was referring to was the cut and paste of signatures from the questioner application to contracts, to processors which provided that different services, that in reality many of the merchants never even knew of or saw the paper work.

On many occasions when the merchant notices something does not make sense and they call to cancel their services, Anthony informs his employees to send it for funding regardless but immediately before they closed their bank account.

Since one of my responsibilities was to deal with complaints I on a couple of occasions had to respond to the BBB and Consumers Affairs on these complaints. Axis would pay the merchants off to keep them quite for a while.

Axis Merchant Group has being abusing the rights of many hard working people out in our communities by getting them involve in scams and fraud without even knowing of the consequences that would arise. A high majority of the merchants in whom Axis attacks is the Hispanic community. Since most of all the contracts are in English many Hispanic people are lied to about what really is being said within the contracts.

Anthony Manzilla always finds a way to get his money with or without the merchants approval. Northern Leasing sends out by fax to Axis Charge Back Letters if a merchant has NSF in their bank account or their account has been close or their equipment was never installed. If Anthony finds out that there is NSF in the merchants bank account he immediately deposits the amount that Northern Leasing is trying to withdraw from that merchants into the merchants bank account. Anthony later informs his employees to call Northern Leasing and speak with the charge back coordinator to debit the merchants account ASAP before the merchants takes notice. All that Northern Leasing needs is one good ACH from the merchant and Axis will get their commission. The more equipment Axis sells to the merchant the more commission Axis will get. The merchant never finds out that Axis has deposit the money into their bank account so that Northern Leasing could withdraw it immediately.

There is so much corruption within this company alone and Anthony would go to any means to make another dollar of an innocent individual barely trying to survive in an already challenging economic system. Who are we if we dont say anything? Who are we if we turn our back from those that can speak for themselves? When JFK asked the American people, Ask not what this country can do for you, but what you can do for this country? Did he mean to ignore the innocent? I think we forget that we all makeup this country the, American? lies within all of us, but when someone is willing to walk all over someone else to make it in our world I strongly believe it is then that I must speak against this injustice and cruelty done to those that are blinded by the lies and the corruption of Axis Merchant Solution/ Group/ LLC.

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