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AT&T VoIP offers personalized phone solutions for businesses. From basic to cloud-based phone services, AT&T VoIP has programs for every type of business with its local and long-distance landline plans.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2018

First off, I'll echo most of the other criticisms left here - overly complicated system if you don't have an IT department (even though they sold it to us as a "small business solution,") terrible technical and customer support, etc... But on top of all that, we routinely get HACKED by people in foreign countries who rack up thousands on long distance calls. This seems to always happen on weekends when nobody is at the office, and I get voicemails from AT&T Fraud Dept. letting me know of the problem. When you call the fraud department back and tell them you have Collaborate, they basically have nothing good to say about it.

Finally, the only solution to stop this from happening was to bar international calls from our office phones. While it is not a big part of our business, we do occasionally need to make calls to Canada or other countries, and when we do I have to log into the Collaborate control center and turn off the bar for whichever phone is going to be used for an international call, then remember to turn it back on later. Because, you know, as a small business person I have nothing better to do... In short, this isn't a full phone system since we can't even make international calls. This is a sad joke and I have regretted it every days since we gave up our old copper wire system at AT&T's insistence. I plan to find a completely different (non AT&T) service as soon as our contract is up.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2018

Try getting customer support for your small business on a weekend. Only available Monday thru Friday 8-6. If your business runs on weekends like mine your out of luck getting help until Monday. AT&T not all businesses, especially small ones work on a 5 day week with bankers hours.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 12, 2018

I have AT&T Digital Home Phone (VoIP) and am pretty happy with it. I have had no service or quality problems with the exception of when power goes out, duh... The only issue I have is with their customer service. They have a robocall blocking feature, Call Protect, that you are supposed to be able to enable from your dashboard but the link is busted and it took three calls and a couple of chat sessions to finally figure out that they have disabled the link while to make some enhancements. I have had Comcast digital phone and the quality is comparable.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 30, 2018

AT&T put my service on "HOLD" for no reason. When you call to reach a rep, you are damn lucky to get one. Then they tell you falsehoods to get you off their ph line. I have a business with no working ph for 4 days now. AT&T's treatment is inexcusable. AT&T DOES NOT CARE about existing customers.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 1, 2018

Our phones have gone down twice in a very short time. The first time we had no internet and not phones. We are a company of 46 people who depend on internet and phones to stay in business. We could not reach anyone to get us help. We finally were able to talk to someone in India who told us to reboot and we did and nothing happened. They said they would issue a ticket to get someone out here. Could not talk to anyone to get a status on when they were coming out. Finally came out at close of business. This time we are going into day two of no phones and no one to talk to. What happen to Customer Service in this country??!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 21, 2018

I made at least 6 phone calls to get service established. I was given inaccurate information, my appointments kept getting cancelled. I would call to confirm and they had no record of the appointment even though I had email confirmations. I have never experienced this level of incompetency from an organization and cancelled everything because I couldn't be sure of their ability to provide service. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE PROVIDER!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 15, 2018

I have been with AT&T for a while now with business internet, Digital Voice, Fax and Wireless services. Since January, I have call customer services on 11 different occasions for the same issues with our business internet's service. There was also some business landline issues that resulted in your company switching to digital voice services. The issue is with the internet which streams choppy videos speeds and very slow internet connections. Moreover, we are suppose to have 17.0 mbps Download and 1.0 mbps speeds. That is definitely not the case at the moment. At this point I am ready to cancel my business internet and digital voice services the for of not receiving any kind of resolution. My other service has minor issues that can be resolved hopefully.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 7, 2018

Being a loyal customer since 2005, I have decided to terminate my affiliation with AT&T. It has been months since I first reported to them about a problem which they haven't fixed yet. Both the phone lines and internet goes in and out once or twice a week for more than 3 hours a day. Lack of a good service, I am no longer a customer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 5, 2018

No small business can you use this. You have to have an IT dept with people holding Doctoral degrees. Equipment failed and we were without service for 3 weeks. They never resolved the issue. There are 5 billion AT&T depts, none of which knows what the others are doing. NONE of them speak English. You will get passed around from place to place. Took us 5 months to get phones when we moved. Now, it is taking forever to disconnect service. They make even the simplest tasks unbelievably difficult. Not to mention, the prices were 3 times what we are paying for new company. AND the new company has faster and clearer product! I cannot believe AT&T is able to still be in business with service like this! Wish we had left YEARS ago! There needs to be a negative stars!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 5, 2018

Customer service representatives don't speak English well and you will never be able to get ahold of a technician and if you do, expect poor communication to ensue. If your phones are down, expect them to be down for at least a day. Turnaround for any request is not by normal U.S. standards, it is unbearingly slow. This is completely unacceptable as a small business owner whom relies on inbound calls for business. Sales representatives sign are of no assistance and promise you a completely different price than what you are billed.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 28, 2017

AT&T contacted my business to upgrade the office lines and internet system to VoIP. The technician arrived on Wednesday, February 22nd, and started the installation. Shortly after they cut the lines to the office and the house next door, he announced there was an outage and he would not have time to sit and wait. He instructed the office to call AT&T if and when 3 green lights appeared on the modem. He left that evening with our office having no internet service and all 3 phones lines down. He also left the house next door with no phone or internet service as he cut their service during the install. Thursday morning, I called AT&T and phone technician was dispatched. He got the office lines working again and went next door to restore phone service.

That afternoon, a U-verse technician came and restored the internet service to the office but when he did, the phones were disabled again. We could call out but no incoming calls were permitted. We called AT&T again and were told this was due to a system outage in the Southeast Region. Friday was spent all day trying to restore phone service at our business. We told them to cancel the VoIP services because it clearly does not work well and restore our system to POTS. After speaking with several different operators who were all reading from the same chart, we were told the order would take 3-5 days to process even though they left the office with NO PHONE LINES. Monday, we started calling again and were told the same thing... 3-5 days.

An area technician stopped by at the request of a friend and attempted to restore service but was unable to because AT&T had our lines showing as disconnected when we stopped the VoIP install that never worked anyway. Tuesday, AT&T called and said someone will be by on Thursday, March 2nd, to return the phones to POTS. AT&T should have never allowed the POTS to be taken down and converted to VoIP knowing that they had a mass system outage. When they did take it down, they did nothing to assist our office in restoring phone service. They left a business that typically has 3 phones lines crippled with no phone service for over a week. Today is February 28th, I can only hope that they do in fact show up on Thursday and restore service.

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Original review: March 24, 2015

AT&T is a disaster. My phones are down frequently and their attempts to restore them are a joke. Different person each time I call. They are all equally incompetent.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 15, 2014

We responded to a special offer of Home Phone & Internet on July 29, 2014, installing both on August 6. The offer was for free installation and a phone plan of $40/month with unlimited calling to Mexico. Rewards were also involved. I was charged for installation and had to call to get it reversed. The plan offered was not what was installed--they gave us unlimited to Canada. When the correction was made on October 13, we lost long distance altogether. Attempts to call Mexico receive a recorded message that "service is not authorized, call the Collections Department."

We called Collections and they confirmed there is a zero balance on the account. They are unable to resolve the issue of being unable to call out. First they insisted it was the modem and sent out a technician. The technician listened to the message and said it was a Billing & Collections issue. Billing & Collections insists there is no problem, but has been unable to take off the block. So far, since October 12, we have been on the phone with AT&T for over 8 hours and had the technician here for just under 2. Not a great start for U-verse service. Incidentally, we did not go with TV service. It was supposed to be included in the original package, but someone at AT&T cancelled the entire order, requiring us to reinstate it, at which time we limited AT&T to just phone and internet--otherwise, this story may have been even worse!

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Original review: March 18, 2014

AT&T installed u-Verse to provide a single u-Verse voice line (we have a second line left on POTS) and u-Verse internet. This was to replace our 1999 AT&T DSL running on the same POTS line we have moved to u-Verse. We have had two POTS lines since 1988 and chose to keep one of the POTS lines on the AT&T Telco copper pair to the central office, mainly because we are in a hurricane prone area and power losses tend to cripple all AT&T services (including all other carrier's landline and wireless services) except POTS; otherwise we could become isolated from a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) during an emergency like a hurricane.

Since making this change from DSL to u-Verse several months ago, we have had several u-Verse technicians and several Telco technicians out to solve the white noise on the remaining POTS line. When I am on the POTS line for extended periods, I develop a headache. This white noise is present whether we originate or pick up a terminated call to the POTS line. Some days I have call forwarded the POTS line to the u-Verse line just to guaranty all terminating calls to us are free from the white noise only observed on the POTS and never on the u-Verse line.

Last week we developed a worse noise problem on the POTS line and called the AT&T Telco technician in. He observed the noise went away when we disconnected the u-Verse voice line from the HomePortal 3801HGV. So he had us call the AT&T u-Verse technician in (who asked for help from his supervisor who also came out) who measured a ground issue on our POTS line and told us it was an AT&T Telco issue.

Although they did replace the 2-Wire HomePortal 3801HGV with another 2-Wire (now labelled Pace) HomePortal 3801HGV without considering the Belkin BBU (Battery Back Up) as a contributor to the white noise. The Telco technicians refused to come back out until the u-Verse technicians took care of the noise induced by the u-Verse modem. The u-Verse technicians refused to come back out until the Telco technicians resolved the ground issue.

Eventually after responding to an AT&T email asking about our satisfaction with service, I received a response by phone whereby I reiterated the above. Believe it or not, the AT&T person following up on my dissatisfaction with my service rescheduled each technician, but each department independently cancelled their own appointments. Eventually the AT&T customer service person found a person in the Telco group to at least resolve the ground issue on the Telco pair to satisfy the u-Verse technicians. So last Wednesday, the ground issue was resolved, but the white noise persisted.

The Telco technicians (now working as a pair) and not the original Telco technician continued on last Wednesday's service call to resolve the issue by addressing the grounding issue they discovered between pedestals toward the central office, though not between our home and the first pedestal; apparently all the temporary cabling to address earlier problems we have had never were permanently addressed by the wiring group.

Our earlier problems were a result of other utility company contractors digging up telephone lines and / or our lines at a pedestal being disturbed as technicians addressed other lines. By the way, we are in a very well established, buried cable location in a 50+ year old residential area in the middle of town. Finding the grounding issue did not resolve the white noise, they then replaced some inside wiring and isolating all of our telephones, that coincidentally are AT&T two line telephones; we have no wireless phones or any phones not of AT&T origin.

The two Telco technicians complained that ATT no longer sends a ground wire from their own network interface box's ground to the customer's service ground rod that certainly would allow the Telco installation on the Telco side to meet the National Electrical Code recommendations for telecommunication installations that among other electrical protection reasons, helps to protect home computers, telecommunication devices, televisions, etc. from electrical strikes. Now six hours later that day plus several months prior, we still had the white noise.

Now the technicians dove into the Pace HomePortal 3801HGV2-Wire modem and Belkin BBU (Belkin calls a UPS), and did a temporary replacement of the Belkin BBU UPS to help isolate the white noise issue. What they discovered was that the Belkin UPS does not have a "grounding" (not ground) wire to provide the plug with independent hot, neutral and ground lugs into our wall sockets.

In other words, the BBU UPS violated the Telcordia Bellcore standards and had no frame grounding wire to isolate any noise produced from the Belkin UPS inverter (maybe just a rectifier) or the upstream Pace HomePortal 3801HGV 2-Wire modem from getting back onto the neutral before the neutral met up with the grounding circuit at the ground rod beneath our circuit box. All this resulted in the Belkin BBU UPS inverter or rectifier noise or passed on noise from the Pace HomePortal 3801HGV 2-Wire modem going from the socket all around our house before grounding at the circuit breakers ground rod.

Thus everything in our house, including phone lines and computers have been exposed to this back fed noise generated by the Belkin and or the Pace HomePortal 3801HGV 2-Wire without a grounding wire since Belkin did not have a grounding wire to drain the noise directly to the service ground without going through the entire house hot and / or neutral wiring. Interesting when we disconnected the Belkin's two wire plug from the wall, all the noise went away just as it had when we just disconnected the voice line from the 2-Wire modem. With the BBU UPS still on the Pace HomePortal 3801HGV 2-Wire modem, but disconnected from power at the wall socket, we retained both internet and no noise on the POTS and of course no noise on the u-Verse voice.

Conceivably, the Pace HomePortal 3801HGV 2-Wire modem may be by itself and / or its association with the Belkin BBU UPS the generator or additive generator of the noise, but because there is no "electrical bonding" between the Pace HomePortal 3801HGV 2-Wire modem and the Belkin and the Belkin has no "grounding" from its frame directly to the circuit breaker's ground rod at our service entrance via our wall outlets ground, the noise is being directly sent to the hot and / or neutral to seek ground and is contaminating any device connected to the common hot and / or neutral on the same circuit.

We are now waiting on AT&T's u-Verse technicians to resolve the issue, hoping they will displace the Belkin BBU UPS with the Pace HomePortal 3801HGV 2-Wire provided hopefully 3 prong (hot, neutral and grounding) plug and substitute a real BBU UPS meeting the Telcordia Bellcore "grounding" or "frame grounding" wiring specification like the more common UPS' you find for all other telecommunication, electronic and computational systems. And hopefully, the technicians will provide bonding between the Pace HomePortal 3801HGV 2-Wire and the UPS PLUS complete their Telco NID installation by installing a ground between the ground on the Telco side of the NID and our service entry ground rod as should have been done 50+ years ago.

As of this editing, we have heard back only from the AT&T Customer Service person several times, still apologizing for the u-Verse technicians cancelling each of the appointments she schedules for them to resolve their issue since they stated they could only return after the Telco technicians resolved the ground issue. The u-Verse technicians seem to be treating their AT&T Customer Service person as they did when they refused to answer or return the calls of the Telco technicians from my house. We are now waiting after a week of the Telco technicians holding up their part of the bargain.

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Original review: Jan. 25, 2013

We got AT&T Uverse in our condo a couple of years ago. It worked great until this year, when it degraded. Lousy speed tests on internet, choppy pictures on TV. They tried to change the settings, which helped somewhat; however, still subpar. People in our condo who have Uverse phone service have been out for days. They can't make emergency calls. I had to loan my Verizon cellphone to an elderly neighbor with severe medical problems in case of emergency. All I can say is if you have the choice of the old traditional land line and Uverse phone, stay with the old land line. The Uverse phone system requires a battery backup, which lasts only several hours. In an emergency storm situation, the old phone line is much more reliable.

We are a third world country regarding telecommunications. Even places like Turkey make our systems seem like the Stone Age. If I had a choice, I would have Verizon Fios, but Verizon's DSL at my summer residence really sucks. They don't want to invest a dime in the infrastructure there. How can the USA survive in a competitive global economy with subpar services while these companies rack up huge profits and huge bonuses for the top execs who are screwing their customers?

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Original review: Sept. 25, 2012

We have an AT&T landline phone in case of power outages. I called AT&T to add long distance and caller ID. They asked if we had UVerse and I said yes. Rep said we qualified for special rate of $35 and we were very happy. Next thing I know, we have no landline and only VoiP. I can't use VoiP with fax or without power. I cannot call police or family or anything without power. I tried calling several times and keep getting runaround. I just left last message for rep. If she doesn't resolve this, I will cancel service and try to get landline again in the future. It's so irresponsible of AT&T to put their profits ahead of customer safety. I'm living in Miami, hello? Hurricanes? It is common knowledge to have landline for emergencies.

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Original review: June 9, 2012

I tried U-verse Voice service. It was installed on 6/1/12 and is not compatible with my security service. I have been trying to get my landline back since then. It is very impossible to speak with a live person. A tech was to be here at my home this past Friday to fix the problem. No one came and my phone stopped working at about 10am that day, 6/8/12. I have not been able to get it fixed. Do I have to go to Comcast to get service? I am being billed for something that does not work for me and I cannot seem to get it fixed. My wife and I are old and my wife falls often and here we are, left with no phone service in case of an emergency.

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