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We have advertised with Yellow Pages (AT&T) for almost 30 years. Lately we feel the money we spent with them would be better spent elsewhere and chose to not accept their current offer and instead opt out of their products. Weeks after we made this decision final, I receive a call from their headquarters asking us to reconsider. I explained we were taking a break from their expensive and, in my opinion, ineffective advertising. Now come the high pressure tactics and downright threats that we'll be sorry if we don't change our minds and what a huge mistake we're making.

The representative was disrespectful and even after apologizing for their sales rep's poor salesmanship, she continued to pressure me into accepting that my business' fate was held by them and we would feel great loss of exposure and hence income by making this poorly wrought decision. My point is the book is dead and we can do our own internet advertising with companies like Yelp, Google, Yahoo, etc. ourselves without paying the middleman who apparently is seeing many small shops pulling away from them - the gall to call up and claim such lofty titles and a has-been corporation that throttles its customers and defies federal laws with regard to net neutrality.

Finally, I told the rep that we were taking a break and would reevaluate our position in a year's time. She became very aggressive and scolded me as I could do nothing but laugh at the suggestion we would fail after all this time because of this call and she pointed to McDonald's of all places as a company that needs no advertising, yet spends zillions to "keep their names out there". The final straw was when I suggested she accept our decision or we would sit out an extra year... she hung up on me. Good riddance. I would NOT advertise with AT&T EVER AGAIN if they offered it for FREE!!

You don't need AT&T. They are bullies and liars. You might draw more attention by setting your money on fire in the middle of the street. I cannot say that all my experiences with AT&T have be bad, but lately AT&T has developed a hostile, aggressive sales strategy that should NOT be rewarded.

That US Yellow has been sending us a bill statement that we have a contract with them. It is not true and they are just sending us bills that we do not have knowledge of and we need this to be resolved as soon as possible. We need help.

Many older people need larger print - both in the listings and on the map pages. A magnifying glass hardly helps. Please, make the next edition of the phone book more user-friendly. Younger people use their cell phones, older people use the phone book. You make it nearly impossible for us.

Repeated sales calls - A woman that said she represents keeps calling my wife's business phone and said we should pay to renew our ad with them (we have a free ad). She tried to collect our personal information. When I tried to call, a message told me it was no longer in service.

An Indian man called saying he spoke with my husband yesterday (I know for a fact he didn't) and said he requested to cancel our business listing (we have none and never want one). He said he needed to verify our contact information in order to not charge us $1,500.00! He badgered me! I am so irate. I have never gotten a call this bad before. Something needs to be done about this company.

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I first got a phone call in June 2011 saying that I owed an outstanding balance to the Yellow Pages for approximately $300 for a company that I used to work for as their Accounts Payable Department from 2000-2007 and the company has went out of business since then. I told them that I had not worked at that company since 2007 and that I was just their accounts payable contact and that I wouldn't pay the bill that was for a company that I use to work for and that they can just cancel the account. She told me they could not cancel the account until the balance was paid in full. I did not hear from them for a couple months later. I did keep getting calls on my phone and when I try to call the number back, it would never go through.

I finally got a call in Nov 2011 and the person again was calling about an outstanding balance from the company I used to work for. I told him again that I was the accounts payable contact and he told me that he was the collection supervisor and he was going to write off my balance and take me off the call list but I had to verify some information with the quality control department and he told me to say yes to everything they asked me and to not say anything to them about being the accounting payable person and he will write off everything once the phone call is finished. When talking to the quality control lady, I just said yes to everything. She asked name, address, phone number and she told me I owed $599.99 but they are running a special of $100 off if I paid then.

I said, "No. Mail me an invoice because the guys said he was going to write off the balance." I did not ever receive an invoice and no phone call so I thought the guy was legit until today, five months later, I got a call from Yellow Pages collection department again saying I owe them $676 but they will take $499.99. I gave him the whole story and he said I authorized the bill and I owed it. He sent me to his manager and I said the guy told me he would write it off and that I should say yes to all the questions. The manager said I that authorized the payment and then played me my recorded call with quality control. I asked if he had the recorded call from the person that transferred me to quality control that said he was going to write the balance off and he said they don't record those calls.

He said that I authorized an ad for 11/10/11-11/12/12. Why would I authorize an ad or a company that closed its doors in 2007? I thought that I was getting an invoice for the outstanding balance that they said I owed. The manager said we were not calling about an outstanding balance that must have been another company that you are thinking of - no it was this company and that is why they called me in the first place not to sell me an ad for one year for a company I don't work for or doesn't exist. I don't know where else to turn. I do not want to get sent to collections or ruin my credit over this scam.

I continue to get phone calls from the "Yellow Pages" about once per month. The people that called are more and more aggressive each time, with the gentleman I spoke to today saying "I am the supervisor honey, what are ya gonna do, kick me?" when I asked to speak to his supervisor. I asked for a return phone number and the number he gave me was for a "talk line". I would love to report these people to the Sheriff's department but they are pretty slippery.

Where do I begin? The company I worked for has been based out of Houston for over 30 years. About a year and a half ago, we decided to expand the business, opening up offices in Austin and Dallas. We thought would be a nice tool to market our expansion. Ha! Boy, were we wrong! We signed a year contract with the top of the line ads in each city, paying almost $4,000 a month. It seemed from day one we had problems. It started with taking over a month to make our ads public. After we were finally up and running, we had to make several small changes here and there (phone numbers, fax numbers, etc). These small corrections took weeks to get done. There were times we weren't able to get a hold of our representative for several weeks at a time.

About six months down the line, we moved the Austin office to another location. I contacted to let them know that we would be needing to update our ads with the correct location. They told me it was no problem and they would fax over a sheet with the new address. The rep told me I simply needed to initial the document saying that this was the correct new address and the changes would be made ASAP. I received a very blurry fax in almost microscopic type. However, I was able to tell the address was correct. So, I initialed the document and faxed it back. Come to find out, this document had contained a line at the very bottom stating that we were going to renew all three of our listings for another year. At this point, we had already decided signing a contract with them had been a big mistake but we were willing to pay for the rest of the year like we had agreed in our contract.

First off, I am not the business owner. I have no authority whatsoever to make this type of decision. Second, I was tricked into signing a document that I didn't know I was signing. After weeks of fighting back and forth, threatening lawsuits, etc., we were able to get them to agree to let us out of the renewed contract I apparently signed. The owner of the business made it clear that no one was authorized to make any decisions regarding contract renewal from that point on. They stated this was not a problem and even offered to come out to the Houston office and shoot a complimentary video and attach it to our ads. I was then faxed a document stating that there would be a video free of charge added to all three of our ads. I signed the document and faxed it back.

A few months later, we received a bill in the mail stating that we had renewed our contract for another year. Here we go again! Apparently, even though this video was free, adding a video automatically renews the contract for a year. Once again, even if we had been told this, which we hadn't, I have no authority to extend a contract for the business. I immediately contacted customer service. Of course, no one wanted to help me. I finally got the number for filing complaints. I called to file my complaint and the representative told me that I could not file a complaint because our business has an internal problem because she had signed document in front of her stating that we are renewing. Once again, after a week or so of fighting, we got the matter straightened out.

Our contract ended in February of this year but our ads were still left online and apparently going to stay there until we sent in a written notice that we would like to cancel our ad. I thought we had signed up for a year contract? After a year, they send you to month to month without notifying you. So now, we are stuck having to pay the March bill for almost $4000. Wow.

We have had a print ad in the Yellow Pages since 2008. Ever since, they have renewed without contacting us about possible changes to the ad. This past year, we finally got a call from a sales representative. I said I wanted to cancel and he insisted he could get me a good deal for a better price. The calls started in September, always with it taking him at least a week to get back to us and always insisting that he was going to look into something and call us back, even when we said that we would just prefer to cancel. He never told us what we needed to do to cancel, so I figured telling him was enough. To our surprise, the phone book came out in January with our same old ad. I tried to email and asked to be contacted to discuss the situation, in which no one called.

When I called the company, they told me it was on auto renewal and that when I was talking with our representative in September, it was already too late to cancel. Then why was he calling! The lack and inability to communicate is absurd. You cannot run a business this way. They sent me a contract, but it did not have my signature or any information about my business. I have never seen it before so how can they say I am subjected to it?

We took an ad out with and was promised to be on the first page of listings and was also promised they would add other parts of our business to it but apart from a load of false promises, all was a big let down but to have the cheek to send debt recovery was a big joke. I feel so let down and upset.

Some of my unauthorized personal were lied to and swindled into a contract with Shortly thereafter, calls come in from YP stating that my company owes them $600. They are threatening to sell the contract to a collections agency and have informed me all three of the large credit ratings groups will be notified. Everything about them is shady. I'm fighting them like ** right now and it's a complete waste of time and energy. I hate them. It is completely unbelievable that conducts "business" in this manner. Despicable.

I recently received the latest edition of AT&T Yellow Pages phone book and am very disappointed with the book. The printing has been reduced in size (perhaps to save money) but causing eye strain and frustration for many customers. I also find unsatisfactory the inclusion of business numbers imbedded in the white pages. I hope my suggestion for improving the AT&T phone book for future editions will be taken into consideration. I have discarded the new book and am using the 2011 edition.

What a scam! I currently work for a web solutions company here in St. Louis called CMS Express. I am on my umpteenth phone call with yet another customer who is furious at the bait and switch tactics AT&T has been using. Time after time, folks I have been in contact with are completely dissatisfied with this beast of a company. They will call and call until you agree to a verbal contract of which they will then bill you some outrageous amount of money. The catch is a verbal contract doesn't mean squat! I've been telling these folks that they should threaten to sue. You have to keep getting to the top and then threaten them with harassment and tell them you are going to sue them for some incredible amount of money. That's the only way to stop the scamming. Give them a taste of their own medicine!

When you're ready to get a real site that will generate real results, give us a call. I'm actually here to help! Every single person who has obtained a site with our company has been beyond satisfied. We don't charge month to month, there's no contract, it's a one time cost, and once it's yours, it's yours to keep! Better yet, if you don't like it, we'll give you your money back. See if AT&T will do that for you. And if you aren't satisfied we have a real office in a real building and you can come down and ring our real neck! Good luck having that with AT&T. I promise it will never come down to that, but just thought I had to add that in. Just say no to AT&T Yellow Pages! A&T contract is exactly that, a “con-tract”.

My office manager called me a few minutes ago stating that a lady continued to call her stating she was from Yellow Pages and we owe $500. We have to agree to the billing before they may cancel and my office manager stated, "We have never advertised and you have to speak with one of the owners of the company." They are saying this money was actually due last year. Please put this warning out to others that this is a scam and just hang up the phone.

I am a businessman who was lead to believe at a slick seminar that running an ad in the Yellow Pages Group would attract business. I track the effectiveness of my ad dollar religiously. Not one customer, except for an elderly woman who thought Google was a peeping tom, pointed to the Yellow Pages. Before flopping, the accompanying web ad animation was poorly edited, and it took several weeks for it to be corrected. It still sucked. The bottom line: most customers sighted Google, where I will now focus my promotional efforts; others sighted word-of-mouth. The fact is, if I promised a customer results by the work I provided, in a 'slick seminar', and I didn't do the job, I would expect payment somewhat lesser than my usual fee.

Until Yellow Pages Group is willing to compromise, there will be no loonies leaving the pocket of this business person. So, now Yellow Pages Group has appointed an attorney; that's poor public relations. Yellow Pages Group should settle and avoid blackening the image of an otherwise successful household brand. In this case the consequences are self-fulfilling. How about some advice at no fee?

Customers are falling away in droves. Yellow Pages has to rethink how it provides an aged service--not in a rearrange way like it is doing, but in a new way that will put it back on top. "Become the transit system, not the passenger." If I were the CEO of Yellow Pages, I'd hunt down and buy a promising search engine company and build it up. I sight Firefox, but there are others. Now's that's a bold rethink with balls.

Sales Representative misrepresented cost of advertising and Yellow Pages billed $8,000 for a small ad. When company was contacted to report the dishonest practice, instead of looking into the matter, Yellow pages sent account to collection agency.

Jason ** called our Stockton store location several times trying to convince our store Manager, Yvette, to approve some yellow page advertising per Steve **, the owner. She refused and told him at least five separate times that she cannot authorize any advertising. Finally, he called her for a sixth time, once again telling her that Steve ** has approved yellow page advertising and he just needed to verify the information. She agreed to be recorded and approved the advertising. We have been billed for $600.00 to pay for bogus advertising. Steve called the company to discuss the bogus advertising and was threatened with legal action. Jason ** is a scam artist and the yellow page advertising is a complain scam.

It started with someone calling my home, thinking it was a business. She told me that she got the number from the AT&T yellow pages. I went to the yellow pages and sure enough my home number was listed under a business. It just so happens that it is the business I work for. However, my home phone number is in no way connected to the business.

I first called Yellow Pages and they told me that they buy the business numbers from AT&T. We never signed anything or asked to be in the yellow pages. I called AT&T and they claim that my phone provider would have sold it to them. The work phone service is Vocalocity and they claimed that they don't have my home number connected to our account anywhere. My home phone service is AT&T, so I decided to call them again. After many, many, many phone calls to them and repeatedly getting cut-off and hung up on, I finally spoke to someone who told me that they would fill out paperwork. I was told that I would get a response within 72 hours. Over a week later, I received a message on the answering machine that there was nothing they could do and that the Yellow Pages I have is not an AT&T yellow pages. Well, my book says on the front, "AT&T Yellow Pages By Dex."

Of course when I called back, I could not be connected with the right person and got no-where. This has been going on for weeks. I have received phone calls at home from people who think they are calling a business. And, every AT&T rep tells me that by law they have to keep my account info secure. Well, I Had an unpublished number and now it’s published in thousands of yellow pages books. That doesn't sound secure to me. Please help. My private number is being published and I’m getting unwanted phone calls to my home.

The company is currently trying to bill me for a service that I didn't request. I did not sign any contract. They are trying to bill me over $500.00. I feel like they are trying to scam me into paying. I've spoken with them, and explained that I never ordered their services, or signed anything for it. They want me to pay for something I didn't want, or request.

I was called repeatedly by Mr. *** to advertize on I told him that never works for me so he drove one and a half hour to meet me and pulled out a bunch of unfilled papers and told me to sign up and that if I wasn't happy in one month, I could give a written 30 day notice to cancel. So I did send a certified letter with a signed return to cancel. Then I find out that that he signed me up for a year or more! Finally, a Mr. Andre said he would take care of this matter. Instead, he sends me a letter saying that there is nothing he can do and that they will report me to the credit bureau.

I am not paying them for one or two months but not for the rest of the charges. These guys for representing AT&T are resorting to liars and thiefs to get their money. Not only are they lying about what he said and did but also they are charging me more per month than what I was told. And I never got a copy of anything with my signature when we first met.

I received a very odd call out of the blue from a "Vincent" from the "Yellow Pages Online" on 11/30/2011 stating that I need to cancel a subscription that I signed up for in November of ‘09. He stated that I signed up for free years service and that I agreed to pay for the second year. It was the end of the two-year agreement and I owed $599. He stated that he was calling to cancel my subscription, so I would not be charged for future service.

When he transferred me to quality control, they wanted me to authorize an invoice of $599 for previous years so that I could continue to cancel my subscription with them. I stated that I am a sole proprietor and I am the only one authorized. I have never signed up for their services in the first place. Therefore, there’s no need to cancel. I told them that I would like to see documentation of a contract and requested them to cancel me for whatever they had me signed up for, but they would not until I authorized the $599 invoice with their "quality control department".

Vincent said that they would send me the authorized (by me) contract after I canceled their service. They called me six times trying to get me to "cancel". I told Vincent that I was going to report them to Consumer Affairs and he stated that they would just go ahead and continue to charge me for next year’s subscription until I canceled and hung up on me. He called me from 919-301-0759.

I did not sign the agreement to be in the Yellow Pages media. The discussion and conversation in June 2011 was not accepted by me to advertise my business in the Yellow Pages. The next day, I called Yellow Pages to cancel the advertisement. In October and November 2011, I received Bell Bill to pay $89. each month. I do not agree to pay. There was not any customer who gave me order for flowers through Yellow Pages in the two months. Please help me out in this matter as soon as possible.

Received phone call stating we requested to be on AT&T Yellow pages advertisement in 2009. Then it was 2008, asked if I wished to get the cancellation number so they could send me an invoice. No such contract exists. We are filing a complaint with the States Attorney General's Office and the BBB. Do not try to scam this company again!

I received a fax from them. I thought the advertisement was free because it was from yellow pages. On the fax paper agreement where I signed was not that clear.

My company did not renew a contract for AT&T Yellow Pages. They later stated that they must receive a two-year written notification to cancel advertising and have charged me $10,000 in delinquent fees. I refused to pay unless they could prove in writing that I had signed the agreement. They could not provide the contract with that information and did not have a written renewal. The account was given to a collection agency (Focus) who should be charged with harassment. AT&T now has turned the collection account over to a so-called lawyer who threatens the addition of legal fees. I think they are a scam and would encourage every business to avoid supporting their advertisements. Please do not get involved with AT&T in any circumstance.

AT&T was told when they called to set up an appointment, to renew and that I did not want to renew. The salesman then came to my location at the scheduled appointment time and said the deadline had passed to not renew. I was told it would renew automatically even though I had notified him verbally on the phone. Why schedule an appointment then? I feel that the sales reps are not held to very high moral or ethical standards. I am sure they work on commission. Treating a customer of 21 years this way in a time of economic downturn will not earn you any future business under any circumstances or any referrals for new business.

Nathan of Yellow Pages Local Directory called my business on October 13, 2011 and told me that I owed his company $499.00 plus interest. He claimed that I had approved an ad for my company on June 16, 2011. I told him that I didn't approve the charge. A woman telephoned me on June 16, 2011 told me that my company's information needed to be verified for my local yellow pages. I did ask if this was an expense and she said that it was an update. I did start to verify my information on their tape answering the requests with yes to my name, my company name, address, phone and then I was told that the cost would be $499.00 I said, "What? No" and hung up.

Nathan said that he would play me the recording to prove that I had indeed approved the cost. The recording began with my name, my company name, my address, my phone number. All verified with a yes. Then when the woman asked if I approved the cost - there was a hesitation and then the tape playback went into a one tone sound (which I assume was my hang up). I stayed on the telephone line & listened to the one tone sound for about 1 minute then hung up the phone. Nathan instantly called me back and yelled at me for hanging up on the playback. I told him the playback went to a dead tone because I had answered no at the time. He said, "Wait a minute, let's listen to the tape together." This time the playback had me saying yes to cost and yes I understood. It was edited. He did not play for me the third party confirmation which usually occurs on a telephone order nor did I request it because I didn't want him to generate an additional fake tape. Nathan then told me that I had to pay ASAP or he would ruin my credit rating and the interest would soar into thousands, etc. I told him again that I did not approve the listing once I learned it was not free & I was quoted a cost. He yelled at me told me I was a liar and I hung up. I am now not answering my telephone without using caller ID. I am receiving calls on both my business telephone number as well as my cell phone. How else can I stop this?

Out of the blue, Yellow Pages Local Directory called our office and said we are in collection for a bill that we do not owe. Never mind a bill we have no knowledge of. We did not order any services from them, nor did we agree to be billed for any services, especially for $562.83! They claimed to have spoken to us, but then never sent us a bill. This is a scam. Beware of Yellow Pages Local Directory.

I received a bill for a past due subscription charges that were never authorized. I was unable to talk to a human being when I called the 877 number. I have left messages, emailed and sent certified letter stating the billing is not valid and to discontinue sending erroneous statements. We continue to get invoices from this company that we have no affiliation with.

One month ago, I received a call from Yellow Pages, asking if I wanted the church to continue the service. Upon clarifying that this was an internet listing, I declined, in no uncertain terms. They then said that we owed several hundred dollars for the past year of services rendered. I said something along the lines of "are you telling me that this is a service that the church had signed up for?" They replied "yes". There was some stuff about whether to send the invoice via fax or mail. I said to send it via fax. Afterwards, I checked with the office staff and they informed me that they were positive that the service had never been authorized. When the invoice arrived, we ignored it.

I got a phone call today telling me that we were past due. When I stated that the service had never been authorized, I was told that they had a recording of my voice authorizing payment. I replied that I had been deceived because I specifically asked if the service had been ordered and was falsely told that it was. I maintained that my position was "If we had ordered the service, we would pay for it". I informed the person that I was now quite certain that the service had never been ordered by an authorized person. Then she slipped up and claimed that she had a recording of my voice authorizing the service fifteen months ago. Fifteen months ago, I lived several hundred miles away. I called her on her lie. She backtracked and said that someone had authorized it.

I refused to believe it and informed her that we would not be paying the bill. She then tried to play the game again: "if we prove to you that we have authorization with a telephone message, then will you agree to pay the bill?" I'm not that dumb. I told her that she cannot prove it because it did not happen and we are not going to be paying the bill. She tried to repeat herself and described herself as negotiating with me. I said that there was nothing to negotiate because we were not paying the bill, period. She then said that she would be handing me over to the collection department. She tried very hard to get me to say yes to "are you saying that you want your account handed over to the collection department?" I was not going to fall into her hands again with an innocent "yes", so I just said, "whatever" and hung up.

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