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They were very considerate and listened to my explanation of the damage aside from the assessment - tried to accommodate our wishes as best as possible, better than I expected. Of course when things like that happen you're going to feel misplaced and inconvenienced however they were very reassuring. We made the best of a bad situation with their assistance and diligent work. They were very thorough and listened. Also did quality work, well planned. Before they started they explained the process and made us feel better. It was clean so I couldn't complain. Glad I had did an excellent job coverage. If not would have cost a small fortune.

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I would recommend to everyone this service because they are very honest and they share useful advice. They answer you at every question you have and they guarantee their products. Its inspection process was very good. I saw it and I was thinking I was so lucky to have a product like that. Plus I enjoy a lot the customer service they had. It is such a good product for the value it has. I would sincerely recommend it to every person in need. It deserves every money I spent on it because it really helped me.

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They were always there for me when I had question to ask, and they gave me a correct answer in a polite and kind manner. Which made things a lot easier for me to get my issue solved in a short amount of time that I wanted. I got scheduled in the area for where I wanted to be, because they gave me the option and wanted me to be happy with the schedule which was very kind and convenient of them to do for me. It made things a lot easier for me to do.

It was inspected thoroughly and fully, which is why I like what they did with this company because it's so nice to know that you can trust them to do the job completely and not slack off in the middle of it and do a bad job. The value is very well, because of the hard work that is put in to make sure the job is actually done right. Which is why the value of this is worth it to the fullest, and why I pick this company over others.

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AdvantaClean has been rapidly expanding across North America with more than 300 offices since 2001. They handle water and mold restoration services for residential, commercial, industrial and government customer.

  • Top certification: They are General Services Administration, or "GSA," approved for federal, state and local government jobs.
  • Firm-fixed pricing: GSA approval means no-haggle, no-hassle fixed prices based on specific unit rates.
  • Maximum geographic coverage: They are able to reach 90 percent of commercial and governmental properties in the United States in less than four hours.
  • Storage packing: All property that needs to go into storage during restoration receives full cleaning before going into secure storage.
  • Mold prevention: Their water-restoration services eliminate trace moisture, which can produce mold in as little as 24 hours.
  • Guaranteed protection: For one year, they provide a full guarantee on all of their materials and workmanship.
  • Best for This company is best for those who need the assurance of restoration experience, businesses and government and non-profits.

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