Marlin Business Services Corp.

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I was sold security equipment in case of inherent problems. The equipment has been repaired three times and continues to break down... Marlin Leasing Corp. is the third party lease holder. A paper was given to me on the day of the sale, and I do not ever remember signing. Secondly, I called them so they could help me figure out what to do and they have been rude stating," It is your problem and it cannot be cancel." According to the last repair. The system is out... I have paid $5,000. for equipment that doe not work... I have had it for about 2 years and a half and it worked only for about 8 months. It is broken merchandise.

They gave me a contact number to their vendor that was disconnected. The last two salesman no longer work for the company. They claim that I still owe approx. $7,000. and the equipment is still sitting on the floor. I really pleaded with them to help me remediate or find a solution and they were screaming at me that it is my problem... At this point, they call me every day to my business, my home, my cell phone and they are sending letter to my business and my home. It is becoming a harassment and it is irritating me. That is why I believe America is falling apart. Nobody wants to do their job. According to their lease agreement, I promise to keep and use the equipment in my business, but it does not work and it cannot be repaired.

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Barbara FriedbergPersonal Finance Contributing Editor

Barbara Friedberg, MBA, MS is a former investment portfolio manager with decades of financial experience. Friedberg taught Finance and Investments at several universities. Her work has been featured in U.S. News & World Report, Investopedia, Yahoo!Finance and many more publications.    More about Barbara→

Marlin is a publicly held company that provides commercial equipment financing and working capital loans to businesses nationwide.

  • Products: Marlin offers four types of funding: vendor financing, equipment financing for business, funding stream business loans and franchise funding.
  • Interest rates: Various interest rates available.
  • Service: Easy access to Marlin is available by phone or email. Applicants can also complete an online application.
  • Borrower qualifications: Available from customer service representative.
  • Loan limits: Available from customer service representative.
  • Repayment options: Flexible payments and terms. No down payment and fixed monthly payments available.
  • Best for Small and mid-sized businesses, local businesses, expanding businesses and firms seeking equipment leasing funding.

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Marlin Business Services Corp. Company Profile

Company Name:
Marlin Business Services Corp.
Year Founded:
300 Fellowship Road
Mount Laurel
Postal Code:
United States