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LendVantage’s mission is to make it easier for small businesses to gain access to working capital. The company offers special financing to women-owned businesses and provides general business financing.

  • Products: Business loans and cash advances. LendVantage offers 4 types of financing; business term loans, revenue-based financing, merchant cash advance and business line of credit.
  • Interest rates: Rates and terms vary based upon type of loan product selected. There are no application fees.
  • Service: LendVantage offers funding through a variety of lending partners.
  • Borrower qualifications: Borrowers must provide four months of business bank account records. No collateral or credit score minimum is required.
  • Fast approval process: The online loan application takes only a few minutes. Pre-qualification can be secured within 24 hours. After speaking with a customer service representative, the business line of credit approval may be completed in minutes. Funds may be received from the funding partner within 72 hours after the underwriting and approval process is completed.
  • Large lender network: LendVantage partners with a large number of other lenders, making it more likely that users will find a lender that meets their needs.
  • Loan limits: Businesses can borrow up from $2,000 up to $250,000 through LendVantage.
  • Repayment option: Repayments vary based on type of funding. Types of loans and repayment terms are listed on the website compare page.
  • Best for Small and mid-sized business seeking cash advances or short term business loans.

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701 N. Green Valley Pkwy. #200
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United States