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Hi Mike,

Thanks for sharing your positive transition from your previous hard-wired AT&T system to VirtualPBX. Allowing your pest control service to communicate more efficiently and economically is why we're here.

Charlie from VirtualPBX

Original review: March 23, 2017

Before using VirtualPBX, we had AT&T then we had a hard system in our office. I've decided to contact VirtualPBX due to cost savings over AT&T and the flexibility of the system, being a plug and play, when relocating. We're a pest control service business and use the system for inbound/outbound, sales, customer service. The apps and stuff that were added to the system allow us to be able to call customers from our cellphone and have the desk phones show the office number. Those have helped us and gave us more consistency in our look.

We've been with VirtualPBX for a long time and their customer service is the reason we've stayed with them. They're very friendly and helpful and one would always get an answer. They're always willing to go the next step. If one has a question, they'll research. One will get the answer quickly if they don't have it. When we first signed up, we had equipment from our other hard phone system. That was void, but VirtualPBX was able to help us keep the information so that we weren't out of any expense on buying different phones. They didn't make any money on doing that and it helped us out. I'd recommend them.

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We use VirtualPBX for customer inbound and outbound calls. They're thorough and reliable, good about following up, and genuinely interested in solving any issues that we had. Having them is cost-effective.

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VirtualPBX has met my needs and is cost-efficient. We use it for the extensions and the forwarding of calls because we're completely virtual. VirtualPBX has improved our business.