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I complained before about this company with my brand new boat. I had problems with the stern drive pump that was fixed after 3 attempts. Back here again because the boat got worse. After 2 months pulled out of the water and the whole hull was blistered, I called Tracker and they said it is not covered. I had to file a complaint with the BBB. I can't believe a boat 2 months old in fresh water is not covered under warranty. After calling the BBB they decided to bring the boat back to the factory to repair it, in the process losing the rest of my boating season. Anyone looking to buy a boat from Tracker, stay away. Trust me you will be a lot happier in the long run!

Bought brand new 2017 Tracker PT 175 TXW boat and already the diamond coat finish that is supposed to be harder than paint and not chip and scratch as easily is showing signs of wear. Specifically underneath. I pulled the boat up on the beach ONCE while I went to go get the truck and trailer. When I pulled the boat out of the water and got home to clean her up, I notice a half dollar size chip out of the powder coat in the hull. Now mind you, I didn't drive the boat up on the beach. I pulled up to the beach, jumped out of the boat, and pulled it to shore by hand. The sand and small rocks from the beach not only put a major scratch but took a good size chip out of the powdercoat.

Very disappointed in the "durability" of this diamond coat paint that they advertise. There is no way this should have chipped the way it did and has removed any faith I have in the durability of the diamond coat. It scratches super easy and chips super easy. And now that I have a chip in it, it is only going to get worse as water works its way between the powdercoat and the aluminum on the hull which will cause it to chip further if not repaired. Do not believe Tracker when they push how "durable" their diamond coat is. Even a gelcoat wouldn't have chipped this easy. Would have been better off with straight paint than their diamond coat finish. It's a shame.

Recently went to Bass Pro Shops after I sold my old boat to look for a new one. I did a lot of research on what I wanted to buy. I'm a fireman and don't make a ton of money, but I had money from my other boat. I wound up purchasing a Tracker Grizzly 2072 MVX Sportsman. This is the first new boat I have ever purchased. I felt like I got a deal on the boat since it was brand new but a 2016 model purchased as last year's model. I was thrilled. When I went to pick the boat up after the mechanics had gone over it one of them said that he had previously demo'd the boat with another customer. This was not disclosed before purchase. They told me they are not allowed to demo boats. I also noticed some fading on the deck since the boat had Sat outside for 1 year after they used it since it still had gas in it (old gas).

The boat was dirty and had not been washed after sitting outside for a year. I shrugged it off even though it made me feel terrible I was actually buying a used boat. A really good feeling when you just spent almost $30000 on a boat (a year's salary for me and I paid cash). Got the boat home and took my wife and parents out fishing on it. The boat Sat outside in the rain before we left. The fuel gauge was full of water, the battery had been on the charger and was dead (load tested it, bad battery). While we were on the water we noticed that the hydro turf foam deck padding had been damaged by UV Rays. It rubbed off and crumbled everywhere. Made a huge mess.

Called Hydro Turf, the manufacturers of the foam decking. They have recently pulled that product off the shelves because they are aware of the problem. They also only offer a 1 year warranty on their product. I brought my "brand new" boat back to Bass Pro's service center to have the issues addressed and fixed. The service manager was very understanding and very nice. I spoke with the manager and asked him if there is anyway tracker could cover ripping out the foam decking and paying to have the boat line-x coated or Rhino lined. He said that he would check. As of today, they have been working for 8 hours just to get the foam off of the front deck. This means they had to drill out all the rivets in my compartments, unbolt the front deck rails and disassemble several other parts to get the foam out and put new in. He informed me that tracker will not cover line x or rhino line since it is not a tracker brand service.

As soon as they put my "new" boat back together with new foam it is going to deteriorate again in a year or two. I really don't feel like going through this again. Tracker, please help me! My boat has been in the service center just as long as it has been at my house. They are still not done working on the boat, and will not be for some time. You are going to put a product on my boat that even the manufacturer will not stand behind, and they know it is a serious problem. We have not had a boat to enjoy this summer.

My boat and my experience is not acceptable. I would expect things like this if the boat was preowned and used for several years. I don't want the foam decking because I do not want to go through this again. I need the boat back soon or I should receive a genuinely new boat with these issues fixed. Meaning you have fixed the problem not put a bandaid on it. This boat has only been in my possession for 2 weeks. "Best selling boat on the market" they say (a title like this probably won't last any longer than your boats will). Please do something that will prevent these things from ever happening again. Take pride in your craftsmanship and products. This is an American made product.

While driving the boat at any speed the steering would turn very fast to the right. This could be a danger to anyone in the boat. Received all kinds of advise on how to correct the problem including driver error. After reading the complaints on the internet, I found one owner that still had coverage on his boat and bass tracker fixed his boat with a no feedback steering helm. My complaint is why hasn't this been a recall like they do on any other product. Cars, furniture, glasses, food. If your car made this kind of turn when you turned loose of the steering wheel someone would get killed then they would recall. Guess we're waiting for someone to get killed.

2016 Tahoe 400ts - Took it out for my first run and boat shut off and did not start back up. Gauges didn't work, but all accessory switches worked. Engine was not getting power to start. Friendly guy towed me back to the launch ramp. Took boat back to Bass Pro service center. Guy was stumped until he decided to plug his own ignition switch key directly into motor. He noticed the plug was loose that went into back driver side of engine. He tightened plug and problem was fixed. I seen another guy with similar problem and same boat... May want to check that out.

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The whole problem has been resolved.

Original Review

I purchased a 2016 Tahoe 400tf in March. The problems started before the boat even touched the water. The power trim on the stern drive would not work so the dealer looked at it and said it's just a loose hose filled with fluid and I assumed it was fixed. Fast forward to May keep noticing well that holds power trim fluid is always low. The mechanic at the Marina says that always happens, so next I see fluid one day all in my ski compartment and destroyed everything in there. I told Marina a now they decided the whole pump assembly has to be changed.

The parts have come in a week ago and now I am dealing with a useless Marina. The owner said, "What's your rush to fix it". He said it still runs. I nearly laughed in his face because when I drove it bilge pump kicked on and trim fluid and water shot out leaving a slick in my wake. Maybe It will be fixed in August if the Marina owner and or mechanic can get to it between their vacations. What a joke. Do yourself a favor and stay away from tracker boats of any kind and the dealer who sells them in Lake Hopatcong NJ!!!

In May 2016, I bought a second hand Tracker Pro Guide V-15T with a 25 hp Mercury motor and Minn Kota trolling motor from an ex-military young family man about to move overseas. This was to be my retirement fishing boat for small lakes. The original owner bought the boat in June of 2010 in London, Ontario. The boat looked very clean, engine looked new and the owner took great care to winterize and store his boat.

The first time (June 4, 2016) I put the boat into the water I noticed that I had to use the bilge pump to pump out significant levels of water. I initially thought that I may have a faulty transom plug and thought not much more about it, as I had a second plug. In addition, the live well would not fill, even after keeping the aerator pump on for several minutes and trying to reverse the boat to see if an air blockage could be dislodged. On Father's Day (June 19, 2016), I again went Fishing on a local lake, made sure the plug was well tightened and noticed that again I had to use the bilge pump to pump out significant levels of water and the live well was not filling.

I decided to contact Tracker Marine on June 20, 2016, who thought it may be a disconnected live well hose and recommended that I bring my boat to our local Tracker dealer in Ottawa, which I did on June 21, to have the leak explored and the live well repaired. The Dealer reconnected a loose live well hose and did a leak check (of sorts), while the boat was on the trailer sitting in their pond. They called me on June 25 and reported that the live well was repaired and the leak was no longer a problem. I picked up my boat on June 27 and on July 4, I put the boat into the water, to find out that not only was the boat still leaking, but the live well was not working.

I returned the boat to the dealer on July 6, to be told on Monday July 11 that there was a 4 inch crack in the hull, which they found after doing a proper Hull leak test (filling the hull with water). They also reported that they had contacted Tracker Marine, who were refusing to cover the repairs, as it was outside the limited 5 year warranty and I was not the original owner. The Dealer sent the photo to a local welder, who was unable to provide a quote, without taking the flooring off in his shop (not a local welder). However, from previous Consumer Affairs reviews (Todd of Toronto, May 19, 2014) of Tracker Marine boat cracks, I was expecting a Bill of around $5K. When I contacted the Dealer about the live well repairs, they denied knowing about the issue, even after I had reported it to them on July 6.

Today, I contacted Tracker Marine Customer Service and sent them the photo of the hull crack. Very quickly (within an hour) I was sent a form letter from Tracker Marine Warranty declining any assistance in repairing a six year old boat, hiding behind a 2009 limited Warranty. I will have to repair the boat on my own, as Tracker Marine does not stand behind their product. I have owned aluminum boat for over 40 years and this is the first boat that has had so many problem that the company refuses to take ownership for and repair. I will likely never own nor recommend that anyone buy a Tracker Marine boat in the future.

Let's face it Tracker boats are good for a few years. I ordered and purchased a 2000 tracker with a lifetime warranty on the boat's hull, it cracked around 6 yrs ago and it was not guaranteed or warranted. I bought this knowing that it would be my last one until my son could drive a boat. I bought him a better boat as the Tracker I bought was not covered for the lifetime. I was looking at Lunds but they were more than I could afford at the time. Well the Tracker is a steaming pile. I replaced the carpet and when I lifted the bow floor I was mind blown, I had already carpeted the helm area. The welds were poor.

I did this work last fall in a cold barn knowing I would finish it this spring. Keep in mind, my boat is always stored. Well, I went to put the seat bases on and all the T nuts are rusted and failed. I would never recommend a Tracker to anyone. They last a few years and if you watch the pros that endorse them, they get rid of them in 3 yrs, get money in their pocket, and get a new boat. Put a few extra bucks into a Lund or a Ranger and get a far superior boat. My son, daughter, and their friends know this as we all fish, and my best friend who owns a Ranger lets a lot of folks know. They throw together a boat, charge less money, but make more on screwing people.

I purchased a 2013 Bass Tracker WT 175 with a 115 Optimax. This was my first boat purchase, I have learned my lesson. The boat is of extremely poor finish. Had to replace tires, align trailer, literally the boat is junk and falling apart faster than I can pay for it. The Mercury Optimax 115 has had problems from the start. It will not adjust to elevation changes which results in not getting on the water. My local Mercury service keeps going nowhere with service, Mercury outboard has given me the runaround. This boat has literally sat in the shop for most of its useful life, totally destroyed family vacations and my confidence in boats in general. No one will take this in trade and I have been told by my local service center this is the cheapest boat out there and that Optimax 115 is never going to work. I guess I'll continue to pay for it and park in the weeds next to my field and let it rot.

Purchased 2016 Tahoe 400TS from Tracker Marine Center in Savannah, GA. Since purchase April 2015 the boat has shut off without restarting approx. 5-7 times. Resulting in loss of money out of pocket and being in the Service Center more than my possession. Service Department has replaced multiple components on the boat in efforts to repair boat but come up dry each and every time. They have got to the point where there telling me there at a loss with what's wrong with my boat. The boat randomly shuts off while in operations and doesn't restart at all. Resulting in towing charges. So far a Lower Unit, Ignition Switch, PCM (Propulsion Control Module). Each being a different trip out and stranded on the water for an average of 3-5 hours at a time. The boat is yet again back at the Service Center, without restarting yet again.

I brought my boat in for a simple powerhead replacement at the Tracker Marine in Bass Pro Shops at the Manteca, CA location. I will not go into detail because I am in the process of suing them and do not know how that may or may not affect my case. What I will say is that they are absolutely the most incompetent and uncaring company I have ever had to deal with. The staff is completely idle and somehow manage to collect a pay check without doing any work. They will never call you back, and don't even try to get someone to answer the telephone. Their mechanics (at least Jason at the Manteca Bass Pro) are completely ignorant when it comes to working on mercury outboards. I would advise anyone that intends to use them, PLEASE read their reviews first. They have a 1.5 star review for a reason.

I would also urge everyone that has been wronged by this company to sue them in your local small claims court. I have never done it but am currently in the process and it is very simple to do. If you're like I was, you think it would be more trouble than it is worth, but it is in fact very cheap and painless. Go down to your local courthouse and file your claim. We cannot let this corporation continue to wrong the consumer simply because they believe they are too big of a company to be affected. If you are currently dealing with them I would recommend keeping a log of every time you speak with them and if possible communicate only through email with them. Let's show this overly inflated corporation that the consumer can take down even the largest companies if they do not treat us fairly.

Don't why I have to accept a new boat with all this damage, should of offered a new boat. Now I just paid 28k for a refurbished boat! Worst purchase ever! And they act like no big deal!

I bought a 2015 Pro 190TX used and attempted to transfer the warranty. I received a letter stating that the following was required: Proof of purchase (bill of sale or equal), $100 transfer fee, Inspection report from qualified dealer. The first and second item was noted in the warranty documentation. However, I question the need for the inspection. When I asked the local dealer, he had no idea this was required and had to call corporate to find out. Apparently the factory sent the dealer a warranty transfer checklist. The only way that I could see the said checklist was to drive 20 miles to the dealer or call corporate. The phone number at corporate that I was given was answered by a fax machine.

This boat check is charged by the boat dealer to the boat owner at normal labor rates. In my case, 1/2 to 1 hour ($40- $80). This brings my total transfer fee to $140 - $180. Now, if I buy a one-year-old car, in most cases I don't have to do anything to transfer the remaining warranty. So, what is this inspection really for? Are they looking for factory defects that they want to exclude? I suspect they are. Given Tracker Marine's warranty complaint record, I believe anyone buying a used boat should consider this issue before purchase.

Bought a used 2010 Tracker Grizzly in 2014. Boat leaked a little, but continually got worse over the next few years. In 2016 raise the boat off the trailer, checked for leaks, saw cracks forming on the bottom. Contacted Tracker. They said the hull warranty was 5 years and welds were lifetime. Carried it to a Tracker dealer and was informed since I was not the original owner there was no warranty. So I took it home, removed the floor, 40% of the welds on the floor were cracked and 2 cross member weld were cracked also.

My 2016 Pro 195 is 30 days old. 7 fishing trips on small lake and river already has 2 broken welds on transom support. The service dept. is going to weld it back but the powder coat finish will be ruined. This will leave me a new boat that will look bad and ruin any resale value. The boat also needs hydraulic steering, very hard to turn, if you trim high enough to turn easy it just skips across water. The 55 lb. tm is way too small--only 4 & 5 move the boat. Save yourself and buy something else.

'04 Tracker Super Guide V-16 Dlx side console. No leaks, weld separation, flooring problems etc. not too far from the SF bay I fish salt to inland brackish on the California Delta. Traveling glass smooth going out to 20+ knot, white caps coming back. 3 ft. Swells and white caps make for a stressful ride back to the dock but I've never feared a mishap even though the conditions have slammed and tossed the little 16 footer. Must have been a good day at the plant.

The trailer is another story. Custom made for the gist, pretty gloss black paint, Galvashield is a joke. It's treated on the outside only. You will be buying a REAL galvanized trailer. The local dealer offered a 'deal' on a new Galvashield trailer for $2200, the old trailer my responsibility. Pass. I bought a new, galvanized EZ Loader, had my 40 hp four stroke Merc's plugs, impeller, water pump replaced as well as the valves adjusted, compression test and new zinc anodes for the same price. They took care of the old trailer free as well as the paperwork. Just lucky I guess.

Tracker Boats Proteam 185. I bought this boat new in may 2003 from Holiday Camper off Fernandina back when they sold Trackers. Day one, breaking in the motor and going back to the ramp, I had an excess of water when I pulled the drain plug. I figured it was a leaky plug. Next time out, I thought it might be leaky fittings at the transom. I got a new plug and resealed all fittings at the transom. Next time out, still excessive water from the transom drain, figured it was from the live well system and didn't worry about it since it was a new boat. I put up with it for the rest of 2003 and didn't use the boat much.

The next year, holiday campers quit selling Trackers. Mountain top started and without my selling dealer just put up with excessive water and kept looking for a leak in the livewell system. None found. In 2005 I was talking with S&S Welding having something from home welded when I brought up my leaky boat. He suggested several things but what found it was filling the boats hull with water enough to cover the bottom. Turns out there was a crack down the longitude of the front left near the seam of the next rib outboard of the bottom V. I had to weld it and it worked for about 2 fishing trips to the lake. I took it back to S&S Welding and they welded their weld again.

One fishing trip later it cracked the weld again. Only minor and the leak is excessive by my standard, but not nearly what it once was. It is my belief, there is a stringer there in that areas that the factory missed and never welded and it allows flex when hitting waves. Looking at the picture, the crack was longitudinal about 6 inches long about where the star is on the trail star trailer and about where the 1st outboard rib would be from the center of the v on the left side. I have put up with this situation ever since and it has not got any worse. Last time I took it out, more water, New crack by the LH keel beam. Tracker dealer Berkeley Outdoors Marine took some pictures and submitted to Tracker. Denied, interior welds not covered so it may be scrap metal at this point. I have learned my lesson and there will never be a new Tracker in my future.

The upholstery seem to be sewed too tight and rip the upholstery just above the sew seem where it was put together. The dealer even said that's what it look like happen too. Said he's seen this before, this happen second two years of owning the boat. One year warranty on upholstery. Use the boat about four months the first year and the same the next. Seem to me four months out of a year is not a very good warranty. A car upholstery gets a lot more use and last a lot longer than that. Poor workmanship and a bad manufactured is the problem here. They said out of warranty and I ask if they could send me the matching upholstery, they only keep the same upholstery about three years so I could get it done here. Not willing to help.

Bought a Tracker All Welded Grizzly 1754 Jon Boat. The floatation compartments I discovered less than a week later. All had voids in them. They were not completely filled with foam floatation. This coupled with the fact that as part of the manufacturing process. Tracker does not seal the compartments after pouring foam into the closed compartments through a 1" diameter HOLE in the top of the compartments. Instead they install a plastic plug that is not even remotely waterproof.

My boat's compartments had so much water in them from sitting on the lot open to the elements that the foam inside the floatation compartments were saturated with water. This is a problem with the entire Tracker line as of this review. Since 2000 there have been 25 models recalled, and most due to insufficient level floatation or not enough floatation to meet the boats capacity ratings. I am taking the boat back for a complete refund. I will update this review afterwards.

Had the boat exactly 2 years. Took the boat out on Labor Day weekend with the family. Nothing unusual about the lake conditions, but when we got back to the boathouse, my daughter noticed that the passenger side aluminum window casing broke. So the entire curved window with the pass through door was dangling. When I took it back to the shop where I bought it, they called Tracker who said that the damage is not covered under warranty. Well, as far as I am concerned, it's a defective product and should be covered. There was nothing unusual about our usage of the boat. The aluminum casing should not break. I am assuming that I am in for a fight with Tracker on this, but let me warn you - this damage should not have occurred under normal operating conditions. Other than that, the boat has been great. I will let you know how the customer service is...but so far it is not promising. Buyer beware.

2014 super guide v16 sc - Bought the boat brand new in march 2014. Was told it came with a three year stem to stern warranty along with 1 year limited warranty and three years on the 40 hp efi engine. After only three months and end of break in period the live well pump quit and the ignition kept locking when I tried to turn the key. Took it back to bass pro in palm bay fl where I bought it from and they fixed it no problem.

Then around December 1st noticed the paint peeling and bubbling around all the tie off cleats and a patch 2 ft by 1 ft on the right side was fading white so I took it back to bass pro and was told to leave it so they could get pictures and send them off to Springfield so they could get ok to repair it. I told them I didn't want it repaired I wanted the whole boat repainted because I just spent 16000.00 on a boat with a "industry exclusive powder coat paint" and that's what I wanted back on it. (They wanted to send it to a local body shop).

After 3 weeks they said they were sending it back to tracker in Springfield. Great! On week 4 I called bass pro and was told that Tracker corporate had called and told them it was "not cost effective to repaint the entire boat" and send it to a local boat repair shop. On week 5 they sent it out to a place that doesn't even work on aluminum boats to do the repairs. On feb. 19 they called to say they were going to pick it up and would be ready for me to pick up in an hour. An hour later they called and said the repair wasn't done properly and that they wanted to send it somewhere else. Fine no problem. Needless to say I didn't get the boat back until mid march, 3 months after I dropped it off. I will say when I picked it up it did look good, but that didn't last long.

It is now august 2015 have had the boat less than a year and a half and it's now bubbling again around the cleats and now on the transom. The landing wheel on the trailer has locked up and the live well quit again. Took it back to bass pro and was told I only had a one year warranty on the boat and it expired while they had my boat for 3 months. When I picked it up after painting they told me the place that painted it would warranty any repairs they did but when I took it back to bass pro they said there was nothing they could do because they paid them to repaint it and I quote Darrel at bass pro "we paid to have it fixed out of the kindness of our hearts. There's nothing we can do because the paint isn't warrantied."

They trick you into signing the limited warranty with the statement "Here's your warranty just sign the back to acknowledge you received it" but it's not an acknowledgement. When you sign it, it says in the small print that you give up your right to sue them in a court of law and any sort of legal action is to be done thru an arbitrator who they can pick and choose from. They are underhanded liars with a warranty (which I am guilty of not reading because I trusted them) that if you've read it doesn't cover any thing. If there is anyone who can help me or anyone who needs somebody to add to a class action lawsuit I would proudly put my name at the top of the list to sue this company that thinks it untouchable. Surely something can be done.

I have a 2013 Tracker Panfish. The trailer is absolutely the worst product ever made. Tires only lasted 500 miles. Wood carpeted fender guard is not marine ply and rotted after one season. Front support for winch has bent during normal use and the metal has cracked at the base. Cannot grease the wheel bearings. Spare tire attached in the vertical position so I can't lower the trailer hitch at some levels. Dealer mistake? If you can't buy a Tracker boat without the trailer, DON'T BUY THE BOAT either.

To begin, I admit as others who have written reviews have done, I did not check for customer satisfaction or history of quality product. I made the mistake of believing BPS/Tracker Marine Advertising. A big mistake. Product: Targa 18 W/T - Delivered in December 2012. I will begin this review with my most recent experience and if time allows will go back in time to describe others sources of dissatisfaction and disappointment. This situation is the most glaring and disturbing.

Beginning with the open water fishing season of this year (2015) I noticed the boat having increasing amounts of water in the bilge. As I noted in other reviews, the rear live well will overflow into the bilge, and I thought it was a result of my possibly overfilling so I would run the bilge pump from time to time. As I fished into the last of April it became obvious the water came from somewhere else. Upon returning from my last trip out I got on my back and crawled under the trailer to inspect the hull. It was then I discovered two cracks in the hull directly under the passenger windshield. Both cracks were approximately two inches long and located about one foot from the center line.

Since that took place on the weekend, I waited until the following Monday to call the Tracker Store where I purchased the boat. Bass Pro Shops, Rossford (Toledo), Ohio. I spoke to the service manager, Mr. **, and began describing my problem. Mr. ** seemed to not want to listen and immediately began telling me that since I used the boat on Lake Erie that it probably had hit a lot of large waves, causing it to crash hard into the water, and I should more or less expect the boat hull to fail. He then went on to tell me how all riveted boats experience leaking rivets and again implied that I should expect leaks with a welded hull. And, if I mishandled the boat I shouldn't be surprised. He then asked me to bring it in for inspection, which I did the following morning, Tuesday, May 05, 2015.

When I took the boat in for his inspection, I started our conversation with, "I politely listened to you yesterday, now I would like for you to listen to me. As you can see I am not a young man, actually 73 years old, and the last thing I enjoy is getting my rear end beat up in heavy waves and wild rides. I admit, if you go out on Lake Erie, you have to expect rough water most of the time and you adjust for it. I have been boating on the lake for nearly forty years with a variety of craft and I did not like your implication that I abused the boat. Also, since your store sits just a few miles from Lake Erie where most people in the area boat, if the boats you sell aren't designed to handle some rough water, why don't you note that when you sell them? If you watch any of your TV ads you will note one ends with a Targa 18 cresting a wave of about three feet."

Needless to say, although I said the above things in a hurry, Mr. ** was quick to start telling me various things that implied I should not be surprised that my hull was cracked. Upon inspection, the cracks were confirmed and I was then informed the boat would have to be returned to the factory. Once the factory approved its return he would advise me but I probably wouldn't get it back for four to six weeks. Two shocks in two sentences. Return to the factory and four to six weeks right in the primetime of my fishing season, wow is all I could say.

Well as luck would have it, a week later I remembered I had left several things in the boat that I didn't feel comfortable about sending to the factory. I called to ask if the dealership had removed my things and, if so, I would stop in and pick them up. Shock number three. I was informed they hadn't yet done anything to the boat and would not until they had authorization to ship it back. This is conjecture on my part but I feel they hadn't even requested the authorization. When I asked why they had not done anything, Mr. ** informed me I did not have a service appointment when I brought the boat in and I needed to wait my turn in line! I made mention that the boat had not scheduled a time with me for it to start breaking apart. I retrieved my belongings and the boat sat in their yard for another six days (a total of 13 altogether) before it was shipped to the plant.

Well, after six weeks and no boat I finally called Tracker Customer Service and spoke with a nice women by the name of **. I explained my dilemma and asked if I could talk with someone at the plant in charge of seeing that my boat was repaired soon and properly. FYI - those people are insulated from any customer contact. In any case she said she would follow up with the plant and get back to me as soon as she found out something. Less than an hour after I called ** she called back to inform me the boat would be completed that day and scheduled to ship back. I'm thinking what a coincidence. She indicated she would advise me when it shipped.

After an additional ten days, she had not called so I called again today and explained it would be two months since I returned the boat and I wanted my boat back. Once again she said she would check on the status. Shortly after my call she called back and advised me the boat had been shipped back to the dealer in Ohio. I'm thinking what a coincidence again. I then asked "when can I pick it up?" She had no idea. Since I did not want to deal with the dealer contact anymore I asked her to call and check Which she did. She then advised me they would call me when they had it ready. I'm thinking, here we go again. However, much to my surprise they called this afternoon and said they worked on it today and I could pick it up tomorrow.

I am anxious and hopeful this will be the last time I have to deal with this organization. I am also very concerned that the problem will not be my last with the hull and suspect my warranty will have expired, leaving any expenses in my lap for what I believe is an inferior product. I must say, the last two conversations I had with the service manager, **, were far more pleasant than the initial ones.

Now to the other nagging issues that I have just tolerated. Aft livewell overflows and holds an inch of water when drained. When a seat is on the back platform you cannot open the lid on the port side of the livewell and you cannot trim the outboard all the way up. The rod box lid on the starboard gunnel's paint chipped off shortly after I started using the boat. Warranty covered a new paint job which chipped off again shortly after it was repaired. The front live well quit working the first season, I now use it for storage. The floor fasteners are constantly loose and the screws holding the floor to the sides constantly come out. The outlet to the trolling motor has shorted out two times, frying the plug and wires. One of the removable seats lost its foam rubber padding and had to be reupholstered. Trailer tires wore out in one season and I only live five miles from my general launch point.

By and large it is a great small to mid-sized fishing craft with many positive attributes. However, I question whether the people who build them and design them ever fish from them? For example, you do not want to touch any exposed surface on a hot, sunny day. Ouch, and they paint them black. Why? The storage box in the center, between the captain's and passenger seat is not dry storage and bottom is often wet from bilge water. When a seat is on the front casting platform the windshields can be a bit too close. Captain's chair sits a little too low for safe visibility without an added cushion. It is very difficult to center the boat on the trailer at a launch ramp. Trailer needs side guide rails.

There you have it, a nice boat until things start going bad and then far too many nagging issues. I use the boat frequently, on average two times per week during the spring, summer, and fall months but do not abuse it. I did damage the port rub rail at the stern when a large wake pushed the boat into a very rough tie down area pier. I just hope the boat lasts through my fishing years which hopefully are at least seven more. I'll likely be finished by 80.

I purchased a new 2014 Bass Tracker Pro Team 175 TXW last March and since then, the powder coat has started to bubble and chip. I contacted Tracker Marine about this and they have offered to give me a $500 dollar gift card or have the boat painted. I don't think that this is acceptable since they say that they (Tracker Marine) have the best quality boats and best warranty in the market. Can someone give me some advice on what I should do? I feel like that they should take the boat back and re-powder coat it or replace it with a new one.

Well not sure where to start. Tracker 18' targa walk thru. Has a 150 four stroke. Thought larger engine better performance not the case. Very disappointed this boat will not trim out correctly. I have added a kicker 9.9 and thought this would help the boat from being bow heavy. NOT. Front live well never worked, left and right console not in line. Windshield misaligned. Look like hell. Had it back twice for warranty. Never fixed the problems. OH forgot this tracker boat should have come with a bailing bucket. It only leaks when the boat is in the water. Asked to have this looked at but no luck on this issue. Came home today from fishing and decided to check this leaking problem my self. Got the garden hose out and started to fill my boat up. And sure thing the water ran out a crack at the back transom WELD CRACKED. I will have to show the dealer where the leak is. It took me 4 minutes to find it.

I love my boat. It does get pretty tight with several people on the boat but it's a 17' tracker, what do you expect? I bought the boat in summer 2013 and have not had many problems. The old fellow before me was the original owner, and he didn't fish it much, I do not think. He got sick and sold me the boat. After replacing the batteries, the boat starter would not ignite with the flywheel (probably due to sitting for a while). After some 3-in-1 oil, have never had a problem. Boat has never left me stranded on Lake Murray SC either. I fish most weekends all year long, from crappies to perch to bream, several small bass tourneys. 40 hp mercury force is weak (28 mph with only me) but, I paid 3,500 dollars for my boat. I love this boat, got what I paid for.

I recently replaced the original bilge pump and aerator last year. I'm satisfied. This boat doesn't take on much water at all, in my opinion. I'm not rough with my baby either. My bilge pump never gets cut on, nor do I ever remove my plug. Like I said for 3,500, I think my deal was so good I practically stole this boat. I can put this boat in water 2-3 feet, shallow creeks, or deep lakes...

Tracker Tube Trailers Rust from the inside out. My TubeTrailer lasted about Twelve yrs. I welded the Broken Center Cross Member Tubing together to buy myself time until yr 19, I had to replace for good the Tracker made Tube Boat Trailer. I replaced it with a Custom built Channel Iron made Boat Trailer. I feel like Trackers Tube Trailers create a flaw that attracts Rust & over time, will compromise the Boat Trailer Integrity as it did mine. I own a 1994 Magna 17 Fish by Tracker Marine with a Tracker Trailstar Boat Trailer that I purchased New in 1994. I still have the old boat trailer pasture parked. Forever out of use. To my knowledge, Tracker still manufactures Tube Trailers for their boats. My goal is to warn anyone against buying Tube made trailers from Tracker Marine or anybody else that Manufactures Tube made Trailers.

The hull of our 2006 Tahoe Q8 boat split while boating in April 2014. We have been going back and forth with Tracker (manufacturer) and our insurance company. Tracker has stated that the crack could only have been caused by something hitting the boat. We did not hit anything. Our insurance company is stating that the hull damage is a result of manufacturer defect. To date there has been no resolution and we have a very nice looking boat with a large hole in the bottom. The customer service provided by Tracker was horrible. They stated "sometimes boats sink" and repeatedly let us know that our boat was out of warranty. This is a safety issue that should be reviewed for possible recall.

I purchased a new 2012 Targa tracker combo in the spring of 2013. I have had major complaints since owning the rig, the paint is very low quality and chips easily. The trailer isn't heavy enough and cheap tires wore off right away after a few 100 miles. The rear live well will not drain. If you run the live well pump, the water will not drain and will flood the boat. Tracker has since made changes to their new models that address some of the issues that I called out above and now I am left with a three year old boat that I am Very unhappy with.

I brought my primary level of concerns to the dealer in council bluffs, asking them for some level of support to offer a solution before coming to a level where I now feel obligated to share my dissatisfaction with others that may be considering a purchase. Had Tracker Marine made some effort with offering some level of correction, I would not be typing this complaint. Tracker Marine does not stand behind their products and I would never recommend their product to anyone. Another problem that I have had is their fasteners come loose and fall out during normal use. I have had to remove and replace hundreds of fasteners since owning this rig. Thank You!

I bought a 2012 Tracker Targa V-18 Combo in June of 2012 and by that fall I started to notice the paint would scratch and peel really easily. I talked to my dealer about it and he had talked to Tracker about it and would never get a response when they said they would find out more and get back to him. The next spring I had to warranty the tires that had 400 - 500 miles on them and they were bald and also 2 seats had staples coming out and were ripping the back of the seats.

At the same time we notice by the engine there was an area that had paint missing that was 4 inches in diameter. He took pictures and sent it into tracker and all I got was the 2 seats and the 2 tires and never heard anything about the paint. Over the last 3 years he has been taking pictures and sending them into tracker and nothing was getting done. I thought he was just not doing his job so I went to another dealer and they did the same thing and I scratched a zigzag line in the side of the boat to show him how the paint would just scratch right off.

Tracker responded and said they would repaint the transom under goodwill but not the rest of the boat. By then my original dealer where I purchased the boat had called me back and said that Tracker was going to repaint my boat this winter (2014-2015). I dropped the boat off Dec. 26th and on Jan. 23rd I called and asked what was happening with the boat and he said that Tracker was backtracking and said warranty was off but they would do the transom, but only in goodwill.

So he gave me a number to call and I talked to a Karla ** and she said that she could see where it had been turned into warranty when I turned in the seats and tires so she was going to figure out what was going on. Then on Feb 5th I get a call from a Sandy and she was very very rude and asked what I was trying to pull because warranty does not cover negligence and they would repaint the transom and nothing more, end of story because warranty was off back in June 2014 and there is no record of me turning it into warranty back in 2013.

So now I am stuck with a boat that has peeling paint and looks like it’s 20 years old. After all this my dealer says to me he will give me a hell of a trade in on it for a new one with the Diamond Coat. Why would I want to buy another boat from this worthless company that treats their customers like crap once they get their money??

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