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Mark increased rating by 3 stars.
After a positive interaction with NITRO Boats, Mark increased their star rating on March 5, 2014.

Updated review: March 5, 2014

Due to bad weather company response was slow but they stood behind the product and covered under warranty and I am a satisfied customer. I would buy another boat from them.

Original Review: March 2, 2014

I am disappointed. I have a Nitro Z7 and had a problem this year. When loading boat I broke through the Fiberglass right at the bow under the rub rail. The glass was hollow underneath the most important part of the boat in my opinion. I know of one other boat where it is hollow in the same spot. I turned the bill into Tracker and they denied my claim because they said it was impact related. Well if the job was done right, the light impact would not be a issue but hollow is hollow and nothing to support the glass. This problem cost almost $2,000.00 and it has become my problem. Hmm, I will look a little closer before I buy another starting with tap, tap, tap on the bow looking for hollow spots. Also sharp corner rear bottom of boat by drain is easy to damage, gel must have come off a small stump but gel broke about the size of a half dollar.

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Reviewed Feb. 9, 2010

In July of 1997, my wife and I went to Bass Pro Shops in Gurnee Illinois to look at fish ski boats and purchased a 1997 Nitro 288 Sport with cash paying around $38,000. There was only one in the parking lot and was told that I would get a brand new black colored boat because the one in the lot had been there for a while. I returned two days later and was given the boat in the parking lot that had been sitting there for a while. The boat smelled like mildew and I was told that that was the only one I could get unless I wanted to wait a month and a half. So I had no other choice but to take that boat. Bringing it home, I attempted to back the boat in the drive way but for some reason the breaks locked up on the trailer every time I tried to back it in. In order for it to work, I would have to slightly go forward and back up again until they became unlocked. I had to put a pin in the override on the trailer tongue to get it to work every time.

I used that boat one time on the lake and for trolling for 5 hours. I took it home and put it back on the lake a week later only to realize the trolling motor did not work. I took it out of the water and brought it back home to realize that some how the prop on the trolling motor over heated and melted to the shaft. *Fire Hazard* Upon being on the water, my in stock dash board depth finder did not work. It flashed on and off which told me there was a loose connection in the circuitry. The antenna for the Lowrance came off which Tracker pt on.

I called the service department and took the boat in to have it fixed. Three weeks later, I received the boat back and was told that the trolling motor had the wrong amp power supply attached, the trailer had a busted cable, and they had to fix a short on the depth finder. All from a brand new boat that I used for 5 hours. I called corporate head quarters and requested a new boat but no one ever got back to me. So I figured every thing was fixed and put it in the water once again only realize that the depth finder is still not working properly. Luckily I had purchased a GPS/Depth/Fish finder in addition.

With only using the boat for approximately 7 hours, I put the boat in storage for the winter and winterized the engine. Over the winter, I picked up a new Lowrance fish finder for the front of the boat and had Tracker install it. Well, depth finder works sometimes and the fish finder never works. While bringing the boat out of storage, the cover ripped in the back and was flapping every where. It was under warranty. Thank goodness and I received a new cover. I used the boat in 2008 for maybe 6 hours due to me being a RN and a hectic work year. While driving down the highway, the carpet flew up and ripped off the buttons holding it on so I just removed the carpet because I did not want to loose time on the water.

I put it back into storage for the winter and picked it up in 2009. Ever since I had the boat, I always had to tighten up the windshield screws and the front windshield door never closed properly. This year, the class from the windshield started to pop out and the windshield started to drop out screws. I took the boat up to Ely, Minnesota for a family fishing trip for a week before I had to go to Fort Sam, Tx. for Officer Basic Leadership Course for the US Army Nurses Corps. The depth finder still not working, the windshield starting to fall out, the Lowrance not working properly, and I started to notice a strange smell coming from the trailer.

When we got back to Chicago, Il, I noticed that the back driver side wheel looked a little off but was not sure. I used the boat locally for two months always noticing that smell. I took it back into Tracker Marina 10 minutes away, this time to get winterized so I could take it to Fort Benning when I got back in Dec. On my way, there I was informed by another motorist that my boat was on fire. I looked back and I had smoke pouring out of my driver side back axle which was right under my gas tank of the boat. I pulled over quickly and pressed my On Star emergency button and had the fire department there in no time. The bearings of the wheel had come out overheating the axle, and the wheel was ready to fall off.

I had a police and fire department escort to the service center. I was told it was going to be fixed but it would take roughly $2000.00 and a month to do. I was leaving for Fort Sam, Tx. in a week. I left it there to get winterized and fixed for 4 months while I was gone and picked the boat up in Dec of 2009 and headed down to Fort Benning, Ga. While just outside of Nashville, Tn. I was informed that my hubcaps flew off the trailer a ways back and I pulled over to check the axle out. The smell was coming from the axle once again and I put some ice on the wheel well that evaporated instantly.

The next day, I took into Nashville's Tracker Boat which repacked the bearings and replaced the hubcaps. This cost me another $150.00. I got down to Columbus, Ga. and dropped the boat off to get repaired once again costing me wear and tear on my vehicle dragging the trailer through the Appalachian Mountains, 3 x the amount of gas, and another $375.00 to get the problem resolved but again I went out fishing just two weeks, same smell, and now the wheels are crooked once again.

I called the corporate office once again and spoke with Shelly B., Corporate Administrative Assistant, 417- who told me to give her one or two days and she would get back in touch with me and if not to call her and we will go from there. My wife and I have called her back 10 times now for the last week and a half and have gotten no response back. My boat not but 2.5 years old is sitting on a broken trailer, with a broken windshield, a depth finder that does not work, a battery that was suppose to be charged during winterizing that does not work on a horse farm in Ga and me about to be deployed. I will never, ever, ever, ever, buy another Tracker again. Is there a lemon law and phone number that some one can help me fix this problem?

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Reviewed Aug. 17, 2009

On Sept. 13, ’08, I purchased a Bass Tracker Nitro NX750 Sc. After launching and recovering boat a couple times, I noticed damage to the right side hull at fender. It took at least 6 trips back and forth to the store to get the necessary repair authorized, which was to realign the bunks and mounting clips along with a new fender and gel coat repair to the boat.

Now on 8/16/09, I had the recirculating pump cartridge come apart and pretty much swamp the boat before finding the problem. I also had the Motorguide Pro 46 electric trolling motor lose 4th speed in auto mode as well as low speed. When attempting to arrange warranty repair for this, it was found that the motor was never registered as is required by Motorguide through the point of sale. Now, either you have many inept employees as well as sales, warranty department, assembly and quality control, or you just like selling junk.

My experiences with your company have assured me that when I purchase a new Bass Boat it will not be from Bass Pro or Tracker Marine. I have barely received an apology for delays and even the original that "You’re loading the boat wrong." I was told the first couple times over the trailer problem. As soon as I possibly can, I will certainly be unloading this boat and purchasing a good quality one such as a Triton or a Ranger. After spending almost $18,000 for a boat, I would expect better quality and better service when a problem arises.Due to these problems, the boat and trailer were in repair for over 2 weeks. Now, I will be forced to fish club tournaments and practice, etc. without a trolling motor until the warranty work is authorized by Motorguide.

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Reviewed July 27, 2009

I purchased a Nitro 482 new in 2006 because I saw a commercial with a Bass Pro claiming to have never had any fit and finish issues with Nitro boats! My trailer cracked at the weld on the starboard side step and has been shaking loose since new! I noticed the vibrating since then, but just thought that it was just Tracker's crappy fit and finish! Just yesterday, my rub rail fell off and was sliced in half by my outboard! It was loose and Gone Fishing Marine tightened it back up and told me that it would be fine! I've replaced four sets of trailer tail lamps and finally, had to custom rig a set of led a couple of days ago because Trailstar doesn't have a led option! They have a smaller lamp that Optronics makes solely for them.

I've replaced one OEM set and finally used a universal Optronics set purchased from Bass Pro Shops and two from West Marine! They all stuck out from the sides and kept getting water in them and blowing bulbs just like the originals! There is a stress crack on the base of the ribs in the transom/live well area that's continuing to grow, but would not be covered under warranty because Tracker felt that it was not structural! It's located at the base of the structural rib! It started out at about three inches and has grown to over a foot! Mark, the owner at Gone Fishing, recommended that I pay him to repair before it gets worse? These are the same guys that have been working on my boat since I purchased it from them brand new in 2006!

They've replaced a tire that was bad because of a grapefruit-sized bubble with a tire that wore bad on the outsides so I replaced both with non-biased plies! They also replaced the horn that only worked for a month afterward and has been dead until this day! My Lowrance graphs work intermittently and love to cut off while I'm driving at WOT! The live well aerator keeps falling off and I just finally left it off! Well, I now drive over an hour to service my boat at Boat Masters II in Livermore and they've told me that Tracker Marine has horrible fit and finish issues! I will never ever purchase a boat from Tracker Marine again! Danger, stay away if you're looking for a boat!

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Reviewed Dec. 26, 2007

I bought a brand new Nitro 482 Boat with a 115 Mercury Optimax. Bass Pro kept my boat for one month before telling me they could not fix it. It stayed in shop for a total of 3 months before getting fixed by another dealer. The manager of the store would not return my calls, and no compensation was offered. The motor was mounted wrong and wrong propeller. I would not recommend Bass Pro to anybody!

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Reviewed Oct. 23, 2007

I bought a new 2001 Nitro Bass Boat 901CDX with a 2001 Mercury 200hp EFI outboard on it, and the first time in the water the motor was over heating. I complained to Bass Pro Shop Cincinnati where I bought the boat with no response. I tried calling and e-mailing Bass Pro corporate right away. The over heating problem continued. Every where I took the boat for service or repairs I heard how that motor was known for having an over heating problem. I continued to complain, with no response. The motor was only produced for about 3 or 4 years. Then it was modified with a new motor, but nothing was done to correct the problem with my motor and many others produced and sold with the problem that I am having. This motor should have been recalled long ago. It is going to cost me thousands to fix it. I would like for Bass Pro and Mercury to stand behind their product and replace the defective motor with one that will work as it should have in the first place.

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Reviewed Dec. 27, 2004

Regarding Bass Pro Shops/Track Marine selling underpowered bass boats to customers. On Sept. 25, 2004, my wife and I purchased our first bass boat from Bass Pro Shops, Orlando location. The boat purchased was the 882 series with a 115 Hp Mercury (2-stroke). As with any time you purchase either a new boat or car, the salesman went over the equipment on the boat. I had advised the salesman that besides recreational fishing with my family, I would be using the boat for tournament bass fishing. The salesman subsequently pointed out that the 882 series comes with a 40-gallon gas tank to get to any area on a lake(s) without refueling. The salesman went on to show off the 33-gallon Livewell, which is obviously required for tournament bass fishing.

The salesman asked if I was interested in the 150 Hp Mercury, but stated that the upgrade only meant you could go really, really fast. The 115 Hp Mercury was touted as a very capable and dependable motor that Mercury builds and is a perfect match for the 18'2" bass boat with a top speed of 48-50 mph. We subsequently purchased the boat and upon taking the boat out for the first time, found that the 115 Hp equipped on the 882 series barely had enough power to plane the boat off. I continued to fish with the boat hoping the problems would not get any worse. I eventually tested the 33-gallon Livewell to make sure it was working properly for an upcoming bass tournament. Upon attempting to run across to the other side of the lake, I found that the boat would not plane off at all with the extra weight. The boat just plowed along with the bow up in the air at 3-5 mph.

On this occasion, I had my 140lbs wife and 40lbs 5-year old on board and didn't even have a full tank of gas (1/2-3/4). We could not believe that Bass Pro Shop had sold us a $20,000 boat that you couldn't even use the Livewell! On December 20, 2004, I contacted the sales manager, Joel **, who sold us the boat. Upon telling him our problem and how could they sell a boat without testing it out first to see if it runs with two (2) adults, gas tank and Livewell, that is what their website shows, Mr. ** advised me the it was my fault. I repeat, my fault for not asking the salesman if the boat planes out if the Livewell is used. Following that reply, our conversation went downhill very quickly and he referred me to general manager Sammie **.

Prior to contacting Mr. **, I called the Bass Pro Shop and asked to speak with a floor salesman, regarding purchasing the 882 with 115 Hp. He advised that he would not put a 115 Hp Mercury (2-stroke or 4-stroke) on the 882 series because of previous complaints and the weight problem. He stated that they will only only put a 150 Hp Mercury on the 882. He finished our conversation saying that if he sold me the 882 with a 115 Hp, quote "You'd bring the boat back the next day to return it". On Dec. 21, 2004, I made contact with Mr. ** and advised him of the problem with our brand new $20,000 boat. He advised me that the 882 with the 115 Hp is a wonderful combination, with no complaints. He could not answer why one of his own salesmen would not put a 115 Hp on the 882.

Again, I asked him what I was supposed to do to fix the problem or if he had any ideas that his company did sell us the boat. He advised me to buy a new prop, but there is guarantee the $500+ prop would work. I asked if I was going to have to buy the prop or if Bass Pro Shop would supply the new prop. He advised me that Bass Pro Shop would not give me a prop for free and that the cost of the prop would be my problem. Again, I asked why am I being made a victim a second time since it was his sales staff that misrepresented the boat and motor in the first place. I then asked what the cost would be if I upgraded to the 150 Hp Mercury to solve the problem. He then advised me that my motor with 8.0 hours on it would be considered a used trade-in and the difference between the two.

I thought nothing like taking the customer for a ride the second time. I again explained that my purpose for the call was to find a solution, not have to litigate. He promptly stated that it was company policy that upon being told of possible litigation, all conversations with the customer would end, period. He then gave me the name of his service center manager. Upon calling the service manager and explaining the problem, he advised me that he was currently working on a new 882 that a customer returned, for the same problem, and that he was installing a new prop and raising the motor a notch. So much for management not knowing about the problem. I wish that they would have advised me of this when we purchased our boat.

Since then, I spoke to other local Tracker Marine dealers who stated that they would not put the 115 Mercury on the 882 series because of the weight problems and would only use a 150 Hp. They explained that it's up to the individual business to decide what Hp motor to place on any particular boat in their showroom. Prior to the purchase of our new boat, I would've never dreamed that a business with such a good reputation with hunters and fishermen would misrepresent a product in such a way and then not stand behind the product or even attempt to fix the problem.

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