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Paid nearly $30,000 for a 15' Whaler Montauk. Great boat. The Mercury 60HP Bigfoot motor broke down in less than 10 hours, left my 7 year old son and I stranded. Was told it was a "loose wire from the factory". Later looked at the actual work order and they could find nothing so they "returned boat to customer". The motor runs like crap, low idle sputter and shake. My Merc mechanic thought maybe a loose wiring harness, it was tightened and returned to me. 5 miles out in the Gulf off Homasassa the motor died several times. My wife had to literally sit on the back of the boat, hold the wires just the right way so the boat would run. Thunderstorms rolling in and we're trying to get back into the rock strewn river with other boats everywhere.

Drop it at MarineMax Clearwater and they replace the wiring harness. Merc tech in Homosassa says Brunswick outfits the motors with cheap Chinese harnesses to save money on each unit. I pick up the boat and it runs worse than ever at low speed, shakes, rattles and looks like it's gonna launch off the transom. Bring it back to MarineMax and the tech says it runs like every other 4 stroke 60HP they have. Bring it back home, runs like crap still. I finally dropped it at MarineMax, told them to rig it with a Yamaha or I wouldn't pick it up. They offered me $3,000 trade in and tried to charge me nearly $8500 for the new Yamaha.

I've emailed and called everyone I could find in the company directory at Brunswick and Mercury and finally got a call back today. They told me the coil on the motor was found to be bad and they'll replace it. Refuse to even consider helping me on the awesome trade in deal, telling me I have to deal with MarineMax. Stay as far away from Mercury Marine as you can. Terrible product, worse customer service. Marine Max Clearwater has some of the best people around but they also refuse to stand behind the product and are trying to gouge me for another $6,000 to replace a clearly defective product. Never again.

Over the past 20 years my husband has purchased a minimum of 6 outboard motors. His last motor was purchased as commercial. He was only given a 1 year warranty which expired June 2016 and was not given the opportunity to purchase an extended warranty. The motor is not used as commercial and has very low hours on it. The commercial price was a few hundred dollars cheaper. We are finding out that if it would have been purchased as a regular purchase there would have been a 3 year warranty.

Now Mercury will not consider extending the warranty even with the low hours. What a rip off and I will be sure that before he buys another Mercury he visits Yamaha as they offer a 5 year warranty to their valued customers. They back up their product as Mercury doesn't. Also, word of mouth is also good advertisement and will let anyone know who is thinking about buying a Mercury product to look elsewhere. Right YAMAHA will be our choice. So before you buy a Mercury product be sure to ask about their warranty.

Motor with less than 40 hours on it and all maintenance done yearly. Ran fine for first couple years on our Lund 1700 Explorer fishing boat. One day the motor died and would not start. It just clicked. Checked battery and got a little low from attempting to start. Charged battery and still just a click (the starter gear engaged but would not turn over the motor). I checked the starter and noticed the top housing cracked. Sha, so ordered a new one from a merc dealer for $350, of course, they ordered the wrong one and then had to order the correct one for $450.

This is a updated starter P/N (problems?) and there were only 3 in the USA the dealer said. So put the new design in (seems more robust) and still just a click. Googled and luckily found one post where a defective $20 vacuum hose in the fuel pump housing ruptures. This defective design hose sucks fuel directly into the intake and locks up the lower cylinder. So I pulled my plugs and sure enough the lower cylinder was loaded with fuel. So now I had to change, my oil (loaded with fuel) filter & plugs, replace the defective designed hose and see if it runs. I contacted mercury and they sent me a kind letter apologizing for their defect and offering to sell me the hose at full price.

I guess they shouldn't help someone when their defective design caused extensive damage, battery, starter, oil, plugs, filter, who knows how much cylinder wall damage with all that fuel. So not happy with mercury. And to top it off when fixing all these hose design defects the hose is replaced by a much higher psi rated hose and new P/N. Hmm sounds like a design problem? Then, I had to remove the air filter to pull the fuel pump housing and the foam crumbled. Turns out this is also a defective design on these motors. Once again I had to shell out $85 for a metal element replacement P/N.

My advice is to avoid mercury motors like the plague. They don't stand behind their product and their products are inferior. Things go wrong on all motors, but Mercury does not stand behind their products when there are clear design issues. That becomes exclusively your problem. I had a 1972 Johnson 50hp motor up until 2012 that never had any of these kind of issues and was a great motor. TLC and proper maintenance and no problems. I was very uncertain when I bought my Lund fishing boat that it had a Mercury motor on it. Now I know I should have walked/ran way.

I bought a new flats boat outfitted with a brand new 2017 Mercury Marine 90 HP. To date the motor has 6.5 hours on it and it has left me stranded twice. Problem is intermittent. Motor will start and run fine for a specified period of time then sputter and quit almost like it is out of gas. Fuel tank is near full, motor is getting fuel to it but will not run. It can sit for a few days then start up and do the exact same thing. Quality control for Mercury has gone away. Worse outboard motor on the market. Mechanic says he can find nothing wrong with the motor but obviously something is wrong. Very frustrating situation...

I bought a brand new 2015 Mercury 300 Optimax, rigged by T-N-T Marine in Miami. T-N-T are awesome! Mercury not so much. I have had every problem under the Sun with this motor. I've been broken down 5 different times, both in the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico. They've fixed the problem under warranty, but the problems persist. I don't even want to go out in the boat anymore in fear that it will break down again. Now the warranty has expired 1 year later and I received my first bill. I'm beside myself with Mercury Marine. I wrote Mercury a letter and filled out their consumer review. I have not had a response from Mercury at all.

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I own a fishing charter business that operates 6 boats that all have outboards. We buy a new boat and motor about every year and keep them about 4 years. I've owned lots of yamahas and 3 Mercury's while operating this charter business over the last 14 years. The worst motor we ever purchased was a 2008 225 Mercury Verado. We have owned the boat and motor for three years so far. The first year was problem free but we started having some problems by year two. Mostly minor things like a float switch, a busted air supply hose, leaking valve cover gasket, power assist steering leaking, but in year three my main computer went out and it would shift into gear. The part was $5400, total bill from the shop was nearly $6400 after tax. This was only for 2 hours labor, the part, plus tax.

Now some people may be saying, "Well you use them a lot so that's to be expected." Well, I've never had that many problems with all of my Yamahas combined. I will never buy another Mercury Verado. I'll stick with my yamahas from now on. We put 400 or more hours on a motor per year and there is no reason why they can't make a better more reliable product. I have Yamaha 250's that I've never had to do anything but maintenance and they have more hours on them. I don't expect anything from this review other than it to be able to be seen by the people looking for Mercury reviews. I regret buying this motor.

Just checked the warranty and cannot see anything about environmental. I bought a new motor with a 3 year corrosion warranty and in year 1 it started to corrode. The last motor was on for over 11 years and no corrosion. The burley bucket and dive ladder were on when I got the boat.

Ok, I've been Yamaha forever. Never had a problem ever... I got talked into buying two Mercury motors for my dream boat. Engine 1: 350 Verado. Problem in the first two weeks was a leaking valve covers. Engine 2: 9.9 pro kicker. Less than 8 hours on it. Always starts difficult and now won't start at all. If it does will run for 20 seconds and die, then won't start at all. Problem unknown... Two week waiting list to get repaired. Starting to wish I never bought these boat anchors they call motors. Leaving for a fishing trip in 4 days, and a two week waiting list for the repair shops. Guess the fishing trip is cancelled... You would figure when you buy a new boat with all the best at least the motors would be good for a month or two. Not with the Mercs. Stay clear of these pieces of junk.

I read your customer reviews on Mercury Outboards and they were all spot on. Mercury is JUNK. I purchased a brand new 1994 Sea Pro 220 Walk Around in late 1993. It came with a 200 offshore Mercury outboard. Had the boat for 22 years. A great boat. Only reason I sold it was due to the motor. Only thing ever replaced on the boat was the fuel tank. Other than that the boat was perfect. The motor was replaced three times.

The first motor, while five mile offshore died. Mercury used plastic fittings on the cylinder head water lines. One broke while I was heading in and filled the inside of the cowl with salt water, which the engine sucked in at 4K RPM's. Bent a rod and cracked the block. Motor was still under the warranty but Mercury said "water intrusion" don't cover that even though it was caused by their cheap defective parts.

Motor number two was a remanufactured powerhead directly from Mercury. Had a 12 month warranty. Motor locked up at 13 months. Motor number three. A brand new 2005 Mercury 200. Constant problems with just about everything you can think of, and never any help from Mercury. That is the reason I sold the best boat I ever had. I wouldn't buy a tube of grease from Mercury. Today I have a brand new 17 foot Carolina Skiff with a 40 HP Suzuki 4 stroke with a 6 year warranty and I love it. Mercury SUCKS.

I have always said, I would much rather have a broken Yamaha that I have to diagnose and pay to fix, than have a brand new, in the box, direct from the factory Mercury motor put on my boat because eventually, you will pay more to fix the Mercury than you will the Yamaha. We bought a pontoon boat with a 60 hp Bigfoot 4 stroke 2 years ago. Every month since we have owned this boat, at least one week out of every month since we have owned it (and I can prove this with receipts) the motor has been "not working". If you call Mercury, they are no help and I cannot even imagine why they have a "Support" phone number because their standard answer is "Contact a Mercury dealer." I mean they could just make a recorded message that tells you the same thing!

Nothing on the motor is made well. Every thing that comes off the motor is inferior and basically, junk. Things crumble apart, gaskets give way and corrode, electrical components fry all the time. My friend has a 70 hp Yamaha and it took us 5 minutes one day to change the fuel filter. It takes 45 minutes to change a fuel filter on my motor because you have to take most of the items on the side of the motor off to get to the fuel filter. There are 7, yes, 7 different screw head sizes to get to the fuel filter. 7 different sizes!!!

I'm a design engineer, if I designed anything like this motor is designed, I would be fired, on the spot, no question. Oh, and if you fix something one time, that doesn't necessarily mean you won't have to fix it again as the ECU, VST tank, mechanical fuel pump and trim and tilt pump have all died twice since we have owned this motor. And I bet Mercury just sits around and just cannot figure out for the life of them why their entire market share is just slipping away, like sand through their fingers.

Well I have a 2 yr old Mercury 115 hp 4 stroke on a commercial rod and line 23 ft fishing boat. Last Thursday I had the guardian system warn me of a 'non critical fault' (6 sec intermittent beep) so after checking water, oil, prop etc, I proceeded to make my way, with limited power home, only to seize the engine 50 mins later. Later after being towed in, and the engineer inspecting it, there is no oil pressure! Surely this would be a 'critical fault' and if indicated. So, in the first place I would of got towed in from where it happened and only be facing a bill for pump replacement and such, but now after the engine seized it will be a new power head etc etc, over £5000 almost the price of a new unit.

Being self employed and ploughing all my savings into this business after leaving the armed forces last year after 22 yrs service, I would not expect this kind of thing to happen. Apparently this is not a common thing but still it is going to cost me a fortune and lost earnings to put right. And due to it being a commercial engine, you guessed it, out of warranty!!! I am now looking at buying a 150 hp 4 stroke. Is there any deal you can do for me, as I find my motor is now worthless as too expensive to repair, against the cost of new motor. I have emailed Mercury EU and Barrus UK numerous times but they have not even had the decency to replied.

I would like to tell you my story from when I purchased the 2007 115 Mercury Optimax, band new. From day one the motor has always run rough. I was told that's just the way it runs, but it's very fuel economical. After replacing multiple coil packs, Mercury finally had a new updated coil pack and replaced them all. What a relief that was. The next thing was the fuel lines. They needed to be replaced and it was to be at my expense, Mercury said they did not make the fuel and it was not going to be their issue. I was to incur the cost. Next my went into limp mode. After taking it to the authorized Mercury shop I was told the oil tank had to be replaced because some glue had released a magnet that controlled the oil level gauge. $950 later that was fixed. I Inquired about the rough idling and pulsating motor rpm jumping again. I was told that's just the way they run.

Every Year I had to replace the high pressure fuel pump sleeve, they always have split and cracked only a $15 dollar 3/4 inch piece of rubber hose. Currently, now once again, the motor won't throttle up stalls, constantly runs rough (as Always). Left me stranded for the last time with my four young kids, wife, and dog. The motor is out of warranty. I have called Mercury several time with no help whatsoever. All I can do now is to let the public know what I have endured in the years past. My birthday falls on 6-17. I would like to go crabbing. Send me a new motor.

I am 63 years old, raised a family, did everything right, saved my money and took care of my Mercury 200 OptiMax. After reading all these reviews I am going to cut to the chase. Looks like I feel fortunate that I got 725.2 hours – 25 miles offshore on Lac Seul, Ontario, Canada when I blew a rod through the side of my Mercury 200 OptiMax. I had a friend with me and his grandson and thanks to my wife buying me a SPOT I deployed search and rescue. Major thunderstorms and tornadic weather which was unexpected so they could not deploy a helicopter but they did have a C140 on standby but I was finally rescued by the Ontario Provincial Police as well as a friend of mine. I did not deserve this; I did everything right. To sum it up my boat is at the dealer now and getting a brand new 200 Yamaha VMax...

When bought this motor (2012 Mercury 150 four stroke) I had fuel delivery problems, a bad alternator from day one. Four trips to the dealer to finally get fixed. Now at 201 hours leaking water and oil from 15 different areas. Corrosion found on the bolts. Many of the loose even with Loctite on them never were torque correctly from the factory. Tilt cylinder was bleeding off. Exhaust pressure in the crank case which is what I was told made the gaskets leak. Mercury said out of standard warranty by 6 months they would cover the gaskets but no labor. These problems are not wear and tear problems, should be covered by warranty.

The extended warranty I purchased the GOLD warranty doesn't cover anything, was a waste of money, not what was explained to me when purchased and no paperwork was given to me explaining this wonderful extended warranty I purchased. The dealer that is working on my motor told me it would only be $350.00 in labor. Now three weeks later the bill has increased tremendously while they're exploring at my cost the problems with my motor. The Oregon Mercury representative says that's all they will do.

In 2015 I Bought a Lund 2075 Tyee fishing boat with a 250 Verado motor. I put 214 hours on the motor last year fishing. We went fishing this spring and while moving forward the motor suddenly quit. We tried to start it but no success. We took the cover of the motor and discovered that the motor had threw the piston out from the block. I took the boat back to the dealer for them to look at and they contacted the Mercury rep. He told us that it was not under warranty due to water intrusion. There is no way that water could have got in the motor when we under way at 4,800 RPM our 45 miles per hour. He then said we must have put it reverse without stopping causing the water to enter from the exhaust which is impossible because you first have to come to neutral before entering reverse.

The are not warranty this motor and will cost me around $21,000.00 for a new motor. I am 62 years old and have been a boat owner for 40 years with a number of types of boats and have never had this problem. Mercury is not living up to their warranty. Mercury was not aboard the boat at the time so I do not understand why they will not believe me when I tell them what happened. I wanted to fish, not damage my engine. My son and I went to Sunsation boat company last Saturday to take his new 32 foot Center Counsel boat out for a test ride with the owner of the company. The boat has 2 350 Verado Mercury motors. We were out for 45 minutes. The owner Rob was driving and guess what? The Starboard side engine blew with less than a half hour on it. They want to fix the engine and not give him a brand new motor on his brand new boat. What would you do?

We just got 2 new Optimax 225 at the end of 2015. First one, the block blew up at 37 hours. Second motor, the block blew up at 41 hours while Mercury mechanic is testing the boat for cranking noises. Mercury Marine took 1 full month to check the problem for each motor and then rejected the warranty in a one-line email message. No one at Mercury agreed to give any report so we went sending emails all the way up to the GM. The only reason for revoking warranty that we got from Mercury Marine came from the GM of the company, Mr. Jean-Louis **, stating: "Without going into details, none of the findings relates to a product default and therefore we cannot consider any warranty coverage for this case." Anyone who experienced the same problem with Mercury Optimax please contact me at **. I was told that there is a batch of motors from 2015 that all blew up and I am looking for other customers who had the same problem.

I purchased a 2015 40 hp Mercury command thrust motor on my 2015 Excursion pontoon boat. When I took delivery of the boat it had a 2014 Motor installed. When I questioned the dealer he told me that the motor was manufactured in May of 2014 but it is a program year 2015 which did not make much sense to me. As I have done some research I have found that this is not legal in all states, but in Massachusetts it appears to be. I have spoken to Mercury Marine in Wisconsin and they told me that they provide literature to the dealers and the dealers are supposed to notify you of this practice.

The dealer I bought my boat from in Worcester, MA made no such representation. Now I have a motor that was manufactured almost two years ago. So if you are buying a Mercury outboard, make sure you know the manufacture date and model year. They can differ as much as 18 months. Mercury does not use model years. They call them program years. So just be aware of what you are buying. They are not very upfront about this when you are buying. I think this is very sneaky. I would have looked at more current models that are available from other makers had I known.

In March of 2015 I ordered a brand new Boston Whaler 285 Conquest (cost without electronics $245,000.) with twin Mercury 250s (Mercury and Boston Whaler are both owned by the Brunswick Corp, and you have no choice when buying a Boston Whaler, you must buy Mercury Motors). I received delivery of the vessel in the 2nd week of July 2015. The boat was purchased from MarineMax, Lindenhurst, NY. I purchased $20,000.00 in electronics of which MarineMax installed as part of our contract. I also had about $15,000.00 of additional upgrades and out of pocket expenses directly relating to the boat itself, and added another $15,000.00-$25,000.00 in items to be used with/for the boat, but not part of the boat. Lastly I paid about $12,000.-$13,000.00 for an extended Platinum Warranty for the motors that cover the motors and electronics for 8 years.

In August of 2015, approximately 5 weeks after taking delivery I noticed an oil leak in the port motor. It was immediately brought to the attention to Marine Max. The boat was in and out of the shop the entire season multiple times, wherein I lost weeks of use of the boat. The leak was not resolved until over the winter when the boat was winterized. At that time Mercury Marine authorized a new power-head for the port motor.

Meanwhile between August of 2015 and Nov 2015, I've experienced additional issues, all of which was brought back to the dealership for repairs:
1) Faulty Carbon Monoxide Alarm.
2) Faulty wiring wherein I was stranded out on the water at night and had to be towed in. This faulty wiring short-circuited other wiring, melted wire and almost caused a fire before a safety breaker shut the boat down.
3) Multiple loss of steering issues.
4) Power Steering Pump failed and required replacement.
5) Marine Max broke the plastic insert rim that supports the cupholder in the helm (still not repaired). It's even documented that they broke it.
6) Multiple Error Code issues.
7) Forward Bilge stopped working, needed replacement.
8) Aft Bilge was defective, replaced and the poorly designed sensors and set up of the aft bilge allows it to run hours at a time without it shutting off.

9) Low Voltage issues.

All of these issues occurred between August of 2015 and Nov 2015. Each time I would bring the boat back to the dealer, they would work on it, and either they fix the issue or it just reoccurs. I left the boat with Marine Max, the dealership, over the winter to provide winter and spring services. I received the boat back on April 1st, 2016, after paying $7200.00 for winter storage, winterization and spring set up. I used the boat 5 times. The port motor has overheated twice (again each time I'm out on the water) and I've lost my steering on one occasion.

They claim that the first time the boat overheated was due to a defective impeller within the water pump (which they installed just prior to April 1st, 2016). They could not explain why the boat overheated the 2nd time. I also have received additional faulty codes. The aft bilge is still not working properly and runs for hours and I had a leaking deck hatch. Further, now oil has been identified leaking from the Starboard motor. I have brought this back to Marine Max and they have had a Mercury Rep come and inspect the boat. They are now authorizing two new actuator motors, and are creating a negative jumper wire/cable to regulate the electrical voltage. They are also going to look into the oil leak of the starboard motor.

I contacted Boston Whaler, Marine Max and Mercury Marine and got management involved. Their position is these are warranty issues and they will just keep honoring the warranty repairs as outlined by their contract. I have requested that they replace both motors and have a Mercury Marine Employed Technician install and rig the boat so that I can be assured of a safe, dependable and trouble free boat. They have denied this request and will not compromise from their position.

Meanwhile, I am still without the use of a boat as it undergoes additional repairs and all of these issues have accelerated the depreciation of the boat. When you go to sell a boat, the first thing any buyer does is pull the service records of the motors. When they see the laundry list of faults and repairs no one will offer me fair market value for the vessel. Marine Max hasn't even offered to buy the boat back from me at fair market value. I have a 2’’stack of emails that I have sent to Marine Max Service Department, ¾’’ stack of repair records, various photos of all of the issues and problems.

Took my 2010 Tracker 175 equipped with a Mercury 90HP four stroke in for service at dealer for service. Had a leaking seal in the shift shaft on lower unit. Mechanic found another seal leak from the upper crankshaft seal. Mercury cust Service (Blake) stated it was too far out of warranty for assistance from them. Only 100.9 hrs (9 months over purchased ext warranty) on the motor from purchase dates. Buyer beware.

Bought a brand new Mercury OptiMax Pro XS 115 hp motor on new Triton TX18 aluminum boat on Oct. 3 2015. After using for 3 months, I contacted dealer about excessive oil use, was told still in double oil, not broke in yet. Ran motor to break in and did so. Motor started to smoke when started at home. Called customer service to report problem. Each time boat was taken to dealer, they could not see any smoke. After a year of trying to get help from Mercury, I wrote a letter to Pres. of Mercury, service rep called and made appointment to work on my motor. After he completed work, he called to inform me that he had replaced just about all oiling system. I picked boat up and brought it home. After 5 days, the motor started to smoke again. When I say smoke, there is a very large cloud of smoke not just a puff.

I called customer service to report the same issue again and this time I told service person it was time to discuss replacement! Next morning, I received a call from Mercury saying that all 2-stroke motors smoke and there was nothing wrong with my motor and that it ran out just fine. Mercury Marine said that they would not fund any more investigation in to this motor and if I wanted I would have to pay for it myself. Now I have supplied Mercury rep with videos of motor startup, excessive smoking and with Mercury's comments, I feel as though they are running away from a problem.

Was having several issues with a brand new Mercury Verado 200. Took it to my local Mercury service shop. And after them not finding the problem and consulting Mercury, I took the boat to another service shop who fixed the problem. I was then sent 2 bills and was told by Mercury that only 1 bill can be covered for a warranty problem. Are you kidding me? Your techs can't figure out a problem and you recommended me to take it somewhere else. And now you tell me you won't cover the cost to fix the engine (18 hrs), and I'm without for 3 weeks, and suppose to pay a 470.00 bill! Done with Mercury.

I contacted customer service about parts for a Motorguide trolling motor. The associate emailed a parts diagram and a parts list. When I questioned the diagram, he insisted it was the correct diagram/parts list. I then ordered the parts from a local dealer. The parts were not the correct parts and the dealer made me pay for them (+shipping). When I contacted Mercury Marine about the situation they refused to take care of it. Now I'm stuck with some plastic parts and still don't have the parts I need. I would highly recommend doing business with someone who stands behind their product and service. Obviously, Mercury Marine doesn't!

Purchased a tracker boat in 2011 from Bass Pro Shops, with a 5 year warranty on the engine, no problem in 3 years. On the 3rd year boat stop on Lake Erie 9 miles out, towed in 600 dollars. Luckily I have insurance, towed it home. The Mercury dealer here in Cincinnati told me they could not find any problems. Three times I picked it up and took it straight back - running awful, would not get out of the Wake Zone. Finally they said it had a broken crank shaft. Replace the power head. Got the boat back in October and just put in the garage. Getting ready the next spring decided better take it out and try it. Broke down on the Ohio River 7 miles away from trailer. Took it back, put in all new injectors. Ran good the rest of summer. Move forward 1 summer on Lake Erie in July. Quit running again 10 miles out - another tow and inconvenience.

Left the boat at dealer in Port Clinton. Went home to Cincinnati. They called said it was the ECM and injectors. Mercury told this dealer I was responsible for ECM because my warranty didnt cover electrical. After all the trouble I had I guess they must gave in because they covered it. So 2 weeks later motor quits again on Lake Cumberland. This time 2 miles away from trailer and 2 kids - one 18 months old in the hot sun. Back at dealer now they say wiring harness bad, probably the reason it took out the ECM on last repair. Well after all this is done I paid 24 grand for a boat I don't feel I can trust to fish on big water, the reason I bought it for. I'm putting a new motor on giving Mercury the business again. Why I ask myself. Don't know. But changing brands will cost me 5,000 more to change.

So I called Mercury customer service. Their response was not helping me with a re-power. All I would ask is maybe a discount, something. Instead they said it's my choice to re-power. They don't feel it necessary (they haven't been sitting in the sun waiting for a tow). This engine only has 95 hours on it and it's getting replaced. So that's my story. Buyer beware. Choose better. This a 115 Mercury OptiMax.

Bought a brand new Mercury 9.9 and will not run at all. Took the motor on a 10-day fishing trip and did not run, and was not able to fish on my only vacation of the year. Took it to 2 marine dealers in northern Minnesota, and motor would still not run. We got blown across a choppy lake and was rammed into the rocks because motor would not start. Had to jump out of the boat to secure, and sprained my ankle very badly on a rock. Had to be towed in by a guy with a 1970's Evinrude 15hp and he states the motor starts every time on the first or second pull. I was so embarrassed. This motor should be banned from sale. I am not the only one having problems.

Almost everyone online is having problems and most don't run. I don't know how they can still allow Mercury to sell these motors to the public. It doesn't matter what the dealer does, the motor will not start at all. I also threw out my shoulder trying to start this thing. I must have pulled the rope 500 times and motor does not even spark. I have never experienced anything like this with a new product right out the box.

Also my dealer pulled one over on me. I bought the motor on their father's day sale and it said brand new 2015 models on sale. When I took the motor to get serviced, noticed that the motor is a 2014 model. I paid good money for a more than year old model. I need to know what to do. I want to return this motor and get my money back. Do I need to get a lawyer? Not only does the motor not run at all, but they cheated me and gave me a year old model when it was supposed to be a brand new 2015 model. Please can someone help and advise?

Question about the service of my very expensive and highly marketed Mercury Verado engine. I called to talk to someone there in their customer service and they refused to help at all, trying instead to force me to a Mercury dealer to pay for a diagnostic. Would not discuss what recalls were outstanding and only tried to refer me to their "publishing" department to "buy" a repair manual. Very disappointing in Mercury's service. They ought to learn why Boston Whaler (who installs Mercury engines in their boats) has such a great reputation by calling them, posing as a customer, to ask a question. They can and will try and solve the problems that their customers are having with their product!

Bought premier protection from Bass Pro. Don't want to cover warranty because of price. So now they won't give me a answer.

Purchased an 07 Fisher Hawk 170 with a 115 Merc Optimax 115. Motor had 96 hours on it when I picked it up January 2014. Second time our the motor quit. Figured out of gas. After a couple hours of troubleshooting, realized it was a spark issue and narrowed it down to the crank position sensor or PCM. Took it in to a dealer that same day. After they did what I did, they then removed the CPS and replaced it. No luck. Next day got a call from them stating that one of the coils fouled and took out the PCM.

Short version, the tech at the dealer called Mercury Marine and gave them the info. Mercury Marine covered all parts...FREE!!! This was a 2007 motor and I'm the second owner. I think Mercury Marine deserves a pass on taking care of its customers, at least in my case. I'll keep one on my transom until I have a damn good reason not too. Thanks Mercury for looking out for a loyal customer. 4th Mercury motor with no complaints.

I have had my Mercury 20 hp motor less than a year and it gets one ding on the prop from a stump and it causes all of the internal gears in the lower unit to fail. BS. But because it is impact damage it is not covered by warranty. First of all it is an aluminum prop and the gears are hardened steel. There is no way that a small ding should tear up those gears. The prop has rubber inside and should slip before all of the pinion gears strip out. If the weakest link, the first fail point in the lower unit are the gears that is a ** design. Now I could see it if it had ripped off one of the blades of the prop or actually hit the lower unit on an object. But that is not the case. That tells me there was either a manufacturer defect or it is just piss poor design. You show me one fishing boat that does not have a ding on the prop. It is sad that they are not standing behind the quality of their product. So $1600 later I will trade this piece of ** in and go Honda.

After 470 hours, my Mercury Verado 250 outboard died a mysterious death, with low compression in cylinder # 6. The engine had been carefully maintained. It is out of warranty so Mercury said "sorry". This must be one of the worst products out there. A total disgrace. Time for a Yamaha. No one would buy Mercury anyway if it wasn't sold with the boat, in my case a Boston Whaler. So do not buy a Whaler! This company is horrible.

I purchase a Tracker 2011 Bass Buggy Pontoon Boat (Hull # **) brand new in April 2011 from BASS PRO STORE here in Myrtle Beach, SC. It came with a Mercury 40-horse power, 4 stroke Mercury Motor, (Serial # 1C131273) and trailer. I paid cash for this boat at the time of purchases. I purchased the Mercury extended warranty and premier protection plans to cover repairs till 2016. This Bass Buggy Pontoon and motor was serviced at the Bass Pro Shop at the 10 hours break-in period and again in February 2014 at the 107 hour period at a cost of over $500.00. This pontoon and motor has approximately 116 hour on it at this time.

Monday, June 15, 2015 at 10:15, I launch the Pontoon boat at the American Legion in Socastee, SC with wife and three friends. We arrived at Barefoot Landing around 12 o'clock. We had lunch and walked around Barefoot Landing. We then departed for American Legion Post 40 in Socastee, SC around 2:20, until this time the pontoon and motor ran just super, no problem. We were about one half mile from the boat ramp and the motor puff twice and shut down. We were towed into the American Legion Post 40 dock. I then manually loaded pontoon by hand/wench and departed for our home in Bridgecreek Sub-Division.

I had appointment and meeting on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 and I was unable to contact the Bass Pro Shop that day. On Wednesday I went to the Bass Pro Shop service department and had a conversation with the service manager **. I told him at that time that I thought the engine was locked up. He told me to bring the Pontoon in and that they would check it out when they could work it into their schedule. He also stated it might be a week before they got to it.That afternoon I towed the Pontoon to the Bass Pro Shop.

On Friday 19, June 2015 ** called and ask permission/authorization to tear into the motor and stated, that if it wasn't cover by warranty the cost would be around four to five hundred dollars to determine the failure of motor. ** notified me on Saturday, June 20, 2015 that this motor was not under warranty due to water coming in through the intake system. We had a conversation over the telephone. I told him I was not happy about this situation and that I would need to talk with a lawyer or someone who knew more than I or him. His statement was "Are you threatening me?" I told him "No but I would definitely get to the bottom of this situation."

In conversation with the Mercury outboard motor warranty/customer service personnel ** on Monday, June 22, 2015 they stated the Bass Pro Shop had not contacted them about the warranty on this motor. I then call the Bass Pro Shop and talked with ** the Operation manager. He contacted the service department. Then the Mercury customer service call me. At first they stated it was Tracker responsibility for this problem/water/rust in cylinder head due to water coming in at the intake. I talked with Tracker representative ** - they said no way. They stated that if there was a problem, the Mercury/Dealer should take pictures of this problem and get with them for a service bulletin. In conversation with the representative ** from the Mercury customer service he said they would provide the parts to repair motor/engine.

In the various conversation with Tracker, Mercury and the Bass Pro Shop representatives all day long on Monday, June 22, 2015. I found out there was a service bulletin in 2012 for a deflector shield fix on these type motor due to water getting into the intake system and causing this problem with motor locking/freezing up. The way I understand it this would be the responsibility of the dealership/service department. This deflector shield should have been installed during the last maintenance service I received at a cost of $500.00 in February 2014 by the Bass Pro Shop service department.

Bass Pro Shop service managers stated that I would need to pay for the labor for this repair on my engine. (I say no way.) Even if I paid for this repair on my pontoon/motor without this deflector shield I would have the same problem in the near future. I am sure that those individuals knew about this problem (with water entering into the intake system) for at least the last five to six years or more.

I feel very strongly that the Bass Pro Shop, Mercury or Tracker should be responsible for the labor cost and not the customers. I am sure that this has happen to other customers and they paid the price by footed the cost due to water getting into the intake system on those motor. I am sure the customers should not be liable for this problem with water coming in through the intake system. Everyone should stay away from Bass Pro Shop Stores. Veterans please put your money elsewhere. This is a no winner situation with big company. Deal with a local business/Family business. This will save you money in the long run.

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Mercury Marine has been powering boats for over 75 years. Founded in 1939, the company now has locations around the world. Mercury’s focus has always been innovation, great engineering and speed.

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