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I have a 2014 Evinrude ETEC 60 sel #05387330. When I bumped something floating in the water which did very little damage to the prop, it did twist the SS shaft and the dealer is having to replace the complete lower end. The prop is designed to take an impact and spin on the rubber not twist the shaft and gears in the lower end. I have owned 5 different boats and motor and have done a lot more damage to a prop that only sheared to pin, not the engine. BRP should cover the cost for their prop failure!!!

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I purchased the motor new at Saunders Marina 2014. Paid about 4000.00 to Kirk **. Took home. Sat in garage 2 years because of health problems. Finally 8-8-16 went to use it with friend. Drove 2 hours to go fishing. Still not feeling 100%. We spent a lot of money as you can imagine on gas for truck, gas for motor and bait and boat launch fee beside the effort it takes to set up everything when we got it in the water. We started to head out. Motor was not running right at all then stalled out. Had hardship getting back to dock. We were there half hour or so. Very upset. Loaded boat back on trailer. Drove 2 hours home.

Called Kirk. Said bring in. Still under warranty. Week and a half later he said it needed a new part. I called Evinrude and told them. They said "have Kirk call us so we can record this" and tell them what to do. It has to be hooked up to computer. I told Kirk this. He said he did it. All set. I told him "how could this be. The motor is not even used." He had nothing to say. 8-19-2016 Friday when again with the wife same place. 2 hour drive. Did everything I told you previously. Spent a lot of money. The motor was worst than before. Had to go home. I did not spend that kind of money to have this happen twice. I will bring motor to saunders tomorrow 8-20-2016 and demand my money back. They had their chance. I have had it. I am sick over this. Kirk could work it out with Evinrude. I just want out!

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I bought this motor on 5-21-2010, new. The motor came with a 6-year warranty. The power head blew in 2012 and Evinrude replaced it and extended the warranty to 2017 on the power head. The power head blew again on 5-27-2016 and Evinrude refuses to repair the motor stating the motor is out of warranty. I have sent copies of the bill of sale to Consumer Affairs as my only proof and have had no results other than to be blown off by Alexandria in Consumer Affairs.

I could understand the poor performance of the motor if it was used a lot but that is not the case the motor has been used intermittently for the last 5 years as we are weekend anglers. Had Evinrude advertised these motors as should last x amount of hours I doubt I or anyone else would have purchased one. But that was not the case. They were touted as 6-year warranties with no dealer maintenance for 3 years. I am disappointed to say the least with this motor and Evinrude customer service.

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2010 Evinrude E-tec 75 HP outboard motor - Purchased motor new as a retrofit on pontoon boat (dealer installed). Ran for one season and decided to check lower unit oil. Dealer found signs of moisture and did pressure and vacuum test which passed. Dealer diagnosis was normal condensation so they did an oil change. End of second season, checked lower unit oil. Again, oil had light yellow color. Talked to dealer. He thought that it was caused by agitation. Lower unit oil was drained and replaced again. Pressure and vacuum test passed again.

End of third season, out of warranty, even MORE water. Dealer suggested new seals and bearing housing. I installed new bearing housing and seals, plus new O rings and did pressure and vacuum test which again passed. End of fourth season, checked lower unit, MORE water again. So I decided to disassemble the lower unit to see if I could locate the problem. I built a test fixture and mounted the shaft assembly (secured BETWEEN centers). The bearing housing was aligned and secured such as would be installed in lower housing. I then used a dial indicator to check for radial run out on upper shaft around the seal area. The run out measured .008 which is BEYOND accepted tolerance for a high speed rotating shaft and for a lipped seal to be able to deal with properly.

I then decided as last resort to order new upper and lower shafts to check their measurements against the existing shafts and I found there was virtually no difference between them. I then decided to contact BRP and Evinrude for advice. I have written to Evinrude and BRP several times, including emails, letters and even a certified letter to BRP about my problem but have NOT received a reply.

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My name is ** and I live in a remote cabin in Alaska and am borrowing my friends e-mail. I bought the Evinrude E-Tec 90 in May 2014, and it has never run right. It condenses a lot at 2,000-2,500 revs, vibrates at low speed and is very loud. It smells a lot, a gas smell which comes right into the cabin. The trim-lifter was kaput at 60 hours and the fuel pump at 80 hours. They had me drain the tanks, put in fresh gas, and change the filter, and still the same problems. They said it was water in the fuel, so we ran it on their gas, and still the same. I reached out to Evinrude and they refuse to fix the problem. They deny all the problems, still saying it's water in the fuel. I paid a lot of money for a new outboard which is not working and likely to destruct before its time and I think Evinrude should do something about it and they are not. Is anyone else experiencing these issues?

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Back in 2006 I bought an Evinrude 200 Hp engine in Malta from RLR in Ta' Xbiex. In 2010, the gearbox of the new engine suddenly broke down. At first I was surprised, but thought “ah, that can happen". The gearbox was repaired by RLR for 1600.00. Now, in 2014 again the gearbox just broke down... I called a mechanic (this was on a Friday late afternoon) and he immediately came to the boat to see what happened. He, on the spot, judged, that the gearbox got damaged and that it must have been something to do with the shimming. All these technicalities don't say anything to me, but once the boat was brought to RLR, they immediately stated, that it was misused, although later they rectified this, that it might have been the case.

The boat has, in total, under 120 hours on the clock and according to many service people and professional users, this shouldn't happen. I also cannot imagine, that a gear box goes just like that??? To shorten a long story, I decided to ship the parts (a complete gearbox) to The Netherlands. I found a service company, which has the same jurisdiction as RLR in Malta. These companies, RLR in Malta and Zomerschoe in the Netherlands, are approved and appointed by BPR. This company is represented by Mr. Tibor **, who is responsible for sales and "after sales" in Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean area. I asked Zomerschoe in The Netherlands, to investigate, what happened.

After 1 week I got a message from them, that this ONLY could have happened, if the shimming wasn't done right and that one needs special tools to replace and set this shim. At the time, I didn't know what a shim was, but found out, that it is a little thin metal plate, preventing the gear shaft to press too hard down on the gears and damage them. They investigated this matter deeper and determined, that it was the shimming. RLR (or their mechanic) misplaced the shim and therefore an enormous force was put on the gears, which can be seen on the grooves in the gears. In the end, this misplacement will crush the gears and damage the gear box permanently!

After a whole load of correspondence with Mr. Tibor ** and RLR (Darius **) in Ta' Xbiex, they were not willing to admit, that this was the fault of the mechanic(s). They also put their own appointed dealer in The Netherlands in a bad day light, because as said by themselves, "they do not know what they are saying". Mr. ** and Mr. ** both state that it is impossible, because the parts were already disassembled and one cannot see that anymore. Well wrong gents, because the gears tell another story. The mechanic, who came on that famous Friday, immediately said it had something to do with the shimming and an appointed dealer says the same thing, after investigating the gears, gear shaft and shims... I wonder, I wonder where Mr. ** got his info from, without even seeing the gears???

Today I wrote my last letter to Mr. **, because he does not respond anymore and I assume, that he doesn't know what to say anymore and thus keep "radio-silence", thinking that I might console in this matter. An engine of almost 16.000 --- is not to be fooled with by incompetent people like at RLR and I therefore warn all you boaters out there, not to service their engine there anymore. This company and its employee Darius **, pretend that they know what they are doing, but the literally screwed up and, worst of all, they blame it on their client! Meanwhile I heard other stories about the works, which were done by the mechanics of this company and they’re the same story. They didn't do anything wrong, but the client is being accused of misuse or whatever?? ? For the second repair I had to fork out again an amount of 1600, and wanted to claim that from RLR in Ta' Xbiex.

As they are reluctant and moreover arrogant, I claimed both repairs to be paid back in full, simply because the first repair (which I paid in full) wasn't done correctly and caused the damage at a later stage, underwritten by a very reliable company in The Netherlands.

1. The engine ran ONLY for 50 hours, when the gearbox the first time was damaged.

2. The engine was repaired by RLR for a mere 1600 --- and 60 hours later, the gear box brakes down for the second time.

After investigation, it was determined, that the mechanic of RLR placed the shim wrong and by using the engine, one will permanently damage the gear box. Easy to say, that it was my fault, because I used the boat! I expect, after paying such an amount, that the engine is tip-top again. A serious company would tackle the problem, have a second opinion and act accordingly. BUT... what do RLR and BPR (read Mr Tibor **) do? They blame it on their clients and crawl behind the fact that the engine is not under guarantee anymore.

I am not claiming the engines guarantee RLR and BRP!! BUT, I will not pay for damages that arise after your incompetent people have screwed up my engine. RLR or BRP can rectify the mistake(s) and their arrogance by honoring my claim, without further correspondence and I will be man enough to announce that they did so. It's a shame, because I tried to solve this amicably, but this is what I got. Both, Tibor ** and Darius **, should follow a course in how to handle clients and more important, loose their arrogance. If you treat all clients like this, the sales of Evinrude engines will drop dramatically in Malta, simply because of your attitude. People don't like to be patronized and being fooled. It will come back to you.

Satisfaction Rating

I bought the 2010 E-tec 115 hp outboard motor, brand new from Becks Outboard in Jacksonville, FL in 02/2011. I paid for the motor, prop, and install. Well, when I picked it up, I test ran it and noticed that it did not want to get up on plain very well, like I did not have enough power on low end. I went back to Becks and advised of this and was giving multiple props to try. They wanted me to tell them what pitch to use. I explained that I would not know because I don't work on outboard motors. I asked if they had water tested the boat and they said multiple times, they don't have time or the manpower to water test.

I have gone back multiple times advising of not being able to get up on plain very well when there is one then one person on the boat. Becks Outboard service department just talked to me like I'm stupid every time I went back and complained about this issue. I went out on the Internet and did some research about different props and the motor, went back to them and still was talked down to. They seem to think it’s funny that I would like to get what I paid for.


In June of 2008 I purchased a new 115Hp outboard. On July 21, 2009, the engine severely over heated during its' 26th hour of operation. The motor was supposed to have a fail-safe system that slowed the engine down at 200 degrees and shut the engine down at 212 degrees. My engine reached the extreme temperature of 248 degrees.

The boat and motor were towed via Toe Boat Inc to ARGO Boat Co in Rosedale NY, an authorized Evinrude repair establishment where diagnosis of the engine commenced. After 5 days, ARGO boat could not find the cause of the over-heating, noting on the service bill. "Motor ran hot, overheat came on, Motor stopped pumping water,Boat not pumping water. Towed to ARGO Boat. Unable to find any cause for overheating. Checked thermostatm water pump impeller all seems to be ok. Replaced impeller and gasket. Customer may have picked up plastic bag".

The repair shop did not file a warrantee claim because I may have picked up a "plastic bag.

Consumer fraud charges have been filed with the office of the Attorney General of New York State because ARGO boat charged me $225 for unnecessarilry replaced the water pump and an additional $100 to diagnose the cause of the extreme over heating as well as $200.oo to take to boat out of the water and put it back. All of these charges were unnecessary and should have been covered under warrantee.

Multiple complaints were made to Bombardier including their customer service representatives, supervisors, call center managers, directors, Vice Presidents and their CEO.
They sumarilrly deny my warantee claim because I may have picked up a plastic bag even though the physical evidence clearly shows it was very unlikely a plastic bag was the cause.
In speaking with other expert mechanics, it is very unlikely that a plastic bag would have caused such over heating as there was no damage to the water pump impeller that were needlessly replaced. Had some bject/objects clogged both water intakes the lobes of the water pump impeller would have at the very least shown signs of wear. The mechanic found the impeller in an undamaged condition. The motor's safe system should have shut the enggine down at 212 degrees to prevent internal damage and scoring to the internal engine. According to Evinrude's uthorized repairman, the motor reached an extreme temperature of 248 degrees which may have damaged the engine in intangible ways and perhaps shortened the engines life.

The management heirarchy at Bombardier are not interested in my complaint and continue to deny a warantee claim nor are they interested in replacing or repairing this motor


I purchased a boat in may of '01 from Hammers Ski & Marine in Rancho Cordova. Recently I took it in to have it serviced and have a intermittent problem looked at. Since the certified evinrude rep. center was unable to detect problem he contacted the Evinrude/Rep look at it. Was determined to have a computer or "EMI" for a 150 hp ficht Evinrude motor on my 135hp motor. After making some calls found out from a company called DFI had repaired this computer on 2/01 three months prior to my purchase of the boat of the new boat and motor, finding out that the computer on my motor does not match my motor and was for another motor of which was purchased from Hammers also from a person living in Oakley CA, having called DFI they faxed me a copy of a service order of the repair work done on the EMI which is in my motor which matches the serial number.

For me to have to pay over $300 to learn that a motor which was suppose to be of a brand new motor had a repaired and wrong EMI for my motor. Contacted the dealer from whom I purchased my boat. Explaining to them the problem - their response was "they never send an EMI for repair nor could they have possibly installed the wrong EMI on the motor. wanting to know how I have a copy from DFI of a EMI sent to them from Hammers wasin my possession if they never have them repaired faxing them a copy, havng the evinrude rep./tech. a EMI with the serial number that is supposed to match the serial number on the motor that doesnt. Having proof that this was an error on the dealers end they still insisted that they had nothing to do with it.

How did an EMI with the serial # for a 150 hp motor end up on my 135 hp. The people at Hammers were unwillingly to work with me and insisted this was my problem not theirs. After telling me they wanted to see the motor I was willing to drive my boat to their store. After arriving they told me since they are no longer an Evinrude dealer they will not touch my boat. I feel I have been a victim of fraud and in believing I was purchasing a new boat and motor when in fact with proof that it was not, their lack of concern and not returning my calls leads me to believe their denial because of a federal regulation prohibiting from tampering with the emmission control EMI, is probably the reason of their avoiding the problem.

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Evinrude, a brand of the company BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products, Inc.), was officially launched in 2003. The company’s history dates back to 1937, when Joseph-Armand Bombardier had his snowmobile patented. Evinrude specializes in outboard motors.

  • Global presence: Find an Evinrude dealer in the US as well as Australia, Asia, Brazil, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and New Zealand. Find contact information for these locations on Evinrude’s website.
  • Low maintenance: Evinrude’s E-TEC engines don’t require dealer maintenance for 300 hours or three years, which means you can spend more time on the water and less time paying for and waiting on maintenance.
  • Design your own motor: Evinrude’s E-TEC G2 outboard motor can be completely customized to your specifications. Choose your specs and color to build the perfect motor for your vessel.
  • E-Nation: Join Evinrude’s E-Nation to get special offers, news and events delivered straight to your inbox. E-Nation has its own website, which includes a forum for members, reviews and news.
  • Take a test drive: Check out Evinrude’s event page to find an event near you that includes test drives. See how Evinrude’s motor works first-hand before you make the investment in their equipment.
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