We took our boat to Bay Marine, the company that we purchased from. We dropped the boat off and called the next day to confirm when they would be able to look at the boat. We were having problems with the steering. They explained by next week that we would hear from them. The following week having not heard from them, I called to inquire. Angi apologizes, explaining that they have been selling SO MANY boats and they lost both of their mechanics that the new ones have had to get the boats ready they have sold and no one has had time to call or look at our boat but they will, she said.
So I get a call that afternoon explaining that the pulley (power steering) has broken because it was made of plastic and when Bayliner realized this was a faulty part they started making them out of metal but no recall was issued and the warranty they sold us when we purchased the boat has gone out of business and the cost to fix it was estimated at $400.00. I asked that they order the part, do not fix the boat, and call me when it is in.
Again, another week passes and no call. Sandy calls on her lunch hour to see what is up. The part is in, just no one has called AGAIN. They tell her that the boat is ready. She explained the boat should not "be ready" because the part was not to be installed. Another hold and wait until confirmed it has not been installed, we can pick the part and the boat up that day after work.
They pull the boat out with a lawn mower and hook it to our truck. Thank God we were both able to make it after work because as Sandy is following me up interstate 75 North the back of the boat comes flying off ... up in the air and then like an arrow she sees it heading for an older lady's compact car windshield like an arrow.
Sandy begins to pray ... an 18-wheeler comes flying by the car, thank God, and the wind catches it and it just misses her windshield. As everyone is attempting to miss this piece of boat they have to pull off the side so Sandy has to drive a ways down before she can pull over and stop to go back. She starts walking up the side of 75 and her heel on her shoe breaks off ... remember this is right after work. She hobbles on up and finally gets the boat part and starts toating it back. She gets it into the van and we head home.
When we get there Bay Marine is closed so the next day I call and explain what has happened. They tell us that they have not sold that boat in forever and their mechanics were not experts with that boat. Well they charged us almost $100 to look at it and anyone that charges that kind of money should be in expert in that field. So long story short they did not put the seats back in which is what holds the back of the boat on. In addition the boat would not start; they also did not put the distributor back together correctly AND the plug to the boat was on the back ledge ... how it did not fall off is beyond me ... and to top it all the radio has a detatchable face plate and it was GONE!! They are not willing to fix the back of the boat that hit the pavement at 40-50mph nor reimburse the "diagnostic" charge.

We have to pay for this boat 12 months out of the year and we have 5 months here in Georgia that are decent for boating. The best month of all prior to the lake being packed and too busy we did not have use of our boat with the reason being Bay Marine was selling too many "new" boats to take care of their current customers. I am afraid to take my boat back to them for future service issues after this and with the warranty they sold us being out of business.