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Artic cat 650 h1. I bought this machine used but with only 300 miles on it. At 500 miles I had to replace the 4 wheel drive actuator. No big deal. I did the repair myself and was only out $80.00. I had taken my machine to a local dealer to have it totally gone through oil change, valve adjust etc. They said everything was in good order. With 777 miles on it I noticed that it was backfiring at full throttle and would not go over 25 mph so I took it back to the dealer and was told the top end was shot and that I would need a new engine, cost $5000,00.

They told me that oil was not getting to the top end and that the engine would need to be replaced. I contacted Arctic Cat to see if they would at least help me out with parts. They basically told me that I was out of luck, the machine was out of warranty and that there was nothing they could do. So if anybody is thinking of buying a Arctic Cat of any kind better think again, unless you want a machine that is going to need to have the engine replace at under 1000 miles.

Arctic cat prowler xtx700 2008 - Rear axle problems. This should be a recall from Arctic Cat. Drive axle spins 2 or 3 rotations wheel axles engage. When you let off gas locks up big safety hazard. The fix is gears and axles from newer years. Dealer should make differential swap that uses old axles. Save owners $500 in parts.

We purchased a new Arctic Cat 450 for my grandson, Christmas of 2015. We have regretted it to this day. The wheeler has been in the shop, Bass Pro, more than it has been ridden. At one point the brake lines popped at the crimps. Nobody got hurt, but the company had little concern about the quality of the of the product they sell. My suggestion for anyone looking to buy a 4 wheeler is to look elsewhere. Arctic Cat and their agents Bass Pro, can not put out a reliable machine or repair them when there is an issue.

After 2400 km the back panel on passenger side muffler and pipes are so close to the back panel that the heat melts holes close to the gas tank. If ever the immense heat gets to the gas tank under the passenger side, extreme fire hazard and ARCTIC CAT SEEM TO HAVE THE SOLUTION BY CHANGING THE BACK PANEL on the passenger side with 1 inch distance from the panel. Whoever designed this product should go back to basics, extreme heat from the muffler to the piping system close to the panel covered with an aluminium protector makes no sense. Aluminium is the most heat transfer to the back panel. Stainless steel is the less heat transfer. This product is a definite recall.

Arctic cat Wildcat sports XT package - I purchased this side by side in August of 2015. I took it out for a drive as soon as I got it and from the get go it kept stalling because the RPM's were not properly adjusted. During the next 9 months I drove it only 5 times and after each of those times, I needed to bring it into the dealer to get it fixed. They replaced the throttle body and the complete firewall. They assured me that after all these repairs it was completely fixed. I then took it hunting and the radiator hose busted and left me stranded in the woods. The dealer was helpful but needed approval from Arctic Cat to cover the costs and never got it. They told me to contact Arctic Cat which I tried but no one who could help returned my call. I do not recommend dealing with this company. Their products are very unreliable and frankly just a piece of junk. Exchanged the bike after only 2500 km!

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Bought the bike in July 2015, 7 months and 1800 kilometers later it is in the shop with a blown motor. We were told it overheated, and of course the dealer could find no reason for it to happen. That cost us $4800.00 and then once we got it back with only another 133 Kms on it the wet clutch let go... $800 later and now it is constantly showing overheat codes and we can't figure out why. Rad is clean, coolant full yet we are afraid to use it in case it blows up again. The guys that I trail ride with have named it the Arctic Crap. It does look nice sitting in the garage.

I purchased a brand new Arctic Cat Wildcat X for almost 19k at the end of June 2014. Arctic cat was doing a promotion for a 2 year extended warranty. I thought this was a good deal and after my brother in law spent 6k on his motor in his Polaris I knew I wanted a warranty. I saved up for a down payment and I contacted a couple dealers for quotes. I decided to go with Prime Powersports in Shawano Wi.

After 3 months and 300 miles it would not start. I figured it was starting to snow so I would wait till spring since I wasn't going to be riding it in the winter. Come spring 2015 I took it to the dealer I got it from who informed me I was not under warranty and the computer was dead. I argued with them and Arctic Cat and come to find out Arctic Cat paid them to send in for my warranty but they never did. My warranty ran out so I was told I was not eligible for an extended warranty. Arctic Cat eventually gave me a free computer because it only had 300 miles on it and was not corroded.

Today I had it go bang on me as I was driving down the trail. Motor seems to have blown up and I'm out again. It won't start and makes a nasty clunking if you try and start it. I have always been an Arctic Cat guy but I think I'm done. I'm a disabled vet that works hard to make the little bit of money I do. I don't beat my machine, I don't even have a winch on it! I just trail ride to clear my mind but now I can't even do that. I have a $19,000 paperweight with no help from the dealer or Arctic Cat. All I asked was for them to allow me to get the warranty I was promised and I can't even do that. I still owe 9k on a machine that I can't drive because I was lied to.

I purchased a used, excellent condition, ATV Arctic Cat, 4x4, 500cc, Automatic from a local business when it was 3 years old with less than 500 miles on it. Since purchasing it, I kept it in my heated garage, did regular maintenance, and used it occasionally for transporting myself on my 5 acre residential property. In 2015 it broke down. I had it diagnosed by a mechanic who had previously worked for the local Arctic Cat dealership. He advised me that the problem appears to be a broken bevel gear - which he said has been found to be a weakness in this model.

I then wrote to the Arctic Cat Headquarter's Consumer Division located in Thief River, Minnesota. After a short time I received a phone call from the company. The representative told me "There were no recalls on this model" and also "Machinery wears out!" I replied to those remarks with, "A breakdown after only 700 miles would more likely indicate a problem with the machine's design." Then I told the manager I probably would never have another Arctic Cat. Their response, "That's fine."

I too participated on the recall for the front differential. Service dept said that Arctic cat has told them to replace seals if taken apart. So they should have covered the cost of the seals not me. Will never purchase or use Arctic Cat service again. Unfortunately I cannot give them a negative enough rating. Recommendation don't buy Arctic Cat. Be warned.

I purchased a lemon for $15K. My first ride out the left axle broke and it caused a lot of damage. Luckily for me Arctic cat covered it. They had to replace the disk brake, the arms, the rims and all axle components. But there was another issue... A weird noise in the motor as well. The shop that I brought it to could hear it but said that Arctic cat head office would have to approve warranty work. A video was sent to them. At first they did nothing. But then the motor noise got progressively worst. I brought it back to the shop and left it with them. They were told to take off the heads, replace the clutch and a bunch of other things. This did not resolve the issue. I had to write several time to head office and ask that they install a new motor.

After months and months the shop finally had the approval to replace the motor. The shop was on my side and I give them a good review. They took it apart and they notice the air box was also cracked. The shop said that would not be warrantied. I would have to pay $220 plus labor. I had to again write to head office. I was also asking for an extension to my warranty. They said in their words "No further assistance will be given". My machine is still in the shop and I'm told the air box is on back-order till mid December 2015.

I purchased the machine May 25th 2015 and have only been able to drive it 3 times. It's been in the shop more than with me. I don't think it's fair that I will only be getting my machine back mid December and my warranty ended November 16 2015. I haven't even seen the new motor yet alone driven it. Hope nothing will be wrong. I would not recommend Arctic cat ATV's just because of the customer service. I tried to escalate thing within Arctic cat but they make it impossible. They keep sending me back to Elise. I honestly think she is the only person they have working for Canada. Rudy is her manager I think, but she won't talk to me because I record my calls. Ridiculous.

2012 Arctic Cat Prowler HD 750 - Purchased new in 2012. Had trouble next day and have been junk every since. Always breaking down belts, electrical.

Wildcat 1000 4X. Very unreliable product. I have put more miles on my truck, taking the cat in for service because things don't work properly or break, than I have been able to put on the cat in the 10 months since I purchased it new. The cat only has 500 miles on it and now suffered a catastrophic failure (valve dropped into engine). I have experienced problems with the cat 50 percent of the time I have taken the cat out. The first factory Team belt exploded at 90 miles. The second Team belt exploded after about 110 miles. I now replace the belt before every weekend I take it out (used a Gates belt, they slip more but at least won't explode leaving you stranded and the trans locked up, plus way cheaper). Most of the riding we do is sand and dunes (aired down to 6 lbs), mountain trails as well.

The first time I took the cat in for service (100 miles) due to front drive axle rubbing against the spring, I also had the valves adjusted due to the rear cylinder tapping much louder than the front cylinder. Valves adjusted at 100 miles as recommended in the service manual (not included in warranty, 4 hours of labor). The next trip the cat would fail to register that the trans was in reverse after long rides. When putting the trans in reverse the readout would say park, and no power would go to the wheels even though it was physically in reverse. I had to have my buddies in RZRs and Rhinos close by at all times to pull me out if I needed to use reverse.

Later the same weekend the 4wd would fail to work from time to time. The solenoid would actuate when flipping the switch but the 4wd would not engage. At times, I could hear the 4wd solenoid cycling while driving down the road like I was flipping the switch off and on repeatedly. I had to have a RZR pull me out several more times due to being stuck due to the 4wd not working even though I could hear the solenoid actuate and the display said it was in 4wd.

Took the cat back to the shop to address the reverse and 4wd issue at 350 miles. The shop also said my valves were loud and needed adjusting. I expressed my frustration because they had adjusted them only 250 miles ago and are now saying they needed adjusted again. They adjusted them free of charge this time. Next trip out, the cat would hesitate when hitting the gas due to the gear indicator saying it was switching from either H to N or L to E. When in H and getting on the gas the readout would start to flicker between H and N therefore cutting the power due to the computer thinking it was in N. It would do the same between L and E when in low. I found that I could maintain pressure on the shifter to reduce the instances of this happening. After about 5 minutes of riding, the problem would go away. Seems like the defective part that was replaced due to R not working when hot, has the opposite problem.

Next trip out, first ride of the 4 day vacation, after 20 minutes of riding the engine dropped a valve into the cylinder. The cat got a lot of laughs over the weekend and I got a lot crap from my buddies about, "you should have got a RZR." My buddies have had zero problems with any of their RZRs. One buddy picked up an ARB 4wd recovery bag just to pull me back to camp when the cat breaks (Arctic cat Recovery Bag he calls it).

The cats are not getting a good reputation. My buddy with the exact same cat had the engine case crack due to a starter issue. He has also been disappointed in the poor reliability of his unit. Anytime we see someone with one we go talk to them and the first thing we ask is if they've had any problems. We've only come across people on their first trip out. We've warned them of the problems to come. My parents bought one and sold it with only 80 miles on it due to the amount of problems we are having. They did not purchase the extended warranty and didn't want to change it. My cat is currently in the shop for catastrophic engine failure after only 500 miles. Good thing I purchased the extended warranty.

I purchased two ATV at the same time, 550 and a 700. Have been plagued with problems and costly repairs. LED display out, fuel pump ignition switch, clutch all at once on the 700i. Over 32000 in repairs. Broken load adjustments on shocks on both. Constant brake noise and bushing squeak from day one on both. We were assured it was just needing more break-in. They were new 2012 models on the floor. Purchased in April 2014 and broke by Sept. Bass Pro Clarksville, Indiana is where I purchased them. Worst customer service. Long wait times and never call back. I just paid them off and got the titles. Thank God.

My next move is to offload these junk ATVs and purchase Polaris. I can't afford $3000 in semi annual repairs to keep these around. These machines have not been abused at all and they can't even hold up during what I consider mild conditions for an off-road vehicle. Never again will Arctic Cat have my business and after looking online and reading reviews I'm certainly not the only dissatisfied customer. I only have myself to blame for not doing better homework and research before I spent the money I did for such a inferior product by industry standards.

I bought my Arctic 400 core February 2015. It started having problems from the begin but I figured it was new and needed broke in. Took it in for the "break in service" and it was worse. It was sputtering and had no power. Took in to the shop and was told it was the gas and to use sea foam. So, I switched the gas and tried the sea foam but it progressively got worse. It would lunge forward like it wanted to go but wouldn't. I felt like I was on a bucking bronc. It has been in the shop for literally over 2 months. The mechanic, who is a Arctic Cat certified master mechanic, can't seem to figure out what's wrong. They changed out everything (courtesy of my husband's brand new one that they used as a "donor" vehicle) and rebuilt the top part of the motor and it is now worse according to the mechanic.

The shop has been fighting with Arctic to send a new engine but they refuse. I call the customer service department, get some woman on the phone who proceeds to tell me an "advocate" will look at my case and call me. I haven't heard from them yet. I leave messages and call everyday. Nothing. My summer has been ruined because planned four wheeling trips have been cancelled and I am paying the bank for a four wheeler I haven't seen or used in over 2 months. The only good thing is this happened while it was still under warranty. Do yourself a favor, listen to these posts and DON'T buy an Arctic Cat anything. The customer service blows and their merchandise is junk. The sad thing is... my 10 year old nephew has a Chinese one his mother got for him a starter four wheeler that runs better.

I bought a 2012 wildcat 1000 and have had to take it to the shop for the CV shapping in half while drive down a road bent my rim and all four bars in the back. Got it fixed. Took it out again, rode it for 2 miles, the clutch belt broke. Got that fixed. Took it out again for maybe 30 seconds. The ignition switch was bad for whatever reason. Got that fixed. Then I took out today for a run on the sand bar and now I have another error code and It won't drive. I've maybe put 50 miles on this cat and have had to put 2000 dollars in repair and labor into it. I can't wait to see what's wrong this time. Arctic Cat should not make a side by side ever again. My friends with razors have to save my ass all the time.

Artic Cat 700 Prowler HDX - We bought our Prowler in Feb. of 2014, within a short time we were getting code msgs. We took it to our dealer in Star Valley, AZ. Rim Country RV- Sean, the owner has always tried to be helpful. Arctic Cat thought the error codes were due to a speed sensor, so it was replaced. It did not solve the problem, next they thought it was a bad wiring harness, so that was replaced. Again it did not solve the problem so then they replaced the display, and again no solution.

Next they replaced the ECU, they flashed the ECU wrong and within minutes the engine blew, so they had to replace engine and they failed to shot peen and lock tight the hook up to driveline which caused the driveline to drop out the first time it was taken out. Back we went to the dealer and now they have had our Cat for about 6 weeks, during which time they said they could only buy back our cat and we would need to purchase a new one at $4,600 at our expense.

During this year and half our cat has been out of service for about 7-8 months. We had originally paid cash for this piece of junk and now they want us to pay another $4,600 to get a machine which they say will run. Unfortunately we do not trust the company anymore. We have been patient but have reached the end of our rope. PS the codes are still there.

400 Arctic Cat 400 quad automatic - Yes I got Arctic Cat quad and less than 150 hrs. - a 2006 - the flywheel went out. Look to the shop and they told me they have put probably 60 flywheel in, so why don't Arctic Cat have a recall on them? Last Arctic Cat will buy.

My brother purchased a new 2014 700 mud pro, approx. mid Sept. Only driven a few times then stored. He began riding again once in a while, in mid June 2015. On July 1, 2015 he was riding w/ a friend. Going straight down a road, the 4 wheelers steering our front "turned" or yanked too hard left while going approx. 40mph. This caused a roll. Landing on top of my brother, upon flipping around he was launched. The quad rolled, luckily going off the road to the right, or it would have killed him. He was near death, and is still in I.C.U. Can only talk a little, and may be paralyzed on his left side; and may never be able to work again.

I believe the Arctic Cats are death traps. I had nothing to do with 4 wheelers, and this is costing me thousands as I live in S. Dakota, and he is in Alaska; I am trying to help my brother, he is a father, grandfather, ex-Marine, & was doing construction. The 4-wheeler is in police impound being held until they can talk to my brother, and crime lab looks it over. I decided to make a comment upon reading the stories here. I believe there are similar accidents out there. Get together, let's sue these shoddy manufacturers. I am looking for his receipts of purchase, etc, cause he paid over $10,500.00, just to be maimed for life.

Purchased a brand new arctic cat prowler. We were talked out of a kawasaki because the salesman stated that the fuel injection on the arctic cat was much better. Had nothing but problems from day one. Purchased for 11k, dealer offered to take it back for 8k just a few days later. "Depreciation" they claim. Vehicle constantly stalls with the fuel injection. Fuel rail broke pouring gasoline everywhere while plowing, even over the exhaust - while it didn't explode I do not know. We received a recall a week later.

Plow frame bent in half on first heavy snow, however the customer service at Kolpin motor sports replaced the plow frame with a upgrade at no cost (Rusty Palmer in Honesdale PA could take some notes on how to satisfy customers). Transmission will not change gears on any incline. Palmer's put an extension on the shifter for leverage, that was their solution. Bolts and rear lift rails fell out due to vibration. Very very poorly made machine. Will never buy another arctic cat. Still trying to find a way to get rid of this one.

I purchased a 2012 Wildcat a few years ago. From the first ride I noticed a grinding noise coming from the rear. I contacted the dealer and was asked to bring it in and they would take care of me. The drive to the dealer was 4 hours and I had to take time off work as well. When I got to the dealership I spoke with the man in charge of Arctic Cat. He told me there was nothing they could do until the machine was no longer runnable. Now I've been doing some research and found a lot of people had the same problem and their dealer fixed the problem while under warranty. Now I have to take my machine in and get them to look at it out of my own pocket. I tried contacting Arctic Cat when this originally happened with no response. I am very disappointed with the service and will never buy an Arctic Cat again.

My Arctic Cat has less than 500 miles on it, but I have had it for 7 months. It finally rained here and we could ride in the mud and rain. NOT IF YOU HAVE AN ARCTIC CAT. The thing is completely unusable right now because it has electrical problem. Seems, according to the dealer that Cats Don't Like Water. We were told too bad. We were not told that this ATV can not get wet in the rain. Seems the ignition and all other starting components fry themselves. And, of course, the warranty is only six months. I truly doubt that the problem would have been covered anyway. Seems Arctic Cat has only computers on the warranty end and it is up to the dealer whether a situation is covered. We would never buy another AC.

Arctic Cat have made me wait two months for a new engine to be shipped from River Falls, Minnesota. Which is still not arrived. But instead of coming to the UK. It is sent on to Austria, then shipped back to us. What concerns me most is Arctic Cat are continuing to release faulty products that could potentially kill people and been allowed to get away with it. Surely there must be some law in the in the USA to bring this company to court and make them answer for their shoddy workmanship.

Updated on 09/14/2015: Well after two engines and a rebuild my arctic cat is back in Austria and has been there for some time. Austria refused to respond with any information or their intentions. Arctic cat UK who obviously work for them cannot get any information. The supplying dealership is been left in the dark. So we have been left with no alternative my solicitor is seeking compensation because the quad has been off the road for over four months out of the 12 month period. We've owned it. This is a sorry state of affairs when a major quad manufacturer ignores its customers and treats them like dirt. Eventually this will come home to haunt them when they suddenly discover nobody wants to buy their product because it cannot be trusted to be reliable.

In November of 2014 I purchased a new Arctic Cat Bearcat 1100 snowmobile. Because of a lack of snow I did not get to use until mid January of 2015. On my first trip the track was very noisy, and the ride hard. I returned it to the dealer, and he found 2 bolts missing in the track assembly. This caused the machine to bottom out. A couple of short trips later the left hand handle grip stopped heating, and the starter stuck in. The next problem was the motor that drives the reverse gear burned out. Each of these trips required a 150 mile return trip to the dealer.

Each time I took the machine in I complained about the machine overheating. They run it in the shop and could find nothing wrong. Of course that is not the same as field testing. At the end of the season I took the machine back to see if they could address the heating problem. They did a diagnosis and determined the machine was overheating in the 4000 to 5000 r.p.m. range. They contacted the manufacturer and they said the thermostat was probably cooked and to replace it. My question was, "if is cooked then it must have overheated". I emailed head office both in the U.S., as well Canada. I never got a reply from either.

Finally I contacted a customer service representative, and she said she could find no record of my complaints. After several attempts to resolve the overheating the customer service rep offered me $250.00, which I refused. I will take close to $1000.00 to put in a secondary cooling system. Now they refuse to do anything until next season. I spent a good deal of time last year on my hands and knees putting snow on the rear radiator to cool the snowmobile, and have no intentions of doing the same this year. I am very disappointed that Cat has so little regard for its customers.

I have had my 2014 Arctic Cat 1000 XT since January this year. The troubles with the original tires out of round let me use the machine up to 20 mph so I could use it for plowing snow. As I received replacement tires in late April on the first test-run, the instrument started flashing. I called a dealer and they told me it's just an electrical problem so I drove back home. As the shop 3 weeks later finally checked what was wrong, the cooling pump shaft was broken.

The ATV has less than 30 miles and I suspect future problems with the cooked engine. Other remarks have been poor paint finish on frame and cooler guard. The oil hoses have been leaking and the wiring harness have poor anchors and also seems to be low quality. The impression I have of this machine is that it is an expensive version with similar quality as the better Chinese alternatives. I would never take a machine like this on a tour where I would be depending on reliability. My 1997 Kawasaki KLF 300 seems to be on a totally different quality level.

I'm a very disappointed customer. Had a accident on September 14, 2014 & was injured because of a defective part on my 2008 H1 TRV. Did the doctor thing immediately. A month later received a letter from Arctic Cat. Turns out the part that failed on my bike was the part of a recall - "FRONT DIFFERENTIAL". At first Arctic Cat was going to take care of all damages. They instructed me to take bike to the dealer to have the damage assessed & wanted me to send them a letter of the occurrences that had happened on the date in question. As well as my injuries. But after doing that, their opinion was that the part had failed when I hit the trees. Making the accident my fault.

I gave Arctic Cat just about a month to respond. But they just want to brush me off. ** at Arctic Cat said that I was the only person to get hurt then a front diff piled up. I'm going to go on every Arctic Cat site to talk to others that had this problem too. I spoke to Transport Canada. They said I'm not alone. There has been numerous complaints & injuries. I thought Arctic Cat always stood behind their products. I'm thinking NOT! I went without my bike from September 14,2014 to April 26,2015. Thanks ARCTIC CAT! I'm looking for you's. Please Pm me. Signed Mr. Disappointed.

I brought my ATV in to the dealership because there was a recall on the gear casing. The dealership called me to ask me if they could change the seals on the case but that it would cost me to do so (anything for money!). There wasn't anything wrong with the seals to begin with! The seals should be included and covered in the recall as it is impossible to fix the issue without taking the case apart. I contacted Arctic Cat Canada and spoke to a customer service rep, and she said that she understood my frustration but that there isn't anything that they can do about it. I wrote an online complaint to Arctic Canada and asked what they were going to do to resolve this issue.

2012 Arctic Cat Wildcat bought brand new, don't drive it much. I was out on a trip and got stuck in mud and the throttle kept sticking. I took it to dealer where it was purchased, they fixed it and ran fine until last weekend when the motor blew up. Only 300 miles on it. The warranty went out 6 months ago, but reading the people's post, I thought they would at least pay for some of it. Well, after talking to the Arctic Cat company, it was reported to them that the Wildcat was submerged in water at 70 miles which is a lie! It never was underwater. If the dealer thought that getting stuck in mud was eventually cause motor issues down the road, I would have taken care of it. But they didn't!!! That's the dealer for ya. We were an Arctic Cat diehards for over 30 years. We have 6 sleds and a four wheeler for sale now. Will never buy another Arctic Cat and will make sure to warn everyone I know the issues that I have had.

Handbrake would fail to work, pulling back to handle bars occasionally several times a ride the first year when it was a new 2013 550 2UP in 2014. So this year I complained. Arctic Cat now is suppose to replace it. I thank them for that. Hydraulic parking brake is really stupid. Anyone knows you take the pressure off while sitting. Never leave pressure on. When I bought it, the dealer stated it had a tach on it. Even the manual states it has a tach. After waiting for an answer for 2 months and speedohead replaced and still no tach. The headquarters called and stated maybe they put a different speedo head in it. Quote "we can change anything anytime we want".

Manual states it has one. Now the headlights were up in the trees. The springs in the headlight adjusters were not even long enough to adjust them down on the trail. Out at night was not a good time to find this out. I had to put a spacer behind the adjuster spring. AC factory called after I sent them a letter informing them after the dealer said they tested good. I left the spacer shims in. When headquarters called me, all she ended saying was how the headlights were precionly set on their assembly line. I bought a new machine, not an old used one that I have to work on. I have 4 ATVs now. Owned over a dozen. Do all my own work and never have a problem.

I will never own another Arctic Cat ATV again. Had to make up all my guards for the running boards and under the lower A ARMS because I ripped a CV boot the 2nd ride out. The quad jumps on of high gear grinding back into low range with a bang about 2 times on a day ride. Shift linkage is very flimsy and in a lot of situations, I have to shut engine down just to get the bind out enough to shift into reverse. I have a '09 Kawi Brute Force that has a similar shifter and it is very sturdy. I have never had an ATV that was this poorly designed machine with a manufacturer that treated buyers so badly in my life. The problem is mainly at the top, Arctic Cat headquarters. The dealers hands are tied. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER ARCTIC CAT. MY KAWASAKIs, HONDAs AND YAMAHAs have never let me down.

I bought a brand new arctic cat 366 quad. The first day I had it I was driving it and the wheel fell off sending me into a tree breaking my arm...thousands of dollars later I had the quad fixed and my arm. I started up the quad for the first time after getting it back from the shop. The engine went wide open by itself throwing me from the quad. It started going the max speed of a whopping 75 kmh with no body on it. The quad hit a rock and destroyed all the front suspension and front part of the frame.

I found a donor quad on Craigslist for $375. I got it fixed (by my self obviously since arctic cats customer service sucks). Anyways the quad ran OK for about 2 weeks after that I was going out for a drive and I hit a small bump throwing the steering rod off on one side once again sending me into a tree. This time writing the quad off and my leg. Never buy an arctic cat unless you want curtain death.

Arctic-Cat 400 Auto 2013 - Go right ahead and purchase the above if you want to ride only in warm weather and no gauges to read, i.e speedo, fuel etc. This unit is impossible to start in the winter (I am a mechanic by trade). To change a spark plug one needs to be Houdini. When I inform the dealer the gauge panel had gone blank, he informed me the problem was likely with the computer, end of story.

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