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Hello. I bought Yamaha Saluto bike just 3 months back and there are so many issues coming up due to manufacturing defects of parts. I'm sure carburetor is like an heart of the bike that itself there is an issue due to that bike keeps on racing without giving a accelerator. I'm getting only 30 Km/Liter but when I bought I have been promised by many Yamaha advertisement & their sales/marketing team mileage will be between 78-80 Km/L. And after I shown this to Yamaha service centre, they are repairing some choke cable in carburetor. Is it fair? I had used my bike only 1 month and remaining 2 months I'm not even touched it. How within 1 month choke cable will be wearied. How the new bike will raise more service issues? Selling a low quality product and making an image like big giants... Don't fool around the people.

I'm really fed up. I feel like better to purchase from Honda bike. It means Yamaha is not providing a genuine parts from Manufacturing. All are low quality parts. I had given my bike to service centre more than a week. They doing some trails but still issue not stopped. And due to this I expensed more on fuel, so I want reimbursement for the fuel charge. And also I want that full carburetor set needs to be changed. At any reason I want the full carburetor package, or any other components needs to be changed with new good quality parts. Keep in mind... Provide the quicker support.

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I bought a Yamaha Rhino in 2009. Regretfully we suffered an accident with this vehicle, with major cuts and bruises. We contact the place where we bought the vehicle. We took it in for repairs since we had purchased extended warranty. They kept it but never did anything to repair, nor informed us that they were not doing a thing. We contacted Yamaha on various occasions to let them know of the incident, of the faulty vehicle, of the insurance. They always gave us the runaround. Nothing was done. The accident report was just another file for them (Yamaha). I learned that the Rhino was discontinued and recalled due to several aggrievances, including several deaths.

After a while I was told that the vehicle was sold. They did not validated my warranty. I took the vehicle with the promise it was going to be fixed because of my warranty, but in return I was left with nothing but the bill. Now I am being harassed and sued for the remainder, which it is much more that the vehicle itself. I have no vehicle, the extended warranty was of no use. What was the point of them offering an extended warranty when they themselves do not honor it? And consumers are being charged for something they do not honor. Is it just money for their pockets?

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We have had problems right from the start with our Rhino. We had to replace the transmission axles. I have documentation that it has been an ongoing thing.

When we take it to be fixed at the location, they say it is there for 1-2-3 months at a time. We use it on our small farm; so, it does tie us up. Now that the warranty ran-out, we are expected to pay out of pocket for a problem that is ongoing. Which I will be honest to say, that we are a family going from pay check to pay check, like so many others and can’t afford it. We are not sure what to do next.


I bought a 2008 Yamaha Grizzly 450 brand new in '08. It has only 55 hours and the brake was stuck on or someting and caused a lot of costly damage. I bought a brand new ATV to not have any kind of problems. I would have been better off buying a used one probably. I'm not happy at all. I feel like I was sold a lemon. I've always liked Yamaha and always purchased them but now I'm not so sure any more.

After three years of owning and operating an ATV that I had purchased, I had an accident that subsequently lead to a conglomeration of failures within my life.

The accident was in my and a few Calgary Lawyer's opinions to be the fault of Faulty Braking System on the Raptor 660 that I had my accident on. The accident occurred prior to the letter stating that there was a Mandatory Recall for their faulty brakes.

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I bought my YZ426F Yamaha new in 2000. Rode it for 5 years with no problems. Then the rod went out and got stuck in the motor. Enter D & S Cycle where I have bought parts for bikes and quads for over 20 years. They put in a new rod kit($600). I went to ride the bike and it stop running took it back to them and the crankcase breather hose had been kinked and caused the motor to lock up (They took no blame for this and happily charged me another $275 to repair this.) Next ride I broke it in and rode all day. the 3rd ride I was going through the gears and it locked up and dumped oil all over the ground.

I took the bike back to them again. I called them for 3 months trying to find out what was wrong with it they said they were too busy too look at it(very suspect if you ask me). Then I finally got them to look at the bike they had apparently taken it to one of the mechanics house and he took it apart( sort of weird) and told me the whole inside of the bike was destroyed the cylinder had a hole clean through it and all of the oil galleys in the bottom end were busted up. They said it would be about $1700 to fix it and took no responsibility for it. They said because I rode it in the Sand Dunes was the cause. And I have been riding this bike in the Sand Dunes for over 5 years since it was new.

I went and got the crank and cylinder and cases from them and had another shop look at it. They said the Rod kit was put together wrong with no clearence and it got hot and snapped the rod into the motor. D & S denied any wrong doing and said sorry charley. So now the bike has been there for almost a year. I go and pick it up to have the other shop repair it since D & S claims no responsiblity. When I pick it up they mention that they had taken my front wheel bearings and seals out of thebike and gave them to someone else.

When the other shop start putting the bike back together they also notice some other missing and replaced parts.
The front brake Resivour assembley was hanging lose and no fluid in it. They had taken mine off and put a defective one on. (D & S denies this also). Also missing are the valve cover bolts, the compression release perch and assembley off the handle bars, the bracket that mounts it to the motor, And the timing ajuster bolt and washers, the carberator clamps and one of the rubber hoses and clamps to the motor. I called them and tried to get them to replace the missing parts. And Jim the owner says they have done enough already (Yeah I would really like to thank him ).

I have a $2500 bike that their shoddy work has destroyed and paid them about $850 to fix. I have to put at least another $750 into to fixing it and replacing all of the parts that they stold or lost off of it! Do not let these people work on your bikes. This is the 2nd time I have let them do work on my bikes and both times is was a disaster. They do no stand behind their work not even for loyal long customers. Jim is out for Money only not reputation. I have paid them about $8oo to fix bike and I Have about another $900 in buying the parts and having someone else fix it.

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Yamaha introduced its first three-wheeled ATV to the United States in 1980 and its first four-wheeled ATV in 1984. Since then it has developed an extensive line of sport, utility and side-by-side ATVs.

  • Sport ATVs: Designed for racing or recreational riding, Yamaha’s sport ATV line consists of seven models within two series: the Raptor series and the YFZ series. Raptor models have 90-686cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke engines. The YFZ series is geared toward beginners and has 49-449cc, air-cooled, four-stroke engines. Each sport model is designed with lightweight parts to make it fast and nimble. Prices can range from $2,099-$9,099 across both series.
  • Utility ATVs: Yamaha designed its line of utility ATVs to assist in industrial job sites and jobs that require traversing rough terrain. Its utility ATVs are made up of seven models within two series: the Grizzly series and the Kodiak series. Both the Kodiak and Grizzly models come with 708cc, four-stroke four-valve engines with towing capacities of 1,322 pounds. Each model has slightly different features that can be viewed online. Prices range from $6,999-$10,899 across both series.
  • Sport side-by-sides: Like the traditional Yamaha sport ATVs, the side-by-sides are designed for racing but with the ability to carry a passenger. Yamaha has four models of sport side-by-sides that have 998cc, liquid-cooled, three-cylinder 12-valve engines. All models are built for performance with ergonomics and power in mind. Prices for sport side-by-sides start at $19,999-$22,399.
  • Recreation side-by-sides: Yamaha has five models of recreation side-by-sides, designed to carry two people over rough and muddy terrain. Each model can carry one passenger, has a 708cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, four-valve engine with towing capacities of 1,500 pounds. Pricing for recreation side-by-sides ranges from $10,999-$14,799.
  • Viking VI EPS Ranch Edition: The Viking VI EPS Ranch Edition is a side-by-side utility ATV that can carry up to six passengers. It has a 686cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine with four-wheel drive. Fully loaded with passengers, it can carry 600 pounds in the bed and tow 1,500 pounds.
  • Best for racers or riders needing to carry multiple passengers.

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