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Martinsburg, WV

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Worst Customer Service Department I have encountered since Northern VA area in 1995. What a shame! Customer care is fruitless, nasty, rude, etc. Interrupt while customer is trying to explain. Very controversial! Wish I hadn't purchased a Chrysler Town & County touring van from Miller's Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep in Martinsburg, WV!

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I had Miller Chrysler Jeep to replace a tie sensor on my 2007 Jeep Commander. The set they did put on there still indicates that the light comes on and the sensor is not working properly. I went there, I took it back twice, I talk to the manager, he out you don't have a clue. They have a lot of young unexperience young women and men that works there. I would not recommend anyone for service there.

Satisfaction Rating

My wife and I bought a 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan from Millers Chrysler Jeep in Martinsburg, WV. When we first bought this van, we took it back to the salesman, oh by the way, who is no longer employed there, and we told him about the front tire going low and I smell antifreeze. He said it might be due to the weather, keep an eye on it. Well one day later, I was adding air to it and antifreeze. I called up the dealership. They told us to bring it in on Saturday morning and we did. Mind you, we just bought this car two months ago. The service writer came out and said the tire pressure sensor was bad and the mechanic looked at the van up and down and found no leaks after I found the leak right before we brought it in to them.

The service writer would not let you get a word in edge wise. She said the sensor has to be replaced at your cost and I need to go back in the shop and show the mechanic where the leak was. When I got back in the shop, the van was on the lift they brought it down to the ground. I put my hand under the thermostat and antifreeze was all over my hand. Remember they said they looked it up and down. She said I would have to replace it at my cost? The tire I took to another service center before going back to Millers and they said the tire should not have passed inspection? Miller said the tires are fine. Just don’t drive them in the snow is what the service writer said. Buy new tires from Miller and keep the old ones for summer?

I asked to speak to the new car sales manager. We went down to talk to him and all he said was I can cover up to a $100.00 of the repairs. The sensor was $187.50 and a $25.00 warranty. I said we told our salesman ** weeks ago and he said make an appointment to bring it in. He said, well that’s why ** is not here but that’s the best I can do for you or we could trade it in for a new one. So I had them put the thermostat seal in and a rubber valve in on a van we were told would be fixed by our sales person **. We ride around with our tire sensor on and I still smell antifreeze. I asked **, the sales manager, if he was willing to lose a customer over $100.00 after ** said he would take care of it. He said that was our choice and walked away.

And as for the service writer, the only lady in there, she was very rude. And as for **, he will cost Miller business and the need to look at their mechanic work a little better. As for my family, I guess we drive around with our tire sensor on and smelling antifreeze. We will never buy a car from Miller Chrysler Jeep again. Buyers beware. You would think the owner Mr. Miller would be on looking at these and trying to make the people happy. I am $14,000.00 in the hole because of them. Once you lose 1, 2, or 3 customers, the word gets around and with internet these days, it makes it easy. Don’t go here. They will lie to you and rip you off. There are lots of people unhappy with Miller. Don’t be one of them. Not everybody puts it on the net.

Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a Chrysler 200 from Chrysler Jeep (Miller's) on Kelly Island Road in Martinsburg, WV in May of 2012. Ever since I've had this vehicle, I've encountered numerous problems that subjected me to go into the dealership's repair department for one thing or another. All they ever did was patronize me, lie, pretend that they care and understand, then end up putting a band aid on whatever it is that sent me to them in the first place.

For instance, while driving the car, I noticed a screeching noise like it needed brake shoes or something. I immediately went to the dealership and they "diagnosed" the problem and informed me that the vehicle "has a weep in the power steering rack". I asked him what does that mean and he told me that it means that there's a "moist area" in my power steering rack. Before that, it was a problem with the lights on the vehicle, and then the so-called remote control (which turns the car on from my house window) comes on, but after a few seconds, it shuts off again!

Now, I'm in there again today (09-26-2012) for repairs which is estimated to take around 4 hours. Therefore, they're giving me a loaner car and demanded that I put whatever gas I use back in again. This is an insult to me! I'm not driving long distance; I'm in Martinsburg for the entire day! Why would I have to replace the gas I use when it is their fault that they sold me the lemon that's got me here today? What a bummer! I will never, ever buy another Chrysler again. I will never, ever do any business with these sorry excuses of a dealership again; never.

Satisfaction Rating

I bought several thousand dollars of genuine Chrysler/Mopar replacement parts, engine parts to rebuild a Dodge Cummins engine. After three hours of operation the oil pick up tube inside the oil pan broke. The new engine ceased up and shut off due to lack of lubrication. Cummins said the part was faulty. Cummins would have warranted and repaired the entire engine. Because the "genuine Mopar replacement parts" were purchased through Miller’s Chrysler, then Miller’s Chrysler will have to warrantee the parts. Miller’s refused. They replaced the part that broke but would not replace all the other parts damaged due to their faulty part. If we would have bought the parts directly from Cummins, the engine would have already been repaired and rebuilt. But since we bought from Miller’s we now have to fix the engine out of our pockets.

Moral to the story: Don't buy from Miller’s. They love to make money from Chrysler products but refuse to stand behind those products in our case. They should be banned by law from selling these parts to the public since they refuse to warrantee them. The part broke. They replaced the broken part only. What about the destroyed engine that was damaged by their faulty part? What about the loss of use of the commercial vehicle? What about the lost revenues from the truck being inoperable? Further, they forced us to tow the truck and removed engine back to Miller’s. The truck and exposed engine was left setting outside in the rain. The dealership put a small tarp over the pickup truck bed which contained the removed engine and transmission. When we removed the vehicle from Miller’s parking lot, as we lifted the truck up on the roll back, water ran out of the bed. The newly rebuilt engine and transmission were submerged in water. Nice. This was brought to the general manager’s attention as we were loading the truck. However, he felt they had no responsibility as to the engine and transmission damaged by water. The service manager at Miller’s demanded that this disassemble engine/truck be towed to their dealership.

After two weeks of excuses that someone from Chrysler was going to contact them. I finally posted the 'in- action'' of Miller’s on-line. Two days later the service manager called my son on his cell phone. The service manager yelled at my boy and told him to immediately remove the truck from their dealership parking lot. They were only going to replace the broken part and not the entire damaged engine. This service manager was very un- professional and angry at the posting on-line. We removed the truck and are rebuilding the engine once again.

I contacted customer care of Chrysler over this problem. Come to find out no care number or case number was ever opened by the dealership over this truck. All that time the truck was at Miller’s dealership, and every time I asked about the truck, the service manager told me he was awaiting a response from Chrysler as to what they were going to do about the problem. I am wondering why Chrysler didn't have any record of contact from Miller’s dealership about this truck. After the customer care rep looked into the matter, she responded back to me in one day. Wow. She pursued the district warrantee/service rep. She learned the determination on the engine was “lack of lubrication to the engine from faulty installation of the oil pick up tube." No service rep ever went to Miller’s in response to the service manager’s request. Instead they were informed of this conclusion by the service manager at Miller’s Chrysler. Also, the customer care representative couldn't confirm the Chrysler requirement that required us to tow this disassembled vehicle to Miller’s. That must have been Miller’s policy not Chrysler's as the service manager informed us. Basically the service manager demanded we tow the vehicle to him from the certified Cummins engine rebuilding garage less than 4 miles away so Miller’s could attempt to block or not stand behind their warrantees on "genuine Mopar/Chrysler-Cummins parts".

It is amazing to me how other Dodge dealerships contacted stated the engine should be repaired under warrantee. A certified engine machine shop found the part had dissimilar metals and possibly failed due to a air pocket in the casting of the metal. Also Cummins stated that this part failed and should be replaced under warrantee. Also includes any other damage caused by the failed part shall be replaced. The problem here is the dealership I bought the parts from. Lesson learned! Don't buy another thing from Miller’s Chrysler/Dodge/ Auto Group in Martinsburg, WV. Once the engine rebuild is complete, this matter will be turned over to the WV State's Attorney General (Consumer Protection) for resolution.

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I purchased a 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 in March of 2011. In May there was a recall on the rear axle. I contacted the dealership to have service done on the vehicle and I was told it would take 2 1/2 to 3 hours. I inquired about a loaner since that is my only vehicle, I was told that they would just give me a ride home. Fine, I dropped the vehicle off at 10 a.m and contacted them at 1:45 only to be told that my truck would not be done until after 5 p.m. and refuse a loaner car even though I have warranty service contract. The gentleman I dealt with was rude and could care less about customer service. I know that I will never use this dealership again, I was going to purchase a used car from them, but I'm glad I didn't.

On 8/12/09 I brought my 2007 Jeep Compass into Miller's Chrysler Jeep for internal transmission problems/issues, as it was making loud humming/grinding noises. Miller's Jeep diagnosed the problems a week prior, and covered them under my extended service contract with a $100.00 deductible through Daimler Chrysler. Miller's Jeep promised my vehicle would be repaired and ready for pick-up on 8/17/09.

On 8/17/09 I called the service department at the dealership and was advised they had not begun to take the transmission apart, nor diagnose what exactly needed to be repaired or replaced. I argued with the service advisor, Mike G., to have Miller's Jeep provide me with transportation at their cost. Approximately one month later, Miller's Jeep advised me, my vehicle was repaired and ready for pick-up. Miller's Chrysler Jeep replaced all of the internal bearings in the CVT transmission. I picked up my 2007 Jeep Compass on 9/14/09 and paid my $100.00 deductible via credit card.

Approximately two weeks later (10/2009,) my Jeep began making the same loud humming/grinding noises. I called and spoke with the service manager. I explained the reoccurring problem(s) with the transmission to the service manager. The service manager told me the following: "It is customary for the Jeep Compass' transmission to make noises. It is customary for the new parts to make noises as they are being broken in. Jeep Compasses have a rare transmission that account for 3% of the vehicles on the roads in the US. As a result, little is known about this transmission. We have driven several Jeep Compasses and they all make noise in the transmission, and these noises are normal."

The service manager told me nothing was wrong with my Jeep Compass, nothing needed to be repaired or looked at. The service manager refused to look at my vehicle or make arrangements to have it brought in for them to diagnose. The service manager fed me a bunch of lies, and refused to stand by the work, repairs, service, and warranties the dealership and Daimler Chrysler have. The service manager also used inappropriate and foul language with me, when I questioned him about the prior repairs they had done for the same problem less than two weeks prior. The service manager refused to speak to me and refused to let me speak with the dealership manager and/or owner.

I made arrangements with a mom and pop shop to have them diagnose the problems/issues as a result of the noises the transmission was making. I did not divulge any information regarding prior service work done to the transmission and internal transmission components and parts. This facility confirmed the problems/issues were in the internal transmission and would take about 3-4 days for the repairs, and that included waiting on parts.

I then made arrangements with Tate Chrysler in Frederick, MD to diagnose the problems/issues with my Jeep- as they are a Chrysler dealership. I took my Jeep into Tate Chrysler on 10/14/09 for them to diagnose the problems/issues. Tate Chrysler confirmed the problems/issues were in the transmission and internal transmission.

At that time, I advised Tate Chrysler that Miller's Jeep had performed extended service warranty work to the transmission less than two weeks prior, refused to look at the Jeep a second time, and told me nothing was wrong with it (even though they never looked at it.) Due to the apprehensible treatment I received from Miller's Chrysler Jeep, the Chrysler district manager for Tate Chrysler agreed to allow Tate Chrysler to repair my Jeep.

I called Miller's Jeep the afternoon and morning of 10/14/09 and relayed what Tate's Chrysler's findings were and offered to fax over the written estimate for review. The service advisor- Mike G. and his superior (service manager) refused to speak with me or review the estimate and details from Tate Chrysler.

I made arrangements with Tate Chrysler to bring the Jeep in for repairs on 10/19/09. Tate Chrysler paid for my rental vehicle during the repair time (10/19/09-10/21/09.) Daimler Chrysler agreed to waive my (second) $100.00 deductible for the extended service warranty contract repairs that Miller's Jeep caused and refused to honor.

Tate Chrysler advised the damages to the transmission of my Jeep Compass were a result of Miller's Jeep's faulty and apprehensible work and service. Miller's Jeep failed to secure and use several critical bolts on the internal transmission. Miller's Jeep failed to replace several of the bearings they claimed they replaced. Miller's Jeep used an extensive amount of adhesive on the transmission that consequently, clogged the parts so badly they could not be salvaged. Consequently, Tate Chrysler had to install a brand new transmission into my Jeep.


we have a handicap 17 yr.old daughter so we decided to buy a reliable vehicle to take her back in forth to doctors.we purchased a 2002 jeep liberty on 3-16-2006 .the very next day it started making terrible noise when you turned left.we called within a couple of days to try to get out of contract because it kept getting worse,but they said we couldn"t.its been in the shop several times but all the mechanics can'FIND WHATS WRONG.

we told them we didn"t want that one so they give us another one but something went wrong with it the next day,we took it back,they put us in another one for a week .we been back in forth all week and finnally we took key back for them to try to fix the 2002 again.had an arguement with manager he took the 3rd vehicle away from us and said he didn"t have to give us nothing.we had to call a neighbor to come pick us up along with one of my daughters wheelchair.we had to change the 2nd vehicle in the rain we my daughter.this has been going on for over a month.we are now without a vehicle,have a loan of 22,000 plus paying full coverage ins.on a vehicle we don't have plus we charged a new ramp for the back of a vehicle we don't have.we made it clear when purchased the vehicle that it was for my handicap daughter to be transported to doctors'clinics.we have nothing but dedt daughter wants to know how she is going to get around now.

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