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On 5-12-11, I took my truck to Cardinal Dodge Service to get a quote on repairs for a delayed start issue. On 5-13-11, I received a phone call from service tech Ted ** advising that the problem was due to a loose fuel line. He had corrected the issue by installing another fuel line, and my truck would be ready to pick up on 5-14-11 at a cost of $500.00. On 5-14-11, I received a phone call from service tech Ted ** telling me that when he tried to start the truck that morning, it still had the delayed start issue. And since the installation of the new fuel line did not help, he would do more tests to determine the problem. On 5-15-11, I did not hear anything about the progress.

On 5-16-11, I received a phone call from service tech Ted advising that the problem was one of the fuel injectors. Ted gave me a quote of $1,200.00 to fix this issue and advised that it did include a warranty. At that time, I was not happy that I had been told it would cost $500, and now they are asking for $1,200.00. However, I did agree to pay $1,200.00 to have the delayed start issue fixed with warranty.

On 5-17-11, I went to pick up my truck at Cardinal Dodge Service. After getting home and inspecting my paperwork, I noticed that Cardinal Dodge Service had charged my card for $1,324.44 instead of the written quoted price of $1,200.00. On 5-18-11, I went to start my truck that morning and lo and behold, it would not start at all. I then called Cardinal Dodge Service and talked to Tony, the service consultant, advising them that my delayed start issue was not fixed correctly, and that they overcharged me the night before in excess of $134.44.

Mr. ** asks that I bring my truck back to them ASAP and reminded me that all the work they do comes with a warranty. On 5-23-11, I took the truck back to Cardinal Dodge Service for the warranty repairs. On 5-24-11, I received a phone a call from Tony who identified himself as the service manager and advised they were replacing the other 5 fuel injectors as this should have been done right the first time. I also advised him about the $134.44 that was overcharged above the quoted price of $1,200.00 at that time Mr. ** consulted with service tech Ted and confirmed that I was quoted $1,200.00 which was paid on 5-17-11. On 5-27-11, I picked up my truck from Cardinal Dodge Service.

On the following AMEX statement, I noticed that Cardinal Dodge Service had billed my card for another $2,566.96. So instead of using my card to issue a credit for the difference they overbilled the first time, they hit it again for $2,566.96, in addition to the $1,324.44 that was already paid to them from the same card for the exact same delayed start issue repair that I had a written quote for at a total of $1,200.00. The charge of $2,566.96 was not authorized, and I don’t believe the signature they have for that is my own. I have been billed a total of $3,891.40 and should have only been billed the written quote rate of $1,200.00. And since my truck still has not been fixed and never has been, I also believe that the first charge should also be removed.

On April 26, 2008, I purchased a new Dodge Charger with the power train warranty that was supposed to cover the motor and transmission. Furthermore, the salesman persuaded me to purchase this vehicle because of the warranty. I originally wanted a used vehicle at a much cheaper price, but the warranty did not cover used vehicles, only brand new purchases were covered. I was not informed of any small print or negligence clause by the salesman. Now the motor has locked on the vehicle and the dealership is not honoring the warranty. I was informed by the service department that they would not make any repairs to the vehicle and the damage is due to negligence.

After complaining to the BBB, I was contacted by the dealership and informed that they would put a used motor in the vehicle for $4,500 and it would not be covered under the warranty. My next step was to contact the manufacturer and I received the same response that they could tell that I had not maintained the vehicle and would not make any repairs. So I asked for a refund since I purchased a lifetime warranty that was not being honored by the dealership or the manufacturer. I was informed that I was not entitled to a refund and that everything was contingent upon properly maintaining the vehicle. So I have lost thousands of dollars on a vehicle, a warranty and have no type of recourse whatsoever.

When we bought a 2000 Dodge Neon on 2/18/00 we asked who had been driving the car because it had 16,000 miles on it and we were told that it was driven by the finance manager and other dealership personnel. We had a vehicle history report printed up for us and that is when we found out that it was owned by a Dollar Rental Company.

We went to Cardinal Dodge on 10/13/00 and talked with Derrick Pittman and he couldn't help us and told us to come back in February when we would have more equity in the car. Since the time that we have purchased the car, it has been in the shop for different things; the latest for an electrical problem. I have not driven the car in last two weeks because it has been at the dealership in Hardinsburg. They cannot find out why the battery is shorting out. They have replaced a module and radio thinking that was the problem. But that has not solved the problem.

I can drive the car if I drive it every day; but if I let it sit just one day, the battery will be dead. The car has been at the dealership for 11 times for different things; two window motors and three times for the electrical problem which they seem unable to repair for some unknown reason.

We put our faith in this dealership (Cardinal Dodge) at the time of purchase and we would like this dealership to help us in resolving this problem. My husband and I have had to miss work or leave work early so that we can get this vehicle to the service department. This has cost us a loss of pay and a BIG inconvenience on our part. The reason we bought a new car was so that we wouldn't have to worry about the car breaking down. But that is exactly what is happening now, we don't know what is going to go wrong next.

We don't know either. It's too bad Pat didn't run that title history before she bought the car. Unless the dealership put its promises in writing (not likely is it?), Pat and her husband are stuck. Salesmen can make up anything they want. Oral promises are virtually never admissable in court, so there's very little recourse.

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