Joe Van Horn Chevrolet

Plymouth, WI

Joe Van Horn Chevrolet is driven to provide quality transportation and service at the best possible value to customers in our communities and around the country. We are dedicated to the principles and virtues of hard work, integrity, fairness, creativity and optimism. We are also committed to integrating these principles and virtues into every aspect of our business and our interaction with customers and employees. This is who we are and what we will exhibit to each other, our customers and our communities.

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We called Matt at Joe Van Horn Chevrolet in Plymouth, WI yesterday and again today before we headed out to buy a 1 ton pickup. We wanted to make sure it was still available before traveling 150 miles one direction. When we got there we found out that someone had already put a down payment down on it yesterday and it was on hold. We didn't get to see the vehicle at all so it was a wasted trip for 2 people. Money was in hand to buy when we walked in the door. Matt claimed he tried to call us and left a message, but that was a lie. After reading other reviews on this dealership, I am glad we did not purchase it. It probably would have had a lemon title which seems to go right along with the dealership!


I purchased a $38,000 truck from Dennis at Joe Van Horn Chevy, who told me it had a clean title and offered to get me a Carfax on it, only to discover that the title was branded lemon law in 2 different states, when I received it a week later.

I immediately called Van Horn Chevy and asked to speak to the manager Charlie. He was fairly polite and told me to think about what I would like to do and get back to him in a couple of weeks. I then drove to Plymouth a couple of weeks later to talk to Charlie and discuss the problem with the title and that I wanted my vehicle I traded in back and they could take their truck back. At this point I still had not signed the paperwork from Toyota to turn it over to them due to the problem we were having.

I spoke to Charlie and this time he was very different, he spoke to me in a demeaning tone, called me stupid because I bought the car by myself and he forged my name on the window slip and on my paperwork to Toyota for the truck I traded in. When I told him about signing my name, he stated, "You bought this vehicle by yourself, you have no witnesses. I have Dennis here and he will back me up so it doesn't matter. I can do whatever I want.''

So now I am stuck with an almost $38,000 truck that I don't want because it's a lemon law vehicle! I have purchased many vehicles and never ever have been so blatantly lied to and manipulated. I have no idea how they are still in business. Be careful! Don't make the same mistake I did!


I was looking to purchase a 2006 Nissan Murano from Joe Van Horn Chevrolet over the phone/web. I spent the better part of the week asking them the condition of the vehicle, whether or not it had a clean title or any major things wrong with the car. That kept stating to me that the car was in excellent condition and there wasn’t anything wrong with it.

Not only that, but they would not supply me with a Car fax/auto check of the vehicle only stating that if I wanted one I would have to either come and see it, or buy one myself. I got to the point of signing the paperwork (confident that the dealership would not hold back any information) to purchase the vehicle, when I decided I better check with Auto check on my own.

I was shocked to find out that the car had a 76 rating out of 100, it has frame damage, been in two accidents, and was sold at auction red flagged. The dealership did not say a word about any of this and was going let me purchase the vehicle without disclosing any of this information, after asking them what seem like a 100 times about the vehicle.

Not only this, but when I called the dealership back to tell them the information I found out about the vehicle, Carl, the salesman, seemed like he was shocked stating "it has a clean title" fully knowing the information in front of him. I couldn’t believe a dealership would not be up front with information on a car's history especially with frame damage.

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